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GALLERY: 552 / DATE: 18 Feb, 19 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 3

A dungeon full of hot bisexual bondage boys? SIGN ME UP!

EVERYONE gets to be in bondage today, even our roadie, because there is PLENTY OF GEAR to go around

First up is Jimmy, quite literally. We strap him to a vertical post using locking institutional leather straps. I enjoy how his muscles bulge under the strain. His tattoos distort and become fascinating abstractions under the weight of his own body in the suspension and he begins dripping with sweat almost immediately..

I love the sound of the leather straps creaking - the sound of YOU CAN'T ESCAPE!

Pure helplessness is like catnip to me! I don't want you to be able to protect yourself in any way. With Strap-Wizard secured in the Extreme Bondage Chair in the background, it is time for Kino Payne to take one for the team. He is the right size to fit inside a VERY special cage and still light enough to suspend. Look for the clear bottom of this special cage, my favorite feature voyeuristic feature!

Once I begin to hit his cock, Kino immediately gets hard. Looks like I found the masochist in the room! Am I fluffing you with PAIN?

He has almost no wiggle room, but I use my riding crop on his sensitive inner thighs to locate and eliminate any potential for escaping, flinching or dodging. Throughout this scene, we are constantly adding more straps to the captives. There is more than enough bondage to go around and I've got my eye on our cameraman from Serious Bondage next!

Special thanks to the Edge Jail. This is my new favorite California dungeon because it is also the most inescapable!


GALLERY: 551 / DATE: 11 Feb, 19 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 3

Why am I hurting you today?


Sometimes, that's all the reason I need.

No matter how much he struggles, the bolts are so sunk deep into the concrete that there is no human way to pull them out. The solid metal cuffs yield nothing, not a bit of stretch or relief, no matter how much you struggle.

This scene is all about locking bondage because I am going to UNLEASH THE BEAST on a whole new level with ZombiePup. I wonder what kind of sounds he will make. Is he a screamer? Will he cuss me out? These walls are thick and there is no one for miles to hear him call for help.

I keep pushing his pain tolerance with increasingly cruel toys. You get to watch the marks emerge as the scene progresses, first with a cane and then moving on to weighted leather braids and a quirt style whip in the close confines of the prison shower. He has a long flight tomorrow and I want him to think about me whenever he moves. A few well placed flicks of my wrist can bring an otherwise strong submissive to his knees, but the chains force Zombie to keep standing through the onslaught even as he sags against the cuffs.

COLD WATER at the prison has a 100% safeword record so far and Zombie has been even filthier than usual!

There's something profoundly intimate about reducing someone to tears through intentional pain. I've seen less intense things completely break a submissive and after all this he still GETS THE HOSE!!!


GALLERY: 550 / DATE: 4 Feb, 19 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 2

Welcome to the wild world of human animal fetishists and PET PLAY!

Why is everyone in this video having so much fun? When you are a good submissive pet, your only concern needs to be "is my trainer pleased with me?" and this can be profoundly liberating!

Pets don't worry about the future, they only have to worry about being obedient. When you are in your animal headspace, you become a treasured possession with very little control over your environment so surrender comes naturally. Gags, hoods, mitts, harnesses and more can help emphasize your new status and deepen your totemic journey.

Pet play gives us permission to connect with the primal and passionate side of ourselves. Eating, drinking, playing, fucking and frolicking with no sense of shame or guilt comes naturally to animals. We get to enjoy everything from puppies and kitties to more exotic creatures like foxes, zombies, squirrels and a very cranky weasel on display at this special competition.

Sexy judges from all over the world come together to evaluate both trainers and the pets during the DomCon Los Angeles convention. Our contestants bring their best (and worst) tricks to compete for a host of prizes, including the coveted handmade "Best In Show" ribbon.

Thank you Madam Margherite for continuing this wonderful tradition and to Mistress Ellen for giving us an opportunity to be our furry selves more often. See you on stage again in May!


GALLERY: 549 / DATE: 21 Jan, 19 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 3

There is something special about PVC, my favorite fetish material. Think of it as the "best of both worlds" - all the shine of latex but without the maintenance.

If you have a rubber allergy, but crave shiny bondage, PVC might be the right fetish for you. It doesn't need to be polished. It is thicker than vinyl but has less stretch than rubber and it is VERY effective at bondage! I think we would see a lot more of it in the BDSM world as well as the fashion community if it were easier to work with as a craftsperson.

Discovering PVC bondage gear like this sleepsack feels like finding treasure! At first, we called it the Cinderella Sleepsack because it was so small that no one could fit in it... until we met Kino Payne!

There are a few other people in the dungeon today because three different websites are collaborating on a fun weekend of fetish filming but this scene was so sexy that everyone stopped what they were doing to watch.

Every queen needs a throne and I think I'm going to enjoy riding this submissive to the finish line as my kinky furniture. He doesn't get to cum but I love to! With my powerful vibrator pinned between us, I enjoy my orgasm but leave him wanting more.

We hope Kino Payne enjoyed what sexual stimulation he was able to get because there is no way to know when he might get unlocked from chastity!


GALLERY: 548 / DATE: 15 Jan, 19 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 3

"If you're going to keep running away from me like that, I need to give you something to run FROM!" I lock his metal bondage fiddle to the chain and activate the ceiling hoist until he is unstably struggling on his tiptoes.

The more I menace Kino Payne, the harder his cock gets. This self described "professional sidekick" is great at being kidnapped! Today I'm going to stretch him until he measures up. Though he cries out in suffering, his cock stays relatively hard through all the abuse so it can't be ALL bad.

Does he like pain or does he just enjoy that I like hurting him? That line gets so blurry and he takes so much! First my custom paddle, then a thin cruel cane and finally my favorite whip all come down on his vulnerable naked flesh. With the oil can full of lube, I edge him until he is whimpering with sexual need. He puts on a brave front with a stiff upper lip (among other things) but soon the sobbing becomes uncontrollable beneath the lashes. Whipping on top of these cane marks will really make the bruises set!

Tears are good for the soul but sometimes it is easier to let go when no one is watching. I add a hood so that I don't have to watch him cry.

Good thing his chastity device arrived today, now I can work him up into a frenzy and lock my property away for safekeeping.



GALLERY: 547 / DATE: 7 Jan, 19 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 3

Be careful, he's a biter!

ZombiePup gets feral and nonverbal during heavy BDSM scenes so he brought his sidekick Squirrel as a squeaky safeword. He needs extra containment procedures and ALL THE STRAPS on the newest version of the Bondage Chair.

I share this slut with his owner like a kinky time-share. This accomplished sex slave is trained to provide me with a wide variety of pleasures on demand, to my exact specifications. So far it is a win, win, win situation that gets even BETTER with the benefits of chastity.

From the moment he steps off the airplane, he is locked up. This method of training keeps him horny and eagerly motivated to pleasure me without giving him any opportunity to waste his lust. His only recourse for pleasure is hoping to be rewarded.

Ladies, if you are thinking of having your submissive pierced, I highly recommend it! Piercings enhance nipple play so much, making them quite sensitive and enlarged. I pinch and slap his tender nipples but I think flicking is by far the meanest when you have long fingernails. In his struggles, Zombie also shows me exactly where the bondage needs to be tightened before I add CBT. It is fun to watch him straining to get hard in the confines of his plastic prison.

There are so many mean things I can do without unlocking him but the meanest by far is a chastity blow job! His cock struggles to get hard, inching closer to the tip of the CB6000 until my tongue can barely touch it. Is this better or worse than no blowjob at all? Almost enough room to get hard. Almost enough sensation to get off. Almost.

Just because he is denied is no reason to restrict my own pleasure! I get myself off on top of him using my favorite vibrator while he grinds helplessly against me and whimpers. ZombiePup might be locked for his whole vacation but I won't let that stop me from taking advantage of the rest of his body. His balls are getting bluer all the time!

Does it help you take more pain if you know that hurting you turns me on?


GALLERY: 545 / DATE: 31 Dec, 18 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 3

Kneeling on rice is one of the worst punishments that I know of still being used outside of BDSM in homes and dojos all over the world. It is truly cruel and rarely leaves any lasting marks.

We have fun playing with the WHEEL OF DOOM app on Jennifer's phone but it senses our psychic desire to maximize their suffering and immediately selects rice kneeling. You can populate your own version of the wheel using whatever combination of rewards and punishments that your mistress feels you deserve. It is especially fun for daily tasks and reinforcing ongoing training when you are away from your dominant.

Dahlia Snow is here to show off Jennifer, her well trained submissive, and for some literal hand-holding through this intense masochistic scene. It is important to use UNCOOKED rice and the hardest floor that you can find. Concrete or tile is especially vicious but take care to protect your hardwood floors from the hard grains or you might end up with permanent dents. Today we are in a dungeon with carpet, so we have a rigid piece of plastic to provide our backdrop.

I love techniques like this because in other scenes the dominant often works harder than the submissive. Flipping that script and making sure that the submissive experiences maximum sensation with minimum physical effort for their dominant can help the BDSM lifestyle more accessible to everyone.

With less than a dollar worth of rice, you can make your submissive cry. You don't need to know any special techniques to make this punishment truly effective!


GALLERY: 544 / DATE: 24 Dec, 18 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 3

So many wires... I hope you're not afraid of medical play, naughty little elf!

These hospital monitoring devices can double as lie detectors in the hands of a skilled mistress. They will how me what you really enjoy and what you are truly afraid of. I keep track of Lenore's blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen levels and eventually even her brain waves!

There is no denying all of your secret desires when you are under interrogation. One way or another I am going to GET WHAT I WANT for XXXmas!!!

I have to add plenty of straps so that she doesn't try to wriggle free or accidentally lash out once the voltage comes up. Tonight this naughty elf is going to get an old school lesson in electrical play! My favorite part is when I get to use the taser on her perfect little toes! Pussy zapping isn't much punishment if electrocution makes you cum, so I investigate how to best cause her pain before rewarding her with pleasure. She has to earn every orgasm with PAIN.

Her sensitive jingle bell pierced nipples play a merry tune while I bring out an arcane steampunk-inspired hand crank generator. It takes a little more elbow grease than a battery operated or plugin tens unit but it delivers a truly unique "buzzing" sensation that is similar to old fashioned medical devices. Often claimed to be nothing more than quackery, many of them were designed to treat "hysteria" in the guise of orgasms.

There's nothing old fashioned about our high tech monitoring devices. Thanks to Dart_Tech for his expertise in wrangling these very modern pieces of gear. 18 different wires and sensors is an extra special level of over-the-top bondage with our vintage dental chair covered in leather straps. Special thanks to Edge Dungeon and Project Blackfox too!

They say "the heart never lies" and now I can listen in to the nuances of every beat and see how your brain responds to my questions, my threats and to my electrical torments.

I know what you got me for Christmas without even unwrapping the box, since I've already unwrapped your mind! Your body will reveal everything that you are afraid to admit out loud.


GALLERY: 198 / DATE: 21 Dec, 18 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

We brighten our season with a sleigh full of kinky tease and denial!

It is time to play my favorite holiday game - DECORATE THE SLAVE!!!

Daisy Ducati and I dress him up in lights and bows as our kinky xxxmas tree, humiliating and teasing him the whole time. Painful nipple clamps make great ornaments in all kinds of inappropriate places! Since cannot move, we slap and bind his horny cock and balls. He is completely helpless, but at least he is decorative!

He is not allowed to have an orgasm yet, instead we torture him with two hitatchi magic wands until he has a near-meltdown. We edge him right to the brink and back several times to emphasize his helplessness as he struggles in festive bondage.

No cum till Christmas!!!


GALLERY: 543 / DATE: 15 Dec, 18 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 2


This keyholder has a brilliant way to manage the tendency of chaste submissives to beg or whine for release... her submissive has NO IDEA how long they will be locked for!

Mistress Dahlia Snow has kept Jennifer locked in chastity for 130 days! That is quite a feat, I've found that most submissives cannot manage past 30 days without depression or demands. Sometimes it seems like they go through all five of the classic signs of grief at the loss of access to their favorite toy. She knows that she will someday reach the secret goal but she does not get to know where the finish line is. Jennifer stands out as being obedient and eager to please under duress and not just when it is fun or sexy.

TICKLING. Some people love it and some people hate it, even to the point of being triggered. I think it is a delightful way to torture someone until they beg for mercy, without leaving a single mark. We start out slow and the build on Jennifer's reactions as she begins to struggle, tossing her hair like a classic damsel in distress.

Tickling gives way to harshness and Mistress Dahlia delights in pinching and scratching with her long, sexy fingernails. We use Jennifer as our human scratching post and she learns the hard way that there is nowhere to go when you're tied up in the middle of the room. She is just our cat toy now!

Once sensitive and tender, the real pain can begin as we try to beat their previous clothespins record. The longer they stay on, the meaner they get and she has to keep count as they call come off!

This is a great introduction scene featuring two of my favorite folks who are active in the local BDSM community. Jennifer was brave enough to get her ears pierced properly with PINK rhinestones. If she can do it, so can you, even if it takes several sessions with a Mistress to find your confidence. Live your crossdressing dreams!


GALLERY: 371 / DATE: 3 Dec, 18 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 3

True Desires Bedtime Story -
Alice In Wonderland Chapter 4 The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill

One of the servants jokingly asked me for a bedtime story when I was locking them into their cages for the night. The thick metal kennel is cold and scary but they're all locked inside together in matching cells.

Maybe this will help them fall asleep before another big day of service at the femdom retreat awaits them. It is time to renew my favorite tradition! I am reading Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll out loud to my submissives, one chapter and one bdsm scene at a time.

I find there is something comforting, even cozy, about being read to... especially when you are in bondage and there is nothing you can do about it!

Bondage doesn't have to be about sex, though it is also sexy. We can enjoy it just because we enjoy it.

Snuggle up and enjoy this special bondage bedtime story. Imagine that you are being locked into a huge steel kennel for the night just like the boys at the True Desires femdom retreat.


GALLERY: 542 / DATE: 26 Nov, 18 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 3

Is the sound of your jingling chastity keys scary or sexy?

"Hope is a BAD WORD!" when it comes to chastity, according to Sissy Joy.

This scene is a pink tape bondage humiliation EXTRAVAGANZA!!! In the Tale of Two Tapes, I teach you about the important differences between duct tape and pvc "bondage tape" while immobilizing Sissy Joy in a sling hanging from the dungeon ceiling.

Although it makes a sexy noise, duct tape can turn into one big sticky mess when you use it in the wrong places. The advantage of bondage tape is that you can put it anywhere and it only sticks to ITSELF. My favorite place to put this special tape is on someone's head and face! It doesn't hurt your hair, so it is perfect for making gags, blindfolds and impromptu hoods. Just look out for leaving an airway since it can become air tight! You could never do this kind of bondage with duct tape... unless you want to shave your head afterwards.

The more you pet it, the smoother it becomes. Even though it is not reusable, it is impressive how far a single roll can go. If you like tape bondage but you don't want an impromptu waxing when you take it off... this might be the tape for you!

Sissy Joy gets hard in spite of herself as soon as I take out her chastity keys, before the lock even clicks open. I tease her into a frenzy with a vibrator while her butt plug stays taped firmly in place. Her clothing is safe from the tape, but not from me! I delight in cutting up her pink fishnet lingerie to get better access to her vulnerable cock and balls. Has she earned an orgasm?

You can't move, you can't see, but you know how many mean toys there are in the dungeon... but your cock is still hard...


GALLERY: 541 / DATE: 19 Nov, 18 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 3

I don't carry a lucky rabbit's foot, but I have something special and kinky from "down under" instead. Can you guess what it is?

We've all seen mistresses using paintbrushes for tease and denial scenes, but I think it is extra humiliating to use my special keyholder keychain. Whose balls are bigger? I think they are almost equal sized. Is that because kangaroos have big testicles or because sissies have small ones?

Is ball tickling a kink? I guess any attention is good attention when you've been locked in chastity this long. It has a lot of "thud" when I use it for ball busting, even though the hairs are silky soft for sensitivity training. I like that Sissy Joy keeps getting hard, in spite of the chastity device and in spite of herself.

Sissy Joy hasn't yet earned the privilege of licking my feet, not even the bottom of my feet, so she kisses them carefully and respectfully in gratitude for her training. I think my fresh pedicure looks great in these wedge sandals with glittering rhinestone details.

I don't have truck nuts, but I do believe in my special lucky testicles...

YES I am available as a keyholder if you would like to add to my collection.


GALLERY: 539 / DATE: 13 Nov, 18 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 2

The Annual Presentation of the Title Holders

Enjoy this special glimpse into the mystery and pageantry of the Leather Title world.

For many of us, this is the crowning moment in a year of extreme volunteer work, travel, outreach and education on behalf of the Leather Community. Titles are not about your looks or who you know, they focus on the movers, shakers and tireless volunteers that make the community real! Anyone can go to a party, but the people who receive titles are the people who are organizing the parties!

Folsom Street Fair draws coed titleholders from all over the world! There's nowhere else on Earth that you can see this many lifestyle titles in one place. We gather for an exclusive brunch before the ritual "Presentation of the Title Holders" begins on the main stage. I am honored to stand among them to represent my part of the bay area!


GALLERY: 540 / DATE: 7 Nov, 18 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 2

Back by popular demand! This cbt slut starred in one of the most acclaimed and controversial videos on my site. He is finally back to put his balls on the line for more pain in this star studded ball busting sequel.

It doesn't get more extreme then this when it comes to true public cbt and humiliation in front of thousands of people. There were 360,000 people at Folsom Street Fair this year, how many of them watched him get humbled by a huge group of angry women?

Women's rage needs an outlet! Once he is chained to the fence, we tear open his shirt like a holiday cracker. At first he is nervous, but soon he is terrified as more and more women arrive to take out their aggression.

The more we beat his balls, the harder his cock gets! Consent bulge, traitor dick, confused cock, whatever you want to call it, CBTarget just keeps getting harder and harder the more we torment his genitals. Dick slapping seems to have the same effect, but the group of ladies can't resist the extreme expressions on his face when we KICK and KNEE him in the balls!

Just remember, puking is not a safeword! Special thanks to our guest stars, named and unnamed, on this wild afternoon in San Francisco. Lux Lives, Feminist Stripper, Goddess Sydney and Mz Annelise worked together to make this amazing video along with several special mystery ladies. This is a day that CBTarget will never forget!

Chained to a fence in the middle of the kinkiest party on Earth, is this your Folsom Street Fair fantasy or nightmare?


GALLERY: 538 / DATE: 29 Oct, 18 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 3

It is story time in Bondageland!

Dark Cherry is back for one more scene as my "stunt Alice" bratty submissive in this fun clip. After a scolding, a spanking and some squirting orgasms for my damsel in distress, it is time for a treat. I don't pull her panties back up, instead choosing to leave her exposed to the cool air conditioning and our probing gaze so that she doesn't get any delusions of grandeur. She has to stew in her own orgasmic juices as further humiliation before our kinky playtime is officially over.

Being read to aloud while in bondage is evocative of our most helpless younger years and can be a nurturing aftercare experience. For the true bondage aficionado, it can also be a full scene on its own instead, as long as the bondage is truly inescapable.

Enjoy Chapter 3 of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, read by Mistress AliceInBondageland. It features a Caucus Race and a mouse's Very Long Tail as well as a few lovely illustrations which I make sure to show to my captive (as long as she is being a good girl).


GALLERY: 266 / DATE: 24 Oct, 18 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 2

I made a bet with a fellow femdom that, with enough chastity, almost anything can be FUCKABLE. For example these pumpkins, emblematic of the season, can be made into a fucktoy with some creative carving.

I scoured the globe to find a submissive able to rise to this unusual challenge. It took 10 days of chastity in the new Holy Trainer v2 device before that pumpkin's curves started to look very sexy to my crossdressing rubber slut Stephanie.

Mistress Denali Winter joins me in this special pumpkin carving Halloween humiliation video.

Our sissy slave is wearing a sexy rubber catsuit, which lets us enjoy the sploshing mess of the pumpkin guts as we carve a kinky jack-o-lantern and a sexy jack-off-o-lantern too!

Will our slave win the bet and manage to have an orgasm in this festive, but unlikely, fuck toy or will he be locked back up until it is time to "stuff" the Thanksgiving turkey?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM www.AliceInBondageLand.com!!!


GALLERY: 536 / DATE: 15 Oct, 18 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 3

Little Alice got caught stealing chocolate at the convention, so it is time for the Red Queen to teach her a lesson with a good old fashioned spanking!

Once she's been punished with a little pain, then I will administer a little bit of pleasure too. As vulnerable as you feel being bent over my knee, the spread eagle bondage I put you in next will make you feel even MORE exposed.

Here's a fun ode to Alice In Wonderland featuring some fun lesbian cosplay, corporal punishment, roleplaying and a juicy squirting orgasmic finish! Our new Alice, aka DarkCherry, is impish, cute and a little bit bratty so she needs EXTRA spanking, tickling and teasing with my favorite vibrator!

If she is a good girl and cums nice and hard for me, I will reward her with special Lewis Carrol story time in bondage. It is extra fun to play with a woman and I relish the opportunity to play with an Alice fan. We share such a special fetish bond!


GALLERY: 533 / DATE: 8 Oct, 18 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 3

Pleasing two demanding women is no easy task!

Our CBT slut has earned another treat after pampering us for an entire week. This scene is going to rock his world AND his testicles. We know how to hurt his balls juuuuuuuust right!

He gets hard at the mention of ball busting so Alexis starts to give him a coconut oil handjob as foreplay, rubbing her breasts all over his hardening cock to make sure the lube gets EVERYWHERE.

This is a high pressure threesome that isn't just about his pleasure. We want to harvest his juices through ball ball punching and CBT until he cums all over Alexis' tits! This is HER fetish, not his. It is his job to deliver the goods, no matter what I am doing to the rest of him.

Eventually we give him one hand free to see if he can manage to have an orgasm under extreme duress while beat the cum out of his balls with a bat!

One last humiliation for our special cuckold, he must worship her breasts by licking all of his cum off of them!



GALLERY: 537 / DATE: 2 Oct, 18 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 3

I love the slapping sound his cock makes when I punch him in the balls hard enough to make his dick bounce against his stomach!

We keep piling on the abuse but he is SO HARD with no chemical assistance. CBT is the only fluffing this pain slut needs to be fully hard in the face of incredible torment.

With my bright red boxing gloves, I brutally work his sack over! They say it takes a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down, so Switch Alexis starts giving him a handjob while I continue to punch his balls.

I love how she sticks her tongue at him while I ruin his orgasm again and again, keeping him RIGHT on the edge while I beat his balls! Edging him to the brink of orgasm, alternating pleasure and pain. With enough tease and denial, I bet we can eventually BEAT the cum out of his balls!

Which of us will win? If he succeeds in staying hard despite the cbt and manages to get close to an orgasm, he gets a treat. Alexis will let him fuck her tits!

What would you do to earn a pearl necklace? She has small perky breasts and a huge cum fetish, so she is full of enthusiasm even though I am full of cruelty.

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