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GALLERY: 505 / DATE: 22 Jan, 18 / IMAGES: 5 / VIDEOS: 2

DomCon LA 2017 Time Lapse

Every year, hundreds of the world's most famous and beautiful femdoms gather in Los Angeles, California for DOMCON!!!

With classes, live demonstrations, shopping and play parties, this convention has something for everyone... but my favorite part is always the GROUP PHOTOSHOOT.

So much effort goes into this annual "yearbook photo" that I decided to start time-lapsing the footage. The resulting music video has become a delightful part of our kinky convention traditions.

How many mistresses do you recognize in this fun video?


GALLERY: 502 / DATE: 15 Jan, 18 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 3

Here is a femdom threesome clip that is all about OUR pleasure. My slave is here to serve us, not to fulfill any of his own selfish carnal desires. Keeping him in 24-7 chastity helps enforce that selfless submissive attitude in a very special way.

Whenever he starts to get hard, the chastity device's cruel spikes torment him back into submission. Today, I'm also adding cruel electrodes to deliver swift cbt shocks at the push of a button!

Once he is in head-to-toe rubber in the special latex sissy maid uniform, I add a humiliating gag so he can serve us chocolate without the use of his hands. My slave must worship our feet, not with his mouth but in USEFUL ways with special pedicure tools. Exfoliation, moisturizing, massage and more!

Master D is delightful in this scene and her love of both cock and ball torture and foot fetish indulgence is obvious. Lifestyle mistresses make the best scenes come to life and it is a joy to share my slave with her. Not just because we get to play footsie, but that helps! Once our feet our smoothed and slippery, we enjoy rubbing them together and entwining our toes.

Can you handle four femdom feet in your face???

Is it easier when we shock your balls into submission?


GALLERY: 437 / DATE: 28 Dec, 17 / IMAGES: 50 / VIDEOS: 8

This is a BIG day for me as an artist and director. I am here to celebrate publishing my 300th exclusive episode!!! There are even MORE then that number here on my website if you include the shared content I've created in collaboration with other websites. However, the 300 movies I've personally directed are the nearest and dearest to my heart.

Smart fans can tell the difference between performers going through the motions or lifestyle kinksters indulging in what gives them true pleasure. Thank you for supporting my films as we put the FUN back into femdom media!

We've captured a transgirl at the start of her blossoming transition. She has beautiful balls that will someday make great pussy lips but, for now, we need all that extra skin to attach as many clothespins to her as possible. We are eager for the bondage and ritual punishment to begin.

Giada must endure 300 clothespins to celebrate my 300th premiere!!! By the time I'm done, it looks like she is wearing a pair of wooden panties. You can hardly tell that there is any human skin (or genitals) underneath!

Once they're all firmly attached, biting into her sensitive pale skin, then they all have to come off, one way or another. I think that sadistic Mistress Vyra prefers the hard way! Our submissive should be glad that my clothespins are more merciful than her cruel sharp fingernails.

Does my vibrator make it better or worse? Does getting turned on make it easier to endure the pegs or even more painful? Perhaps Giada said it best herself when I asked how she felt, "Raw!"

The marks from this scene are going to last for MONTHS!!! Only time will tell if she will have permanent scars from her initiation into Bondageland.


GALLERY: 499 / DATE: 6 Dec, 17 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 2

Today's Haiku

Ask Mistress Alice
What scene she would like to shoot
"Sissy locking nails"

. . .

Sissy Joy only had one request going into this scene, "Please let it be one of Your fantasies."

I've dreamed of this scene for years and this is only the beginning of the mischief we can make with these outlandish extra-long artificial fingernails. We scoured the internet and beauty shops to find the BIGGEST queen sized manicure nails. This scene crosses our mutual love bondage with our enjoyment of sissification.

These nails cross the line into pure ridiculousness. They are completely impractical, extending Sissy Joy's fingers by 4-5 inches. Also on the shopping list for this shoot: bubblegum pink nail polish and SUPER GLUE!!!

I mummify Joy's arms, hands and even fingers into place while she floats helplessly in the leather sling. There is nowhere to hide from my menacing tube of glue! If she struggles too much, I will glue the lock of her chastity device next!

Once the nails go on, it is too late to change her mind. They look extremely feminizing even before we paint them, but blank nails are boring. Bright bubblegum pink is much more becoming of a sissy slut! Once painted, these pink nails will be impossible to hide and she will be trapped as a sissy until they grow out. The pink polish is even SCENTED with bubblegum.

Nothing shows how helpless you are like a vibrator on your chastity cage while your manicure dries! These custom nails have holes drilled into them and I use shoelaces to lace Joy into a bondage web. This predicament is extra extreme since the pressure on her natural nails is so painful. Her extensions act like levers, with the length transferring even more energy to her nail bed. Pulling the rope tighter and tighter, I eventually rip off her smallest fingernail!

We strike a deal: I will edge, tease and maybe even allow Joy to have an orgasm... BUT if she loses more nails, she goes immediately go back into chastity! Excellent incentive to not pull on her pretty fingers, even if the pain doesn't stop her from struggling.

My little sissy gets more and more juicy while I edge her again and again until she finally gushes a load of well-earned cum. That also opens the door to some delicious post-orgasm torture!

Before she gets second thoughts, I lock Sissy Joy back into chastity, adding matching padlocks to her nails! There's no chance of playing with herself now. Even if Joy could steal her keys, she could not unlock herself!


GALLERY: 247 / DATE: 30 Nov, 17 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 2

Footsub is back for more!

This time, I enjoy using a tens unit electric sex toy to deliver remote-control shocks to correct his behavior. With electro CBT as guidance, his foot worship skills immediately increase.

This talkative smart-assed submissive gets himself into a lot less trouble when my toes are in his mouth! I add some nipple clamps before smothering his face with my feet.

There is a direct connection between my feet and my genitals. I love "shrimping" as toe sucking is sometimes called. There also seems to be a connection between my feet and HIS genitals too, since his cock springs to action despite regular electronic shocks through his piercings.

He relishes kissing, licking and sucking my toes. I discuss the origins of my personal foot fetish while we play and explore our mutual kink.

I think he looks very sexy beneath my feet in his fishnet thigh high stockings and designer silk panties. Once I have him all worked up with a teasing footjob, I make him masturbate over my feet. If he is a good boy, then he will get to ejaculate all over my pretty feet. If he does have an orgasm, however, he will have to lick up all of his own cum to keep my feet clean.

His foot fetish is so intense and my feet are so sexy that he is willing to recycle his own fluids just to get another chance to put my toes in his filthy little perverted mouth!


GALLERY: 240 / DATE: 19 Nov, 17 / IMAGES: 53 / VIDEOS: 2

Servant #7 is such a sassy crossdresser that, sooner or later, his big mouth gets him into trouble.

I look forward to seeing him throw himself under the proverbial bus every time I see him. This time it is his catchy PANTIES that do the talking. Natalya Sadicci's sissy didn't even have to open his mouth to get into BIG TROUBLE with a big group of mistresses.

"WHATEVER" say the cute, sarcastic panties, boldly offering more then he bargained for.

Being friends with many fabulous and famous femdoms has advantages and its disadvantages. What began as a routine punishment session in front of a handful of ladies at DomCon quickly turns into a strap-on gangbang.

Friendship means sharing and Mistress Natalya offers up her sissy's ass and mouth for all of her friends at the bdsm convention.

On hand to take advantage of his willing, slutty holes are Mistress Quinn Helix, Denali Winter, Domina Daisy Ducati and AliceInBondageLand. We start by fucking the little sissy's mouth pussy and then, one by one, stretch the little bitch's ass. Enjoy a whole lot of hilarious and humiliating behind-the-scenes smack-talking in this fun, candid movie.

In the end, our favorite victim is crying from both pain and pleasure. There is no reward at the end of this rainbow. Even if he survives the onslaught, he won't be let out of chastity. All stick and no carrot!

He must endure "whatever" we decide to throw at him, even if it is every strap-on dick in the room, or in the whole convention!

Trust is important when your domina throws you to the pack of hungry women!

. . .

We will be back in Los Angeles, California this May for DomCon LA 2015. Say hello if you see our crew there & send me a letter asap if you would like to be one of our models!


GALLERY: 498 / DATE: 10 Nov, 17 / IMAGES: 48 / VIDEOS: 2

Here is one to write home about!

Franklin from subbyboy.com is here to test his mettle against a room full of dominas, with his mistress directing from the sidelines.

I've gathered some of my favorite femdom friends to put this intrepid submissive journalist through his paces so that he will have PLENTY of material to work with in his upcoming article! Miss Freudian Slit and Cruel Vyra are also here to turn up the heat even further on this unseasonably warm day in San Francisco, California.

With an arsenal of dicks at our disposal, we are ready to stretch his hole wider and wider until Vyra's biggest dildo (or fist) will fit inside him. The more strap-on cock he can take, the more mercy we might decide to show his balls. Every time he hesitates or resists, we know it is time for more CBT! We tie his balls tightly and beat them until they turn purple. There's no holding back in this scene!

I love being able to watch the pain dance across his face. One of the advantages of not wearing a hood in BDSM scenes is the greater insights it gives your dominant. We can tell where his headspace is at and more accurately judge the level of agony that we are putting him through.

I find it very intimate and erotic to watch a submissive man struggle to process pain in order to please me. I've also noticed that when there are multiple mistresses in a dungeon together, the tendency is to take it as far as we can.

Franklin is in for a bumpy ride! Thankfully his Mistress is here to referee this gangbang... or egg us on!


GALLERY: 497 / DATE: 3 Nov, 17 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 2

I want to make you cum, but I don't want you to ENJOY it! You haven't earned that privilege yet.

This time, all of the pleasure is MINE. With the touch of a button or a turn of the dial, I can exquisitely torment my submissive's cock and balls without having to break a sweat!

When I add facesitting to the mix, his cries are muffled by my pussy and I can tune in my favorite screams with two different remote controls. Using pulses of electrical current instead of physical contact to give him an orgasm means it is very painful but also very effective! There is no escape from the relentless and cruel sexual stimulation!

This electrical torture takes all the fun out of cumming while he is completely helpless. Ruined orgasms are a great way to maintain prostate and reproductive health while not "rewarding" a chastity submissive.

Painful pleasure while trapped in bondage... the perfect way to break a man!!!


GALLERY: 496 / DATE: 28 Oct, 17 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 2

"This is like a witch trial of old, we will beat you until you confess!" Maitresse Renee is on a roll at the head of this scene with her slave Tiny and her friends from True Desires.

Ms Elena De Luca and Mistress Sheri Darling take turns punishing him with spanking, paddling and eventually caning while Maitresse Renee interrogates him about a list of grievances. She has been keeping track of every error and every sarcastic remark all week long for this moment of reckoning.

"Maitresse!" When we bring out the clippers and start shaving his head, he bleats her name like a lost baby lamb, begging to be allowed to keep his precious hair. He has been mouthing off all day, so we show NO MERCY and shear him bald.

Have you ever had your head shaved BY FORCE? Resistance is futile against a girl gang like this. We have you outnumbered and at an extreme disadvantage!

Once stripped of all his symbolic power, Tiny must endure one final humiliation... a facial! Off camera, Maitresse Renee's chastity slave is desperate for a release and he will do almost anything to get it. Unfortunately for them both, he is only allowed to have an orgasm if it is on the other slave's face...

Think of this as kinky group bonding among almost-men.


GALLERY: 495 / DATE: 22 Oct, 17 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 2

Is that all you've got? Even with medical intervention???

This video officially launches the AliceInBondageland Smallest Dick Contest!!!

Maitresse Renee presents her slave "Tiny" and demonstrates his lack of attributes in both a flaccid and erect state. With prescription erectile dysfunction injections, his cock eventually rises to the occasion... barely. It is just two inches long even with "dick steroids."

Ms Elena De Luca (the meanest woman I know!) and Mistress Sheri Darling assist in this medical small penis humiliation scene. Poor Tiny's cock is shorter than half of her pinky finger. I've seen manicures longer than his member but I know there must be even smaller micro-penises out there.

They say that a camera adds 10 pounds, his dick looks even smaller in person! The smallest confirmed dicklette (smallest while both soft and hard!) wins a one year membership to my site, so spread the word!!! Prizes decided on January 1st 2018. Send in your entries now!

Calling all small dicks - we want to see if YOU can beat Tiny's low score!!!


GALLERY: 494 / DATE: 14 Oct, 17 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 2

Cruel Mistress Vyra is back, teaming up with me in a fun femdom strap-on threesome video using LOTS of duck tape bondage! We transform our submissive into a mummified version of the BDSM pride flag before we take turns pegging him!

Once he is helpless, it is time to unleash all of the surprises that we ordered online. It is a rare treat to get to enjoy virgin toys or virgin boys but a VERY special fan paid to replace all of my cocks after they were stolen from a party. If this submissive manages to take EVERY brand new dildo, then we will give him a chance to show us one of the massive cumshots that he is so well known for... but first, he must earn it!

Can he break in all of our dicks, or will we break him instead?


GALLERY: 493 / DATE: 6 Oct, 17 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 2

"Did you dress yourself this morning or did you just fall into a laundry bin?"

Welcome to our very special all-girls school... We've had a problem with a snooping teenage voyeur on school grounds, so it is time to teach him a special lesson. He was spying in the girl's dormitory but now he'll be working for us as our spy on the inside. His punishment is to re-enroll as a GIRL. That way they can report back who is drinking alcohol in the dorms or sneaking boys into their beds.

We're going to have to feminize him so that he can blend in. Even though it is humiliating, we're going to make the nasty little boy disappear so he can become a sweet pretty girl instead.

With some extra one on one corrective measures at the hands (and cock) of Mz Sammi, we inspect, dress down and correct this recalcitrant pupil. Even his civilian clothes are backwards, full of holes, sagging with his boxers exposed. Feminizing him will really be an upgrade.

Once they are properly dressed and wearing makeup, our sissy becomes very orally motivated. It is time for some cocksucking sissy training using my dildo and Mz Sammi's nice hard dick too! Our student learns quickly once there is a real penis involved. I think they're going swallow cum easily when it is finally the "moment of truth." They will finish training their sex slave training just in time for a special Dean's Convention that our school is hosting... while the other students are all on vacation!

This newbie's expressive eyes reveal the full spectrum of fear, nervousness, embarrassment, arousal and lust that they experiences through the humiliating process of being completely transformed. Don't be fooled, this sissy isn't as innocent as she looks!

Ms Sammi is so much fun to play with because she has a wicked imagination. I love listening to her talk dirty as we spin this forbidden fantasy about an all girls boarding school with "special" teachers.


GALLERY: 492 / DATE: 1 Oct, 17 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 2

If our pet wants out of his chastity device, then he will need to sacrifice something even more dear to him than his freedom... his breath!

Cruel Mistress Vyra also wants a piece of ShinyPet in this threesome but I have been keeping the keys to a very special piece of him close to my heart. Now that he has been in chastity for a little while, he is even more eager to try on his new custom catsuit and sleepsack with locking zippers! We're in matching outfits today by Winter Fetish, one of my favorite clothing manufacturers! PVC is deliciously sexy looking and more durable then its high maintenance rubber cousin.

The custom sleepsack fits ShinyPet perfectly! He practically DIVES into the bondage and you can immediately see the relaxation spread through his body as he surrenders to both of us. Once you are completely helpless, there is no need to fight anymore. The bondage is a welcome relief from responsibility, he only needs to focus on us now. The rest of the world falls away.

We call the incredible piece of gear in this video the "Darth Vader" gas mask. It is custom fitted with a mouth-filling inflatable gag and two rebreather bags that can be open or closed depending on how much punishment our pet deserves. Even without any visible wiggle room, I still think it is best to add as many straps as possible before intensifying things with breathplay. The more bondage, the better!

With a wonderful ending, this will go down in Bondageland history as the ultimate "your body is double crossing you" tease and denial scene. Quite a special treat for my extreme edging and chastity fans. If you've never experienced a ruined orgasm before, try it at home and see what a mindfuck it is!!!


GALLERY: 491 / DATE: 26 Sep, 17 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 2

Will you be in New Orleans this October?


It is almost time for DomCon New Orleans 2017, where Mistress Alice will be hosting the Miss DomCon Crossdressing Competition!

Enjoy this fun time lapse music video of the annual group photo featuring some of the beautiful and dangerous dominatrixes at the convention.

Come meet us, shoot some videos and stay for the classes!


GALLERY: 267 / DATE: 20 Sep, 17 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 3

I have a naturally competitive spirit and this submissive has a special place in my heart because he has a fetish for breaking my Records.

We have many more kinks in common, but today we are out to break AliceInBondageLand.com's gangbang record. My passion for competition has an opportunity for exercise with this sub. He always wants MORE then the last time: more women, bigger dicks, higher intensity.

We have not managed to wear him out yet, and we keep plumbing the depths of how much his ass can handle and also how many people will fit in this top secret San Francisco dungeon.

Enjoy this intense group scene as we find out if Milked Man's ass can handle what he begged us to dish out... shattering our previous gangbang record in the process.

I love dominating a smart man and we have many vanilla things in common, but it is our love of setting new "personal best scores" that cements this delightful bdsm relationship. Pushing each other to new lengths sometimes brings out the best in a good fetishist.

"Give me your biggest, plus one..." Just how far can we take this pattern on his frequent visits to kinky San Francisco? How many women can we line up before he begs us to STOP fucking him?

Every woman in the room feeds off the energy and enthusiasm of the others and every sensation (both pain and pleasure) gets amplified through repetition around the group. Every woman in the room wants a piece of you. How many women can you handle before it is too much?

This video features more then a few additional friends of mine including Domina Leila Valentina, Denali Winter, Odile and Madame TrixieFou.



GALLERY: 257 / DATE: 15 Sep, 17 / IMAGES: 66 / VIDEOS: 4

One of my favorite shoots of all time. Requested by Reddit.

Folsom Street Fair turned out to be an incredible adventure.

Pinky is a wonderful, flirtatious sissy who got more then she bargained for. We duck taped the little slut to a street lamp and her inner attention whore emerged. The corner of 8th Street and Folsom Street in San Francisco is one of the kinkiest places on earth, especially in September!

We tease, torment and humiliate the crossdresser in front of a huge cheering audience while she is trapped by the neon pink bondage tape. Thousands of people walk by, some waving at our cameras and others wearing disguises for discretion.

I think Pinky reaches a new height of exhibitionism in this incredibly daring public display of bdsm. There were quite a few hard cocks out of their codpieces and many women watched on speechlessly from the audience.

When we finally made poor Pinky shoot a load of sissy juice all over the sidewalk, there is a HUGE crowd gathered around us taking photos and videos of their own. This sissy slut is going to be seen and exposed all over the world through the magic of the internet!

Pinky's HUGE cumshot gets a round of applause from everyone present, especially those in the "splash zone."

Where else can you see stuff like this in real life, except at the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair???

Mistress Daisy Ducati showed up in latex-and-feather fetish finery that has to be seen to be believed. Lust Designs in Oakland outdid themselves when they custom-made her a breast-baring asymmetrical catsuit with matching hood. I love Daisy's hair so it was fun to see her go uncovered too (special thanks to Denali winter, who provided both of our exotic hair colors for this weekend).

Later, a photographer showed us his book "One Day At Folsom Street Fair." He had taken candid photos of Pinky all dressed up for mischief during the festival in previous years and wanted to share the results. It is fun to stand out in this vibrant community!

A big THANK YOU to all our wonderful volunteers that helped with our VERY public bdsm femdom scenes this year.

Wicked Grounds and their staff for provided a place to refresh ourselves (and wash our hands) after some of the wonderful madness we enjoyed out in the throngs of people. Our day started early meeting up to sign model releases, negotiate and get some much-needed coffee to start our day right!


GALLERY: 490 / DATE: 11 Sep, 17 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 3

I like to win when I play games.

That means I also prefer the odds to be in my favor! Bondage helps even out the playing field and today I want to hit someone's balls right out of the park. It is Sports Day in Bondageland! I score points every time I make William grunt, wince or cry out in pain!

I've got a trusty ping pong paddle to warm him with but even something so light takes on new levels of pain when paired with a humbler. There is nowhere for his balls to bounce so everything is more risky and painful this way. Once his ass is glowing red from the spanking, then the real cock and ball torture can begin!

You can't spell cricket bat without cbt! This metal-reinforced leather paddle packs a punch and almost forces him to use his safeword. Then comes the padded baseball bat for maximum THUD while his balls recover.

I've saved the best for last! I relish the opportunity to unleash hell and put on a bright red pair of boxing gloves. His balls bounce like a perfect punching bag at the gym under my pummeling onslaught. I love checking things off my kinky bucket list!

Can you survive a knock out punch to the balls??? K.O.


GALLERY: 305 / DATE: 8 Sep, 17 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 3

I have finally found a fetishist that claims that he can handle ALL of my dirty pairs of stockings AT ONCE.

For those of you at home who have been with me online for a little while, you know about my obsession with pantyhose... especially my love of saving up all of my used pantyhose for bondage playtime.

Layer after layer gradually become more and more restrictive, getting tighter and tighter as you add more nylons on top of each other. The layers slip and slide, stretching and straining as his movements release the pheromones soaked into each pair.

One pair of pantyhose is sexy, but what about SEVEN of them?

I go without panties beneath my stockings at porn shoots and fetish parties so all of my lust has soaked into this collection of hosiery over the years!

Can he handle so many lust pheromones swirling in the air? Better add more layers of duck tape to the bondage!

Mistress Camilla Casanova and I wrap him into a tight little package and lay him down on the bondage table. I think the more helpless he is, the more turned on Camilla becomes. She loves taking a ride on his bulging cock, but the layers of tape and nylons double as very effective chastity! I smother him with my tits while she bounces and giggles.

Is this tease and denial scenario your heaven or hell?

Layer by layer, I cut through his skin-tight bondage prison to reveal his hard cock with cute little balls... and there is nothing he can do about it. He is at our mercy and Mistress Casanova can't resist humiliating and taunting him. Luckily, he is young and cute, so we might not want to castrate him... yet!

Mistress Casanova is in a mood to be entertained by the possibility of him having an orgasm but she adds one more challenge to the mix: he can only have an orgasm while she is smothering him.

Breath or orgasm? Which will win?

If he can cum as far and with as much volume as he claims, we might let him be our new bondage stud!


GALLERY: 488 / DATE: 4 Sep, 17 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 2

Matching Mistress Mischief!

While getting ready for today's strap-on scene, we discovered that all three of us picked out exactly the same dildo!!!

There's something magical about the "Bandit" model that attracted us at Good Vibrations, even though we went shopping separately. It is not too big, yet not too small. We've got the same nice thick dick in all three skin tones for a triple penetration our subby is sure to remember.

Tonight it is time for anal gangbang fun featuring Mistress Leila Valentina, Trixie and my very lucky cameraman.

These cocks are so fat that he struggles to fit more then one in his mouth at a time. We're going to keep all of his holes occupied, until he begs for mercy (or release!).

Once he's licked and sucked every cock in the room, it is time to spank and tenderize his ass before we fuck him, first one at a time and then all at once. His owner, Mistress Leila, is so aroused by watching us take turns with her boyfriend that she takes another turn! She closes out the scene, stretching his hole and forcing him to ride her, widening his hole even further.

Time to make HIM do all the work. Hope he has not been neglecting leg days at the gym! We make a great team with our matching dicks. This sexy anal gangbang was clearly meant to be! Sexual serendipity is the best kind!

Would you be able to have an orgasm while bouncing on a dick this big? Or would your ass steal the show?


GALLERY: 317 / DATE: 1 Sep, 17 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

My permanently pantied plaything looks adorable in her new Shirley Temple inspired sissy dress.

The more I humiliate Pinky, the harder her cock gets. With my riding crop, I can enforce my dominance through pain compliance without even having to get off of my throne! I can't resist the urge to touch her for very long, though.

Using spanking, stroking and just the right amount of tickling against her secretly sensitive ass, I am going to make this little sissy into my devoted, humiliated slave.

Once Pinky is feeling deeply aroused and submissive, it is time to add BONDAGE. She can struggle all she wants against the metal Saint Andrew's cross - it isn't going to bend or break!

I almost break my sissy's mind instead when I take off my dirty panties and rub them all over her face. Then, while the sexy ruffled underwear still wet and smelling like my pussy, I put them onto my sissy instead. We wear the same size, so there is no reason we can't share panties from now on!

Since I already gave myself an orgasm in my panties today, I force Pinky to have an orgasm in them also!

Now they are OUR panties.

. . .

Do you want to be my panty pal too?

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