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GALLERY: 586 / DATE: 10 Aug, 20 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 2

Enjoy this gaping anal scene full of fisting, femdoms and frisky mischief.

This was the first time that I met Mistress Vyra and Mistress Sofia in person. We INSTANTLY had chemistry and our willing sissy submissive was open-minded and open-assed enough to accept even our wildest fantasies!

CBT, toys and more in this fantastic femdom foursome!


GALLERY: 346 / DATE: 31 Jul, 20 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 2

CBTarget is going to live up to his name at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco!

This slave claims that his balls run his life. That is why he must be brought under strict control of a punishing, demanding and dominant woman, like me.

To give him his life and sanity back, we must take control of his balls away from him.

I offer this masochistic slave up to the crowds of Folsom Street Fair. My goal is to give as many women as possible an opportunity to take out their anger and aggression out on him! This is the largest open-air kink festival in the world boasting 500,000 attendees. BDSM literally takes to the streets in broad daylight for an event unique to my open-minded home town.

This submissive has a relentless hunger for public degradation and public cock and ball torture. He claims to be a good boy at heart, but he is cursed with naughty genitals. They make him want to do bad things, so we are here to punish them!

He also puts his ass and his balls on the line for the Center for Sex and Culture charity fundraising booth. Mistress Evadne Toki enjoys dishing out a whole lot of caning and spanking. I've heard it said that this slave has an iron butt as well as "balls that clank" but even he has to use his safeword to catch his breath beneath her wrathful femdom onslaught.

One of the best things about this cbt slut is that, no matter how many times he says OWCH or needs to catch his breath, he ALWAYS comes back for MORE with a SMILE!


GALLERY: 369 / DATE: 16 Jul, 20 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 3

This shoot has it all - extreme leather bondage, maniacal mad scientist femdom laughter and an INDUSTRIAL milking machine to drain all the fluid from my male livestock.

My slave is completely dehumanized and feminized beneath layers of leather and bondage. There is no escape.

I love fucking machines and the Serious Kit attached to a genuine dairy milking machine is my favorite one so far. It is so effective! All the suction of a Venus2000 plus industrial strength & more then one attachment. With the relentless clicking noise of the timer in the background, the air compressor, tubes, wires and attachments all come together perfectly.

Once you have seen this milker in action, you will never think of a dairy farm in the same way ever again. My dream is to have multiple units connected to a group of submissives on a sperm farm production line.

Time to make a bargain! I love making deals with submissives when they are helpless. They get to pick their punishment in a twisted catch 22 or "damned if you do, damned if you don't" game.

This submissive has to choose... pleasure, or air? Not both!

The valve on the re-breather bag lets me enjoy complete dominance over my submissive's airflow. Being short of breath can be terrifying or arousing but with the breathing bag you're still desperately gulping lungfuls of air, they are just doing less and less good as the stale air recirculates. By keeping the valve's gap slightly open (and not telling my submissive), I can keep him dangling on the edge of orgasm and breath play mindfuck in a safe, controlled manner.

This relentless fucking machine won't quit, no matter what you do. There is no escape! The machine isn't tired... the machine wants MORE CUM! welcome to the life of a hucow, a human cow on my twisted fantasy farm.

Only I can make this machine stop... and I don't want to!

Sometimes forced pleasure is even more frightening then pain. How many hours do you think you could endure of this erotic torment? How many orgasms would it take before it became worse then torture?


GALLERY: 358 / DATE: 4 Jul, 20 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 2

True Desires Luau

After days of classes, it is time to blow off some steam in the sweltering summer heat.

The weather is so warm that we decide to hose down the slaves like dogs instead of allowing them to use the showers. We march them into an inflatable swimming pool in the back yard for a cold assault on their senses.

Chastity devices need frequent maintenance in order to remain hygienic so we focus our chilly garden hose onslaught on their groins for some much-needed cleaning, enjoying the incidental cbt. Ever notice how women always seem to find cbt hilarious? We are having a GREAT time in this clip.

Miss Sheri Darling makes sure our subs have nice sore bottoms to remember us by using a variety of toys. Meanwhile, Mistress Michelle Lacy looks great in her bikini as she invokes the spirit of fire.

Have you ever tried fire play? What about FIREWORKS play? Maitresse Renee introduces us to something new and exciting using sparklers.


GALLERY: 315 / DATE: 29 Jun, 20 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 2

It has been 6 months since this slave has experienced an orgasm or release from chastity. I am driving him insane with lust.

Each time that I allow him to experience sexual pleasure, I have included my feet as part of the stimulation. Through repetition I am training him to share my foot fetish. I am remaking his mind in my image.

Chastity can enhance certain mind control techniques. The man laying at my feet twitching and crying is also quite successful outside of the dungeon. This is a private sanctuary of debasement, where we meet for his chastity "check ups."

I am pleased with the way that his new Mature Metal chastity cage makes cleaning less of a chore without sacrificing security.

To drive home the points of intrigue within his chastity device, I enjoy subjecting my slave to a sexy leg show in my ultra sheer nylons.

The slightest bit of physical or mental stimulation takes him right to the edge because it has been SIX MONTHS since his last unlocking. I am a cruel keyholder when my rules are not maintained and this submissive is being severely punished with ONE FULL YEAR in chastity.

Kept under lock and key by three extraordinarily sadistic women, his lust is never permitted to diminish for any reason.

Severe, prolonged bondage has emphasized his helplessness, now it is time for some FACESITTING and pussy smothering to make sure he hasn't forgotten about MY PLEASURE.

Keep doing those tongue push-ups at home, readers. If your KEYHOLDER is not happy, then YOU will not be happy!!!


GALLERY: 495 / DATE: 15 Jun, 20 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 2

Is that all you've got? Even with medical intervention???

This video officially launches the AliceInBondageland Smallest Dick Contest!!!

Maitresse Renee presents her slave "Tiny" and demonstrates his lack of attributes in both a flaccid and erect state. With prescription erectile dysfunction injections, his cock eventually rises to the occasion... barely. It is just two inches long even with "dick steroids."

Ms Elena De Luca (the meanest woman I know!) and Mistress Sheri Darling assist in this medical small penis humiliation scene. Poor Tiny's cock is shorter than half of her pinky finger. I've seen manicures longer than his member but I know there must be even smaller micro-penises out there.

They say that a camera adds 10 pounds, his dick looks even smaller in person! The smallest confirmed dicklette (smallest while both soft and hard!) wins a one year membership to my site, so spread the word!!! Prizes decided on January 1st 2018. Send in your entries now!

Calling all small dicks - we want to see if YOU can beat Tiny's low score!!!


GALLERY: 486 / DATE: 11 Jun, 20 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 2

"In one hand, I have the key to your chastity... in the other, I have a dummy key!"

Sissy Joy must play a high stakes guessing game but at least she has 50-50 odds determining her chance at an orgasm. That's more generous odds then she usually gets!

If she has an orgasm in this scene, it will still cost her one of her orgasm tokens for the year but she has also agreed under duress to let us SOUND her cock properly in our next shoot!

She gets one shot to have an orgasm - we are even generously giving her a countdown - but if there are no sissy fireworks by the time the count reaches ZERO then she has wasted her token and must wait another month of lockup before she gets another chance to cum.

Is this a promise Sissy Joy is going to regret once locked back up in chastity?


GALLERY: 231 / DATE: 9 Jun, 20 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 2

Mistress Anna Valentina brings her slave over at DomConLA to show off his new Lori's Tube chastity device and we enjoy the opportunity to torture him.

Denali Winter is about to collar their first chastity slave, so this is a valuable learning opportunity about the special kind of desperation, horniness and bondage that a lifestyle chastity relationship can bring out in submissives. Even formerly strong, intelligent, formidable leaders turn into jelly after some heavy bondage and cbt with tease and denial!

We put him into a rubber gimp suit with mits underneath so he cannot escape, then up the ante even further by lacing him into a bondage sleepsack! Mistress Valentina is very lucky to have such a dedicated and deeply submissive slave.

The best part is when he screams THANK YOUUUUUUUUU as the pain becomes overwhelming. I wonder what people thought in the other hotel rooms?

DomConLA is a kinky hotel takeover convention with famous lifestyle and prodoms from around the world. Enjoy my ongoing coverage of these incredible people during a unique event!


GALLERY: 97 / DATE: 2 Jun, 20 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1


From now on, you will be buying panties for both of us and I am THROWING AWAY all of your boxers!

That's right, only frilly panties for my little panty slut from now on!!!

I walk you through your future as my little panty slut before I force you to masturbate with my dirty panties from last night... I can't resist playing with myself, fingering my pussy while I watch you stroke your cock. I'm turning you into my perfect little sissy slut.

A delicious dressing down and lingerie show from your Mistress Alice...



GALLERY: 585 / DATE: 26 May, 20 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

When the sequins settle, who will be wearing the crown?
This is a Crossdressing Pageant done New Orleans style!!! Bourbon Street is right outside so some of our participants didn't sleep last night, just reapplied a new layer of makeup and tightened their corsets... and that's including some of the judges!

I've never seen mistresses throw money at the contestants in Los Angeles, but maybe this will start a new tradition? They're working the stage so hard and you can hear the convention crowd cheering in the background!

This is our wildest pageant so far, thanks in part to contestants bribing us with excellent tequila and Ms Genevieve insisting on a twerking contest to break any ties. Special thanks to Mistress Mia Darque, Ms Madyson, Ms Genevieve and Lady Kasia Amarande as well as DomCon itself for working with us to create this special event!


GALLERY: 584 / DATE: 5 May, 20 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 2

Madame Margherite hosts a HUMAN PET SHOW every year at DomCon in Los Angeles and now they are expanding to New Orleans!!! In a city where almost anything goes, the animals get to run a little extra wild (with permission from their handlers).

This year, I have the privilege of being a judge along with the mischievous Madame Rose and heavy-handed disciplinarian Madame Navia O'Kink.

There is a big variety of species, styles and training levels at this light-hearted competition, from meek to feral and from sleek to furry. Madame Margherite welcomes all human animals to join the show ever year (and sometimes twice a year) at the DomCon conventions.

Since we can't gather in Los Angeles this month like we usually do, enjoy this throwback while we quarantine.


GALLERY: 583 / DATE: 27 Apr, 20 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

Everything is a surprise when you are sensory deprived and completely out of control!

Encased in rubber, strapped and roped down to the table, ModeNarr is hooded in an incapacitating piece of Studio Gum headgear so he can't hear or see me. All he can do is react and suffer for my amusement.

He hugs himself helplessly in the thick Mr S rubber straitjacket jumpsuit and tries to escape as I add more and more bondage. Once he can no longer struggle, it is time to finally unzip the suit and give him something to wiggle about!

Prolonged chastity has made him desperate for any sensation he can get, even if it means getting laced down onto a plastic cbt board and sadistically teased with a vibrator.

Will I let him have an orgasm?

Will I ruin it along the way?

I think he has earned a chance to find out.


GALLERY: 577 / DATE: 20 Apr, 20 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 2

Breathe deeply of my special smokey essence, Mad Hatter! Soon you will be TRANSFORMED into my special kinky Caterpillar!


GALLERY: 461 / DATE: 19 Apr, 20 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 3

Be careful which coffee shop you hang out at in San Francisco... you might get picked up by some big, mean dykes like us!!!

"I guess I should have run when I saw you..." It is too late for Monika to have second thoughts about coming home with us. The girl gang is on the prowl and Lady Evadne scared up a lovely submissive cosplayer for our casting couch.

"It seems like you did an awful lot of dressing up just to go to a coffee shop. Mommy warned you about boys, but did she warn you about girls like US???" we hold our latest captive up against the wall for interrogation.

"Why would you wear such a provocative little outfit if you didn't want attention? From now on, I want you to say YES MISTRESS whenever we ask you a question, no matter how embarrassing it is! Remember to say Thank You Mistress every time we hurt you too, so that we can train you to be a good girl!" Lady Evadne's infectious laugh makes even the filthiest of dirty talking seem sweet. Monika melts under our erotic humiliation. She is helplessly hypnotized by our femdom power, drawn like a moth to a flame.

Though she started out identifying as a crossdresser, we secretly know that it is just a matter of time before Monika transitions to full time female slut. She blossoms under our guidance,. We are delighted to discover the tent she is pitching in her panties! This shoot proves that you don't have to have a small cock to be feminine (although large ruffled petticoats can help disguise your bulge). We begin training her to have a leather fetish with my opera length kidskin gloves and I grind against her pantied erection in my shiny tight pencil skirt.

First she begs for help, but then we make her beg for more! We work Monika up into a frilly frenzy. One we open her blouse to reveal a push-up bra, we know she is not as innocent as she tries to appear! I have menacing sharp metal fingernail extensions to match Lady Evadne's cruel red talons. Monika's inner thighs are especially sensitive and she writhes beautifully against the rope bondage.

Lady Evadne has a fetish for human ashtray play and our sexy scene has her craving a smoke. We are as addictive as cigarettes but there is no patch to wean you off of femdoms! We take turns blowing smoke in Monika's face and onto her hardening cock. It doesn't take much provocation before Evadne also starts spitting into her mouth and spitting on her dick. She is going to start her training at the very bottom as our good little garbage can.

We use her fetish for frills against her, making her hold her own petticoats up with her mouth like a lace picture frame while we give her a humiliating handjob with a big creamy finish.

Once you are on the kink path, there is no stopping. You will become more and more depraved the deeper you delve into bdsm.


GALLERY: 471 / DATE: 12 Apr, 20 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 3

Happy Spring from Bondageland!

Time for a humiliating holiday threesome with Lady Evadne! I get the feeling this is the start of a very special Easter tradition...

I bind our Easter Bunny's balls with a metal cock ring and special handmade chainmaille "rope" to isolate and puff them up so they look like two eggs, ready to be painted. There's a reason why the Spanish word for testicles is huevos!

One side gets cheerful polka dots, the other gets bright neon stripes! I love collaborating with fellow artists like Lady Evadne, but it is even better when we can combine our kinks with our paintbrushes!

Once his balls are properly decorated, we force him to fuck a hollow chocolate rabbit. I bite off the ears, then start gnawing on his cock inside, until the chocolate starts to melt from his body heat.

I also found a cheerful chocolate bunny lollypop to use as a paddle, but it is MUCH too intense for his little balls. The candy is infused with puffed rice that gives it a LOT more structural integrity than the plain milk chocolate rabbit. It packs quite a sweet punch so we bruise our bunny's butt until it breaks.

The best part of this video is CRUSHING THE EGGS at the end. Pop, pop, POP!!! The painted eggs make an amazing sexy sound as we kick and crush them into explosions of confetti. We position our final Easter eggs dangerously close to his special huevos and then STOMP on them...

You better hope that we have great aim with our cruel fetish boots...

What a satisfying CRUNCH!!!


GALLERY: 582 / DATE: 7 Apr, 20 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1

These wooden stocks fascinate me, they have a mysterious backstory and an imposing presence in the dungeon. So far, no one has been large enough to fit inside this massive bondage device, but I've found a way to fill the huge holes.

My creative solution? INFLATABLE RUBBER!

Once I inflate ModeNarr's fist mitts, there is no way he can pull his hands out of the stocks. Once he is hooded in more latex, I can have my way with him while he teeters in training high heels. The anonymizing embrace of rubber brings out his slutty side!

ModeNarr is hairless and helpless! Being shaved adds to his feeling of being exposed and vulnerable in the middle of a well-stocked femdom's dungeon. He struggles in the strict rigid bondage but needs motivation to test the limits of his predicament.

I want to see this submissive dance! What will cause him to leap and whimper the most? My heart-shaped paddle? Suction cups on his sensitive nipples? Or the butt plug that I'm about to shove deep in his ass???


GALLERY: 240 / DATE: 30 Mar, 20 / IMAGES: 53 / VIDEOS: 2

Servant #7 is such a sassy crossdresser that, sooner or later, his big mouth gets him into trouble.

I look forward to seeing him throw himself under the proverbial bus every time I see him. This time it is his catchy PANTIES that do the talking. Natalya Sadicci's sissy didn't even have to open his mouth to get into BIG TROUBLE with a big group of mistresses.

"WHATEVER" say the cute, sarcastic panties, boldly offering more then he bargained for.

Being friends with many fabulous and famous femdoms has advantages and its disadvantages. What began as a routine punishment session in front of a handful of ladies at DomCon quickly turns into a strap-on gangbang.

Friendship means sharing and Mistress Natalya offers up her sissy's ass and mouth for all of her friends at the bdsm convention.

On hand to take advantage of his willing, slutty holes are Mistress Quinn Helix, Denali Winter, Domina Daisy Ducati and AliceInBondageLand. We start by fucking the little sissy's mouth pussy and then, one by one, stretch the little bitch's ass. Enjoy a whole lot of hilarious and humiliating behind-the-scenes smack-talking in this fun, candid movie.

In the end, our favorite victim is crying from both pain and pleasure. There is no reward at the end of this rainbow. Even if he survives the onslaught, he won't be let out of chastity. All stick and no carrot!

He must endure "whatever" we decide to throw at him, even if it is every strap-on dick in the room, or in the whole convention!

Trust is important when your domina throws you to the pack of hungry women!

. . .

We will be back in Los Angeles, California this May for DomCon LA 2015. Say hello if you see our crew there & send me a letter asap if you would like to be one of our models!


GALLERY: 307 / DATE: 24 Mar, 20 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 3

How do you truly punish a submissive who enjoys kinky, painful and humiliating female domination?

Make him drink an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WHISKEY, in a single sitting, while being humiliated and tortured. Keep the bucket handy in case there is a sudden and unfortunate eruption!

I have a hilariously good time in this forced intoxication scene as I literally reduce my slave to tears as I get him progressively more and more shitfaced on camera.

This is one of the cruelest things I've ever done to a submissive. We had some great plans to go out on the town during our Las Vegas vacation but he showed up late and already tipsy for our date. I have a zero tolerance policy for drunk driving so I am not willing to go ANYWHERE with him while he has a buzz on. Buzzed driving is drunk driving and he needs to be punished!

While he left me waiting, I set up my cameras and concocted a sadistic plan to have our own bottle party.

I help get him started by matching him shot for shot before I start making him do double drinking duty. The more intoxicated he gets, the more his mouth and his dick start to get him into more trouble!

He hasn't earned any body shots this time, but there is a beautiful and well stocked bar that I can climb on top of to make him drink booze off my beautiful high heeled fetish boots!

Enjoy this old fashioned tough love punishment. If the forced intoxication ordeal doesn't teach him a lesson, maybe the hangover will!

Finally! A punishment that this slave doesn't completely enjoy!


GALLERY: 316 / DATE: 16 Mar, 20 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 2

Some submissives love bondage so intense that it scares everyone else.

Instead of finding full body immobilization frightening, this leather slave welcomes the feeling of encasement and compression with a sense of safety. Bondage can be comforting as well as arousing. This slave lives by a motto: "the more bondage, the better!

We take extreme bondage to the next level, starting with a beautiful cobalt blue catsuit, then adding custom fitted leather gloves, booties and a sensory deprivation hood with a special built-in gasmask.

This shoot is a visual feast of color in the usually monochrome world of leather fetishists. There is not a speck of human skin visible on my colorful gimp when I start adding the locking straps.

Layers of leather and straps render my submissive completely helpless on the bondage chair. Soon, it is time to add breath play using the gas mask and a valved breathing bag.

Some of you might find this level of bdsm play terrifying, but others will find it sexy. I invite you to consider this extreme side of human sexuality with an open mind and confront your personal fears around being completely OUT OF CONTROL.

I am certain many people reading this secretly long to surrender complete control to a beautiful, dominant woman.

Would it be easier to accept your fate if I added a vibrator?

Would you be willing to trade your breath for a chance at an orgasm?

Even the most deviant, depraved and fetishistic sexual acts can seem normal when a sexy woman suggests them, especially as you are edging closer and closer to an explosive orgasm!

The closer he gets to cuming, the more I restrict his breathing.
Which will give in first?
His dick or his breath?

Through heavy bondage and female led subjugation, I help him find a sense of belonging inside his physical body. I offer him an escape from the constant, swirling thoughts of his intelligent mind and help him find peacefulness in service, feminization and leather objectification.

Bondage helps him to Be Here Now.


GALLERY: 363 / DATE: 9 Mar, 20 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 5

Enjoy this rubbery romp through a stunning mask and hood collection featuring Studio Gum, Demask and some one of a kind custom creations that integrate gasmasks and hazmat gear. Immobilizing a submissive's head is sometimes seen as the "holy grail" of bondage.

I enjoy showing off a cupping set on Modenarr's nipples before moving on to the truly HEAVY rubber gear. We take note of the size of his nipples before "enhancing" them with suction.

Bigger usually means BETTER, right? Let's make those little male nips as perky as possible! Let's see just how BIG we can make them by the end of this scene.

However, the real star of this shoot isn't the cupping set or even the latex hood collection... my favorite piece of gear in the room is an integrated gas mask paired with an industrial rubber catsuit.

This suit is the ultimate in fetish hazmat gear! He looks like he is either ready for Halloween or Nuclear Winter... maybe both! There is something solid and a little scary about heavy industrial bondage gear.

This is one of the most intense layered rubber fetish shoots that I have ever put together. The latex layers go on and on and on.

There is not a single piece of slave Modenarr's human skin visible, not even around his mouth or eyes. The layers of hoods, gasmasks and gear have made him into a completely anonymous, helpless, nonhuman creature to be toyed with at my whim.

The only way that I can tell that he is still alive is the sound of his breathing. To amplify this lonely "proof of life," I attach a long hose from the gasmask to a bubbler chamber. Now I can tune in to where he is at mentally and physically by listening to his breathing. Now there is no reason to undo ANY of the bondage!

For the finale, we lock him into a metal cage built into the deck of the Serious Bondage institute to stew in his own juices beneath layers of restriction.

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