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GALLERY: 11 / DATE: 15 Dec, 11 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 1


Part 3 - Foot Tease & Chastity Torture

This slave is a glutton for punishment. Now that he is completely restrained in this elaborate custom bondage chair, there is no part of his body that is off limits to my painful exploration.

In this video, I hike up my sequin gown to expose my shapely fishnet-clad legs and sexy feet, shown off beautifully in my tall, glittering high heels. These open-toe sandals have a substantial heel but leave my painted toenails deliciously visible.

Anyone up for a little foot torture? These are the PERFECT sexy shoes for CRUSHING my slave's helpless cock and balls! I dig into him with my delicious heels and make him beg for mercy. Even though the meat of his cock is well-protected, his balls are still desperately vulnerable, and the CBT arouses him... causing him even MORE pain while I sexily tease and torment him.

I love crushing cocks beneath my bare feet and high heels. Even in his chastity belt, I can't resist tormenting my slave's hardening member... especially since there is nothing he can do about in...



GALLERY: 10 / DATE: 14 Dec, 11 / IMAGES: 52 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 2 - Clothes Pin Torture

My secret agent slave is now helpless before me in his elaborate bondage chair. The straps cut tight into his skin, but not nearly as tightly as this collection of clothes pins and clips will pinch!

I love the contrast of the black leather restraints against his pale and vulnerable skin... almost as much as I love making these colorful clothespins dance all over his struggling body.

Now that he is completely at my mercy, he is unable to move any part of his body. His feet are encased in spiked bondage booties - standing would be incredibly painful even if he were to somehow escape. His hands are trapped in locking bondage mitts. Even his face is restrained in a tight leather hood. Over 20 straps adorn this masterpiece of device bondage - the ULTIMATE Bondage Chair!

I tell him to keep track of the number of clamps I put on his body. If he loses count, I will punish him. We will count the clamps as they come off his body (the most painful part!) and I will punish him if he is wrong. The more clamps he is off by in his count, the more severe his punishment will be! Do you think you could keep track of numbers under intense pain like this?

Gumbi also confesses that it has been EIGHT WEEKS since his last orgasm. He has been trapped in chastity for me for so long that the slightest word or look from me will send him reeling in arousal and inevitable pain has his hardening cock is crushed in its chastity cage. I love having the keys to a man's cock, I then find that I have his COMPLETE attention!!!


GALLERY: 7 / DATE: 13 Dec, 11 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 1

Mistress Alice gets a taste of her own medicine!

There comes a time in everyone's life when they must submit to someone. No matter how powerful you are, you must submit eventually (to your lover, to the cops, the government, etc). It takes a rare and powerful woman to force me to capitulate but Mistress Liliane Hunt is one such extraordinary woman. Call it a chi battle, call it animal magnetism, but she has the force of presence and personality to take me there and make me like it.

I have been a very naughty girl, and the Head Nurse has finally caught on to my inappropriate behavior with the patients of the Serious Bondage Institute! I should know better! So, to teach me a lesson, she decides punish me in a manner fitting my crime...

Misstress Liliane gives me a sexy dressing down, as only she can... with her incredible, genuine British accent, revealing that she has been keeping an eye on me for a long, long time. She has known all along that my misbehavior has been at the root of the patient relapses, especially the sexually compulsive masturbators who can't seem to keep their hands off themselves because of my tormenting them!

She decides that the only way to punish a troublemaker like me is to inter me as a patient myself! Now the tormentor becomes the tormentee!

After forcing me to strip for her, she thoroughly spanks my "naughty bottom" and announces that what I must REALLY need is to be mercilessly and sexually teased... just like I have been doing to our helpless patients. Stripped of dominance and dignity, I beg for mercy while I bend over for her and then she laces me tightly into my own Maxcita straitjacket!

This is girl-girl institutional bondage punishment at its best! You can tell I'm going to be stewing in my own juices for a long time by the way that I writhe, unable to play with myself, completely safe and secure in my new canvas prison.

"I guess it is a little too late to say ‘I'm sorry...'"


GALLERY: 9 / DATE: 15 Nov, 11 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 1

ULTIMATE BONDAGE CHAIR Femdom Interrogation Part 1

Welcome to the intimate and incredibly intense universe of real-time, 24/7 slavery and chastity training. This is the real thing.

When the video cameras stop running, this man is still my slave. The results of this true power exchange are off the charts hot!

I invite you into the private dungeon of my lifestyle slave, Gumbi. He is a very special slave with an incredible wealth of equipment and gear that would put most establishments to shame. This wonderful collector has given his cock, and the rest of his body, completely over to my command.

This commanding chair is the ULTIMATE BONDAGE CHAIR and the star of my slave's incredible dungeon. I knew that I had to put my slave to the test on this incredible piece of art. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in this device defy description, even in my florid prose.

There is a fun secret about this delicious device - this chair is designed to be safe for SELF bondage! There are automated restraints and release cables hidden in its inner workings. You can activate the spring loaded trap to tighten down the critical arm straps once you have buckled yourself into the rest of the chair... and then pull the release cables when you have to get out.

I have deactivated those failsafes.

I intend to offer Gumbi no chance to escape. Though he has often locked himself into this device, he has always secretly been able to escape. Let's see how he reacts to TRUE immobilization!

Join me as I initiate my slave into a truly intense bondage experience. Strap by strap, I take away his power and free will. Strap by strap, I make him completely MINE!

I am a super villainess. I'm out to break the hero of this story... so I can re-program him into the perfect slave.

By the time I am done with him, he will tell me ANYTHING I want to know. There is no way he can escape from...



GALLERY: 6 / DATE: 5 Nov, 11 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

Patient number 27 is a compulsive masturbator. He has checked himself into our care as an act of desperation. We are here to treat him with our "specialized" behavioral modification techniques.... Including strict bondage, 24/7 vigilance and extreme custom chastity belts (this one is my favorite, from Carrera in Belgium).

His ongoing treatment has proven challenging and the Head Nurse at the Serious Bondage Institute suggested that we allow him to have his hands closer to his groin, in the hopes that enforced proximity to his cock (while masturbation is completely impossible) will comfort him and help to break the cycle of self abuse.

This bondage muffler might not look like much from the outside, but is an ordeal all its own. His hands are immobilized severely with LOCKING institutional straps, but then yet another layer of intense leather bondage goes over the top of the muffler... effectively eliminating any chance of his escape. He cannot move his wrists at all from within the extreme confines of this genuine institutional restraint!

Even if he could get out of his head harness and somehow try to chew through the straps (a technique many have tried), the outer armor of the muffler is itself locked over his hands. Patient 27 is not going ANYWHERE until he is cured of his need to jack off... forever!

Masturbation therapy has proven fruitless and so now we move into even more intensive and specialized treatments. In this video, I attempt a controversial new technique without Mistress Liliane's supervision. Face sitting therapy allows me to experience sexual pleasure, but since my patient is muffled, gagged and bound in a chastity belt, he is forced to learn to accept service as his only sexual outlet.

This type of behavior modification can lead to a much more focused, service-oriented lifestyle... but only once you break the connection to selfish orgasms!


GALLERY: 5 / DATE: 4 Nov, 11 / IMAGES: 60 / VIDEOS: 1

Patient number 27 is a compulsive masturbator. After being caught playing with himself in a movie theater, this poor slave has checked himself into our highly specialized facility to ensure that his terrible affliction is given intensive personalized attention by our sexy staff.

Today, Nurse Alice is checking in with our patient (and now inmate) to see if any progress has been made in his difficult case.

Nurse Alice - Patient Notes - Patient #27

Many of my colleagues at the Bondage Institute consider Patient #27 to be a lost cause. This is not his first stay with us and, during the past year, his horniness and compulsive masturbation habits have only worsened.

This poor man's case of priapism has continued unabated in spite of intensive therapy. Today we begin masturbation therapy, coupled with encasing him in Humane Restraint hand mitts and a custom Carrera chastity belt. This belt features an attachable erect penis in the same place as his real cock WOULD be if it could get free.

My superior, Mistress Liliane believes that this surrogate cock will help ease his transition back into normal society. If he can resist the urge to touch himself, that is.

Her hope is that being forced to endure the image of an enormous erection, yet being unable to pleasure himself, will break the terrible cycle of self-abuse.

In this video, I examine our patient with a very sexy chastity belt hand job and prepare him for his daily sponge bath.


GALLERY: 19 / DATE: 30 Mar, 11 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

Jail Cell Punishment For Alice

Even Dominatrixes sometimes go too far...

Welcome to the headquarters of Medical Toys, 3am on New Year's Day. I thought I got away with it... but Martin waited until the last limousine pulled out of the courtyard before delivering his special brand of punishment!

The famous "Cake Incident" is reported on by Nurse Laurel, who was on-site recording the party for a friend's website. She interviews me through the bars of the implacable, inescapable cage while I test its limits and vow vengeance!

I have tortured so many sexy men, on video, inside this incredible custom-built prison cell that I couldn't resist sharing this gem from my secret files to "even the score" a little. It isn't often that a Mistress shows her more vulnerable side, but the kinky stunt I pulled off at the New Year's Eve Party in 2009 cemented my claim to fame in the pacific northwest.

I enjoy sharing this imprisonment video, even though it is embarrassing... because it was worth the punishment!

Will I really have to spend ALL NIGHT in latex on the cold, hard, concrete warehouse floor?

What did I do to upset this world class bondage inventor so much?

Why am I notorious from San Francisco to Seattle?

You have to tune in to find out.


GALLERY: 42 / DATE: 15 Mar, 11 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

Suspended Cage Electrical Torture - Part 3: Cock Milking Techno Torment

I can't resist playing with the many settings on my tens unit, especially when it is wrapped around my slave's cock and balls.

"Stroke" seems very pleasant to him, but I particularly enjoy watching his involuntary muscle contractions on the "Thump" setting! I love ball busting, this lets me do it with electrodes! I mock his predicament as he is forced to hump the air.

He is ridden by the power as coursing electric current surges through his dick. I won't show this bondage slut any mercy until I have milked him for every drop of semen in his balls.

I have a cum fetish to indulge, but I won't make it easy or pleasant for him to get off.

We are both encased in sensuous latex and I torment him through the bars of the cage, with electrodes, paddles and crops before turning up some background dance music to maximize the pain from the sound-reactive setting on my tens unit. Now the baseline provides the back-beat of pain to his balls, while my voice tortures the head of his increasingly sensitive penis.

I push my slave all the way to tears while he licks his own pre-cum off my fingers.

Will my slave have a complete break down, an orgasm, or BOTH?


GALLERY: 26 / DATE: 2 Mar, 11 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 1

Evil Boss Alice Part 2 -
Facesitting Tease & Denial

I've been watching your online activities since I hired you... and I'm astounded at the amount of PORN you have been looking at on company time!!!

Do you really think they would believe you if you ran crying off to HR about sexual harassment? I'm a powerful and well-respected woman here at this firm. Besides, I also have incredibly damning blackmail photographs of at least half of the board members... You aren't the first man I've blackmailed.

You will be serving as my personal sex slave during what used to be your off hours! You won't be seeing any of that vacation time. From now on, you belong to me 24/7.

Judging by the way your cock leaps to attention when I sit on your face, I know that fucking me will be a LOT more interesting then wasting your weekends online the way you used to!

First, I let you glimpse the tops of my fully fashioned stockings, garter clips taught against my creamy skin. Then, I tease you, grinding my sex against your face through satin leopard print panties...

You can smell my lust, the pheromones going right to your cock... but will I let you have a taste? Will I let you lick and worship my juicy pussy? Only if you're a good little slave!

... and you better satisfy me because YOUR JOB IS ON THE LINE!


GALLERY: 18 / DATE: 1 Mar, 11 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 1

Heavy Rubber Jail Cell Part 2 -
Sleep Sack Tease & Denial CBT

Have you dreamed of being at the mercy of a flame-haired, sadistic Goddess?

This submissive is meeting me for the first time, on camera, a fly caught in my spider's web. I have already been briefed by his Mistress and have prepared the dungeon for his arrival. I know his every secret fetish and I intend to exploit them for maximum lust!

... beginning with a full heavy rubber suspension in a custom inflatable latex sleep sack that leaves his cock easily accessible for torment!

Even his breathing is restricted with the heavy latex hood. I enjoy in playing with his breathing tube while there is nothing he can do about it, hearing the heavy pauses when I cut off his breath, alternating with the deep gasps when I allow him access to the air. He can‘t even struggle. The only part of him that can dance for me now is his dick!

I am ready to cement my ownership of this submissive with a red hot line of pain up and down his nice, hard cock.

This slave has no choice but to submit - he has been given to me for the entire day to do with as I please.


GALLERY: 41 / DATE: 25 Feb, 11 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

Slave to My Voice - Caged Electric CBT Pt 2

Now every word I say hurts my slave‘s cock, but he is still getting harder and harder inside the electrodes.

The nice thing about electricity is that I can go on and on for hours without making my body sore. I can keep my manicure perfect while torturing his hardening dick. If I were flogging his cock and balls, I would tire out eventually. Since he is locked securely into this custom cage, I can sit back and torment him ALL DAY LONG.

Every time he cries out in agony, the cruel electricity shocks him yet again. The vicious cycle of this predicament bondage delights me. The more he suffers, the more I laugh at him.

My laughter is the most painful part. My cackling causes the electricity to spike even higher and the pain cuts into his cock sharply. Too bad for him I find this so amusing.

I won't stop until I break this slut completely, turning him into a true slave to my voice.


GALLERY: 17 / DATE: 12 Feb, 11 / IMAGES: 68 / VIDEOS: 1

Heavy Rubber Jail Cell Part 1-
Suspended Inflatable Latex Sleep Sack

Have you ever fantasized about giving yourself to a beautiful, dominant and sadistic stranger? So did he.

He has been given to me for the day, trembling, tribute in hand. He has no idea who I am or what I might have in store for him. His Mistress has already done all of the negotiating for him and he has no choice but to submit. She has arranged this very intense session. This new slave has been delivered to me dressed only in a latex corset and custom hood, at her request.

I take one look at him and I know that he is ready. I can smell his fear and excitement, mixed with the tang of rubber in the air. He is shaking and quaking but still choosing to trust me. I am his new Mistress. He has been given to me for the day.

It is up to me to take his measure, claim control and drop him into "subspace" even though we are strangers. I have a secret weapon at my disposal... I already know ALL about his twisted sexual fantasies.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Watch me take in and break in this new recruit to my private prison! We met on camera for the first time because it was his fantasy to submit to a stranger. His friends and former Mistress arranged the meeting. This was our first scene together, but the beginning of an incredible (and ongoing) power exchange.

Just think, this could be you!


GALLERY: 40 / DATE: 9 Feb, 11 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

Suspended Cage Electrical Torture -
Part 1: Voice Activated CBT

Electricity is a wonder of the modern age. High tech sex toys can provide incredible pain or incredible pleasure.

My slave is wired into a tens unit with a microphone that detects the sound of my voice to deliver a painful SHOCK to his family jewels!

Now I don't even have to touch him with my hands. I can hurt my slave from across the room without raising a finger.

I can torture or pleasure my slave with just the sound of my hypnotic voice.

Electricity is such a time and energy saving invention!

I enjoy watching him struggling to stand in his sky-high fetish ballet boots while I put him through a CBT "sound test." He won‘t be able to move an inch in any direction once I have him restrained in a restrictive metal cage. I especially like that every bar in this apparatus is adjustable and LOCKABLE for maximum bondage intensity.

Now he is completely at the mercy of my voice and the electrodes wrapped around his helpless cock and balls.


GALLERY: 25 / DATE: 1 Feb, 11 / IMAGES: 4 / VIDEOS: 1

Evil Boss Alice Part 1 -
Caught Watching Porn At Work!

"Did you really think we wouldn't find out? We have been watching your internet history from the moment you started working for this company... is there anything you'd like to confess?"

At my day job we caught an accountant surfing internet porn when he "thought" no one was looking. However, I have been keeping a very close eye on this little slave-to-the-wage. I noticed that the pornographic websites that were the most popular were also the kinkiest ones, focusing on heavy bondage and women controlling and abusing men. That gave me a MUCH better idea then simply firing him.

... now I can BLACKMAIL him with this knowledge instead!

Since this secret stroker loves his smut so much, I set a devious trap for him! Now he must either live out his secret kinky fantasies by submitting to me, or I will report him to HR for jacking off on the clock!

Once he is completely immobilized, he has no choice but to endure my taunting and dressing down... while his cock gets harder and harder.

I have high expectations for this new forced submissive. After all, if he values his job then he will do EXACTLY as I order, at all times. There is no more "off the clock." When I tell him that I want a grande latte with a laundry list of special-order details, I expect it to arrive hot and PERFECT... at 4 in the morning, to my home.

I love the way his cock springs to attention the moment that I sit on his face, even through my panties. Clearly this accountant is ready for a promotion to my special "personal" team!


GALLERY: 32 / DATE: 11 Jan, 10 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 1

Alice In BondageLand Presents:
Alice In WonderLand, Chapter 1

Reading to someone in bondage is one of my favorite delights. On the surface it seems so vanilla, but being cared for in this way awakens deep reserves of submission and vulnerability.

Reading out loud to someone in bondage is something that usually only happens in lifestyle relationships. I know of few subs willing or able to hire a prodomme for this experience when paying by the hour. I want to give you all a taste of this delight, so tie yourselves up (safely!) and join in the fun.

Alice in Wonderland is my favorite book and I present it "my way:" In Bondage!

The Cheshire Cat is privy to chapter one of our unfolding tale. Each time I tie someone up in long-term bondage, I enjoy reading another chapter out loud to my captive. Over time, you will have the chance to join me across the country with many different submissives, in many forms of bondage, with the story strung between them.

Welcome to my kinky life. It is too strange to make up so I'm bringing it to you unabridged!

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