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GALLERY: 517 / DATE: 7 May, 18 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 3

What started as a silly birthday tradition has evolved into an anual sadistic sploshing scene. Every mistress at this femdom convention wants a piece of Zombie and his special cake shenanigans ever since I published the first video.

Mistress Genevieve missed out on this deliciously messy tradition last year, so she is in rare form tonight, gorgeous, blonde, cruel and polished to a high gloss latex shine. Licking crushed chocolate cake off her rubberized ass hardly seems like a punishment until she starts smothering Zombie with chocolate covered face-sitting.

Our feedee victim chokes and gags while he struggles to breathe, swallow and lick her pussy all at the same time!

One cake is never enough so curvy Mistress Jenna Rotten & Miss Freudian Slit have a delicious red velvet cake with beautiful cream cheese frosting to ruin all over him too. This time, Zombie Pup must eagerly lap all of the sticky mess off their perfectly pedicured filthy femdom feet.

Did the mean ladies step on your birthday cake? Poor puppy! You can salvage some crumbs if you're brave...

If he doesn't have a foot fetish yet, we are one step closer to creating one!


GALLERY: 506 / DATE: 1 May, 18 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 3

We won!!!

AliceInBondageLand won "Best Bondage Website" and Denali took "Best New Website!" but only one of us got a real trophy. Time for some kinky arts and crafts!

We made an awesome trophy out of Sissy Joy to celebrate our two Bondage Awards but our first Oscar-inspired bondage statue looked nothing like the real trophy. Time for a sissy sequel! Mistress Casanova joins in this time and the four of us will rectify this award show injustice.

This statue has a very extreme stress position so circulation, muscle fatigue, cramps and more will all be an issue. Sissy Joy's goal is to endure for as long as she can for our amusement. For a sleek black look to match my statue, she is encased in a black nylon catsuit with a brand new bright red ball-gag. To keep her in the proper slave position, we add pallet wrap and black duct tape.

Starting with Sissy Joy on her back, we quickly work as a team to trap her legs in a cocoon of palate wrap before we reinforce the bondage with layers of tape and lift her back into a kneeling position. This is where teamwork becomes important, since Joy is helplessly immobilized by bondage on top of bondage!

We take turns with a vibrator, trying to get her to whimper or giggle nervously. Sissy Joy's giggles are infectious and indicate a happy submissive, but also an anxious one. Mistress Casanova is skilled at finding all those special spots that are both painful and pleasurable, but not entirely unenjoyable, even through the l locked chastity cage.

Sissy Joy is a rare flexible submissive who can put her hands fully behind her back, matching the statue's position with no cheating or special effects. Good sluts are hard to find, we're going to keep her!


GALLERY: 511 / DATE: 23 Apr, 18 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 3

Tight compression can be so relaxing... if you don't panic!

Some bondage enthusiasts find bondage enormously comforting and a complete kink in its own right, instead of a means to an end. Enjoy this afternoon celebrating sustainable and completely inescapable bondage in a custom leather sleepsack with strategic padding to maximize immobilization and duration.

Eventually, all bondage scenes will develop "hot spots" that limit the length of the lockup. Our goal here is to completely eliminate all movement while still allowing SnugBug to be strapped down for an entire afternoon (or more!) to enjoy the curing and calming effects of true helplessness.

Zip it up, lace it tight, strap it down and then order him to struggle so that I can find and eliminate the wiggle room. I want him to be able to exhaust himself without the bondage giving an inch! That lack of escapeability becomes even more important when I start to control and restrict his breathing too!

While I love to spice things up with pain and pleasure, there is something meditative and sexy about this heavy bondage scene. I think you will eventually learn to like it!


GALLERY: 432 / DATE: 20 Apr, 18 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 3

There's nothing hotter then a sexy woman smoking and talking shit.

"After a long day of being fabulous, what better way to relax then sit back and enjoy a smoke. I like to keep a little slutty oral ashtray submissive handy for these special relaxing moments.

"Sometimes, when my human ashtray is especially good and swallows every bit of my ashes, I blow smoke in its face. My second hand smoke is quite a treat for a lowly object. Sharing smoke this way can be very intimate and erotic.

"I bet you smoking fetishists at home are so kinky that you even like it when I cough because my big titties bounce so much!

"This is what I do to unwind at the end of a long day of ass beatings, putting men in their place and being a famous dominatrix."

- Domina Jenna Rotten, ProDom from New Orlean


GALLERY: 510 / DATE: 15 Apr, 18 / IMAGES: 65 / VIDEOS: 2

Welcome to the team, Henchperson #4!!!

Don't ask what happened to the other 3 henchies...

I love how legitimately freaked out #4 is for most of this scene.

True fear is a powerful and toxic aphrodisiac when you're invoking the Joker. Some of you with a fear of clowns, a dislike of cosplay or an aversion to camp might want to avoid this film. For the rest of you kinky Batman fans, CHOW DOWN ON THIS EPIC BDSM CROSSDRESSING CROSSPLAY HUMILIATION InSaNiTy!!!

I'm going to reprogram him to like what I like - step by step until he is my perfect fetish minion. Since I prefer my captives to be feminine damsels in distress, let's start with panties!

I like panties so much that I add more than one pair, layering a tiny lace g-string beneath a pair of silky full coverage satin panties. Building up feminizing bondage through clothing means she gets more aroused and vulnerable, especially when I add a nice tight corset to hold up her homemade pantyhose breastforms. Once I add makeup and start festooning her with flowers, she starts to enjoy the process a little more. You can see her surrender to her new role eventually, as I make her look more and more like my sexy super-villainess rival.

Once my extreme feminization transformation is complete, it is time to strap her down on the table for a thorough milking. Just like a deadly cobra needs to be milked of its venom, it is safer for the whole evil team if her trouser snake cannot bite anyone! Then she will be safe to enjoy in other ways... Poison Ivy is helpless without her poisons.

Using every means at my limited attention span's disposal, I reforge my once drab henchman into my best approximation of the seductive and deadly POISON IVY. This "new and improved" version will be kinkier, more docile, less toxic and a LOT MORE FUN TO TORMENT!!!


GALLERY: 507 / DATE: 9 Apr, 18 / IMAGES: 47 / VIDEOS: 2

Sometimes certain images resonate in my erotic imagination. I find myself returning to the same fantasies again and again when I masturbate. The ones that "really get me going" persist for years to become more detailed and also more realistic. Eventually, after enough orgasms, there is a shift from "wank bank" to PLAN.

The need to make these mental pictures and scenarios "real" drives my movie making obsession. This controversial scene is one of my favorite personal fantasy fulfillment shoots of all time.

For years, I was inspired by a video of a submissive eating cum out of used condoms. There were so many of them! I couldn't tear my eyes away and it would make me gush every time I imagined doing that to someone. When I finally met the performer at an adult industry convention, I was CRUSHED to find out that it had all been faked using a drink mix. I was so devastated by this "insider knowledge" that I could no longer enjoy the video, knowing that it was all just a huge act faked for the camera.

However, the mental image of a beautiful female submissive (or sissy) drinking the cum out of a huge collection of used condoms wouldn't leave me alone. I'm still looking for an adventurous sissy to endure the sequel, but this amazing kinky woman would have FOUGHT YOU for the right to go first. She wanted it THAT BAD. It is so hot when ultimate fantasies coincide!

We spent months saving up cumshots inside of knotted condoms in the freezer for this very special girl. She has the most genuine whole-hearted cum fetish that I've ever seen. This is the real thing. These really are used condoms. She is really drinking all that semen. She really enjoys it.

Together, let's make porn that is empowering, sexy and authentic.

This is as real as it gets.

Finally, I can masturbate again!


GALLERY: 513 / DATE: 2 Apr, 18 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 3

Why do you get so hard when you tell me about how you were made fun of at school?

The moment I start dressing down Sissy Monika for arriving late, her clitty starts to swell. I can barely get her bloomers pulled down for a punishment spanking because she is already so big and engorged! It is 100% clear, even before she licks my boots, that Monika Hottie is developing a fetish for being humiliated by dominant women. She is in for an impressive series of "firsts" with me in this throwback episode, including her on camera anal sex debut.

Once I lock Monika down onto the metal bondage stocks, she has to learn how to take my silicone cock deeeeep in all of her sissy holes, one way or another. If she is a good slut, she might even learn to enjoy it!

I love the sissy paradox - the more feminized you become, the bigger and harder you get! Your cock gets so rigid but your ass becomes so yielding. The more insistent your erection, the more warm and inviting your holes become. Crossdressers can be the best of both worlds!

If you need to be comforted during this pegging scene, here's a good mantra:
"It isn't your fault that you're getting so turned on while I fuck you, I'm MAKING you like it."


GALLERY: 515 / DATE: 26 Mar, 18 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

Once I control all of your contact with the outside world, there will be no escape from my reprogramming. Wearing the virtual reality headset over a tight rubber hood, my test subject sees himself in third person, experiencing his own torment in domme vision.

Using the webcam mounted to my head, Taylor Dawn sees whatever I see. Strapped into special goggles, the 3D technology becomes disorienting very quickly. Once he is confused and pliable, it is time to tighten up the bondage by inflating it with an air compressor. I love how thick Studio Gum's latex is and how good the seals are, allowing me to fill the bladders to their maximum tightness beneath more and more straps.

We can no longer hear or see him beneath the imposing gasmask, so the hospital-style patient monitors become especially important. In some ways, his heartbeat is one of the only tools of communication left. I can see how every touch and every tease effects him. It takes a team to put together this level of medical and sexual equipment. I am grateful to the San Francisco Serious Bondage Institute and also to Dart Tech for helping make this shoot real.

Taylor gets increasingly frantic as we control more and more aspects of his body, soon his mind will follow. We add a bubbler to the mask's hose, making it easy to hear when his breathing speeds up or slows down.

When I begin to play with his cock and balls, his physical response is immediate and extreme. It only takes a little while with my vibrator before he gushes cum all over our heavy rubber gear. I can't resist a little post-orgasm torture but it is almost more than he can handle. Sometimes it isn't pleasure or pain that breaks a man while he is eager and hard but what you do after his orgasm subsides that counts!

How would you feel watching yourself in 3D virtual reality from MY point of view? Would it help you learn to see yourself as sexy?


GALLERY: 347 / DATE: 20 Mar, 18 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 3

This is an unforgettable extreme public ball busting scene at the height of the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, California.

With my favorite CBT slave, I am ready to cause a scene so intense it will make even jaded kinksters stop and stare. I mummify him to a streetlight at the famous corner of 9th and Folsom. Once he is secure, it is time to offer his willing balls to passing women.

Proudly displayed on a prominent street corner with only his cock and balls dangling free outside of the bondage, he is in quite a perilous predicament. You can see the fear in his eyes and hear the nervousness in his laugh, mingled with excitement as the women start daring each other to take me up on my offer to abuse him.

"Do any women here have any latent aggression towards men? Any ladies feel like taking out some anger on a set of willing balls???" Soon my sideshow barking has gained us a sea of participants cheering us on.

We bust his balls in the middle of the busy intersection during the height of the festival. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd and the excitement is infectious! I find that men can take a lot more pain then normal with this level of encouragement from an enthusiastic audience.

Countless women participated both on and off camera. I think a few new femdoms were born that day. Kink is community building!

See you again this September!!!


GALLERY: 234 / DATE: 12 Mar, 18 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 1

It is 3am at DomConLA, the largest gathering of lifestyle and professional femdoms in the world...
... do you know where your intern is?

Long after the hotel restaurant is closed our cast and crew has a desperate fast food craving. We decide to test just how much gophering Intern Aidan is willing to endure for the promise of getting played with.

We text him via twitter and tell him that he has ONE HOUR to arrive at our hotel room with our complete Taco Bell order or he will be punished. If he shows up in time with the correct food, we will tie him up and give him a handjob!

What would you be willing to do at 3am for a femdom threesome?

After just 45 minutes, he arrives at our door pouring with sweat!!!

Mistress Denali and I are truly impressed by his dedication. He runs on foot to fetch our still-warm snacks and doesn't forget the sauce. We reward him with a cling film bondage mummification, lots of praise, cbt and a handjob! His pet play side comes out as soon as he is immobilized. What a good kitty!

Aiden is one of the best interns we've ever had. This is his fist time serving in my bondage movies, but he has been helping out behind the scenes for two years.


GALLERY: 327 / DATE: 3 Mar, 18 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 3

Modenarr's rubber torpedo tits are HUGE once they are inflated! They barely fit inside of the upright cage outside of the Serious Bondage Institute in San Francisco, California.

Layers of latex, chastity and bondage keep my sissy under control but the combination of high heels and a nose clamp is what really keeps him on his toes!

My mummy watches me torture his friend, knowing he is net. He is also locked into chastity beneath layers of cling film, tape, fiberglass and a skin-tight spandex zentai suit. I have learned to keep them both under strict lock and key at all times to prevent misbehaving.

When I have custody of their manhood, I have their strictest attention.

It gets cold in San Francisco, so I make sure everyone is nice and cozy beneath layers of bondage. The fiberglass torso and head cast is real and I take a 2x4 plank of wood to prove it with impromptu impact play. He is a crash-proof dummy now!

The same cannot be said for Modenarr, who can't stop fondling his torpedo tits in the inflatable gummi gimp suit. Though he is already locked into chastity and locked inside of a standing-room-only cage, he clearly needs MORE BONDAGE.

Time for a huge set of metal ankle and wrist cuffs with a matching collar that clamps onto the bars of the cage! Once my rubber sissy bimbo is helpless, it is time to use a vibrator to test the effectiveness of our new birdlocked neo chastity device!

I have even more devious plans for my fiberglass mummy.

Power-tools in hand, I use pipe clamps and a drill to screw him down onto the wooden deck in the Serious Bondage Institute's back yard. This is TRULY INDUSTRIAL bondage.

To drive the point home, I beat him with a crowbar.

Half of his body is impervious to damage, but his locked up cock in chastity makes a tempting target for a vibrator. The erotic stimulation added after this prolonged period of denial is more torturous then impact play ever could be.

Now he is really SCREWED!

Tease, denial and struggling... Another beautiful day outdoors in San Francisco!


GALLERY: 504 / DATE: 19 Feb, 18 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 3

This is the hottest CBT scene I've ever filmed! This femdom threesome is on fire! Well, the submissive is anyway...

I've always wanted to put a cigarette out on someone. There is something rude, disrespectful and powerful inherent in the gesture. It adds insult to injury! This is my sadistic dream-come-true because we get to torment him somewhere extra sensitive. Thanks to the internet, we found a pain slut with a smoking fetish for BURNING CBT.

I knew this opportunity was too special to enjoy alone, so I invited Madame Trixie to come celebrate his unique kink with me. She is an avid smoker who also loves CBT and she's the perfect mature dominatrix co-top for this intense scene!

The moment we light up, he gets hard, almost in spite of himself. That's the mark of a true fetishist! My cloves burn hot compared to her mainstream tobacco cigarettes, so she gets to go first as we tickle and tease his testicles with the red hot embers. The glowing cherry singes his hair and starts to burn his balls while he tries not to make it worse by struggling.

I can't resist that potent blend of fear and arousal. We taunt him, burning him over and over again with our cigarettes... but not completely putting them out. Once we've truly enjoyed a nice leisurely smoke, we are finally ready to GRIND out the embers on his nice hard cock.

Is that BBQ I smell? This scene is going to leave a mark!!!


GALLERY: 503 / DATE: 13 Feb, 18 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 3

Reverse Ball Stretching Weights CBT Threesome

Whenever Madame Trixie is in a movie, you know things are about to get extra sadistic!

There's something deviously cruel about using a pully system for ball weights. Normally, a submissive's balls are pulled DOWN by gravity. Even in normal cbt scenes, the testicles are pulled in the same direction by weights or bondage. If you play often enough, you might start to get used to that kind of pain. Try pulling UP instead for fresh sensations! Reversing these forces is unusually intense, even for our experienced masochist.

Colorful weights dance before his widening eyes every time he flinches. I think we can see the exact moment when he starts to question the wisdom of his decisions. Too late for second thoughts! We add more and more lead weights to our growing modern art "chandelier of cbt." It dangles in front of him, slowly rotating like a galaxy, getting bigger and heavier.

Enjoy our extreme cbt masochist being put through his paces in a femdom threesome that is all about suffering for our pleasure. We appreciate an eager painslut and he clearly LOVES to have his balls punished by mistresses!

Is he going to take every weight in the dungeon? Join us to find out!


GALLERY: 501 / DATE: 9 Feb, 18 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 3

Since our new minion Maya got to have all the fun in my previous video, it is time for Mistress Camilla Casanova to get to enjoy some orgasms of her own. Both ladies strip nude in this fun behind the scenes bonus scene.

Mistress Camilla gives Maya explicit vibrator instructions and arms her with a Hitatchi magic wand vibrator so that she can lay back and be pleasured hands-free.

There's less bondage than usual in this clip, but Camilla's spectacular gushing and squirting orgasm steals the show!


GALLERY: 500 / DATE: 2 Feb, 18 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 3

I think Mistress Camilla's new recruit is especially kinky beneath her nubile and innocent exterior. Welcome to the initiation of our new submissive debutante Maya... soon to become Maya the Minion!

Once she is securely restrained, we use a series of clothespins on her nipples to test her responses and introduce her to the world of erotic pain. How many clamps can each of her delicate breasts handle before she considers using her new safeword?

Those adorable Batman panties can't protect her forever, but the spanking seems to make her wetter rather than hurting her. Even when we bring out a slender wooden cane, she is still more interested in surrendering to the sensations instead of resisting our cruel advances. Caning can be sensual or sadistic and we skirt a delicate line.

Once we test her pain tolerance, it is time for a treat! Maya is so slender that we forego using the sling to suspend her and instead attach the chains directly to her restraints. Using a winch, we hoist her delicate feet right out from under her. Now, she is helpless, suspended in mid-air, and the real fun can begin!

She survived our sadistic ordeal so now she gets a special painful reward - PUSSY SPANKING!!! She gets juicier and juicier while she has a series of fast and hard orgasmic climaxes beneath Camilla Casanova's skilled hands.

Do you have what it takes to be our next special minion?


GALLERY: 505 / DATE: 22 Jan, 18 / IMAGES: 5 / VIDEOS: 2

DomCon LA 2017 Time Lapse

Every year, hundreds of the world's most famous and beautiful femdoms gather in Los Angeles, California for DOMCON!!!

With classes, live demonstrations, shopping and play parties, this convention has something for everyone... but my favorite part is always the GROUP PHOTOSHOOT.

So much effort goes into this annual "yearbook photo" that I decided to start time-lapsing the footage. The resulting music video has become a delightful part of our kinky convention traditions.

How many mistresses do you recognize in this fun video?


GALLERY: 502 / DATE: 15 Jan, 18 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 3

Here is a femdom threesome clip that is all about OUR pleasure. My slave is here to serve us, not to fulfill any of his own selfish carnal desires. Keeping him in 24-7 chastity helps enforce that selfless submissive attitude in a very special way.

Whenever he starts to get hard, the chastity device's cruel spikes torment him back into submission. Today, I'm also adding cruel electrodes to deliver swift cbt shocks at the push of a button!

Once he is in head-to-toe rubber in the special latex sissy maid uniform, I add a humiliating gag so he can serve us chocolate without the use of his hands. My slave must worship our feet, not with his mouth but in USEFUL ways with special pedicure tools. Exfoliation, moisturizing, massage and more!

Master D is delightful in this scene and her love of both cock and ball torture and foot fetish indulgence is obvious. Lifestyle mistresses make the best scenes come to life and it is a joy to share my slave with her. Not just because we get to play footsie, but that helps! Once our feet our smoothed and slippery, we enjoy rubbing them together and entwining our toes.

Can you handle four femdom feet in your face???

Is it easier when we shock your balls into submission?


GALLERY: 437 / DATE: 28 Dec, 17 / IMAGES: 50 / VIDEOS: 8

This is a BIG day for me as an artist and director. I am here to celebrate publishing my 300th exclusive episode!!! There are even MORE then that number here on my website if you include the shared content I've created in collaboration with other websites. However, the 300 movies I've personally directed are the nearest and dearest to my heart.

Smart fans can tell the difference between performers going through the motions or lifestyle kinksters indulging in what gives them true pleasure. Thank you for supporting my films as we put the FUN back into femdom media!

We've captured a transgirl at the start of her blossoming transition. She has beautiful balls that will someday make great pussy lips but, for now, we need all that extra skin to attach as many clothespins to her as possible. We are eager for the bondage and ritual punishment to begin.

Giada must endure 300 clothespins to celebrate my 300th premiere!!! By the time I'm done, it looks like she is wearing a pair of wooden panties. You can hardly tell that there is any human skin (or genitals) underneath!

Once they're all firmly attached, biting into her sensitive pale skin, then they all have to come off, one way or another. I think that sadistic Mistress Vyra prefers the hard way! Our submissive should be glad that my clothespins are more merciful than her cruel sharp fingernails.

Does my vibrator make it better or worse? Does getting turned on make it easier to endure the pegs or even more painful? Perhaps Giada said it best herself when I asked how she felt, "Raw!"

The marks from this scene are going to last for MONTHS!!! Only time will tell if she will have permanent scars from her initiation into Bondageland.


GALLERY: 277 / DATE: 24 Dec, 17 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 1

I don't have a Christmas Tree this year so it is time to celebrate by decorating a sub with lights and ornaments. Bondage and bdsm can be festive as well as fun!

The weather report told us there was a 100% chance of snow... but we haven't seen a single flurry.

Snow is a rare treat in this part of the world and I was looking forward to it. Now the hours have worn on with only icy rain to show for our vigil. It would be the perfect thing to complete our cozy xxxmas celebrations at the "Friendly Little Dungeon" but the Portland rain has stubbornly refused to freeze.

Since I had such good luck with the "rain dance" calling down lightning in Dallas, it is time for some femdom-style snow magic! Even without spells, it is nice to have some entertainment while we wait for the temperature and flakes to drop. The Mistress of the house encourages us to liven things up while she drinks hot chocolate and watches me pummel her slave.

How about some holiday CBT shenanigans?
I jingle his ball with flogging, spanking, kicking and a very painful handjob.

Will the snow fall before we lose our holiday spirit? Tune in to find out!


GALLERY: 499 / DATE: 6 Dec, 17 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 2

Today's Haiku

Ask Mistress Alice
What scene she would like to shoot
"Sissy locking nails"

. . .

Sissy Joy only had one request going into this scene, "Please let it be one of Your fantasies."

I've dreamed of this scene for years and this is only the beginning of the mischief we can make with these outlandish extra-long artificial fingernails. We scoured the internet and beauty shops to find the BIGGEST queen sized manicure nails. This scene crosses our mutual love bondage with our enjoyment of sissification.

These nails cross the line into pure ridiculousness. They are completely impractical, extending Sissy Joy's fingers by 4-5 inches. Also on the shopping list for this shoot: bubblegum pink nail polish and SUPER GLUE!!!

I mummify Joy's arms, hands and even fingers into place while she floats helplessly in the leather sling. There is nowhere to hide from my menacing tube of glue! If she struggles too much, I will glue the lock of her chastity device next!

Once the nails go on, it is too late to change her mind. They look extremely feminizing even before we paint them, but blank nails are boring. Bright bubblegum pink is much more becoming of a sissy slut! Once painted, these pink nails will be impossible to hide and she will be trapped as a sissy until they grow out. The pink polish is even SCENTED with bubblegum.

Nothing shows how helpless you are like a vibrator on your chastity cage while your manicure dries! These custom nails have holes drilled into them and I use shoelaces to lace Joy into a bondage web. This predicament is extra extreme since the pressure on her natural nails is so painful. Her extensions act like levers, with the length transferring even more energy to her nail bed. Pulling the rope tighter and tighter, I eventually rip off her smallest fingernail!

We strike a deal: I will edge, tease and maybe even allow Joy to have an orgasm... BUT if she loses more nails, she goes immediately go back into chastity! Excellent incentive to not pull on her pretty fingers, even if the pain doesn't stop her from struggling.

My little sissy gets more and more juicy while I edge her again and again until she finally gushes a load of well-earned cum. That also opens the door to some delicious post-orgasm torture!

Before she gets second thoughts, I lock Sissy Joy back into chastity, adding matching padlocks to her nails! There's no chance of playing with herself now. Even if Joy could steal her keys, she could not unlock herself!

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