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GALLERY: 416 / DATE: 26 Aug, 16 / IMAGES: 59 / VIDEOS: 3

DomCon LA Photo Montage 2015

How many famous dominatrixes can you fit in one photo?

Every year, hundreds of lifestyle and professional dominas gather in Los Angeles for the biggest mistress convention in the world known as DomCon LA.

Can you spot your favorite mistress in the crowd? There are rubber glamorous goddesses, cruel leather queens and devious fetish femdoms in this "yearbook" style photoshoot. We all wear our best to wow the cameras!

So much effort goes into this single photo each year that I love showing you the exclusive behind the scenes story behind the iconic image. Here is the time-lapsed group photo shoot from DomConLA, sponsored by DDI Magazine, with music by Aural Incarnation.


GALLERY: 433 / DATE: 22 Aug, 16 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 3

Suffer For My Toes!

I have my chastity rubber slave by the balls!

Once I wire him up, all I have do do is push a button to cause my him truly agonizing pain. Remote controlled shocks are powerful reminders that he is under my power and here to serve me.

There is so much electric cbt in this scene that I take a moment to break it down on camera so that you can understand the depths of his suffering. There are electrodes on his balls that zap him where it counts but that is only the beginning! I also custom ordered a device for the head of his dick! It has special isolated conductive metal nodes all the way around the tip of his cock to send arcing currents of pain across his head, turning the corona of his penis into a crown of agony.

Most genital torture devices just send current up and down someone's cock, a little like a rough, electric handjob. There is no such pleasure involved here. Just pain down the length of his member and deep burning focused in the had of his cock. His rubber catsuit matches our electrical theme nicely. Latex makes a good cbt scene even better!

The cruel Kali's Teeth Bracelet bites down harder and harder with every forced erection jolt from the electric shocks. I don't allow him out of chastity, there is a lot more he must do before he earns that privilege. I'm wearing my favorite low cut dress and my cleavage spills out beautifully. I don't allow him out of chastity, no matter how much he begs. There is a LOT more he must do before he earns that privilege.

It is time for him to serve me in a practical way with a luxurious foot treatment that leaves him wanting more and more.

Every inch of his cock is under my control.

Every inch of his cock is in pain, for me.

"Now, worship, exfoliate, massage and moisturize my beautiful, pedicured feet, little chastity foot slave. Before you can worship my tits, you must start at the very bottom! In time, I will train you to associate my feet with what little pleasure you're permitted.

"This long term conditioning will slowly reprogram you to share my foot fetish."


GALLERY: 431 / DATE: 19 Aug, 16 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 3

Enjoy this fun behind the scenes video featuring ebony bbw Mistress Leila Valentina and her lifestyle submissive in this delightful rubber romp photoshoot.

This delightful FLR couple met at a dungeon party and have been inseparable ever since. Their enthusiasm for each other and their latex is obvious and infectious.

Shiny rubber fetishists in love! <3


GALLERY: 421 / DATE: 15 Aug, 16 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 3

Sissy Joy has been locked into chastity long enough that she will submit to almost any humiliation to please us. She has not been unlocked without bondage supervision for months. I promised her an orgasm today... but I didn't promise her that she would ENJOY it.

Welcome to the world of ruined orgasms - many submissives think that they are worse then no orgasms at all.

I combine rhythmic cbt ball spanking with a vibrator until she doesn't know which is pleasure or pain. Engulfed in sensory overload, she struggles but cannot escape. This is true sexual torture!

My poor sissy makes some of the best, most insane, noises I've ever heard as this scene takes her further down the rabbit hole then she thought possible.

She starts to get hysterical when I apply more pain then pleasure at the same time. Laughter is sometimes a natural response to fear and adrenaline. I watch Sissy Joy temporarily lose her mind as the ruined orgasm tears through her body.

Joy literally cries at the end of this scene and calls it "the worst sensation EVER" compared to everything else that she has been through in the dungeon.

Sometimes pleasure can be the cruelest tool in my arsenal!


GALLERY: 430 / DATE: 12 Aug, 16 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 3

"Hi, my name is Jenna Rotten and I'm here to share my big ol' breasts with you today. Some of you might not know this, but I wear a size 40G bra for these huge knockers! This must be a really strong piece of fabric in the center of my giant bra to hold these puppies in!"

"These are really big and really real titties - it isn't easy carrying them around all of the time. I turn heads where ever I go because of my large breasts and colorful tattoos!"

Mistress Jenna Rotten flaunts her all natural breasts in this sexy "big boobs" and ass fetish female domination pov clip featuring breast jiggling and bouncing with her signature smacktalk while she falls out of her bra. You will especially wish you were here during the motorboating demonstration, it takes truly big tits to pull that off.

"This must be the most awful tease for you right now. I love it when men lock themselves into chastity before watching my movies!" Curvy BBW Mistress Jenna turns around and shows off her booty cleavage in a pair of matching pink panties with alluring cutouts along a plunging waistband!

She slides her hands beneath her pink lace panties to play with her butt and jiggle it seductively for you "ass men" in the audience.

"Go ahead, get in as close as you can. Sniff my butt. Enjoy my ass."

The only thing that can top that is when she takes her top OFF at the end...


GALLERY: 420 / DATE: 8 Aug, 16 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 3

"Take a deep breath and fucking walk for your life, sissy!"

Modeling is harder then it looks and we want Sissy Joy to be pageant ready in time for the big bdsm convention!

We drill her in runway walking, forcing her to do laps of the dungeon in increasingly higher heels with cruel distractions like caning, humiliation and her tightening chastity device! We start with basic black patent leather Mary Janes and then build up to slutty black stiletto pumps!

Joy struggles to put on her costumes under duress. She is intensely challenged by walking in exotic high heels but her shoe fetish is growing. She needs to learn quickly in order to be ready to perform at the convention's pageant. The show MUST go on!

Eventually, she is reduced to crawling through a gauntlet of canes, paddles and spankings - more of a femdom obstacle course then a catwalk. She suffers through our torments while enduring the tightest g-string wedgie that I've ever seen! Cruel Mistress Vyra always loves to leave her mark on a scene with Maniacal Mistress Sofia!

Everything we are wearing in this scene was regifted to us FOR FREE from the clothing exchange at Sissy Night, including everything modeled by the mistresses in our foursome.

The Crossdressing Club meets once a month at Wicked Grounds in San Francisco (every 3rd Wednesday), but twice a year we have a big clothing exchange. The next one will be in October to celebrate Mistress Alice's birthday!


GALLERY: 427 / DATE: 5 Aug, 16 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 3

"Today, I want to tease and torment all you sad little bitches at home. I want to show off the new body chain I got in Las Vegas for maximum teasing and humiliation.

"You know you're not good enough to touch my body. That's why I have so much power over you.

"Oh, you want to see what is underneath all this gold? I love having my tits out. I figure, why not use everything I have against you?

"Allow yourself to be hypnotized by my breasts. I'm in love with them and you should be too. They are SUCH perfect handfuls! Even my nipples are perfect. I love having them rubbed and kissed. If you're VERY lucky, I might even let you suck them.

"I let you get up close while I teach you how to play with my nipples... but that's only because I want you to learn to pleasure ME. I want to USE you for MY pleasure.

"Once I have you fully under my power, it is time to introduce you to another beautiful asset of mine. I know you want to lick and kiss my ass. There are VERY few submissives who have ever earned the pleasure of licking my asshole. I consider it the highest honor.

"I'm getting my pussy waxed tomorrow before my stud comes over to fuck me, but let's commemorate my beautiful hairy bush as a treat for all my wanna-be cuckolds."

- Mistress Camilla Casanova gets nude and cruel in this solo femdom POV clip.


GALLERY: 261 / DATE: 1 Aug, 16 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 2

Getting unlocked from chastity went right to our pet's head. He has been misbehaving more then usual, so we are in the mood for something a mean!

Time for rubber kitty mayhem featuring my all time favorite duck tape pattern! Denali Winter joins my latex furry in this fun femdom threesome. We bind kitty's arms and legs so that he has to crawl on all fours. In his beautiful custom petplay hood, he is becoming less and less human.

Once our gummi pet is wrapped in layers of custom rubber, cling film and duck tape, we lock him into a perfectly sized metal pet cage, sealing his fate with a huge padlock.

He is completely at our mercy. Trapped in the cage with his ass in the air, our little pet makes a vulnerable target. Instead of being nice mistresses and stretching his hole bit by bit, it is time for an anal onslaught without a warmup or even the courtesy of a reach-around.

We JOKE about punch fucking but today we have the perfect toys to fulfill that dream - big black rubber dildo mitts. After a "sword fight" duel to determine who gets to go first, it is time for the humiliating anal punishment to begin.

He cannot change positions or turn around.

There is nothing he can do to get away from us.

His pain, our amusement.


GALLERY: 405 / DATE: 29 Jul, 16 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 3

This is what I do while you are trapped...

When you think of long term bondage like I do, every knot in the rope becomes like a kiss. Every lock is like making out. The bondage becomes one big extended foreplay game, even when I'm watching from a hidden camera while my slave struggles in solitary confinement.

He never knows when or if I am watching him... but most of the time, I can't resist playing with myself while he struggles. I love watching that very special "television channel" through the live feed. It helps me keep them safe during extreme long term bondage while still allowing me to enjoy the rest of my day.

I was born naturally dominant, but that does not mean that I don't appreciate pleasure and even sometimes painful sensations. I like to give the orders. I like to be the one that tells you and shows you exactly how I like it... that way there is no question in your mind if you are pleasing me or not, it is a matter of how well you follow orders.

The powerful vibrations of the magic wand are so strong that my submissive can hear it through the floorboards down in the cell.


GALLERY: 263 / DATE: 25 Jul, 16 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 2

We have a mountain of duck tape in my favorite pattern so it is time for another unique pet play mummification threesome with Denali Winter.

Layers of custom fitted black rubber plus cling film and duck tape immobilize our slave against the metal Saint Andrew's cross in our secret dungeon lair. This is a very intense stress position! Mistresses, do not leave your submissives unattended like this and pay attention to any warning signs like tingling limbs or dizziness.

No one can hear him scream from within the reinforced concrete walls. This dungeon is like a bunker! Though you can't see it in this video, you can hear his muffled cries from within the custom cat hood, concealing a very mouth-filling gag.

We mummify him tighter and tighter, layer after layer, working together to make the bondage more and more intense. There's no way a submissive stands a chance against the power of kinky teamwork like this!

No vibrators needed for this shoot - enjoy a four handed femdom handjob with a happy ending cumshot. Kitties love their cream!

Could you have an orgasm during stress position torture like this?

Or will the rest of your body give out before your balls do?


GALLERY: 426 / DATE: 22 Jul, 16 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 3

"Hi there shoe slaves, I dug deep in my closet today to bring you some of my favorite shoes."

They say that a mistress can never have too many shoes or too many slaves! Mistress Jenna Rotten is in town from New Orleans with her shoe slave, Fletch.

"One of my favorite things to do with a shoe slave is to make them clean my favorites with their tongue! My shoes get dirty after a long day and some pairs of shoes make my feet especially smelly!

"I know you secretly covet the feminine stink of my sexy feet, admit it! Suck my shoes, slave! Oral worship turns me on almost as much as shoe shopping. I think a lot of men go to the mall just to see women walk around in sexy open toed shoes like these.

"I like it when my shoes fit so tight that I have to squeeze to get into them, just like getting into a tight pussy! Some of my high heels are simple, others are fancy. My favorite pair is armed with wicked spikes for severe ball busting.

"Sometimes when things are dangerous, like these shoes, you just can't help but want to get close to them.

"Sometimes when things are dirty or you're not supposed to want to do them... you secretly LOVE to do them.

"Some femdoms like boot blacking, but I prefer a good old-fashioned SPIT SHINE."


GALLERY: 412 / DATE: 18 Jul, 16 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 3

Sissy Obedience Training Threesome

Do sissies need obedience training? Does femdom behavior modification work?

Stephanie gave me the keys to her chastity device but that does NOT mean we have to unlock her! She has a slutty, talkative mouth so I start with a big red ball gag to put her in a submissive mood.

Our crossdressing slave is so classy and new to kink that she had a hard time taking her birthday spankings so it is time for more advanced training. This is for our pleasure and not hers. Cruel Mistress Vyra lives up to her nickname when she starts wielding a vicious wooden paddle. It is not a beginner's spanking this time!

Sissy Stephanie is again subjected to the remote control vibrating butt plug, after a wedgie is administered for added humiliation. More spanking, more gagged drooling and more toys are introduced to make both sets of her cheeks nice and red. We also start to introduce her to cbt since we can't resist playing with her enlarged balls.

Once we soften her up with a good beating, it is time for even more bondage. When we close the zipper on the rubber hood, Stephanie is engulfed in complete darkness. I find helplessness encourages bdsm submissives to be compliant and surrender completely to their dominant. We get her onto the bondage table and secure her with strong leather straps.

She is in chastity with a twist, the custom device uses a security screw and special wrench instead of a normal lock with a key. Even locked up tight, the bars of the cage leave her genitals vulnerable to bbw Mistress Vyra's sharp fingernails. She scratches and pokes, digging into the soft flesh trapped inside the metal cock cage.

Cruel Vyra takes her time, torturing our captive. Her manicures are incredible and intimidating! She drags her claws across our sissy's balls until Stephanie writhes and struggles in the bondage. There is no escape from the curvy Goddess of Cruelty!

How will our sissy perform this time?

Will she again be denied an orgasm?

Will she ever learn her lesson?


GALLERY: 425 / DATE: 15 Jul, 16 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 3

"I wish you were here, in person, to worship and adore me.

I've come to realize that it is the little subtle things about feminine dominance that really devastate submissives. My favorite place on my body is the part where my ass meets my thigh. I love it when you kiss the back of my knees, suck my toes and massage my legs... but I especially adore it when you kiss my ass!

Only very lucky boys get to kiss my ass.
It is the closest that they will ever get to fucking me.

Once you've demonstrated that you are a good little ass licker, that's when you get to learn how to suck cock for me. You're going to make yourself useful to your mistress, so you won't be such a pathetic little boy!

I have a new set of training dildoes for all those sluts out there that want a cock in their mouth but need some instruction and encouragement from a beautiful femdom.

Eventually, I want you to suck my boyfriend's dick whenever I'm too tired. I also want you to clean him up after I fuck him. If you do well, I will use you for more then just my boyfriend and turn you into my complete cuckold slave!

You will learn to give top notch blowjobs, even if I have to gag and choke you! My pussy will throb while your mouth works my knob until you are completely transformed into my little whore. That is the final stage of making you fully my bitch forever.

You will learn to worship your lesbian amazon goddess, POV style.

I'm going to make you USEFUL to me."

- Mistress Camilla Casanova, San Francisco, California


GALLERY: 413 / DATE: 11 Jul, 16 / IMAGES: 10 / VIDEOS: 3

It only takes a few months in chastity to turn someone from a strong, powerful man in control of his life into a crying, mewing little slave.

I'm making my rubber chastity gimp into a kinky gender-bending art installation for my friend's party! We will leave him in severe bondage throughout the play party, but first I want to make sure he is worked up into a sexual frenzy.

It is much easier to control someone when you take away their eyesight as well as their movement. True helplessness enforces true submission. With the hood on, he will just have to imagine the play party and what I look like or what part of my body I'm rubbing against him.

My slave is VERY noisy in this video because he has been locked into severe chastity for so long. He is like one huge, raw, sexual nerve, even before I use the locking metal bondage stocks to keep a dildo firmly inside his ass. With anal penetration as a forceful reminder of his place, he accepts the additional feminization of a latex corset and locking high heels with minimum fuss.

No matter how much he suffers for me, he still won't be getting unlocked in this extreme bondage and denial movie. My touch is more sadism then pleasure since he is bulging so hard against the bars of his dick cage.

He almost loses his mind when I add a vibrator, especially since he isn't used to having anything in his ass. I promised him that I would let him get off if he could do it while STILL LOCKED.

Is that generous or cruel?


GALLERY: 428 / DATE: 8 Jul, 16 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 3

Is this how stocking fetishes are born?

"I'm so glad we are getting dressed up together!" Domina Jenna Rotten enjoys the excuse to caress and fondle Mistress Camilla Casanova's incredible long legs.

"There is something deeply erotic about putting on pantyhose. It is like the leg is penetrating the stockings." Mistress Jenna enjoys getting even closer, "Mistress Casanova's legs are so soft, especially when you get towards the top of her thighs and groin."

"I bet you wish that YOU were helping her. The guys out there are all jealous that I'm the one putting on your stockings. This is your job, boys. Why aren't you doing it? Where are you when we need you to help us get dressed?" Mistress Jenna finishes clipping Mistress Casanova's garters in place before showing Camilla how to help her into seamed Cuban heel thigh highs.

"I know you guys at home like to watch me teaching a younger woman how to be more dominant. I love how this little girl tramples all over you men, but still treats me like a Queen." Jenna always enjoys being pampered, but being served by another dominant bisexual woman is a special treat.

"I love the POWER that good lingerie gives us!" Mistress Casanova can't stop touching herself once she is encased in nylon. She glows with pleasure and reminds our femdoms in the audience of a powerful, feminist question: "How will we ever gain the respect and admiration of men if we first don't give it to each other?"


GALLERY: 389 / DATE: 4 Jul, 16 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 6

I am going to add "screaming into my pussy" onto my fetlife fetish list!

This slave's cries become more and more primal as the scene continues, until he is finally roaring in deep agony... all for our pleasure!

I pin his head between my legs and force him to stay bowed down before us for the onslaught of female fury! He screams into my pussy and it feels WONDERFUL through my favorite red silk panties - like a human vibrator fueled by pain. Sound waves are vibrations, after all. The louder he moans, the more pleasure I feel!

Mistress Sybil Holiday is making costumes in the front room of the dungeon, but she is having a difficult day. We are extra rough with today's slave so that his screams will carry loudly throughout the house to "inspire" her.

Once we have stripped him of all human dignity, it will be time to pass him around and take turns fucking him with our strap-on dildoes. Some slaves we fuck for mutual pleasure, but this one is just a piece of meat to be ground up for our sausages.

"We won't fuck your ass until there are some MARKS on it!"

I want to dive headfirst into Leila Valentina's cleavage in this scene. She's so curvy and sexy when wielding her whips! Don't let Leila's innocent ebony good looks fool you, she can make you cry and keep giggling sweetly the whole time!

Trixie rounds out our foursome as the most sadistic Mistress. We have 6 hands worth of cruelty to soften him up with spankings, whips and canes before any pleasure is allowed. If he survives, Madame Trixie might let him lick her thigh high fetish boots too.

Just how much punishment would you endure to earn your place in the middle of a femdom strap-on gangbang?


GALLERY: 411 / DATE: 1 Jul, 16 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 3

Pete the Pantyboy is about to enjoy a lot of firsts.

This is his first time being tied up, so I'm using panties to immobilize him instead of normal rope bondage. That sets the perfect mood and we are off to a great start!

I put on my black latex medical exam gloves and gear up for SOUNDING play. Pantyboy has used sounds on himself but has never experienced what it is like to have someone else penetrating him. I take the helm excitedly, I love sounding sissies!

Bit by bit, I stretch out his urethra. Think of it like an orgasm in reverse, combined with cbt, in a mindfuck way... it does not have to hurt if you do it right, but it is intense!

Pantyboy's inexperience with kink shows as he struggles to remember to call me Mistress. He keeps saying Miss out of reflex in an effort to be respectful. I can tell he is very green when it comes to bdsm, in spite of being an older crossdresser with a lot of solo exhibitionist experience playing online. In time, I will turn him into a seasoned, fully trained submissive.

This sounding shoot was short but sweet. With regular practice, Pete will be able to take more and more urethral abuse. Soon we will be able to finger-fuck his pee hole at parties.

If anyone out there reading this can handle more intense things like flower stems down their special hole, email me to discuss some performance art installation ideas!!!

Rikki joins us at the end of this tease and denial scene to add her freshly scented panties to Pete's pantygag, sending him spiraling into sissy bliss.


GALLERY: 400 / DATE: 27 Jun, 16 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 3

Butt Slut Training - Swallow Everything For Me!!!

I like three things in a good slut:
- willingness
- enthusiasm &
- versatility!

This piss drinking soldier is ready to give it his all for the cause and he also has a hot body and a big dick... Even better!

Since I find him so attractive, I also use him for my pleasure as well. He worships my breasts and spends an entire day serving me at my friend's secret dungeon hideaway in Portland.

Protective occult tattoos kept this slave safe in the thick of battle, but what will keep him safe from my strap-on assault? His ass is virgin tight but it is obvious that his mouth has some exxxperience already. He is going to be my pegging slut from now on!

"You're so rough mistress!" He protests a little but eventually opens up beneath my thrusts. I ride him hard and enjoy it extra, thanks to the vibrator at the base of my strap-on dildo. I get to have way more orgasms then him in this movie, one of the perks of being a dominant woman!

Eventually, he shoots a load of cum directly into his own mouth while I keep fucking him.

It is official: He is one of my sluts from now on!

Nothing can erase this memory or the proof of how much he truly enjoys being humiliated and debased for my pleasure.


GALLERY: 414 / DATE: 24 Jun, 16 / IMAGES: 10 / VIDEOS: 3

I take care to train my new sissy submissives carefully.

You belong to me, now.

I can't have you half-trained and misbehaving.

Panty training is an integral part of a new sissy's life but pain is also important. They must learn that they are no longer in charge of their own lives or their own sexual fate.

My favorite way to train a brand new submissive is with strap-on play. I love how my cock becomes an extension of my pussy when I get ready for a pegging scene. That way, when a nervous newbie wraps her silky lips around the tip of my dildo, I feel it all the way down to my clit.

There's a great connection between my cock and my pussy... which is why I can't resist playing with my dick whenever I'm wearing it. Now I understand why you poor men can't seem to keep your hands off yourself whenever for any length of time without a chastity device.

Show me how much you enjoy watching me jack off. I love attending mutual masturbation parties, time for a little private "Jack and Jill" action in this bonus video update.

Go ahead and touch your cock too. Let's masturbate together.


GALLERY: 394 / DATE: 20 Jun, 16 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 3

This kitty cosplayer and I have been flirting for a year online! We originally met through Chastity Mansion while I was in search of a slave. Distance made it difficult to establish a full time power exchange relationship so we vowed to meet at the DomCon convention when we would both be converging on the same dungeon in Los Angeles, California.

We were brought together by a love of leopard print duck tape but she also delights me by bringing a set of the famous bio-reactive robotic cat ears! I used to work in a biofeedback clinic, so using these has been a long-time fantasy of mine!

By monitoring her brain waves, these ears give away the emotions behind even the most intense of poker faces. I can't wait to get her into bondage so I can watch the hidden story of her mental state unfold through the dance of the tell-tale cat ears.

From surprise, worry, fear, arousal and curiosity, these ears tell the story of her inner turmoil during this intense first femdom bondage scene and their first video shoot. The ears work like a rudimentary lie detector - telling me how she is feeling even when she tries to "play it cool."

When she gets used to being bound in layers of duck tape, it is time to add my secret weapon, the Venus 2000 fucking machine to drain her balls dry while she is helpless.

This shoot was a major step into kinky initiation for this pet player! Could you have handled this level of bondage at the tender age of 21?

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