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GALLERY: 193 / DATE: 11 Jan, 21 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 2

Let the games begin!

Things are not as simple as they appear. There are as many femdom mistresses as there are slutty sissy card players in this game and the women have the right to CHEAT whenever they want to, including changing the rules of the game and eventually gang-banging the winner.

All of the sissies begin their day with a stack of chips, but they are also sitting on a buttplug to keep them properly stretched and distracted. All of the sissies are also in bondage to make sure they don't change their mind mid-game.

Every time you fold during a hand of Sissy Poker, you get punished. We add a clothespin each time and that really adds up over the course of a full game of 5 card stud. The "studs" in this case are the femdoms with strap-ons waiting to have their way with the winner.

The sissies have a difficult time concentrating on the poker game while all the mistresses circle like sharks. We are eager to have our "first loser" and the slaves are clearly afraid of being the one to run out of chips first.

Slave Bobbie is our official cheerleader, it is her job to announce the winners each round so that we know who to punish! You can tell that she is getting more and more frightened because her giggling gets more and more pronounced. That nervous laughter is contagious but doesn't make the women any more merciful.

We liven up the action with lots of humiliation! Remember this game is about entertaining the women, not just winning at cards!


GALLERY: 421 / DATE: 30 Dec, 20 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 3

Sissy Joy has been locked into chastity long enough that she will submit to almost any humiliation to please us. She has not been unlocked without bondage supervision for months. I promised her an orgasm today... but I didn't promise her that she would ENJOY it.

Welcome to the world of ruined orgasms - many submissives think that they are worse then no orgasms at all.

I combine rhythmic cbt ball spanking with a vibrator until she doesn't know which is pleasure or pain. Engulfed in sensory overload, she struggles but cannot escape. This is true sexual torture!

My poor sissy makes some of the best, most insane, noises I've ever heard as this scene takes her further down the rabbit hole then she thought possible.

She starts to get hysterical when I apply more pain then pleasure at the same time. Laughter is sometimes a natural response to fear and adrenaline. I watch Sissy Joy temporarily lose her mind as the ruined orgasm tears through her body.

Joy literally cries at the end of this scene and calls it "the worst sensation EVER" compared to everything else that she has been through in the dungeon.

Sometimes pleasure can be the cruelest tool in my arsenal!


GALLERY: 202 / DATE: 7 Dec, 20 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 2

Be careful what you say on the internet - a Mistress might be listening!

This whole shoot began as a conversation on the Internet. A fantasy about being bound into a 69 position turned into a discussion about location, logistics and seeking volunteers. Forced bi bondage blowjob? Music to this Mistress' ears! Two sissies stepped bravely forward to make my fantasy a reality.

If you were trapped in bondage and held hostage by a beautiful woman... would you let another man's cock into your mouth? What about a sissy cock? Is it less gay if it is in a threeway? What if everyone is wearing sexy panties? What if you change your mind? Is it already too late?

Open up! ...because you don't have a choice!

I am not going to stop tormenting these bondage crossdressers until they each drink a load of sissy semen!


GALLERY: 331 / DATE: 23 Nov, 20 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 5

I consider this scene to be very advanced couple's therapy with an experienced femdom at the helm.

This submissive has the tendency to giggle when under extreme duress... a trait that some women find troubling or even offensive.

Sometimes where the giggles start and end can tell you a LOT about someone's pain thresholds. I understand the delicate dance of fear, laughter, pain and endorphins. I think less experienced femdoms are often intimidated or insulted by giggles, but I take it in stride and push him beyond his existing pain thresholds.

That is, after all, why this real life couple in a "female led relationship" (FLR) came to me in the first place - to offer them both advanced training in order to help her truly take control of the relationship.

She is ready to take control, in every sense of the word. Chastity has helped bring her husband in line using a custom fitted device but CBT also helps bring out the giggling side of his masochistic nature.

Our goal is to keep him too distracted and overwhelmed to talk. This "smart assed masochist" (SAM) goes out of his way to goad his mistress into anger in the hopes that it will lead to more severe punishments. He must learn that punishments and attention are rewards that are entirely at HER discretion. Like a dog pulling at the leash, he must be reminded who is the dominant in their relationship.

I introduce them to caning when CBT clothespins seem to only make his motor mouth worse. It is time to make it clear to this little submissive that not all punishments are for pleasure, some are designed to be instructive!

After he endures a great deal of pain, we sooth him with vibrating tease and denial pleasure without removing the chastity device, then add painful nipple torture using beautiful metal clover-style clamps.

While asking for what you need is respectable, manipulating a D/s relationship leads to unsatisfying results for everyone... domme and sub alike. Manipulation reduces a dominant's feeling of power AND a submissive's feeling of being under control.

Sometimes even kinky couples need help understanding each other's needs. In this case, he needs to be hurt and she needs to be adored. A happy ending for all. <3


GALLERY: 286 / DATE: 14 Nov, 20 / IMAGES: 63 / VIDEOS: 2

It is Didi's birthday and we've organized a very special party for her. I invite my friend Jenna over for some sensual strap-on fucking in this intimate and intense threesome full of multi orgasmic pegging!

If you like sexy, curvy, punk girls covered in tattoos, you are going to love Domina Jenna Rotten!

We seduce the birthday sissy into submission by brushing her luxurious long hair up into cute, slutty pigtails. Once the "handles" are attached, we entice her to suck our big, hard femdom dicks deeper and deeper for advanced gag-reflex training.

She locks great with a cock in her mouth, especially when it is a sexy woman's cock! She also makes great noises while she has orgasms while stuffed from both ends!

Though she identifies as gender fluid, all the strap-on dicks inspires her feminine side more and more while Domina Jenna and I initiate her into deeper sexual mysteries. While we stimulate her g-spot she is able to have intense female-style orgasms without ejaculation. That means she can keep coming and coming and coming while we take turns playing with her, tagging in and out.

Since there are two of us and two big cocks to satisfy, it is clearly time for her to experience DOUBLE PENETRATION. She better not let Mistress Jenna's cock get dry while I fuck her sissy hole!

Didi is "all about the D" in this pegging movie and Jenna can't resist playfully humiliating her as we work her up to climax after climax in this hot, fun and authentic birthday pegging. Jenna's sexual skills really shine as we work our slave up to losing control again and again.

By the end of this film, our little sissy girl is ready to pull a train! She passed our test will have to fuck every woman in the dungeon at our next party!


GALLERY: 433 / DATE: 9 Nov, 20 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 3

Suffer For My Toes!

I have my chastity rubber slave by the balls!

Once I wire him up, all I have do do is push a button to cause my him truly agonizing pain. Remote controlled shocks are powerful reminders that he is under my power and here to serve me.

There is so much electric cbt in this scene that I take a moment to break it down on camera so that you can understand the depths of his suffering. There are electrodes on his balls that zap him where it counts but that is only the beginning! I also custom ordered a device for the head of his dick! It has special isolated conductive metal nodes all the way around the tip of his cock to send arcing currents of pain across his head, turning the corona of his penis into a crown of agony.

Most genital torture devices just send current up and down someone's cock, a little like a rough, electric handjob. There is no such pleasure involved here. Just pain down the length of his member and deep burning focused in the had of his cock. His rubber catsuit matches our electrical theme nicely. Latex makes a good cbt scene even better!

The cruel Kali's Teeth Bracelet bites down harder and harder with every forced erection jolt from the electric shocks. I don't allow him out of chastity, there is a lot more he must do before he earns that privilege. I'm wearing my favorite low cut dress and my cleavage spills out beautifully. I don't allow him out of chastity, no matter how much he begs. There is a LOT more he must do before he earns that privilege.

It is time for him to serve me in a practical way with a luxurious foot treatment that leaves him wanting more and more.

Every inch of his cock is under my control.

Every inch of his cock is in pain, for me.

"Now, worship, exfoliate, massage and moisturize my beautiful, pedicured feet, little chastity foot slave. Before you can worship my tits, you must start at the very bottom! In time, I will train you to associate my feet with what little pleasure you're permitted.

"This long term conditioning will slowly reprogram you to share my foot fetish."


GALLERY: 183 / DATE: 26 Oct, 20 / IMAGES: 18

Happy Halloween!

Enjoy these special spooky vampire photos.

I had a great time on every aspect of this shoot - from building the costumes and having custom fangs made to meeting the kinky art school student behind the concept.

I think the three different "characters" you see here represent a story about falling from innocence into debauchery and naughtiness.

It is soooo tempting to follow where that vampiric rabbit hole leads!


GALLERY: 459 / DATE: 12 Oct, 20 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 3

He has a pair of my dirty panties to keep him company!
Now I'll never be far from his naughty thoughts, even while directing my video fantasies. Gumbi is trapped while I prepare the living room, set up the lights, get dressed and leisurely apply my makeup.

I laced him TIGHTLY into his new custom neoprene sleepsack to test the fitting. It looked so sexy on him that it seemed like a shame to take him back out again. This is how bonus shoots happen in Bondageland. Now our gear test is turning into an extended bondage scene!

There is a furry party tonight in San Francisco so I'm enjoying an opportunity to play sex kitten in sexy leopard print lingerie with matching ears. Gumbi is still wearing the custom sized Kali's teeth bracelet device to keep him chaste.

He has lost track of the weeks and months spent in constant tease and denial spiked with pain. Today is his first opportunity to get out of chastity in a very long time! There is delightfully raw, pink and sensitive skin in a ring around his cock shaft where the teeth have been biting into him.

It would be easy to push him over the edge with too much pleasure, so I need to balance cock and ball torture alternating with pleasure. This is an excellent time to experiment with a humiliating shoejob.

Will the smooth bottoms of my new high heel shoes be enough to get him off?

Will he finally experience an orgasm after all this tortuous waiting?

Download my latest episode to find out!


GALLERY: 257 / DATE: 25 Sep, 20 / IMAGES: 66 / VIDEOS: 4

One of my favorite shoots of all time. Requested by Reddit.

Folsom Street Fair turned out to be an incredible adventure.

Pinky is a wonderful, flirtatious sissy who got more then she bargained for. We duck taped the little slut to a street lamp and her inner attention whore emerged. The corner of 8th Street and Folsom Street in San Francisco is one of the kinkiest places on earth, especially in September!

We tease, torment and humiliate the crossdresser in front of a huge cheering audience while she is trapped by the neon pink bondage tape. Thousands of people walk by, some waving at our cameras and others wearing disguises for discretion.

I think Pinky reaches a new height of exhibitionism in this incredibly daring public display of bdsm. There were quite a few hard cocks out of their codpieces and many women watched on speechlessly from the audience.

When we finally made poor Pinky shoot a load of sissy juice all over the sidewalk, there is a HUGE crowd gathered around us taking photos and videos of their own. This sissy slut is going to be seen and exposed all over the world through the magic of the internet!

Pinky's HUGE cumshot gets a round of applause from everyone present, especially those in the "splash zone."

Where else can you see stuff like this in real life, except at the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair???

Mistress Daisy Ducati showed up in latex-and-feather fetish finery that has to be seen to be believed. Lust Designs in Oakland outdid themselves when they custom-made her a breast-baring asymmetrical catsuit with matching hood. I love Daisy's hair so it was fun to see her go uncovered too (special thanks to Denali winter, who provided both of our exotic hair colors for this weekend).

Later, a photographer showed us his book "One Day At Folsom Street Fair." He had taken candid photos of Pinky all dressed up for mischief during the festival in previous years and wanted to share the results. It is fun to stand out in this vibrant community!

A big THANK YOU to all our wonderful volunteers that helped with our VERY public bdsm femdom scenes this year.

Wicked Grounds and their staff for provided a place to refresh ourselves (and wash our hands) after some of the wonderful madness we enjoyed out in the throngs of people. Our day started early meeting up to sign model releases, negotiate and get some much-needed coffee to start our day right!


GALLERY: 587 / DATE: 20 Aug, 20 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 2

Just how BIG is your foot fetish?

Bigger than your favorite dildo?

What about a women's size 8?

We've stretched our sissy with nice big toys and even our fists but a FOOTING is the ultimate combination of anal pleasure and our collective foot fetish. With Vyra and Sofia on my side, this little subby doesn't stand a chance. They are going to take it one way or another!

We roll an EXTRA LARGE condom down Mistress Vyra's feet and spread our sissy as WIDE as possible. Will it fit?

We might not get in up to the ankle on our first try, but I bet we can eventually make your ass swallow her entire foot! It just takes devotion, patience and plenty of lube!


GALLERY: 586 / DATE: 10 Aug, 20 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 2

Enjoy this gaping anal scene full of fisting, femdoms and frisky mischief.

This was the first time that I met Mistress Vyra and Mistress Sofia in person. We INSTANTLY had chemistry and our willing sissy submissive was open-minded and open-assed enough to accept even our wildest fantasies!

CBT, toys and more in this fantastic femdom foursome!


GALLERY: 346 / DATE: 31 Jul, 20 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 2

CBTarget is going to live up to his name at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco!

This slave claims that his balls run his life. That is why he must be brought under strict control of a punishing, demanding and dominant woman, like me.

To give him his life and sanity back, we must take control of his balls away from him.

I offer this masochistic slave up to the crowds of Folsom Street Fair. My goal is to give as many women as possible an opportunity to take out their anger and aggression out on him! This is the largest open-air kink festival in the world boasting 500,000 attendees. BDSM literally takes to the streets in broad daylight for an event unique to my open-minded home town.

This submissive has a relentless hunger for public degradation and public cock and ball torture. He claims to be a good boy at heart, but he is cursed with naughty genitals. They make him want to do bad things, so we are here to punish them!

He also puts his ass and his balls on the line for the Center for Sex and Culture charity fundraising booth. Mistress Evadne Toki enjoys dishing out a whole lot of caning and spanking. I've heard it said that this slave has an iron butt as well as "balls that clank" but even he has to use his safeword to catch his breath beneath her wrathful femdom onslaught.

One of the best things about this cbt slut is that, no matter how many times he says OWCH or needs to catch his breath, he ALWAYS comes back for MORE with a SMILE!


GALLERY: 369 / DATE: 16 Jul, 20 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 3

This shoot has it all - extreme leather bondage, maniacal mad scientist femdom laughter and an INDUSTRIAL milking machine to drain all the fluid from my male livestock.

My slave is completely dehumanized and feminized beneath layers of leather and bondage. There is no escape.

I love fucking machines and the Serious Kit attached to a genuine dairy milking machine is my favorite one so far. It is so effective! All the suction of a Venus2000 plus industrial strength & more then one attachment. With the relentless clicking noise of the timer in the background, the air compressor, tubes, wires and attachments all come together perfectly.

Once you have seen this milker in action, you will never think of a dairy farm in the same way ever again. My dream is to have multiple units connected to a group of submissives on a sperm farm production line.

Time to make a bargain! I love making deals with submissives when they are helpless. They get to pick their punishment in a twisted catch 22 or "damned if you do, damned if you don't" game.

This submissive has to choose... pleasure, or air? Not both!

The valve on the re-breather bag lets me enjoy complete dominance over my submissive's airflow. Being short of breath can be terrifying or arousing but with the breathing bag you're still desperately gulping lungfuls of air, they are just doing less and less good as the stale air recirculates. By keeping the valve's gap slightly open (and not telling my submissive), I can keep him dangling on the edge of orgasm and breath play mindfuck in a safe, controlled manner.

This relentless fucking machine won't quit, no matter what you do. There is no escape! The machine isn't tired... the machine wants MORE CUM! welcome to the life of a hucow, a human cow on my twisted fantasy farm.

Only I can make this machine stop... and I don't want to!

Sometimes forced pleasure is even more frightening then pain. How many hours do you think you could endure of this erotic torment? How many orgasms would it take before it became worse then torture?


GALLERY: 358 / DATE: 4 Jul, 20 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 2

True Desires Luau

After days of classes, it is time to blow off some steam in the sweltering summer heat.

The weather is so warm that we decide to hose down the slaves like dogs instead of allowing them to use the showers. We march them into an inflatable swimming pool in the back yard for a cold assault on their senses.

Chastity devices need frequent maintenance in order to remain hygienic so we focus our chilly garden hose onslaught on their groins for some much-needed cleaning, enjoying the incidental cbt. Ever notice how women always seem to find cbt hilarious? We are having a GREAT time in this clip.

Miss Sheri Darling makes sure our subs have nice sore bottoms to remember us by using a variety of toys. Meanwhile, Mistress Michelle Lacy looks great in her bikini as she invokes the spirit of fire.

Have you ever tried fire play? What about FIREWORKS play? Maitresse Renee introduces us to something new and exciting using sparklers.


GALLERY: 315 / DATE: 29 Jun, 20 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 2

It has been 6 months since this slave has experienced an orgasm or release from chastity. I am driving him insane with lust.

Each time that I allow him to experience sexual pleasure, I have included my feet as part of the stimulation. Through repetition I am training him to share my foot fetish. I am remaking his mind in my image.

Chastity can enhance certain mind control techniques. The man laying at my feet twitching and crying is also quite successful outside of the dungeon. This is a private sanctuary of debasement, where we meet for his chastity "check ups."

I am pleased with the way that his new Mature Metal chastity cage makes cleaning less of a chore without sacrificing security.

To drive home the points of intrigue within his chastity device, I enjoy subjecting my slave to a sexy leg show in my ultra sheer nylons.

The slightest bit of physical or mental stimulation takes him right to the edge because it has been SIX MONTHS since his last unlocking. I am a cruel keyholder when my rules are not maintained and this submissive is being severely punished with ONE FULL YEAR in chastity.

Kept under lock and key by three extraordinarily sadistic women, his lust is never permitted to diminish for any reason.

Severe, prolonged bondage has emphasized his helplessness, now it is time for some FACESITTING and pussy smothering to make sure he hasn't forgotten about MY PLEASURE.

Keep doing those tongue push-ups at home, readers. If your KEYHOLDER is not happy, then YOU will not be happy!!!


GALLERY: 495 / DATE: 15 Jun, 20 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 2

Is that all you've got? Even with medical intervention???

This video officially launches the AliceInBondageland Smallest Dick Contest!!!

Maitresse Renee presents her slave "Tiny" and demonstrates his lack of attributes in both a flaccid and erect state. With prescription erectile dysfunction injections, his cock eventually rises to the occasion... barely. It is just two inches long even with "dick steroids."

Ms Elena De Luca (the meanest woman I know!) and Mistress Sheri Darling assist in this medical small penis humiliation scene. Poor Tiny's cock is shorter than half of her pinky finger. I've seen manicures longer than his member but I know there must be even smaller micro-penises out there.

They say that a camera adds 10 pounds, his dick looks even smaller in person! The smallest confirmed dicklette (smallest while both soft and hard!) wins a one year membership to my site, so spread the word!!! Prizes decided on January 1st 2018. Send in your entries now!

Calling all small dicks - we want to see if YOU can beat Tiny's low score!!!


GALLERY: 486 / DATE: 11 Jun, 20 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 2

"In one hand, I have the key to your chastity... in the other, I have a dummy key!"

Sissy Joy must play a high stakes guessing game but at least she has 50-50 odds determining her chance at an orgasm. That's more generous odds then she usually gets!

If she has an orgasm in this scene, it will still cost her one of her orgasm tokens for the year but she has also agreed under duress to let us SOUND her cock properly in our next shoot!

She gets one shot to have an orgasm - we are even generously giving her a countdown - but if there are no sissy fireworks by the time the count reaches ZERO then she has wasted her token and must wait another month of lockup before she gets another chance to cum.

Is this a promise Sissy Joy is going to regret once locked back up in chastity?


GALLERY: 231 / DATE: 9 Jun, 20 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 2

Mistress Anna Valentina brings her slave over at DomConLA to show off his new Lori's Tube chastity device and we enjoy the opportunity to torture him.

Denali Winter is about to collar their first chastity slave, so this is a valuable learning opportunity about the special kind of desperation, horniness and bondage that a lifestyle chastity relationship can bring out in submissives. Even formerly strong, intelligent, formidable leaders turn into jelly after some heavy bondage and cbt with tease and denial!

We put him into a rubber gimp suit with mits underneath so he cannot escape, then up the ante even further by lacing him into a bondage sleepsack! Mistress Valentina is very lucky to have such a dedicated and deeply submissive slave.

The best part is when he screams THANK YOUUUUUUUUU as the pain becomes overwhelming. I wonder what people thought in the other hotel rooms?

DomConLA is a kinky hotel takeover convention with famous lifestyle and prodoms from around the world. Enjoy my ongoing coverage of these incredible people during a unique event!


GALLERY: 97 / DATE: 2 Jun, 20 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1


From now on, you will be buying panties for both of us and I am THROWING AWAY all of your boxers!

That's right, only frilly panties for my little panty slut from now on!!!

I walk you through your future as my little panty slut before I force you to masturbate with my dirty panties from last night... I can't resist playing with myself, fingering my pussy while I watch you stroke your cock. I'm turning you into my perfect little sissy slut.

A delicious dressing down and lingerie show from your Mistress Alice...



GALLERY: 585 / DATE: 26 May, 20 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

When the sequins settle, who will be wearing the crown?
This is a Crossdressing Pageant done New Orleans style!!! Bourbon Street is right outside so some of our participants didn't sleep last night, just reapplied a new layer of makeup and tightened their corsets... and that's including some of the judges!

I've never seen mistresses throw money at the contestants in Los Angeles, but maybe this will start a new tradition? They're working the stage so hard and you can hear the convention crowd cheering in the background!

This is our wildest pageant so far, thanks in part to contestants bribing us with excellent tequila and Ms Genevieve insisting on a twerking contest to break any ties. Special thanks to Mistress Mia Darque, Ms Madyson, Ms Genevieve and Lady Kasia Amarande as well as DomCon itself for working with us to create this special event!

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