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GALLERY: 451 / DATE: 16 Jan, 17 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 7

Anal Virgin Deflowered FemDom Threesome


It isn't every day that you get to be someone's first. Virginity is both a prize and a responsibility, it can set the tone for the rest of their sex life.

This submissive has been practicing, stretching his ass for this moment of truth, but he has been locked into chastity the whole time. I've found that the sexual desperation of long term chastity can help push you further down the kinky rabbit hole then you ever thought possible.

Today he graduates to the next level, bravely starting with a fantasy fulfilling threesome. He might be in over his head because cruel Mistress Vyra is here to help me take his strapon cherry. Someday we will get to spend all of the purity points that we take from those we initiate into the femdom lifestyle.

We widen his virgin hole with an inflatable rubber butt plug. It goes in small but grows insidiously large with just a few pumps. Mistress Vyra enjoys toying with him, inflating, deflating, tormenting and teasing his hole before we finally penetrate him with our dicks.

If he can take our cocks completely then we will let him out of chastity. I like being someone's keyholder because I enjoy coercing them into kinkier and kinkier acts of depravity. By the end of this scene, he will be willing to take almost anything up his ass if it means he might get unlocked from the CB6000 chastity device for even a little while. The more we play, the tighter, juicier and more painful his chastity device becomes.

In the end, he can't take our biggest cocks but does manage to get our starter dildo balls deep, so a RUINED orgasm with post-orgasm torture is the perfect compromise. We wouldn't want to be TOO easy on this newbie.

Either way, he goes right back into chastity at the end of this film!


GALLERY: 3 / DATE: 13 Jan, 17 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 1

Institutional Bondage, Chastity Belts and Fem Dom action, oh my!

Our hapless bondage subject must endure lock and key chastity in a custom metal chastity belt by Carrara. This device of tease and denial has become one of my favorite toys! Our scene is made even more intense by the fact that my hapless subject has already SHIPPED THE KEY HOME to the East Coast!

That means he is completely at my mercy. I now own his cock and he is helpless to reclaim it.

He is locked down tightly and securely to a completely METAL custom steel bondage bed by RigidCuff... before being mercilessly teased, tormented and tortured. I laugh at his predicament, make fun of his inability to satisfy himself and enjoy giving his custom metal chastity belt a perfect pussy polish... while he is helpless to do anything but watch!

The institutional restraint style bed straps are as real as they get - and completely immobilizing - made by Humane Restraint. The institutional leather muzzle is from Medical Toys. I love hearing the creak and straining of the leather straps as he struggles against the unforgiving (and unbreakable) metal bed.

Has a Mistress ever locked up your cock? What would you do to get it back???


GALLERY: 459 / DATE: 9 Jan, 17 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 3

Locked in a doom of his own design...

He has a pair of my dirty panties to keep him company! Now I'll never be far from his naughty thoughts, even while directing my video fantasies. Gumbi is trapped while I prepare the living room, set up the lights, get dressed and leisurely apply my makeup.

I laced him TIGHTLY into his new custom neoprene sleepsack to test the fitting. It looked so sexy on him that it seemed like a shame to take him back out again. This is how bonus shoots happen in Bondageland. Now our gear test is turning into an extended bondage scene!

There is a furry party tonight in San Francisco so I'm enjoying an opportunity to play sex kitten in sexy leopard print lingerie with matching ears. Gumbi is still wearing the custom sized Kali's teeth bracelet device to keep him chaste.

He has lost track of the weeks and months spent in constant tease and denial spiked with pain. Today is his first opportunity to get out of chastity in a very long time! There is delightfully raw, pink and sensitive skin in a ring around his cock shaft where the teeth have been biting into him.

It would be easy to push him over the edge with too much pleasure, so I need to balance cock and ball torture alternating with pleasure. This is an excellent time to experiment with a humiliating shoejob.

Will the smooth bottoms of my new high heel shoes be enough to get him off?

Will he finally experience an orgasm after all this tortuous waiting?

Download my latest episode to find out!


GALLERY: 457 / DATE: 6 Jan, 17 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 3

Which will give out first? His cock or his willpower?

Words fail him as I cause more and more ball busting pain. I tie him up on the floor so there is nowhere he can fall when his knees buckle beneath the agony.

I love getting to kick balls in my chunky glitter platform high heels. This is the best possible combination of my fetishes for feet, nylons, shoes and my fetish for cock and ball torture (aka CBT).

It is a treat to get to do testicular damage to a submissive who says "Thank you!" for the privilege, so we go an extra round before Mistress Minax returns home to her dungeon.



GALLERY: 458 / DATE: 2 Jan, 17 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 3

Today's submissive is a curly haired charmer that is eager to please... but does he have balls of steel?

It has been a while since I've enjoyed any true ball BUSTING and he is eager to sate my hunger for testicular punishment.

I'm wearing my favorite opera length leather gloves, inspired by a fetishist that I know online. Does face slapping hurt more or less when it is done using these exquisite supple leather gloves? What about dick slapping? I compare pain levels with my naked hands to better gauge his reactions.

Since I don't want my hands or feet to get sore punishing him so I add toys including clothespins and even a baseball bat! With my sharp fingernails and scarlet nail polish, I love digging in. How far can I twist his dick? How much can he really take? Batter up! SWING!

Which hurts more, your balls or your pride?

Let's distract his wounded ego with some hardcore CBT!!!


GALLERY: 456 / DATE: 30 Dec, 16 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 3

Dominating the Adult Baby - ABDL Age Play Class by Mistress Jackie

"Infantalism: best described as post-pubescent people seeking the emotional experience of returning to their infancy or childhood, using props like diapers, costumes, bottles, regression and roleplaying. This kind of play can open the door to discovery and new levels of erotic trust between partners."

Though this kink is often misunderstood, even within the bdsm lifestyle, Mistress Jackie is here to show you how much fun is awaiting you within adult baby and diaper play. This class was filmed at DomCon Los Angeles, one of my favorite femdom events in the world!

She is a talented femdom teacher who is ready to share her insights and experiences to help you create an excellent abdl scene if you or your partner is interested in her favorite kink. She also covers things like terminology, styles and gear. We finish with a live double diapering demo with Miss Ami Mercury.

Mistress Jackie is an enthusiastic advocate for this taboo fetish, encouraging dominants who might be watching at home to take control of the littles in their life in fresh, creative ways. She is particularly insightful about the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations that help make for a successful age play scene.


GALLERY: 453 / DATE: 26 Dec, 16 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 3

Time to put this beautifully crafted pussy spreader bar to the test!

We have one more specialized toy from Chris at Steelwerx of Canada, created for Elise Graves to prove that tease and denial toys DO exist for women!

The whole dungeon at the Serious Bondage Institute is full of people, drawn in by Elise's noises. We keep count of how many climaxes we force out of her with the vibrators and everyone has a good sense of humor in this fun scene. Mistress Trixie and Brienne the intern make guest appearances too.

Once our submissive screams it all out, she's left only with peals of hysterical giggling and laughter. Instead of succeeding with pain, we have finally broken her with orgasms!

Sometimes that is the best way to reprogram an experienced masochist, they often don't know how to resist or endure pleasure.


GALLERY: 455 / DATE: 19 Dec, 16 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 3

Gumbi Inflatable Latex Sleepsack Hypnosis

Give a man an orgasm and he will forget about it in a few days.

DENY a man that same orgasm and he will remember it for the rest of his life.

It is my slave's SIXTH week in unrelenting chastity. This is a real treat, to be in the Gates of Hell means a lot less pain and room to get almost fully erect. Think of it as a limited opportunity to stretch coupled with sadistic tease and denial! Even while his dick is locked up, there are plenty of erogenous zones available for me to play with.

This is the most gentle chastity device that he has worn in a long time. The spike marks from the Kali's Teeth Bracelet are still clearly visible, a lasting warning not to test my patience. For now, he has gained a reward.

Completely bound.
Completely encased.
Completely helpless.
Completely at my mercy.

My air compressor makes a lot of noise but instantly makes the inflatable bondage as tight as he can handle. His cock is straining so hard within the rubber prison that you can see it bulging and flexing beneath the layers.

"It is going to be at least another week before I even consider allowing you to have an orgasm, and then only if you are very lucky!"

People in the bdsm community sometimes take the term slave very lightly. Through repeated hypnosis using trigger words, I am reprogramming him to be my property. I use the term in a very literal way. I own him. He is an extension of my will.


GALLERY: 454 / DATE: 16 Dec, 16 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 3

Asscake! Mistress Vyra's Birthday Party - DomCon 2016

Since the bakery doesn't have Mistress Vyra's favorite flavor, we concoct a sploshing scene of epic kinky destructive proportions. She wants to SIT ON HER CAKE instead of eating it!

There's something wickedly powerful about a beautiful woman destroying something delicious. Astute viewers know that I have an ass fetish, but I think that I am also developing a sploshing and food fetish. All three kinks are getting amplified more and more from spending time with this cruel bbw.

Mistress Vyra is ready to annihilate this birthday cake with her curvaceous, bodacious ass. The "asscake" hashtag is already trending on DomCon's social media accounts. I packed as many people into the studio as I could because EVERYONE at the convention wants a piece of THIS cake.

Birthday Mistresses always gets their way on their special day and I believe in kinky wish fulfillment whenever possible. Mistress Vyra is especially lucky because DomCon Los Angeles happens at the same time as her birthday in May, so there are plenty of world famous dominatrixes to party with! DomConLA is the largest gathering of professional and lifestyle femdoms in the world.

There are loads of cheers and laughs from offscreen, including Mistress Mia Darque, Miss Freudian Slit and Sadist Sadie Synn along with Zombie plus Cricket Rose to clean up the mess!

When you're a femdom, you can have your cake and sit on it too!



GALLERY: 338 / DATE: 12 Dec, 16 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 2

Strapon Schoolgirl Transformation & Slutification Threesome

Our slutty schoolgirl needs to get all dressed up to please her teachers. Luckily Didi is a very gifted student. She even remembers to say please and thank you, which gets her a lot of extra credit points.

With sexy ruffled panties peeking out beneath her short school uniform skirt, thigh high stockings and a transparent midriff top, soon our submissive is getting into character as our willing pupil. Their luxurious red hair is all natural - no wig needed. I like to think of Didi's ponytails as handles!

Innocent girls shouldn't wear too much makeup, but Jenna Rotten makes sure that she gives our submissive cocksucking lips with shiny lipstick. She also checks on their gag reflex (or lack thereof), noting how our schoolgirl's clitty gets harder in response.

Domina Jenna Rotten is what I would consider a genuine strapon pegging EXPERT. She's also great at smacktalk during her sessions. Throughout this scene it is obvious that we are all having a great time. Time to make some double penetration magic!

Didi eventually gets to enjoy a sissy-style cumshot at the end of this video, but first we make them have orgasm after orgasm. Women are multi-orgasmic naturally, but you can train other submissives to cum over and over again with enough prostate play! Didi's sluty ass better not lose interest once they shoot their load, we still have more planned!

Have you ever been ridden hard and put away wet?

This is a scene that our genderfluid submissive is STILL talking about.


GALLERY: 452 / DATE: 9 Dec, 16 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 3

Steelwerks Female Chastity - Cookie Clamp

This video will make you wish that you were a woman so you could experience insane multiple orgasms like Elise Graves does, one cascading into the other until she is screaming through the gag.

We're having a great time at the Serious Bondage Institute in San Francisco, testing out new toys by Steelwerks of Canada. Elise is having the best time of all, with endless orgasms and eight hands all over her at once.

The Cookie Clamp was designed with her in mind and named after her favorite vulva euphemism. She is also gagged with a ring gag that also doubles as a pussy clamp, with matching nipple clamps and weights. Check out the incredible custom bondage ballet boots that she's locked into, if you can look away from the incredible genital torture devices! There is so much fun bdsm gear in this movie that it is hard to list it all!

In the end, after she screams herself hoarse, we decide that this toy is more of an orgasm enhancer instead of orgasm preventer. Not exactly a female chastity device, but it does technically prevent vaginal penetration.

The final verdict: SO MUCH FUN!!!


GALLERY: 449 / DATE: 5 Dec, 16 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 3

Pup Life!

I often hear submissives fantasizing about permanent marks to prove their devotion and dedication to a mistress. Sometimes they are brave enough to follow through and take the plunging needle. However, I've never seen a ritual of receiving ink quite like this, with a femdom tattoo artist and lots of bondage!

Though ZombiePup is far from a blank canvas, each of their tattoos has a personal meaning. Reminders of people, places, accomplishments and sometimes some bad ideas along the way, their body is an illustrated story chronicling an adventurous life. We're laying down a new chapter in thick, black ink.

Cruel Mistress Vyra is a talented professional tattoo artist when she is not sessioning in San Francisco. Today, her kinky and vanilla worlds collide! We have the studio to ourselves for this special occasion, so I get to fulfill my life long fantasy in style. This art is going to involve bondage, blowjobs and cbt whenever our victim needs a distraction!

ZombiePup's tears are VERY real. Not all tattoos are created equal. This the most painful body art they've ever received, drastically out of proportion to the others.

Tattooing always involves pain but we reduce our normally strong submissive to tearful wracking sobs and eventually even hysterical laughter from the burning agony. The level of suffering is unexpectedly intense, even for a seasoned masochist, because of the nerve damage on their upper thigh from a previous accident.

This level of body modification should never be undertaken lightly. If your mistress decides to bless you with the honor of a permanent mark, consider the location carefully for the sake of discretion and your pain tolerance!


GALLERY: 448 / DATE: 2 Dec, 16 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 3

Steelwerks Female Chastity - The Magic Teddy Bear

On this visit, Steelwerks of Canada brings gear best described as penetration-preventing but pleasure-enhancing female chastity devices.

In our previous Chastity Fashion Show, we talked with Chris about the logistical and physical challenges inherent to female chastity. He is convinced that piercings are necessary for security and has fascinating insight into what is possible with a little technology.

He likes to call this the Magic Teddy Bear but our models consider it the Teddy Bear From Hell! This hot lifestyle exhibitionist couple is excited to demonstrate a temporary but intense style of chastity play. We lose track of how many climaxes our bubbly submissive enjoys while still being denied full penetration.

There are lots of tattoos, lots of orgasms and a HUGE number of excited kinksters packed into this movie, filmed at the Serious Bondage Institute in San Francisco. Mistress Trixie Fou, Elise Graves, Mark, Felix and more are involved with these shenanigans!


GALLERY: 446 / DATE: 28 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 3

The more bondage I add, the more aroused my chastity slave Gumbi becomes... not just because he enjoys bondage, but because he enjoys being bound by ME. I do not use the term "slave" lightly, he lives his life in service of women as literal property.

I start with a thick latex strait jacket and matching black rubber gas mask to restrict both his movement and breathing. Then, I add layers of white rope bondage, using all of the hidden attachment points built into the bondage throne. When I cut off the air to the sealed gas mask, I see the word TRUST in the widening of his eyes and stiffening of his cock.

The most important bondage of all is his CHASTITY! This keeps all of his energy focused on pleasing me instead of on getting his dick stimulated. It is critical to Gumbi's training to displace his sexuality from being penis-centric so that he can someday serve his owner without a pesky hardon getting in the way.

Kali's Teeth Bracelets (KTB) are more punishment devices then normal day-to-day chastity. My slave is wearing it to punish his nasty thoughts as aversion therapy while his new custom Lori's Tube is being made.

He's been locked for 16 weeks and counting!!! It is a mindfuck when I add the vibrator, since it SHOULD feel good. Instead he feels only pain from the tightening ring of spikes around his sensitive shaft.

Being a keyholder is a BIG responsibility. You have such POWER over a man when you hold the keys to his manhood! Since you cannot (legally) geld a man, locking up their erections is the next best thing, making sure you have their undivided attention! This immediately instills a special kind of connection, almost a dependency or Stockholm Syndrome. For all intents and purposes, you literally OWN HIS DICK.

To a modern man raised in patriarchy, this loss of control is both terrifying and relieving on a primal level. He can surrender and submit knowing that there is NOTHING he can do about it. The chastity is deeply personal bondage that travels with you everywhere you go, stimulating you with every step in a way that is impossible to ignore. Constant tease and denial is worse then just vowing to stop touching yourself. The fear and excitement of potential discovery adds a fascinating layer of perversion every time you go to the gym, a swimming pool or the airport.

Bondage, in this context, is both binding and liberating at the same time.


GALLERY: 450 / DATE: 25 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 3

Steelwerks Chastity Fashion Show - The Creature & Female Devices

We are diving deep into the forbidden topic of female chastity! There is still substantial social pressure on women to remain chaste, so physical chastity is especially rare in ladies. It is also much more challenging, in practice, to lock a woman into physical chastity.

While it is relatively simple and straight forward to control male orgasms, by locking up their cock and balls, women don't have an easy attachment point for devices. This is usually solved with piercings or a full belt design. Even with such technology in place, some women are able to achieve orgasms through a vast array of non-genital sensations.

Learn more about the custom Steelwerks chastity designs for locking up women, including styles, piercings, clitoral shields, and more! Everywhere you see an S-screw is another lock!

We also get a closer look at his latest one-of-a-kind "Creature" device. Each is a unique work of art. This Creature is one of his best, an intricate titanium masterpiece. Steelwerks of Canada makes some of the best chastity devices in the world!


GALLERY: 441 / DATE: 21 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 9

This scene has soooooo much chemistry!

He saved my life in the desert and has earned a part-time place at my side through loyal service... but now it is time for me to take out a year's worth of pent up aggression on Zombie's ass! His owner has send him to me for some much needed play time!!!

He talks a mean game, but I am going to get to the bottom of his pain tolerance tonight, or break a few toys trying! Paddling him gets me so wet that I play with myself and force him to lick pussy juices off my fingers. His suffering turns me on so much!

This scene is intense and intimate. It takes time to build this level of trust and connection, but it is worth it. I share this lucky slave with his owner and we enjoy the chance to play on those rare occasions when we are in the same part of the country. Connections don't have to be constant, local, or exclusive, in order to be meaningful.

The flogging is full force, I don't pull any punches. There are no special effects for the camera. His pain and my pleasure are both VERY real. I beat him down before taking advantage of his mouth. Screaming into my pussy feels good for both of us!

"If you can take my whole strap-on in you ass, I might suck your cock as a reward." He wants to please me but his ass is tight even for my smallest cock. It has been a long time since Zombie has been pegged and I push him further with the promise of a treat.

He struggles through FIVE anal orgasms, but afterwards he is going to have to make up for all the pleasure with a significant amount of chastity lockup time. This is all part of his advanced training to be my perfect little party favor at BDSM events. Good slaves get rewarded... but first they must be tested!

When he doesn't cum on command, it is time to turn his dick into my chew toy. I keep my word to give him a blowjob, but I make sure it isn't a pleasant one. How do you feel about cbt? Is it worth enduring my biting to get my mouth on your dick?

Fortunately, even though his ass his worn out, his tongue is still in excellent condition for worshiping my pussy. This way, at least one of us gets to have an orgasm today!


GALLERY: 447 / DATE: 18 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 3

"I felt like I was 18 years old again - horny as a teenager!!!"

I have showcased some great captive ball style chastity devices and even some exotic devices like the notorious Kali's Teeth Bracelet or Lori's Tubes, which require a piercing... but a FULL BELT is very rare and today Felix has TWO of them to show off.

My astute viewers will recognize the Carrera belt from Belgium, but Felix also brought his legendary extra-thick Latowski. This is a unique chastity belt since it is made of thicker metal then usual. The manufacturer no longer offers that option because of the difficulties in working with the enhanced material. This belt is something truly special, even among the devices considered "The Cadillac or Mercedes of Chastity Belts."

We also take an in depth look at the silicone insert, which keeps you firmly and inescapably in place. The nice part about both of these belt designs is that they encase your testicles as well as your penis so NOTHING is accessible except two small openings to facilitate using the bathroom.


GALLERY: 445 / DATE: 14 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 9

Ebony Muscle Man is aptly named, it is easy to objectify his buff muscular arms in this custom sleeveless leather catsuit.

However, since he is so masculine and built like a stud, many women unfortunately assume that he must be sexually dominant. Stuck in an unfortunate typecasting, he longs to submit to a strong woman who refuses to be intimidated by his physical appearance.

Using baby oil, I polish his muscles to a glossy shine. You can think of this as a sort of reverse muscle worship. I want to devour him, one bite at a time. When I'm done gnawing on his rippling biceps, I enjoy some prolonged nipple sucking and nipple torture to help sensitize him more and more. My predator side comes out in this movie. I am ready to devour him raw!

He admits that he secretly enjoys objectification but blushes when he admits that he could probably bench press my body weight. I am attracted to a wide variety of body types, but it is exciting to get to sink my teeth into this much man meat!

I love having such a STRONG man completely at my mercy! His bulging muscles work so hard for my pleasure. Sexy extremes of masculine and feminine in leather, we make quite a pair in this video.

When he can no longer endure the strain of the standing bondage, I lash him to the bondage table using thick white rope. His dick gets harder and harder, bulging against the leather catsuit while I restrain the rest him tighter and tigher. I add a sensory deprivation hood and a powerful vibrator to heighten his helplessness and arousal.

He is sexy and strong with a big black cock but he won't be getting an orgasm today... just lots of edging until he loses his mind!

How long would it take you to use your safeword in this situation?


GALLERY: 442 / DATE: 11 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 3

"Men always love it when an older woman shows a younger lady what to do..." Mistress Jenna Rotten has years of experience and Mistress Camilla is eager to learn her advanced handjob techniques!

"There are more then 100 ways to stroke a cock if you have a good imagination!" Jenna lives up to her reputation as a cock whisperer in this inspiring clip. I love the contrast of the sexy fishnets and tiny panties with the nice sized cock of our crossdressing demo model.

The mistresses demonstrates several different dick stroking techniques. Our sub almost loses control early when Mistress Jenna spits on his cock instead of using more normal lube. All natural!

If our skinny little southern submissive can hold out for the entire lesson, then he might get to have a happy ending.


GALLERY: 443 / DATE: 7 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 3

Strap-On Pegging Foursome New Orleans Style

Many virgins fantasize about it, but how many of them are truly ready to submit to a gangbang?

We knew it was going to be a great day in New Orleans when our submissive brought a full sized King Cake to tribute and wore tight little panties with thigh high fishnets to the grocery store beneath his masculine attire.

This crossdresser is putting his ass on the line during our Mardi Gras vacation. I can't tell if it is courage, trust or lust clouding his mind. Normal folks would be more scared, especially with three famous, experienced femdoms in the French Quarter ganging up on them! He is clearly excited and ready to be initiated.

I use a nice big buttplug to open him up. Mistress Camilla Casanova is wearing her favorite big black cock. For a special twist, Mistress Jenna Rotten sports a double ended dildo called the Feeldoe so she can enjoy her pegging on a whole new level!

Let's see how much this virgin can take when there's nothing they can do about it!!!

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