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GALLERY: 531 / DATE: 27 Aug, 18 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 2

Sissy Joy slipped out of her chastity device so we are ordering one with a smaller ring. Over time, anatomy adjusts to the cock ring in the same way a corset creates waist training. That is a sign you've been locked for a loooooooong time!

We've bonded over a mutual love of rubber fashion and she bought her first piece rubber clothing under my orders... now let's see if she enjoys it as much as I think she will!

Sissy Joy's Journal Entry:

Yum, I think Mistress Alice has started me down the path of becoming a rubber fetishist. She is leading me down the Rubber Rabbit Hole... My outfit for the day was minimal, an Israeli gas mask and unitard with complete access front to back in the groin."

I got to assist Mistress Alice and her friend Mistress Sofia with getting their latex shine using a hands-on, interactive, method by spraying the lube onto her dress, then rubbing down her body. It is useful body worship and feels amazing. Also, there's a power play dynamic at work, since one does not dare touch certain areas without permission.

After we were all shiny and lubed, time for some bondage! Mistress Alice put me in an intricate bondage web while Mistress Sofia was there tickling, pinching and slapping me.

Between being stuck to table, sliding in my own rubber suit, air regulated through a rubber mask, I was easily excitable at this point. Seeing Mistress Alice strut around like a stud, dick waving, was really more than enough visual stimulation. She mounted the table, and sat between my legs.

"My dick is bigger!" Mistress Alice taunted me. Seeing that I was literally dripping precum, she decided to use my own juices as lube. She made our cocks "kiss." I don't know what is worst, having her do this or the threat of forced bi hanging in the air. It's not a hard limit, but being fucked by a man for their amusement is a scary proposition.

"Are you ready for a real cock?" Mistress whispered not-so-sweet nothings as she tried to force her way into my ass. Mistress Sofia started to restrict my airflow, which caused me to control my breathing, the result, I found myself more than halfway impaled on Mistress Alice's cock immediately. She didn't need to be too forceful, I was already in an incredibly highly aroused state. One more hip thrust, and I was stuck with the entire shaft in my ass.

Did mention I had literally no slack to move up, or away from this fucking? All I could do was lie there and take whatever they dished out. A couple of deep thrusts and a teasing hand job had me racing towards an orgasm. Fear of a ruined orgasm still was in the back of head, which only added to my arousal.

"You better ask for permission before you cum!" Mistress Sofia reminded me. The handjob accelerated.

"Please, Mistress may I cum." I tried asking.

"What? Louder...."
"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE may I cum, PLEASE MISTRESS!!!" or something, along those lines, I screamed. Mistress Sofia completely covered my airflow and Mistress Alice allowed me to finally have an orgasm. My cum, kept on flowing, and flowing, and flowing...

"You see this is why we choose chastity! Don't you want a mind blowing orgasm, instead of those half assed orgasms you get from wanking too much?" As a final act of dominance, Mistress Alice locked me back into chastity.

There's a tutorial piece at the end, showing you the various online keyholding methods Mistress uses and how a lockbox can be used as an economical remote option. All in all it was an amazing day filled with rubber!


GALLERY: 530 / DATE: 20 Aug, 18 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 3

Never let anyone tell you that dominant women don't, won't or can't give great blowjobs!

When I found out that there was a glory hole at the local dungeon, I begged them to let me film there after hours. When my submissive used their safeword about sucking my stud's cock, I decided to turn it into a cuckolding scene instead!

With my little sub tied up helplessly, I'm going to show you that real femdoms do suck dick... but only when it is worthy! Even well hung bulls have to suffer for my amusement, so once he is rock hard and in my mouth, I start adding more and more cbt into the mix.

When and IF we choose to have oral sex with our submissive, we can still retain our dominance. To demonstrate this and reassure my favorite cock-sucking mistresses at home (who fear they are in the minority), here is a delightful behind the scenes video from the vault.

How much CBT can my mystery man handle? I won't let him pull out of the glory hole and run away now that I've got him by the balls! How about some ball punching and deep throating tonight? Sounds like fun to me!

You're lucky enough to get to watch what you can't have... but would you REALLY be able to handle this BALL-PUNCHING BLOWJOB???


GALLERY: 529 / DATE: 13 Aug, 18 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 3

This video is a great example of what happens when a birthday wish takes on a life of its own.

It is Cruel Mistress Vyra's birthday and ALSO the middle of DomCon, the biggest gathering of lifestyle and professional femdoms in the world! Since she has impossibly long manicured fingernails, we are her "stunt fists" tonight, putting on a special show. Cricket Rose volunteered to push her personal boundaries and indulge our truly extreme vaginal insertions. Two of my favorite size queens, together at last!

Someone got excited and bragged about our plans online, so it didn't take long before more people started asking for permission to participate. There are so many dominants at a convention like this that, once there's a rumor of a gangbang, everyone wants in on the action!

How many fists can Cricket handle in one day?

Quinn Helix is first up to bat once Cricket is in rope bondage and her fist goes in with almost no resistance, as Mistress Vyra looks on. We organize the fisters from smallest to largest and it is a wild ride all the way to the finish line with Zoe Freshcut, Miss Fiona (aka Miss Freudian Slit), Denali Winter, Bambi Belle, ZombiePup, Sadie Synn and more, all taking turns stretching her pussy.

Cricked has a great time despite feeling like an airbag went off inside of her by the end of the night. We're giving a new meaning to the words "punch drunk" tonight at this kinky birthday party!

Wishes do come true!


GALLERY: 401 / DATE: 6 Aug, 18 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 3

Mistress Vyra has the cruelest, longest fingernails that I have ever seen!

Each one is exquisitely painted and sharpened to a sadistic point! Her incredible nails make cock and ball torture very PERSONAL in a whole new way! Her manicures are legendary and in this shoot they have special heat reactive color-changing nail polish!

I forgot to mention to my slave how mean my bbw friend can be, especially when taking someone to that primal place of guttural moaning, screaming and crying.

"It isn't THAT BAD, is it? Your dick is still attached and you're not bleeding yet." Our slave struggles but Vyra is relentless. "Its just the tip! Its just the tip, I swear!" she taunts him with the points of her claw-like nails. She inflicts intense nipple torture with plenty of cbt to keep him on the edge. The harder he gets, the more room there is for clamps on his dick!

All submissives need a good punishment sometimes, to remind them of their place and cleanse all those naughty thoughts! Mistress Vyra also gives a MEAN bare handed spanking while I opt for a good old fashioned caning.


GALLERY: 314 / DATE: 1 Aug, 18 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 2

Time for a kinky bridal gown extravaganza!!!

The contrasting combination of the sleeveless feminine gown detailed in light pink embroidered lace flowers with the shiny black latex catsuit and rubber dollification hood turns me on SO MUCH. I love the juxtaposition of bridal virginal innocence with the inner sluttiness of my sissy rubber doll.

We shopped for this wedding gown in person in the San Francisco Bay Area and were treated with great respect when we were honest that the dress was for him. They were able to help select a lovely dress with a flattering fit and a cathedral length train. That kind of bravery should be rewarded!

However, I also want to make sure that my crossdressing rubber bride is like a virgin for her husband-to-be, so I make sure to lock her cock up in a black silicone chastity device. This way, I know FOR SURE that she will be a good girl until her wedding night.

Until then, we still have a lot of sissification shopping to do! I am going to take her out to the mall for matching shoes, a new wig and the perfect veil. I wonder how the saleswomen at the bridal boutiques will respond? She will also need something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Is every transvestite bride this horny before their wedding?


GALLERY: 528 / DATE: 24 Jul, 18 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 3

Enjoy this cozy fireside scene with your kinky family.

Mistress Evadne is in her big armchair by the fire, ready for you to sit on her lap like our good little sissy girl. Since a sitting on a cock for the first time is such a special moment, we want to make sure you do it RIGHT. We wouldn't trust that special first time to just anyone, so let us guide and nurture you into the world of sexuality.

Our little Monika is clearly ready to blossom when we catch her playing with her clitty. We enjoy exploring her growing body together in this threesome. Evadne's rigid strapon driving into her might hurt at first, but soon she will learn to sit right down on our dicks and bounce like a good slut. We're going to raise our little sissy RIGHT.

"If you can take Mistress Evadne's whole cock in your virgin-tight sissy hole, then maybe I will reward you." It isn't often that a mistress gives a blowjob, but this is the kind of day that deserves a celebration. I've also found that a little oral pleasure can help make your first pegging a little easier to handle.

Remember, if you get close to cumming, you have to tell me! If you can get that dildo is balls-deep in your hole without crying, then I will let you cum all over my breasts and then suckle your juices off my nipples. They call it sissy milking for a reason! We wouldn't want those cummies to go to waste...


GALLERY: 527 / DATE: 16 Jul, 18 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

If we put enough pairs of panties on you in layers, will they function like a chastity device? Would layers of lace be a masturbation deterrent or enhancement?

With every piece of feminizing clothing, I notice that my captive gets more and more aroused. I trace the edge of their secret hole through the layers of panties and suddenly they're writhing and moaning. Good thing I've already got them in bondage!

I pull each pair of panties to a different side in order to expose bitchboi's uncut clitty. The combination of different panty styles act like a cock ring made of lace!

There is a magical moment in this video when my sissy submissive starts wringing their hands with fear and excitement. I can tell they are aching to be filled up by the way they respond to the slightest tough. I sensitize them by more and more by running my fingernails up and down their inner thighs. Sometimes a light touch can cause more torment then a cruel lashing, but my sensuous side eventually gives way to sadism.

Clothespins are easy to find and inexpensive, it is also hard to permanently injure someone with them. Though they are easy to use and newbie-friendly to dominants, they can be VERY intense and painful for submissives, especially beginners like bitchboi.

Today, I am conducting an experiment! I found bamboo clothespins instead of the usual cheap wooden ones and I want to find out which style is more painful. They certainly feel harder and make a much more menacing clicking noise, but will they be more painful than the classic clamps? Let's find out!

The feeling of the blood rushing back to bitchboi's sensitive skin is like "pins and needles from hell" when I remove any clamps. Adding a vibrator makes it even more tortuous!

Unfortunately for them, the MEANEST part is when they come OFF...


GALLERY: 526 / DATE: 9 Jul, 18 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 2

At this specialized femdom medical institute, we understand the dark desire for penetration that haunts an otherwise straight man's mind. This patient was admitted with disturbing erotic symptoms and we are committed to getting to the bottom of his disorder, not through denial but through excess. Only by embracing his depravity can he be healed of sexual shame.

Sometimes it isn't just a craving for oral penetration that drives kinky men, but an overwhelming need to put ALL of their holes to use. Anal penetration is often next on an explorer's list. Strap-on sex can provide some gratification or relief thanks to the reaction of the prostate glad to certain stimulus, including the possibility of being pleasurably milked! However, I am more intrigued by the forbidden holes and their arcane pleasures...

How do you feel about your urethra?

That precious, delicate, sensitive hole is not something that most men think about very often, unless they are lucky enough to have a piercing. It is also able to stretch to receive a specialized urethral sound. I have heard sounding described as everything between "burning pain" to "an orgasm in reverse" according to other patients. In this medical play threesome, my nurse and I are ready to stretch your holes in ways you might not have expected when you first woke up in our special hospital.

How would YOU react if a beautiful doctor prescribed this advanced CBT treatment ASAP?


GALLERY: 525 / DATE: 2 Jul, 18 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 3

I get off watching the submissives fight to be the one who gets to pleasure me, even though they won't get to feel or taste anything! They WILL have a front row seat to my gushing pussy, though. That counts for something. Once you've been teased, denied and edged this much, any kind of sex becomes incredibly hot, even vicariously.

My cameraguy won the first round of the Sub War so he gets locked into the Queening Chair. I strap cocks onto his face and chest so that we can enjoy different sized dick options.

I ride his face while sexy switch Alexis gives him a handjob. To make sure we're not being too easy on him, she uses the chains like a twisted cbt fleshlight to torment and arouse him to orgasm.

Will this break him or bring him to a new level of kink?


GALLERY: 524 / DATE: 25 Jun, 18 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 3

"One, Two -
Three, Four -
I declare a sub-war..."

This is going to be a fun day! Since one of our models is feeling less-than-dominant, I give them a chance to fight among themselves to see who will be the most submissive. My cameraguy gets a chance to see if he can flip the scene with Alexis the switch.

First, I tie her up, then I tie him up. They're both horny and out to dominate each other for my amusement. WHO WILL WIN? Is having an orgasm "winning" or "losing" in this kinky game?

His secret weapon is using pleasure to distract her, since she can't hold on to the top for very long once she gets close to orgasm. This "race to the bottom" scene is magical because it is so erotic to watch Alexis struggle to hold her own and dominate her fellow submissive even with one hand tied behind her back AND while getting fucked...

Is this "topping from the middle" instead of topping from the bottom?

Would you want to be part of this subby sandwich?


GALLERY: 512 / DATE: 11 Jun, 18 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 3

Henchpeople, henchmen, henchwomen... what about HENCHSLUT???

Remember folks, SLUT is gender neutral!

They thought they could get away with shoddy henching. Sit and spin! Buttplugs, paddles and spankings for all of them!

Some of the henchies were more successful than others today but to teach them all a lesson, they all must be punished, one after another, in front of each other! Each slut has to watch the sluts before them suffer. Sometimes anticipation combined with imagination can be the most terrible of tortures. This kind of collective torment can be a good bonding experience.

If you are afraid of clowns, then you might want to skip this kinky homage to the Joker.

From now on, maybe they will keep each other on their best behavior? Unless one of them LIKES to be punished...


GALLERY: 514 / DATE: 4 Jun, 18 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 3

I love judging the Miss DomCon Los Angeles Pageant!

There are three categories in the Crossdressing Pageant:
- Gown/Catwalk
- Interview
- Talent Competition

If you don't have a prepared piece for your talent, you are "assigned" a talent, putting a condom onto a strapon using ONLY your mouth! I don't know which I like more, the well crafted performances or the enthusiastic sloppy blowjobs!

Judged by world famous femdoms including Porcelain Midnight, Goddess Fae Black, Mistress Ellen and more! I feel honored to be among them on this illustrious stage.

Each of our contestants has given careful thought and effort into crafting their look, perfecting their makeup and learning how to move in their stunning high heels. I appreciate their enthusiasm and their bravery as they put themselves on display in front of the BDSM community.

Some of them are beginners, others have been dressing up for their entire lives. Our pageant features a wide range of ages, styles and passability - all are welcome to join in the competition for the tittle of Miss DomCon LA.

As gender roles and expectations become more fluid, the focus on "passing" has shifted to a focus on being FABULOUS where everyone is accepted as a part of spectrum.

It is exciting to be living in a world where events like this can take place in the open and be celebrated by everyone!


GALLERY: 521 / DATE: 28 May, 18 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 2

Will Sissy Joy get to enjoy a creamy reward at the end of this video or will Denali's new rainbow dildo steal her orgasm? We're all chomping at the bit to use our new toys today!

It is going to take a true team effort to stretch Sissy Joy's ass wide enough and deep enough to take this massive strap-on. We start warming her up with their largest butt plug for several hours, including while we go out to lunch! Now that she is DEEP into subspace, it is time for more probing and penetrating!

We have a bet going about how far Joy can deepthroat the dildo, using the colored stripes as a depth gauge. To maximize her potential sword swallowing, we invert the sling. Blindfolded and hanging upside down, she has to find the dildo first before she can suck it. Putting her head lower than her ass means she is in a perfect throat fucking position... as long as she doesn't choke!

After slobbering all over Denali's dick and making a mess, we finally adjust her to the proper fucking position. Since the plug has been stationary for so long, we take a moment to play tentacle monster. All three of us put fingers into Sissy Joy and wiggle them at the same time.

Once we've maximized her chances at being loose enough, the moment of truth arrives. Just getting past the head is an accomplishment! Once inside her, Denali quickly slides deeper than Sissy Joy thought she could take. Nearly halfway in on just the first thrust!

Despite all her fears, Sissy Joy wins the second half of my bet. We increase the pace once her chastity device comes off, making her really work for it, edging her with a handjob but also distracting her with the pounding.

Hitting a new level of pleasure high, Sissy Joy utters the fateful words "anal orgasms are just as good!" Be careful what you say in moments of ecstasy!

Stay tuned for the consequences...


GALLERY: 522 / DATE: 22 May, 18 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 2

I want to see your cock weep tears of precum for me. If you don't produce at least 10 full drops, then you're not going to be allowed to have an orgasm today, no matter how much you beg. If I can't make you cry, I can at least make you drip!

Even for a well hung submissive stud, the threat of chastity is still VERY real. Having a beautiful cock and toned body isn't enough to make you entitled to an orgasm in Bondageland. You have to earn any pleasure you receive, once you're helpless in my leather sling.

I take my time in this slow-building tease scene. It is extra fun to play with a nice big cock because, even though it is a two-hander, I can drive him wild with just one finger tip.

This stunning specimen of masculinity proves that submissives do not need to be feminine in order to be obedient and subservient to female authority. It is a refreshing change of pace to have a slave with thick muscles and a perfect member. It is also perfect for cbt!

I prefer to fuck a submissive with a dildo that is BIGGER than their own, but we are going to need to do a lot of stretching before you will be able to take a copy of your dick!

Everything good comes with practice so maybe you might get to come someday too...

Once you cum, the torment isn't going to stop. Post-orgasm torture is one of the meanest things you can do to a man...

How many orgasms can you have before you BEG ME TO STOP?


GALLERY: 518 / DATE: 18 May, 18 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 3

It is dangerous to have a birthday during a BDSM convention and even more risky when it is during DomCon, the biggest femdom event in the world!

Zombie Pup has the dubious honor of being our birthday boy each May and our "celebrations" get more and more outlandish as we make more and more friends among my fellow mistresses.

Tonight, we've squeezed as many people into our playspace as we can (including off-camera folks and guest stars) for a party and now it is time to deliver some very lucky "crowdsourced" birthday spankings! Even just bare-handed, the punishments get intense, leaving handprints with their force.

Miss Freudian Slit and Cricked Rose have scores to settle with our slutty sub and Jenna Rotten kisses his ass (yes, really) after beating him to the edge of what he can handle.

Sadie Synn learned how to paddle by going swat-for-swat against fraternity boys in college! She's got a heavy enough hand but she's truly devastating with a paddle... especially since she made the paddles we use in this scene! Her toys are beautiful and VERY painfully effective.

Mistress Genevieve also likes the paddles she made and you can see the bruises start to form on Zombie's ass as the video goes on. Denali Winter joins in with a smaller, meander toy to deliver their allotment of punishment.

If you watch closely, you'll also see Devan de Sade deliver some blows along with Jackie Blue...

Remember, its not a real birthday until you're cowering in a corner!


GALLERY: 520 / DATE: 14 May, 18 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 2

This shoot started with a basic idea that became progressively more crazy. It began with Sissy Joy wearing her new hood but when cruel Mistress Vyra reveals her exotic new humbler, New Toy Day was born!

Vyra has been teasing us for months with photos of her newest device and we're excited to reveal it to you too. It is a wooden toy with a loud metal ratchet that can pull your balls tight or can give you more wiggle room if you earn a break. The retractable spikes inside of the jaws where the balls are captured are ready to add some extra SPICE.

Most humblers are clumsy to apply, needing more than one domme or an extra hand to hold their balls in place while you tightens the two pieces of wood together. This design lets you capture their balls before tightening the bondage, making it easier and faster to be captured. The ratcheting SOUNDS this thing makes are the best part, adding to the suspense, creating a great "mindfuck" for a nervous submissive.

CBT has always been touch and go with Sissy Joy. Fortunately, the humbler allows her a reprieve without removing the device by loosening the cords. I also like the ability to quickly re-apply the vice with minimal fuss or complicated effort.

Once fully ratcheted down, her balls are painfully crushed and she is held deliciously in a subservient position - unable to stand up or do anything besides crawl. In that frightened, vulnerable position, we enjoy a chance to spank, paddle and torment her, even adding a nice big butt plug.

When the device is tight, any small movement tugs on her balls. Even involuntary winces translates to cock and ball torture. Happy struggling, little sissy slut!!!


GALLERY: 517 / DATE: 7 May, 18 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 3

What started as a silly birthday tradition has evolved into an anual sadistic sploshing scene. Every mistress at this femdom convention wants a piece of Zombie and his special cake shenanigans ever since I published the first video.

Mistress Genevieve missed out on this deliciously messy tradition last year, so she is in rare form tonight, gorgeous, blonde, cruel and polished to a high gloss latex shine. Licking crushed chocolate cake off her rubberized ass hardly seems like a punishment until she starts smothering Zombie with chocolate covered face-sitting.

Our feedee victim chokes and gags while he struggles to breathe, swallow and lick her pussy all at the same time!

One cake is never enough so curvy Mistress Jenna Rotten & Miss Freudian Slit have a delicious red velvet cake with beautiful cream cheese frosting to ruin all over him too. This time, Zombie Pup must eagerly lap all of the sticky mess off their perfectly pedicured filthy femdom feet.

Did the mean ladies step on your birthday cake? Poor puppy! You can salvage some crumbs if you're brave...

If he doesn't have a foot fetish yet, we are one step closer to creating one!


GALLERY: 506 / DATE: 1 May, 18 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 3

We won!!!

AliceInBondageLand won "Best Bondage Website" and Denali took "Best New Website!" but only one of us got a real trophy. Time for some kinky arts and crafts!

We made an awesome trophy out of Sissy Joy to celebrate our two Bondage Awards but our first Oscar-inspired bondage statue looked nothing like the real trophy. Time for a sissy sequel! Mistress Casanova joins in this time and the four of us will rectify this award show injustice.

This statue has a very extreme stress position so circulation, muscle fatigue, cramps and more will all be an issue. Sissy Joy's goal is to endure for as long as she can for our amusement. For a sleek black look to match my statue, she is encased in a black nylon catsuit with a brand new bright red ball-gag. To keep her in the proper slave position, we add pallet wrap and black duct tape.

Starting with Sissy Joy on her back, we quickly work as a team to trap her legs in a cocoon of palate wrap before we reinforce the bondage with layers of tape and lift her back into a kneeling position. This is where teamwork becomes important, since Joy is helplessly immobilized by bondage on top of bondage!

We take turns with a vibrator, trying to get her to whimper or giggle nervously. Sissy Joy's giggles are infectious and indicate a happy submissive, but also an anxious one. Mistress Casanova is skilled at finding all those special spots that are both painful and pleasurable, but not entirely unenjoyable, even through the l locked chastity cage.

Sissy Joy is a rare flexible submissive who can put her hands fully behind her back, matching the statue's position with no cheating or special effects. Good sluts are hard to find, we're going to keep her!


GALLERY: 511 / DATE: 23 Apr, 18 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 3

Tight compression can be so relaxing... if you don't panic!

Some bondage enthusiasts find bondage enormously comforting and a complete kink in its own right, instead of a means to an end. Enjoy this afternoon celebrating sustainable and completely inescapable bondage in a custom leather sleepsack with strategic padding to maximize immobilization and duration.

Eventually, all bondage scenes will develop "hot spots" that limit the length of the lockup. Our goal here is to completely eliminate all movement while still allowing SnugBug to be strapped down for an entire afternoon (or more!) to enjoy the curing and calming effects of true helplessness.

Zip it up, lace it tight, strap it down and then order him to struggle so that I can find and eliminate the wiggle room. I want him to be able to exhaust himself without the bondage giving an inch! That lack of escapeability becomes even more important when I start to control and restrict his breathing too!

While I love to spice things up with pain and pleasure, there is something meditative and sexy about this heavy bondage scene. I think you will eventually learn to like it!


GALLERY: 432 / DATE: 20 Apr, 18 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 3

There's nothing hotter then a sexy woman smoking and talking shit.

"After a long day of being fabulous, what better way to relax then sit back and enjoy a smoke. I like to keep a little slutty oral ashtray submissive handy for these special relaxing moments.

"Sometimes, when my human ashtray is especially good and swallows every bit of my ashes, I blow smoke in its face. My second hand smoke is quite a treat for a lowly object. Sharing smoke this way can be very intimate and erotic.

"I bet you smoking fetishists at home are so kinky that you even like it when I cough because my big titties bounce so much!

"This is what I do to unwind at the end of a long day of ass beatings, putting men in their place and being a famous dominatrix."

- Domina Jenna Rotten, ProDom from New Orlean

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