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GALLERY: 471 / DATE: 12 Apr, 20 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 3

Happy Spring from Bondageland!

Time for a humiliating holiday threesome with Lady Evadne! I get the feeling this is the start of a very special Easter tradition...

I bind our Easter Bunny's balls with a metal cock ring and special handmade chainmaille "rope" to isolate and puff them up so they look like two eggs, ready to be painted. There's a reason why the Spanish word for testicles is huevos!

One side gets cheerful polka dots, the other gets bright neon stripes! I love collaborating with fellow artists like Lady Evadne, but it is even better when we can combine our kinks with our paintbrushes!

Once his balls are properly decorated, we force him to fuck a hollow chocolate rabbit. I bite off the ears, then start gnawing on his cock inside, until the chocolate starts to melt from his body heat.

I also found a cheerful chocolate bunny lollypop to use as a paddle, but it is MUCH too intense for his little balls. The candy is infused with puffed rice that gives it a LOT more structural integrity than the plain milk chocolate rabbit. It packs quite a sweet punch so we bruise our bunny's butt until it breaks.

The best part of this video is CRUSHING THE EGGS at the end. Pop, pop, POP!!! The painted eggs make an amazing sexy sound as we kick and crush them into explosions of confetti. We position our final Easter eggs dangerously close to his special huevos and then STOMP on them...

You better hope that we have great aim with our cruel fetish boots...

What a satisfying CRUNCH!!!


GALLERY: 582 / DATE: 7 Apr, 20 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1

These wooden stocks fascinate me, they have a mysterious backstory and an imposing presence in the dungeon. So far, no one has been large enough to fit inside this massive bondage device, but I've found a way to fill the huge holes.

My creative solution? INFLATABLE RUBBER!

Once I inflate ModeNarr's fist mitts, there is no way he can pull his hands out of the stocks. Once he is hooded in more latex, I can have my way with him while he teeters in training high heels. The anonymizing embrace of rubber brings out his slutty side!

ModeNarr is hairless and helpless! Being shaved adds to his feeling of being exposed and vulnerable in the middle of a well-stocked femdom's dungeon. He struggles in the strict rigid bondage but needs motivation to test the limits of his predicament.

I want to see this submissive dance! What will cause him to leap and whimper the most? My heart-shaped paddle? Suction cups on his sensitive nipples? Or the butt plug that I'm about to shove deep in his ass???


GALLERY: 307 / DATE: 24 Mar, 20 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 3

How do you truly punish a submissive who enjoys kinky, painful and humiliating female domination?

Make him drink an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WHISKEY, in a single sitting, while being humiliated and tortured. Keep the bucket handy in case there is a sudden and unfortunate eruption!

I have a hilariously good time in this forced intoxication scene as I literally reduce my slave to tears as I get him progressively more and more shitfaced on camera.

This is one of the cruelest things I've ever done to a submissive. We had some great plans to go out on the town during our Las Vegas vacation but he showed up late and already tipsy for our date. I have a zero tolerance policy for drunk driving so I am not willing to go ANYWHERE with him while he has a buzz on. Buzzed driving is drunk driving and he needs to be punished!

While he left me waiting, I set up my cameras and concocted a sadistic plan to have our own bottle party.

I help get him started by matching him shot for shot before I start making him do double drinking duty. The more intoxicated he gets, the more his mouth and his dick start to get him into more trouble!

He hasn't earned any body shots this time, but there is a beautiful and well stocked bar that I can climb on top of to make him drink booze off my beautiful high heeled fetish boots!

Enjoy this old fashioned tough love punishment. If the forced intoxication ordeal doesn't teach him a lesson, maybe the hangover will!

Finally! A punishment that this slave doesn't completely enjoy!


GALLERY: 316 / DATE: 16 Mar, 20 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 2

Some submissives love bondage so intense that it scares everyone else.

Instead of finding full body immobilization frightening, this leather slave welcomes the feeling of encasement and compression with a sense of safety. Bondage can be comforting as well as arousing. This slave lives by a motto: "the more bondage, the better!

We take extreme bondage to the next level, starting with a beautiful cobalt blue catsuit, then adding custom fitted leather gloves, booties and a sensory deprivation hood with a special built-in gasmask.

This shoot is a visual feast of color in the usually monochrome world of leather fetishists. There is not a speck of human skin visible on my colorful gimp when I start adding the locking straps.

Layers of leather and straps render my submissive completely helpless on the bondage chair. Soon, it is time to add breath play using the gas mask and a valved breathing bag.

Some of you might find this level of bdsm play terrifying, but others will find it sexy. I invite you to consider this extreme side of human sexuality with an open mind and confront your personal fears around being completely OUT OF CONTROL.

I am certain many people reading this secretly long to surrender complete control to a beautiful, dominant woman.

Would it be easier to accept your fate if I added a vibrator?

Would you be willing to trade your breath for a chance at an orgasm?

Even the most deviant, depraved and fetishistic sexual acts can seem normal when a sexy woman suggests them, especially as you are edging closer and closer to an explosive orgasm!

The closer he gets to cuming, the more I restrict his breathing.
Which will give in first?
His dick or his breath?

Through heavy bondage and female led subjugation, I help him find a sense of belonging inside his physical body. I offer him an escape from the constant, swirling thoughts of his intelligent mind and help him find peacefulness in service, feminization and leather objectification.

Bondage helps him to Be Here Now.


GALLERY: 363 / DATE: 9 Mar, 20 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 5

Enjoy this rubbery romp through a stunning mask and hood collection featuring Studio Gum, Demask and some one of a kind custom creations that integrate gasmasks and hazmat gear. Immobilizing a submissive's head is sometimes seen as the "holy grail" of bondage.

I enjoy showing off a cupping set on Modenarr's nipples before moving on to the truly HEAVY rubber gear. We take note of the size of his nipples before "enhancing" them with suction.

Bigger usually means BETTER, right? Let's make those little male nips as perky as possible! Let's see just how BIG we can make them by the end of this scene.

However, the real star of this shoot isn't the cupping set or even the latex hood collection... my favorite piece of gear in the room is an integrated gas mask paired with an industrial rubber catsuit.

This suit is the ultimate in fetish hazmat gear! He looks like he is either ready for Halloween or Nuclear Winter... maybe both! There is something solid and a little scary about heavy industrial bondage gear.

This is one of the most intense layered rubber fetish shoots that I have ever put together. The latex layers go on and on and on.

There is not a single piece of slave Modenarr's human skin visible, not even around his mouth or eyes. The layers of hoods, gasmasks and gear have made him into a completely anonymous, helpless, nonhuman creature to be toyed with at my whim.

The only way that I can tell that he is still alive is the sound of his breathing. To amplify this lonely "proof of life," I attach a long hose from the gasmask to a bubbler chamber. Now I can tune in to where he is at mentally and physically by listening to his breathing. Now there is no reason to undo ANY of the bondage!

For the finale, we lock him into a metal cage built into the deck of the Serious Bondage institute to stew in his own juices beneath layers of restriction.


GALLERY: 245 / DATE: 2 Mar, 20 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 2

Playtime with Minax is always exciting! Her intensity goes up to 11!

Mistress Minax is training slave Benzo with heavy leather bondage and regular femdom sessions. Today she has some edgy things on the menu including humiliation, anal probing, sounding and chastity!

Benzo is so named because Minax finds torturing him to be incredibly pleasurable, relaxing and medicinal. They have a wonderful "throw me in the briar patch" lifestyle bdsm dynamic. Her playful and vicious side is very genuine and sexy.

Mistress Eve Minax is smart, refreshing and fun whenever we play together. Even the cameraman isn't safe around her! She dominates on both sides of the lens in this fun movie featuring two latex-clad femdoms teaming up in a "fourth wall" breaking foursome to fill every orifice of poor slave Benzo starting with his ass, then mouth and then even his poor little piss hole.

To better facilitate cbt, Mistress Minax shows off her bondage massage table, complete with metal rings and a leather cover! It is fun to watch her slave struggle in bondage mits, chastity and a butt plug to unfold the bondage table for her. Minax is also a trained Bondassage practitioner but this intense scene goes above and beyond!

Not even a metal chastity device can protect Benzo's urethra from the metal sounding dialator. I think that is the ultimate humiliating "adding insult to injury" aspect of this movie: we didn't even unlock him from chastity to plunge metal dildoes into his urethra.

Start with severe bondage, add a vibrator and soon we have a very teased and very denied sub about to lose his mind with lust in this hot, rubbery, femdom mindfuck.


GALLERY: 561 / DATE: 24 Feb, 20 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

"I've met your kind before and I can out-kink you, strap for strap, fetish by fetish, until you surrender utterly, having finally met your match. You're going to have to watch me play with myself from inside your cage, but be grateful that I let you enjoy that much after your incarceration. I'm going to use my favorite dildo to fuck myself inches away from your gagged face. The closest you get to fucking me will be getting squirted on! You have to earn every single sexual privilege from now on."

It usually only takes men a few weeks to break under sexual denial, especially once you add sensory deprivation and bondage. Women can go months, even lifetimes, without an orgasm but it seems deeply tied to male sanity and sense of entitlement in the modern world.

This submissive's mental wires are crossed enough that even genital pain is a turn on. Any attention is good attention, even when it is CBT? That is a very good sign that our special treatments are beginning to take effect! I turn his own kinks against him, including his lust for rubber. Scenes like this are why latex catsuits have so many extra zippers!

Once the depraved have been deprived for long enough, they start to crave ANY kind of sexual stimulation. This chronic masturbator is the perfect test subject for my advanced tease and denial chastity training. If I can reprogram him to be my perfect servant, then ANY male can be rehabilitated with enough time and effort!


GALLERY: 256 / DATE: 19 Feb, 20 / IMAGES: 72 / VIDEOS: 2

"Many crossdressers secretly want to be the iconic Bunny because she is the ultimate symbol of western femininity." That is what Steffy the Rubberdoll claims because she has longed to be one of the sexy, sophisticated Bunnies since she was a young sissy first exploring the adult side of newspaper stands.

Come behind the scenes with me as I take the infamous "Steffy the Rubber Doll" from drab to fab in layers of inflatable rubber.

My friends describe this shoot as a "magical transformation" because of the profound way Steffy's shape and body language go from very masculine to incredibly feminine once she is a fully encased rubber doll.

This iconic feminizing costume is a closely guarded secret by the Playboy company but, in the 1980's, Steffy bought copies of leaked documents from a club that was closing. This costume was made using the actual patterns of the classic Bunny uniform including the corset, bow, cuffs, collar and name ribbon.

Steffy has also been training using a vintage book featuring comportment lessons for bunnies as well as bunny hop dance instructions.

She is now as real and as accurate as Playboy bunny cosplay can get while still hiding her secret, a hardening girl cock under her curve-causing Bermuda shorts!

Her inflatable ass, hips and tits round out this rubber costume. Steffy made every piece of this detailed outfit by hand out of latex in her kinky workshop. It took a lot of work, some bribery, practice and plenty of research to bring her dream fully to life but her persistence paid off.

This costume turns heads even at the most accomplished fetish events all over the world!


GALLERY: 581 / DATE: 3 Feb, 20 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 2

Ringing their sissy button on one side and milking their clitty on the other, Pinky doesn't stand a chance now that they can't close their legs!Every fairy needs to learn how to fly and I am just the mistress to give them a special first flying lesson!

Partial suspension bondage holds this sissy slut right where I want them, leaving them helpless to resist while I tickle their back door. The added anal stimulation on top of Pinky's helplessness and humiliation makes them immediately beg for mercy and also beg for an orgasm.

When I finally give them permission to cum, Pinky shoots their sissy juices hard enough to drench me and I make sure they lick up every drop! Our first bondage fairy flight test is a success!


GALLERY: 580 / DATE: 27 Jan, 20 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 2

Pinky is nervous about going out in public while fully crossdressed but it is easier to obey me when I am wearing garters and triggering their lingerie fetish. My kinky kitty costume makes it extra hard to resist. Costume parties are always a good excuse to get out and about all dressed up in fetish gear.

We try on different outfits, getting silkier, kinkier and more and more feminine along the way until Pinky is wearing a bright pink babydoll dress out of their deepest fantasies and scariest, most erotic nightmares.

Their special sissy sheath panties don't hide anything, the open tip emphasizes Pinky's rock hard erection every time the silky satin rubs against their tender skin. Once combined with the eight strap girdle style garter belt that I bully them into wearing, their crossdressed fate is truly sealed.

Snapping each garter strap drives them insane with lust, adding extra layers of sissification humiliation to the plight of Pinky! Now they will do ANYTHING for me...


GALLERY: 579 / DATE: 20 Jan, 20 / IMAGES: 4 / VIDEOS: 2

Here is something truly unique for my dedicated fans of femdom!

Welcome to the sexy inner circle of DomCon Los Angeles! These legendary women spill their tantalizing secrets at the "tall tales of professional dommes" storytelling panel.

Moderated by Tara Indiana and featuring Mistress Ellen, The Baroness, Domina Angelina, Snow Mercy, Elena DeLuca and Hannah Hunt, our group is generously hosted by the DomCon fetish convention.

This special event brings together five generations of mistresses for a hilariously honest romp down memory lane, fostering a closer relationship between the lifestyle and professional worlds of female domination. Stick around for the fascinating Q&A followup!


GALLERY: 578 / DATE: 13 Jan, 20 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 3

Registration for the next DomCon Los Angeles is already beginning!
Come join lifestyle and professional mistresses from all over the world at this unique gathering in California.


GALLERY: 287 / DATE: 6 Jan, 20 / IMAGES: 77 / VIDEOS: 3

Today Denali and I are fulfilling our long-time fantasy - DYING someone's BEARD BRIGHT PINK. I love hardcore sissy humiliation this is feminization that you can't just wash off!

First, the painful bleaching process. We decide her carpet should match the drapes and bleach her pubic hair. Denali is a trained hair professional - be very careful attempting this unique form of cbt at home!

Dove Inanna has a deviant take on life, liberty and the pursuit of gender freedom. There are a lot of buzzwords we could use: fey, fairy, radical faery, genderqueer, genderfuck, gender warrior, etc but ultimately she is just too slutty for one gender, or even two.

We joke that her safeword is YES. Innana subverts traditional gender in every way. As the blonde and pink chemistry takes effect, she embraces her taboo bimbo side.

Once we are done, there is no hiding the PINK SISSY SLUT side to her personality, it is PERMANENT!!!


GALLERY: 198 / DATE: 25 Dec, 19 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

We brighten our season with a sleigh full of kinky tease and denial!

It is time to play my favorite holiday game - DECORATE THE SLAVE!!!

Daisy Ducati and I dress him up in lights and bows as our kinky xxxmas tree, humiliating and teasing him the whole time. Painful nipple clamps make great ornaments in all kinds of inappropriate places! Since cannot move, we slap and bind his horny cock and balls. He is completely helpless, but at least he is decorative!

He is not allowed to have an orgasm yet, instead we torture him with two hitatchi magic wands until he has a near-meltdown. We edge him right to the brink and back several times to emphasize his helplessness as he struggles in festive bondage.

No cum till Christmas!!!


GALLERY: 576 / DATE: 23 Dec, 19 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 3

Santa Gets Punished - A Holiday Episode
Time to jingle Santa's bells because I didn't get what I wanted for xxxmas last year!

Before a lump of coal became the traditional gift to bad little submissives, Santa's brother (The Krampus!) would deliver a bundle of sticks or a switch. That was a sign that you had been NAUGHTY and deserved a BEATING instead of a present!

This year it was Santa who was naughty, he put me on the wrong list! It is time to show him my favorite "stick" - a custom wooden paddle from Sadie Synn. I will keep Santa Claus chained up and tormented in my soundproof dungeon until he puts me back on the NICE list. This year I want it ALL for XXXmas!

Mrs Claus has the keys to his Santa Sack so he doesn't get a happy "delivery" to look forward to. Though his cock is protected by the chastity device, it leaves his balls extremely vulnerable to cbt!

Amidst all the begging, pleading and pain, Santa drives a hard bargain. In order to get back onto the nice list, I am going to have to let him go and also grant an orgasm to one of my chastity submissives. Think of it as a special Bondageland Christmas Miracle!

How should I decide WHICH submissive gets the elusive orgasm, though?


GALLERY: 197 / DATE: 20 Dec, 19 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 2

How does a naughty boy get back on Santa's "Good Boy" list? With PUNISHMENT of course!

This sub must atone for a whole year of being naughty to avoid getting coal in his Christmas Stocking.

Tis the season for a bubbly elf named Daisy Ducati to help with the extensive spanking, strapping, flogging and humiliation that will redeem or slave just in time for the holidays!

When spankings are not enough punishment, it is time for some massive strap-on penetration to make him penitent!

Our sub screams, grunts and growls through our onslaught like a wild animal, desperate to get back into Santa's good graces in time for some xxxmas presents. I stretch his ass out with my fingers before tagging in Mistress Daisy Ducati with a big enough dick to make him regret misbehaving.

Maybe his sore ass and balls will give him inspiration when writing his New Year's resolutions?


GALLERY: 277 / DATE: 13 Dec, 19 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 1

I don't have a Christmas Tree this year so it is time to celebrate by decorating a sub with lights and ornaments. Bondage and bdsm can be festive as well as fun!

The weather report told us there was a 100% chance of snow... but we haven't seen a single flurry.

Snow is a rare treat in this part of the world and I was looking forward to it. Now the hours have worn on with only icy rain to show for our vigil. It would be the perfect thing to complete our cozy xxxmas celebrations at the "Friendly Little Dungeon" but the Portland rain has stubbornly refused to freeze.

Since I had such good luck with the "rain dance" calling down lightning in Dallas, it is time for some femdom-style snow magic! Even without spells, it is nice to have some entertainment while we wait for the temperature and flakes to drop. The Mistress of the house encourages us to liven things up while she drinks hot chocolate and watches me pummel her slave.

How about some holiday CBT shenanigans?
I jingle his ball with flogging, spanking, kicking and a very painful handjob.

Will the snow fall before we lose our holiday spirit? Tune in to find out!


GALLERY: 260 / DATE: 28 Nov, 19 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 2

This shoot is a classic example of what happens when a good idea gets completely out of control.

Late, late at night in Las Vegas, Nevada our crew stopped at a Supermarket. What began as a joke turned into a humiliating dare against our vegan cameragimp. We decide he really needs to LOVE his vegetables!!!

We buy 6 enema kits, carrots, cucumbers and zucchini. We make him scour the produce section for every phallic vegetable we could find. Some turn out more suitable for insertion then others.

The best part is making him go through the checkout stand with our assortment of incriminating goodies. With an almost-straight-face, the sexy checkout clerk winked and asked, "Business or pleasure?"

"BOTH." Our good little vegan boy blushed but didn't miss a beat.

The scene that follows is hillarious, humiliating and a lot of fun. There was also a surprising amount of pleasure in it. Apparently there is something to that ancient trope of using vegetables for sex toys.

I like to call this "How a FemDom Tosses A Salad."


GALLERY: 574 / DATE: 18 Nov, 19 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 3

Bathed in warmth.
Covered in women's feet.

Can you tell which foot belongs to which femdom? Most will hurt you but some of us might make you feel very, very good! Each is unique in shape, toe length, arch height and pedicure polish colors.

When you are locked in chastity, even CBT starts to look like fun if it means you will be released for any length of time. ZombiePup has been suffering inside their cage long enough to beg and plead for the keys beautifully. I like the idea of reprogramming submissives to share my foot fetish and this is an excellent opportunity to further their foursome training by including Mistress Freudian Slit and Cricket Rose.

In the warm weightlessness of the hot tub, we enjoy a wild chastity footjob captured with my underwater camera. Make sure your locks are safe for submersion before attempting something like this, unless you want them to rust shut!


GALLERY: 573 / DATE: 11 Nov, 19 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 3

Happy birthday! You get a CHANCE at an orgasm!

Locked into the blindfolded hood, YourSissyJoy must grope through a chalice full of almost identical keyrings to draw out her own chastity key! If she wins, Joy gets a treat but each time she chooses the wrong keys, it is time for a punishment instead!

Every incorrect draw from the chalice increases YourSissyJoy's peril, adding a dozen locks, cruel nipple clamps and a ball gag to her torment in the metal bondage. All this playtime and chastity has pushed her right to the edge. Even after all that, Joy still has to draw her own key from the chalice in order to win a chance to orgasm!

This shoot was brought to you by the power of ALL THREE HOLES.

Welcome to my depraved triple penetration scene! Some of you were confused when I first announced this video, wondering "what is the third hole?" The first two are obvious, I could tell immediately which fans have the kinkiest imaginations and which of you refuse to contemplate the possibility of urethral sounding.

Depending on how the sounds are used and how big they are, I can make this incredibly painful or more like "an orgasm in reverse!" Always remember to use sterile lube for this kind of invasive playtime and follow up with cranberry juice! I change my gloves frequently in this scene, enjoying extra opportunities to snap the medical rubber onto my hands.

Don't confuse "winning" an orgasm with earning one, this sissy has worked hard behind the scenes for an opportunity to get unlocked, regardless of the consequences. An "opportunity" for an orgasm is also not a guaranteed one. Sounding has a way of stealing or ruining orgasms because they are so overwhelming. This scene itself is a reward. My attention is a reward, even when it is cruel.

Let's find out if YourSissyJoy can take this... It won't be long before you will learn to crave sounding with even bigger toys!

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