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GALLERY: 104 / DATE: 7 Jan, 13 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 1

I promised my slave that if he was "extra good" then he would get a treat... and what a treat it turns out to be!

My friends at VacBed.com have created an exceptionally tight fitting vacuum bed with only 2 holes... one, a tiny breathing tube for your mouth (no pesky nose holes in this one to let the air pressure in)... the other, a perfectly sized hole for your cock!

This slave is a perfect victim for my new favorite latex torture chamber because he has the biggest cock I have ever seen and I intend to put it to good use!

One of the biggest complaints I have heard from fans of FemDom videos is that there is very little explicit sex in them. I created this video with my well-hung slave to buck that trend (actually it is part two where the bucking REALLY begins)... and to prove that dominant women, like me, LOVE sex.

I open this video pair with an incredibly intense, messy, enthusiastic deep throat blow job while I encase my helpless captive in a double layer of compressed latex encapsulation. The only flesh visible against the deep black of the latex is his HUGE erect cock. He is completely dehumanized except for those 10 inches of man meat. How can I resist taking sexual advantage of him in such a delicious position?

Many of you have questioned my outlandish claims about being trained as a circus sword swallower. I offer you this video as proof! From the moment my tongue touches him, his cock leaps to full, erect attention. I take his 10 inch cock ALL the way down my throat without gagging, fearlessly, again and again and again.

Ever wonder what a dominant woman giving a blow job looks like? This is it and it is INCREDIBLE.

Normally I prefer to give "perfect" blowjobs where I don't spill a drop of drool (or semen) but since this slave is a fan of "messy" blowjobs, I let it all hang out in this video. Wet, messy, enthusiastic deep throating like this makes it obvious that I LOVE TO SUCK COCK. You just can't fake this kind of chemistry and passion.

I mock him in his plight, talk dirty to him and stroke his thickening cock, exposed through the latex, but it is the blowjob in this scene that just can't be beat. I turn this poor slave into my perfect slut!

This is the "real thing." A real, dominant woman with her real slave (who is REALLY hung), having real, hot, sex.

... tune in to part two, where I ride his hard and helpless cock to an incredible series of orgasms!


GALLERY: 120 / DATE: 31 Dec, 12 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 4

Mistress Minax has kept her rubber slave hard and aching for his release all afternoon.

First she gives him a sexy, teasing handjob... alternating stroking and spitting on his helpless hardon, but soon she turns her attention to his tender ass and a much larger metal didlo.

She fucks him with the stainless steel dildo relentlessly and humiliates him further by forcing him to communicate only in duck quacks while he begs for release. He suffers so beautifully for her that she is moved to play with him more, but Mistress teases and torments him mercilessly instead of permitting him to have that coveted orgasm.

Simple chastity and denial cannot satisfy Mistress Minax's sadism... first her rubber slave must be driven to the edge of orgasm repeatedly with a vibrator until he feels on the edge of sanity!

She weilds the Hitatchi Magic wand as a weapon of pleasure and frustrated lust in this delicious latex tease-and-denial video that culminates in a sexy chastity lock-up.

Mistress pleasures him with her hand and her toys but won't permit a release. Before he looses control, it is time to lock her slave up in a silicone chastity device loaded with spikes to punish erotic thoughts.

This poor slave has no idea if, when or how he will be let out of chastity!

. . .

The Morning After... Alice Gets Her Turn

. . .

With no idea when he will ever have an orgasm, I schedule a "morning after" meeting with him over coffee for some public humiliation play at Wicked Grounds (an 18 and over kinky coffee shop).

I force him to show off his locked-up-cock in public (shocking a few of the other patrons but making a lot of women laugh) before escorting him to the public bathroom to investigate his predicament further.

This daring and embarassing public scene has reallys stuck with this poor slave in both dreams and nightmares.


GALLERY: 127 / DATE: 24 Dec, 12 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 1

Scarlet has the best ass in Portland.

I flirted with her for the entire munch and finally got her name and number. She was intrigued, aroused and a little shy about being invited to make kinky videos... but her perversions got the better of her.

Though the camera is new to her, lust for spankings is much more powerful then fear of exposure.

First, I give her a barehanded spanking, but then I use a strap, a thick rattan cane and even a specialized chainmaille spanking glove! Her pussy gets wetter and wetter and her ass keeps getting pinker and pinker.

I think that, by the end of this video, Scarlet really starts to ENJOY being exposed in front of an internet audience, especially while she begs for more pain!


GALLERY: 119 / DATE: 17 Dec, 12 / IMAGES: 10 / VIDEOS: 4

Mistress Minax is out to train her new slave in the fine arts of release control - an important aspect of chastity training.

He has been very naughty, at the DomCon Chastity class he spurted his subby cream ALL OVER himself even after being ordered NOT to cum by the classroom full of Dominantrixes.

This cheeky rubber slut is here for ADVANCED training. If he cums without permission, he will be punished.

Mistress Minax creates a complicated game of protocol to befuddle this horny boy as he polishes and worships her latex-clad body. Her swift, sharp barefoot ballbusting kicks and face slaps bring him into line for any transgression, no matter how minor.

Rubber Ducky must polish her sexy body, with special attention to her groin. While he "polishes" harder and harder, Minax gets more and more excited and vocal until she comes to to a delicious rubber climax. Orgasm control includes having plenty for yourself, while the slave in training gets teased and denied.

Throughout this teasing, the more he pleasures her, the more she spits on him. It is degrading, disgusting and incredibly sexy. This rubber slave just gets harder and harder!

Then Mistress bends her rubberslut over the cage for some anal toys!

Even though her new rubberslut CLAIMS to be a straight man, Mistress Minax insists that he must learn to suck cocks, starting with a black rubber inflatable dildo gag.

In fact, she adds that "henceforth, all cocks that I put in your mouth shall be considered MY cock... even if they are made of plastic or flesh." If this slave doesn't do a good job, it might be a real hard cock down his throat next.

He gurgles, gasps and does his best to please his perverted Mistress and her forced bi fantasies.

She inflates the penis gag to its maximum... all while his throbbing hardon shows he might not be so "straight" afterall... at least not for a beautiful woman!

Mistress Minax cranks up the juice on her violet wand and treats her slutty submissive to some electrical cbt, while the anal toy stays firmly planted in his eager behind. It is almost more then he can handle!

I love the hissing, vicious sound of this high voltage tool, coupled with the blue lightning sparks that make her slave dance in that bondage!


GALLERY: 62 / DATE: 10 Dec, 12 / IMAGES: 54 / VIDEOS: 2

Caged Gimp Double Team - Part 2 & 3
Butt Plugged Blow Job & Chastity Gas Mask Training

We've got this sub locked up in a specialized cage that lets me keep him under strict bondage... while still leaving his ass and cock available for use!

My female sub sucks away at his hard cock while I explore his sensitive nether regions. Don't all men dream about being caught "coming and going at the same time"?

His wrists and elbows are locked firmly in place and even his boots are locked to the cage bars... but I have let him out of the chastity device long enough to enjoy a little action.

Leila Valentina sucks cock with enthusiasm and style, especially since I finally take her out of the nasty ring-gag and let her wrap her sensuous black lips around his whole cock. She's going to suck him for every drop... all while I probe our slave with an inflatable butt plug!

Prostate play AND a deepthroat blow job? This is my favorite way to enjoy a fmf threesome! :-)


For every orgasm I allow my slave to enjoy, I take away another aspect of his freedom.

From now on, whenever he comes to visit me, I am going to control his BREATHING.

Today, I do that with a sexy black rubber gas mask and an erotic scent tease across my rubber-clad body. He can smell my lust but is completely helpless to do anything about it. The pheremones work their magic on his cock to make it rise again...

Before he gets any more ideas about a second orgasm, I lock his cock back up in a metal chastity cuff. Now he's plugged and locked down tight! We leave him there in the cage to stew in strict, upright metal bondage!


GALLERY: 136 / DATE: 7 Dec, 12 / IMAGES: 27

TGIF - Here's a bonus photo set from Mistress AliceInBondageLand.

Before putting my stud slave into the latex vacuum bed for some sexual servicing, I enjoy a romp across the rubber sheets wearing my favorite vintage lingerie.

I love the EXTRA garters on this girdle style old fashioned garter belt.

The bright red fully fashioned stockings also feel incredibly sexy against my smoothly shaved legs.

Here's a fun little pin-up peep show to enjoy before you get to see the x-rated video that we shot afterwards.


GALLERY: 112 / DATE: 3 Dec, 12 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

Meet my newest, hottest friend - Madame Suzanne!

She'd like to show you what she likes to do with her big hard strap-on cock... playing with her cock, talking dirty and jacking off.

I have never met a woman that likes pegging as much as MmeSuzanne!

She gets so turned on and worked up playing with her cock that I can't resist handing her a vibrator so that her pussy can get some attention too.

We filmed this scene while my slave's enema was settling. It is your's truly behind the camera (no boys allowed) in this private femdom moment of anticipation. We can't wait to get our dicks into that little sub, but this is what we do when we're wearing cocks and have a few minutes to ourselves in the dungeon.

Enjoy this smack talking genuine orgasm from a passionate and VERY genuine domme!


GALLERY: 100 / DATE: 26 Nov, 12 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 2

Sissy Sex Training Part 6 - 7
Mutual Oral Sex - Pussy Licking & Cock Sucking - Strap-On Virgin

I make my sissy nuzzle and pleasure my pussy through my red satin panties before allowing her to taste my sex. You can see the growing wet spot as we get more and more sexual with each other.

This is a big moment for my sissy - she is going to loose her anal virginity to me today!

But first... she has to make me cum with her tongue!

I reward my little sissy with a teasing blow job, before reminding her that sissy cocks are for playing with and not fucking. If my sissy wants to get off, it will be with my strap-on cock firmly lodged in her ass.

I insist that from now on she must refer to her ass as her "sissy pussy" instead as I educate her about womanhood and female dominant sexual slavery.

I love how her sissy clitty twitches as I show my slave the big toy that will soon be buried in her booty. You can hear my friend taking a few photos in the back ground. This is a big moment that is worth sharing with the world.

After all, you only loose your virginity once!

Monika kisses and sucks my strap-on dick so that I know she is ready to be a real slut for me. Watch how hard she cums once I plunge into her tight little hole!

My sissy sex slave is about to be fully trained and drained of cum!


GALLERY: 61 / DATE: 19 Nov, 12 / IMAGES: 65 / VIDEOS: 1

Caged Gimp Double Team - Part 1
Ring-Gag CBT Blowjob

My sub should have learned his lesson the first time, but here he is again... on viagra, locked into a chastity device!

Last time, I didn't let him out ALL NIGHT, but this time, I have another plan in store for him. First, we put the extreme metal bondage to the test. I count 13 different padlocks, securing every inch of him to my customized cage.

That will keep him RIGHT where I want him, especially when things start to get much more "interesting." Both of my slaves have earned a special treat, but lets see if Leila can suck his cock while still in her severe ring-gag.

Gagged bondage blow jobs are the best! This cock sucking is full of drooling, moaning and struggling against the solid, unforgivable, metal mouth bondage. I think you'll enjoy Leila Valentina's enthusiasm as much as we do.


GALLERY: 93 / DATE: 12 Nov, 12 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 2

Ball Crushing Vice Part 5 & 6 -
Ball Busting Cock Paddling & Nut Crushing Handjob

Every cock needs a good beating now and again.

How many ways can we torment our slave's captive cock and crushed balls?

Master Cottonmouth enjoys a few oral orgasms while we pound his cock with paddles and even a padded baseball bat... tightening the vice down more and more as we ratchet up the pain and intensity.

Even though it makes him scream, I love tapping on the glass like its an aquarium. Hello? Is anybody in there?

In spite of incredible pain, our slave's cock is still standing at attention as if begging for more. I love a man who can really take it!!!

Master Cottonmouth loves cumshots, so there is no way we are letting our captive go free until he delivers... except we're not sure if it is actually possible to have an orgasm while your balls are crushed completely flat by a vice.

... let's find out!

If he does cum, it is sure to be painful, since there is nowhere for his trapped balls to go... but if he doesn't give us a creamy treat, he will be punished even more severely! Sounds like a win-win... if you are a femdom!

What a lucky boy -- a 4-handed handjob with crushed nuts -- while being smothered by Master Cottonmouth's juicy pussy!

Even the toughest nuts crack under pressure like that and then we feed him every drop of his own cum!


GALLERY: 99 / DATE: 5 Nov, 12 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 3

Sissy Sex Training Part 3, 4 & 5

Slutty Red Lipstick - Anal Probing - Breast Worship

I think my sissy will look great in makeup. When we were making out, I accidentally smeared my red lipstick across her lips. I liked the way it looked so much that now I'm going to give her a full makeover!

Before I take my sissy's virginity, it is time to dress her up like a sexy big girl in red, instead of an innocent virgin in pink. I want her in slutty red lipstick and dark eyeshadow before I take advantage of her!

She covers my breasts in red lip prints before we go back to kissing in our sexy red clothes and matching slutty bright red lipstick.

All this transformation play, makeup and girliness has Monika helplessly aroused. I know that now she is ready to do ANYTHING for me...

My insistent probing slowly starts to open up Monika's virgin ass and soon my whole finger is buried inside of her.

Her sissy clitty cock is certainly massive and hard, too big to fit into her stolen panties, so I pull them aside to stroke it.

The more I probe and stroke, the harder and more helplessly aroused my sissy sex trainee becomes. I think she will learn to enjoy her role as sex slave!

... especially once I start leaving lipstick prints all over her hard cock.

I have to teach her about the proper ways to be a good girl and please her partner. She will have to learn all about my breasts and receive special instruction in how I like to be touched in order to become my perfect sissy sex slave.

I also dress her in sexy sheer stockings to make her as sensitive and sensual as possible while my friend takes photos of her ongoing transformation.


GALLERY: 92 / DATE: 22 Oct, 12 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 2

Ball Crushing Vice Part 3 & 4 -

Vice Squeezing EXTREME CBT & Sadistic 69

We cut out a strategically placed hole in order to take advantage of our slave's cock and balls. There is nothing he can do to protect himself as we tie up his genitals... Master Cottonmouth even demonstrates a "helicopter" for us.

We are ready to inflict some serious pain now that our slave is completely immobilized in palate wrap and mummified with a whole roll of duct tape. Fortunately we have prepared something very special... an industrial vice augmented with clear plastic plates so we can CRUSH his balls completely.

This scene made me feel a little queazy, because once we tighten down the vice, it is practically an anatomy lesson. You can see his testicles squeezing flatter and flatter we can pick out all the details when the blood is forced out of his scrotum.

When his wimpering is too much to listen to, Master Cottonmouth silences him with some facesitting and forced pussy licking.

I've never seen balls flattened this much!!! Owch!

Master Cottonmouth can't resist putting her slave's cock into her mouth... but a femdom blowjob isn't always a good thing and she really sinks her teeth into his helpless member.

While his balls are being crushed by the unforgiving vice, we enjoy the chance to focus on torturing his cock with slapping, biting and scratching. He just gets harder and harder and harder. How much can he take before our slave breaks?

The spikes on his already sensitized testicles seem to push him over the edge into more pain then he can bear. Fortunately, Master Cottonmouth has a special way to shut him up - more facesitting!

His muffled screams into her pussy just inspire giggles and orgasms as we relentlessly torture his cock and balls.


GALLERY: 98 / DATE: 15 Oct, 12 / IMAGES: 5 / VIDEOS: 2

Sissy Sex Training Part 1 - 2
OTK Spanking & Virgin Ass Probing

When I come home unexpectedly early, I catch my sissy boyfriend dressed up in my clothes and jacking off! He's wearing my favorite pink rose print sundress and is wearing my favorite pair of pink satin panties.

Leave it to a sissy to steal the girliest clothes in my wardrobe!

Instead of interrupting her masturbation right away, I decide to spy on Monika for a little while and wait until she's fully erect and as turned on as possible. Then, I barge through the door.

I was only gone for twenty minutes and already she's dressed up like a prissy sissy and jacking off without permission!

I make Monika show off her pantied hard-on before punishing her with an over the knee spanking... so that she learns what happens to naughty little girls when they play with themselves without permission.

My love of spanking discipline is obvious as I correct my sissy's behavior the old fashioned way!

My little sissy Monika confesses that she's never had anything in her sissy pussy?

And what exactly is a sissy pussy? It is when a sissy is specially trained to take Mistress' and men's cocks up her tight little ass. When a sissy is properly trained her ass becomes just like a real girl's pussy, sensitive and pleasurable to the point of orgasmic!

The more I play with her tight virgin hole, the more erect Monika becomes. We make out and she gets harder and harder until I can tell that she is ready to have her cherry popped.

I fondle and probe her through the pretty pink stolen panties until she begs me to take her sissy pussy virginity with my big strap-on cock. She blushes so preciously as I get her ready to be deflowered.


GALLERY: 107 / DATE: 8 Oct, 12 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

Vacuum Cube 3D Latex Torture

Mistress Masturbating Tease and Denial

Once my slave is completely immobilized in rubber bondage, I enjoy getting down and dirty while he is helpless to do anything but watch (and struggle).

My slave has been in chastity for 14 weeks (98 days!) and this is one of the rare times that he is permitted out of his custom chastity device. It is necessary to let his cock "stretch out" and get hard from time to time to keep it in working order and ready for my whims.

I only allow Gumbi out of chastity while he is in full-body bondage. My vacbed comes alive in 3 dimensions to suck you into a rubber suspension trap, like a bug in amber.

I force my slave to watch as I take off my latex halter top, then I unzip my latex catsuit to reveal my soaking wet pussy. There is so much chemistry between us! He can see me and he can smell my arousal, just inches from his face, but he can't quite reach to taste me. Once he is in lustful agony, I finger myself to orgasm!!!

My slave's response is incredible. I've never seen struggling like this!

... of course, that makes it even sexier to fuck myself in front of him.


GALLERY: 88 / DATE: 1 Oct, 12 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 2

Submissive Couple Pt 4 - 5
Pussy Licking & Pierced Pussy Play

Now that Mistress Leila Valentina's female submissive is bound securely to the torture chair, the real fun can begin.

Mistress Leila shoves her male submissive's face into her female slave's pussy. As he begins to eat her out enthusiastically, Leila starts to paddle, pinch and finally whip his tender ass.

He loves to lick pussy, so even though Leila torments him, he never pauses except to come up for air. Submissive Sarah's moans are delicious but Mistress doesn't forget to torture her too along the way.

I love way moans of pain sound when muffled by muff diving!

Enjoy this enthusiastic oral sex and pleasuring video as Mistress Leila Valentina forces her male slave to finger, suck and lick Submissive Sarah's juicy, pierced pussy.

Her ladder of SIX labia piercings make her lips even more erotically sensitive. Enjoy these close up shots of her aroused sex as we pleasure her with oral sex and then turn up the intensity with a hitatchi magic wand.

I love the noises her piercings make as they jingle against the vibrator... but not as much as I enjoy her sexy moans!


GALLERY: 91 / DATE: 24 Sep, 12 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 2

Ball Crushing Part 1 & 2 -
Cling Film Mummification & Duct Tape Bondage

We have something EXTRA intense planned for our poor ball busting slave... so Master Cottonmouth and I are going to add extra bondage to this scene.

Our slut's cock just keeps getting harder and harder as anticipation (and bondage) grows. We cover him from his neck down to his feet, completely restrained.

Mummification is a wonderful way to immobilize a submissive becauase, unlike with ropes, the pressure is spread evenly over your whole body. Encased and immobilized with pallet wrap, except for his erection, our sub makes a VERY tempting target for both of us.

Tightly secured and completely vulnerable in the face of two cock-hungry femdom's... would you try to escape, or would you accept your fate?

We plan on inflicting some SERIOUS cbt pain on our submissive slut, so Master Cottonmouth and I quickly add another layer of bondage on top of the tight palate wrap mummification... duct tape!

Its like the force, it has a light side, a dark side and it holds the universe together... but duct tape is also an EXCELLENT bondage material as long as there is something between the adhesive and a submissive's delicate skin. We use the entire roll of tape.

Layer by layer we increase the immobilization until the only part of this slave's body still accessible is his cock and his head. Perfect for cbt and facesitting!!!


GALLERY: 106 / DATE: 17 Sep, 12 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 2

Vacuum Cube 3D Latex Torture
Part 1 & 2: Rubber Encasement and High Heel Foot Worship

When the rubber walls suck tight against your skin, it lifts you right off the floor, trapped like a fly in amber, suspended in latex.

This is a VacCube. Instead of compressing in 2 dimensions, to create a "Han Solo encased in carbonite" look, the vac cube compresses in 3 DIMENSIONS to squeeze you tight, suspended in mid-air and frozen in position.

Rubber encasement leaves my slave's head conveniently exposed at foot worship height. Complete immobilization allows me to leisurely explore and torture every inch of his body through double layers of transparent latex bondage.

I love the feel of well-lubed rubber sliding against my naked skin, but my submissive MUST be dressed in head-to-toe rubber for his own protection! The suction inside of a vac cube is strong enough to completely bind a submissive but also strong enough to leave welts on naked skin!

This new toy leaves my slave's head helplessly exposed while the rest of his body is immobilized.

He is at the PERFECT height for FOOT WORSHIP!

Oral training of a slave is very important! I want to see what kind of slut my slave really is. My rubber pussy hood turns my new slave into a sex object - he is no longer human beneath the garish pornographic latex max. He is a RUBBER SLUT.

Now, my little rubber slut has to suck anything I tell him to, encased in rubber for my amusement with only his sluty little MOUTH available for use.

I enjoy him kissing and licking my feet, suckling on my sensitive, pedicured toes, in my favorite pair of silver high heels.

Let's explore the many bondage predicaments and humiliations possible in 3D latex encasement torture!


GALLERY: 63 / DATE: 10 Sep, 12 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 2

Japanese Schoolgirl Suspension Part 1 -
Sailor Suit Suspension

I had an opportunity to visit an old friend in Boston last summer.

Though we met in a completely vanilla context long before we came "out of the closet," we quickly discovered one another's kinky side through casual conversational innuendo. It is amazing how easily you let things slip after a few drinks in Las Vegas! That shared kinky chemistry has sparked a decade-long friendship and a series of naughty adventures across the country!

When we met long ago, it was at retail industry trade shows. Rigger Jay has now gone on to blossom into a world-famous Japanese-style rope bondage artist.

When he invited me to come to the East Coast to help teach his Rope Bondage 101 classes, I couldn't resist the opportunity to hop on a plane and cause some mischief... even though I knew that *I* would be the one in bondage this time!

My love of bondage is shaped from both sides of the rope and the camera's lens. It is my passion to delve ever deeper down this kinky rabbit hole... and there is nothing like the seductive art of Japanese bondage (as my teacher Diva Midori memorably phrased it).

Since Rigger Jay is a Shibari Master, this shoot immediately took on a Japanese flair. I am wearing a sailor suit, torn open to reveal my perky breasts and raspberry nipples with a matching ultra-short skirt revealing my nearly see-through white panties. The little pink hearts on these lacy underpants are almost too embarrassingly cute to share!

My anime-style schoolgirl uniform is the real thing from overseas, imported by hand and at great expense by a fellow kinkster there for a business convention. What is it about vanilla tradeshows that brings out men‘s kinks and perversions? Is it because you are away from home and prying eyes, looking for trouble? Is that what unleashes all this lust? When you're out of town, it is harder to get caught!

I've often worn this costume to anime conventions and turned heads everywhere I went... but I think this shoot is the REAL reason we went to so much trouble to import a real "Japanese Schoolgirl" uniform to the United States!

I couldn't wait to get into rope bondage and bamboo restraints dressed like this, and my enthusiasm shows. I asked him specifically to gag me for this video because it also gives me a chance to enjoy the unique flavor and texture of his lovingly conditioned hemp rope. Cotton pales in comparison to the bite, texture, scent and quality that you get with real hemp, but it requires successive washing, softening and oiling before it is fit for sexy submissive skin.

My favorite part of being in bondage is wearing a gag of some kind. I know that I am notoriously noisy when aroused and I take comfort in being muffled. That gives me the permission I need to unleash my moans and screams in relative "safety." I love bondage even more if there is something in my mouth!

This is a partial suspension in the Japanese style, with one leg up asymmetrically and my arms bound tightly against a bamboo rod. I struggle, grab at the ropes and dangle for your amusement. There are plenty of full suspension moments in this shoot, as I lift myself fully off the ground in my desperate effort to find a weak point in my bindings.

We have a friendly wager about the effectiveness of my favorite "gear bondage" vs. his elaborate rope ties. My experience with rope bondage has shown me that a clever submissive in the right position can sometimes find enough leverage to get free but Jay assures me that he has "solutions to those problems."

I can tell that I am going to learn a LOT about rope while I am here "hanging out" on the East Coast.

It is an internal battle between pleasure and pain - between struggle and surrender.

I invite you to come experience Japanese rope bondage with me, at its best and most devious, as I succumb to orgasm after orgasm against the taught and unforgiving rope.


GALLERY: 90 / DATE: 3 Sep, 12 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 3

Stinging Nettles CBT Parts 4, 5, 6 -
Ball Punching, Facesitting Happy Ending & Golden Relief

The searing pain of the stinging nettles isn't enough to satisfy Master Cottonmouth's sadistic desires... so while I whip our slave's hard cock with stinging nettle fronds she uses the chance to punch him in the balls over and over again.

These two play a LOT harder then I was expecting and his Master simply laughs while he screams under the onslaught. That's part of the fun of playing with a real-life couple. She knows just how much he can take and pushes it right to the line.

Once the nettles are applied, things can only build and build to a painful crescendo. Nothing can remove the thousands of stinging hairs buried in his skin. There is no escape or mercy in sight... especially once we start kneeing him in the balls and crushing his cock beneath our high heels.

We alternate pleasure and pain until he doesn't know which he is going to get, or how much. All he can do is let go and submit completely to our whims.

This is how you really break a man... alternating pleasure and pain without any mercy or warning.

Master Cottonmouth knows just how to shut her slave up - by giving him something else to do with his mouth. I think pussy-muffled screams are the sexiest kind and my cotop clearly agrees. She claims screaming leads to better orgasms... for HER!

After enjoying another oral sex orgasm, she really dishes out the pain on her cuckold cbt slave, but he just gets harder and harder. They play WAY more heavily then I was expecting and as only a real Master/slave couple can.

Master Cottonmouth jacks her slave off with nettle leaves while he worships my breasts... I can't believe his cock still works after everything we put it through, but he rewards us with a massive cumshot.

She makes sure he licks every drop of cum off her hands. Femdom love at its best!


This is the end of our Stinging Nettle experiment in which we Mythbust a very important question.

We've all heard about peeing on a jelly fish sting to neutralize the burn... but will pissing on a stinging nettle burn help at all?

Master Cottonmouth and I are ready to find out, now that we've caused a terrible sting on her poor slave's cock and balls.

We'll be relieving ourselves but let's find out if it brings him any relief...


GALLERY: 87 / DATE: 23 Aug, 12 / IMAGES: 5 / VIDEOS: 3

Submissive Couple Part 1 - 3

These two sexy lovebirds are adorable... and so is their mistress!

Enjoy a girl-girl spanking scene before the bondage begins... and the whips come out of the toybag!

Both members of this real-life couple are in for a punishment today!

Tit torture with a smile? Yes, at least until Mistress Leila Valentina really gets going with her floggers, paddles and even canes.

Enthusiastic scenes full of smiles really turn me on and it is yours truly behind the camera for this sexy real-life trio's scene. Love, lust and a little sadism make for the best mix in a fmf threesome!

Subsarah is a painslut, but even she is a little nervous about the huge rubber cane that Mistress Leila Valentina wants to bruise her with.

Affectionately known as "the beat stick" this massive, thuddy instrument of pain gives great bruises and delivers the "Owch!" very effectively.

This wipes the smile off our cheerful masochist's face until Mistress Leila warms her up a little more with a wooden and leather paddle. Of course, we add more bondage too!

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