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GALLERY: 590 / DATE: 11 Oct, 21 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 2

"If you're wearing a maid uniform, you need to at least clean SOMETHING!"

There is a LOT of genuine suffering in this scene, especially psychologically! Sissy Joy's predicament quickly turns into an unscripted comedy of errors with a series of increasingly humiliating and degrading punishments.

Our sissy maid looks so cute in their baby pink uniform, indulging Denali's fetishes with anime kitty accessories. Under the layers of petticoats, they are also wearing a garter belt, white thigh high stockings and crotchless panties that cannot hide a chastity device. She is a giggling nervous wreck while serving us, even before the physical pain begins.

Joy pours a tasty custom-blended cup of tea and bakes delicious homemade cookies but didn't check with Denali about their dietary restrictions. The Sadistic Stylist does NOT eat meat! This gives us an excuse to bring out an old fashioned yardstick to punish her.

Our good little maid is EXTRA horrified by SPLOSHING but there is no better use for sandwiches full of mayo and meat. We might as well have some FUN!

Before we let her go, she must lick every drop of spilled tea and food off my thigh high leather boots. We also have plenty of HOT tea to wash her off with too...


GALLERY: 240 / DATE: 9 Sep, 21 / IMAGES: 53 / VIDEOS: 2

Servant #7 is such a sassy crossdresser that, sooner or later, his big mouth gets him into trouble.

I look forward to seeing him throw himself under the proverbial bus every time I see him. This time it is his catchy PANTIES that do the talking. Natalya Sadicci's sissy didn't even have to open his mouth to get into BIG TROUBLE with a big group of mistresses.

"WHATEVER" say the cute, sarcastic panties, boldly offering more then he bargained for.

Being friends with many fabulous and famous femdoms has advantages and its disadvantages. What began as a routine punishment session in front of a handful of ladies at DomCon quickly turns into a strap-on gangbang.

Friendship means sharing and Mistress Natalya offers up her sissy's ass and mouth for all of her friends at the bdsm convention.

On hand to take advantage of his willing, slutty holes are Mistress Quinn Helix, Denali Winter, Domina Daisy Ducati and AliceInBondageLand. We start by fucking the little sissy's mouth pussy and then, one by one, stretch the little bitch's ass. Enjoy a whole lot of hilarious and humiliating behind-the-scenes smack-talking in this fun, candid movie.

In the end, our favorite victim is crying from both pain and pleasure. There is no reward at the end of this rainbow. Even if he survives the onslaught, he won't be let out of chastity. All stick and no carrot!

He must endure "whatever" we decide to throw at him, even if it is every strap-on dick in the room, or in the whole convention!

Trust is important when your domina throws you to the pack of hungry women!

. . .

We will be back in Los Angeles, California this May for DomCon LA 2015. Say hello if you see our crew there & send me a letter asap if you would like to be one of our models!


GALLERY: 223 / DATE: 7 Aug, 21 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 2

In the freestyle competition, submissives are given an opportunity to impress judges with any special skills and talents.

One chooses ball slapping as their challenge and the judges push him right to his safeword with a relentless onslaughte. CBT can be a challenging form of pain and it is inspiring to watch this slave rise to the ocassion in order to avoid being locked back into chastity.

Contestant Number 4 steals the show with a stunning displace of heavy trampling that so excites the femdom judges that we all drop everything we're doing to watch and participate with the spectacle. This is some of the most extreme full-body-weight cock and ball trampling I've ever seen, with some real treats for pantyhose and heel fans.

It was stunning to behold in person and I hope you enjoy this movie. The women and submissives in these movies have a LOT of practice and experience. Please remember that CBT, especially trampling, is dangerous. Start slow and practice. If standing on top of someone, always have a way to steady yourself (overhead or next to you) as the majority of trampling injuries happen when a top accidentally FALLS onto their play partner.

Then, of course...

BALL BUSTING - the most anticipated competition of the day.

There is a reason we hold this event last... this is the most likely form of cbt to cause a submissive to use his safeword!

Since ball busting is both intense and dangerous, only two of our contestants are brave enough to put their balls on the line for glory in our grand finale. These two matched sissies must face off against each other until one of them cries out for mercy and gives up.

Until then, the femdom judges continue to kick, slap, punch, crush and bust their balls!

There can be only one and the competition becomes fiercer and fiercer between the contestants while each of the women try to out do each other in savagery, each hoping to be the one that breaks the tie by forcing a sub to use their safeword!


GALLERY: 222 / DATE: 5 Aug, 21 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 2

The obstacle course might seems straight forward, until you add a cbt humbler device. For added challenge, many of our competitors are also sissies wearing sexy high heels!

Mistress Nightlace hand made our special bright red humbler devices. We all agree that the rule with cars is always "red ones go faster." I am excited to see if that holds true for submissives also.

All of the femdom judges and women in the audience are eager to see which of our competitors has what it takes to make it through the ups, downs, ins, outs and STAIRS (the hardest part) of this humiliating cbt race the fastest!

After a brief break to recover from the races, we move on to the next event... CLOTHESPIN CHAOS!

This category has a robust history of mischief at the Burning Man festival. The idea is simple, couples face off to see who can put the most clothes pins on each other before one or both of them use their safeword.

This time we are adding a twist - only clothespins on their cock and balls count towards their score! Who can take the most? Hopefully they all got a good stretch in the weightlifting competition and now have a little more scrotal real estate to work with!

Our femdom judges can't resist putting a few extra clamps on the rest of them for good measure. The cbt clamping results are impressive and artistic. Their bits look more like porcupines then genitals when the ladies get finished!


GALLERY: 221 / DATE: 3 Aug, 21 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 2

First up in the CBT Olympics is the annual INSPECTION of the athletes.

They are exposed, examined, numbered and rated by our panel of international FemDom judges.

Only one contestant is brave enough to compete in the nude, that bought him some points with our notoriously hard-to-please panel of Mistresses. However, shaved atheleites did show a significant points advantage over their unshaved counterparts. Number 4 is the only participant with an intact foreskin. That might help him in the coming clothespin chaos competition too!

Women judge the competitors based on look, feel, responsiveness, cleanliness and other personal criteria and then score the submissives on a 1 to 10 via secret ballots before the weight lifting contest begins.

Be VERY CAREFUL when lifting any amount of weight with your balls, especially swinging, twisting or jerking motions. Go progressively, slowly and back off when your body tells you to! This is safest to attempt with a "ball parachute" because it will distribute weight the most evenly across your vulnerable genitals.

All that being said, welcome to one of the most impressive competitions in the CBT Olympics...

Some of these men have been training all year for this particular category!

Just how much can our trained testicle atheleties handle?


GALLERY: 422 / DATE: 14 Jun, 21 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 3

Alice & Denali RUIN THE HOLE

"Rare is the day that a scene is so hot and so memorable, yet so simple, that the write up may not do the ordeal justice. We have a fucking machine on loan from a friend and what fun it is! I think I am getting way ahead of myself..."
- Sissy Joy's Journal

I love technology.

Today's shoot is brought to you by the power of electricity! We're working smarter, not harder, in this threesome.

This fucking machine shoot is the epitome of sissy slut training. It is extra humiliating to be fucked in front of femdoms without them even touching you. We don't have to get our hands dirty, just let the tools do their work.

What a wonderful labor saving device!!! Now, instead of having to work hard to pound Sissy Joy's ass, we can take selfies instead. There's no need to break a sweat, that's the submissive's job! Nothing breaks the machine's relentless pace. We enjoy lots of laughter at Sissy Joy's embarrassment, delivering maximum sensation with minimum effort. All the payoff and gaping of a gangbang, without all of the work.

Do ruined orgasms count? Has Sissy Joy been locked in chastity for three months or or just for two months? No matter how you do the math, she is desperate and driven mad by lust when we decide to add a vibrator to the predicament.

"The cock fucks her while the wand vibrates the chastity cage, I can only imagine how conflicting those sensations must be!" Denali and I agree that today we are going to make Sissy Joy cum like a girl... or not at all!

Every tenth of a level makes a difference in the inhuman speed of the fucking machine - how far up the scale will Sissy Joy make it before she has an orgasm? Or before her ass gives way???

"If you had a real pussy, you'd have cum at least ten times by now!" Denali taunts Joy while we overwhelm her with double spankings, cbt, vibrators and the nonstop anal pounding. Good thing we picked a medium sized dildo!

Will we ruin her hole today? Sissy Joy is never going to be the same...


GALLERY: 482 / DATE: 3 May, 21 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 3

I knew when I first met Miss Freudian Slit that we were going to be friends. Her infectious sadistic glee lends every scene a certain sparkle that I think you will enjoy too.

Mistress Vyra is also here at the DomCon femdom convention so we have a golden opportunity for a strap-on gangbang between classes. This time we use layered bondage to conquer our new submissive volunteer. We start with my special institutional strait jacket to keep him "safe" from himself but there is nothing that can keep him safe from the three of us!

Once he is partially incapacitated with canvas, it is time to add layers of palate wrap! We wind the cling film tighter and tighter around his torso. Now there is no wiggle room at all! With teamwork, we quickly turn him into a very secure package.

Hooded and with ducktape over his eyes, he is more and more unstable on his feet. We slap his cock and balls but the CBT just seems to make him harder! Before he falls down, it is time to lay him down on the couch for even MORE bondage.

Now that he is completely helpless, our big black cocks come out to assault his formerly tight little hole.

Can he come while being pounded in the ass by three sadistic women?

Could YOU handle dildos this big?


GALLERY: 589 / DATE: 23 Apr, 21 / IMAGES: 48 / VIDEOS: 3

Crossdressing Pageant 2019 DomCon Los Angeles

You are not alone if you are a man who likes to wear panties!

Are you brave enough to get on stage and show off your feminine side in front of a convention-sized audience of kinksters and a panel of femdom judges? It takes a special kind of submissive to step up to this level.

This clip from the Los Angeles DomCon main stage has great energy and reminds us all to look forward to group gatherings again. Keep practicing your kinky talents for our next competition!

We couldn't be together in person this year, but the ONLINE version of the Crossdressing Club Pageant was wildly successful! Even if you missed out on the live stream, you can still enjoy this episode and let it inspire you.

Crossdressers, sissies, dominants and others who want to join in our monthly munch are welcome to check out http://www.patreon.com/aliceinbondageland for details about The San Francisco Crossdressing Club and our events. We meet ONLINE on the 3rd Wednesday of every month during the pandemic.


GALLERY: 476 / DATE: 20 Apr, 21 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 3

"It is dangerous, as a sub, to talk to your Mistress. Dangerous in that anything you say can and will be used against you for their pleasure... Just like what happened to me today."

"Be careful subs, your Mistress has a mind like a steel trap. Once they discover your weaknesses, you better believe they will be used against you! Earlier in the week, I agreed to let the mistresses choose everything for our next shoot. Mistress Alice, Mistress Sofia, and Mistress Vyra seemed excited to surprise me. Little did I know what I was getting into!"

"Once I assumed the position for an over the knee spanking across Mistress Sofia's lap, the punishment began. She laid into me with what was easily the hardest spanking I have ever endured. Adding to my suffering, she used a painful spiked vampire pad with plenty of tiny sharp teeth to quickly sensitize my ass."

"Mistress Vyra further added to my sensitivity by running her sharp nails across my skin, prodding, poking and pinching me while I struggled. I foolishly asked for more sensation play during my True Desires exit interview. Now tenderized, they tied me in place and pegged my ass. Be careful what you ask for!"

"I felt my chastity cage removed. At first I thought "great," then after a few thumps on my balls, I was in agony."

Once our foursome penetrates Sissy Joy, it is time to flip her over for some cbt, smothering and maybe a ruined orgasm... if she is very lucky! Whenever Mistress Sofia smothers my sissy with her breasts, I will stroke her sissy clit. She must choose between pleasure or breathing to earn an orgasm after weeks of being locked in custom Mature Metal chastity.

Chastity or breath control, which scares you more?

Which do you think will give out first - Joy's air or her cock?


GALLERY: 575 / DATE: 26 Mar, 21 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 2

Would you be quaking in your high heels if you had to get up on stage while fully feminized to perform in front of a live femdom audience?

We are having a LIVE PAGEANT ONLINE on April 21st 2021. Check out http://www.patreon.com/aliceinbondageland for details!

Things get especially kinky during the "talent" portion of the competition - my favorite part!The judges are extra harsh this year. Mistress Ellen, Goddess Fae and Miss Fruedian Slit enjoy putting all of the Miss DomCon LA candidates to the test. I hope our lucky contestants remembered to bribe them.

It takes a village to give a makeover and none of us were born knowing how to put on cosmetics or walk in high heels. Everyone deserves recognition for their bravery and accomplishments but there can be only one WINNER.


GALLERY: 326 / DATE: 18 Mar, 21 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

My goal is to shoot a video with every commercially available chastity device. When I began this quest a few years ago, that task was much easier.

Since then, more and more chastity devices have arrived on the market. Chastity has appeared in mainstream media and devices have been showing up in movies, television and even the news.

All this attention means more chastity belts and captive ball-ring style devices are being produced in greater and greater numbers!

Today, we are investigating the Birdlocked Neo, version 2.

I'm very pleased with the ergonomic shape of the captive ball ring. Compared to a "firm" device made of metal or rigid plastic, I think the Birdlocked Neo would be a GREAT choice for a slave that is physically active at work or who enjoys playing sports.

Extreme physical exertion and the possibility of taking shots to the groin can make traditional metal or hard plastic devices dangerous. Most chastity-related injuries happen when squishy male anatomy is trapped against a rigid device.

The shape and the flexibility of the ring allows for easy application of the device and increases comfort during wearing, but some subs take advantage of the flexible material to "cheat" with a powerful vibrator.

However, the new "shield" is a great redesign to prevent escape artists from pulling out of the device by backing their cock out while soft. I also love the internal structure with a smaller internal ring that traps the corona of their penis to further prevent pulling out!

We go through all of the features of the upgraded device as well as how to apply it using my rubber sissy slut Modenarr as a test model. Enjoy her inflatable latex torpedo tits and rubber catsuit in this educational femdom fetish film.

The Birdlocked Neo sacrifices some security for comfort but it is a great device for subs with an active physical lifestyle!


GALLERY: 588 / DATE: 21 Feb, 21 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 3

Every submissive has a weak spot! Is yours bondage, tickling or both?

What is worse than tickling? Post orgasm torment!
Once you are wrapped head to toe in thick tape, there's nothing you can do but squirm like a worm and scream from behind a gag.

Mistress Camilla Casanova shows her sadistic side in this threesome because sensory deprivation has a way of magnifying anything you are allowed you feel in the absence of other stimulation. Pleasure becomes even more keen when there is nothing you can do about it.

Once our submissive is disoriented and at our mercy, I cut a hole in the tape for easy access to his cock and balls. Teasing, edging, coaxing and vibrating him through all his attempts to struggle.

Behold the power of BONDAGE!When you are truly helpless, there is so much I can do with just ONE FINGER!
Stay tuned to the end for one of my FAVORITE CUMSHOTS!


GALLERY: 195 / DATE: 18 Jan, 21 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 2

Sissy Poker Part 3 & 4 - Winners and Loser

Things start getting serious in round 3!

Bobbie finds herself getting much more attention then she bargained for and the persistent frightened laughter has only made the dommes pick on her event more. Now her sissy mouth is almost useless because her tongue and lips are covered in clothespins.

The sissies are trying to make the game last as long as they can, since some of them are terrified about the idea of being gangbanged as a punishment or a reward.

The dominant women keep themselves entertained with the two losers while the remaining players fight for first place, then we get to see what level of slut our winner really is.

There can be only one winner of the Sissy Night Poker Tournament... but our slutty cocktail waitress has been a good girl and we deal her in on the strapon fun!

Both girls get banged in the back room as Wicked Grounds opens for business. The patrons get to listen in while we pass around our special party favors, lots of cheers and jeers for the winners and losers of Sissy Poker. Plenty more of them want to know when the next event will be.

Our next charity sissy poker game will be a fundraiser for Alchemy Estates, a great playspace in San Francisco, in the Fall of 2014. If YOU want to be a part of the next sissy games (Texas Hold Em Edition), send Mistress AliceInBondageLand an email.


GALLERY: 193 / DATE: 11 Jan, 21 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 2

Let the games begin!

Things are not as simple as they appear. There are as many femdom mistresses as there are slutty sissy card players in this game and the women have the right to CHEAT whenever they want to, including changing the rules of the game and eventually gang-banging the winner.

All of the sissies begin their day with a stack of chips, but they are also sitting on a buttplug to keep them properly stretched and distracted. All of the sissies are also in bondage to make sure they don't change their mind mid-game.

Every time you fold during a hand of Sissy Poker, you get punished. We add a clothespin each time and that really adds up over the course of a full game of 5 card stud. The "studs" in this case are the femdoms with strap-ons waiting to have their way with the winner.

The sissies have a difficult time concentrating on the poker game while all the mistresses circle like sharks. We are eager to have our "first loser" and the slaves are clearly afraid of being the one to run out of chips first.

Slave Bobbie is our official cheerleader, it is her job to announce the winners each round so that we know who to punish! You can tell that she is getting more and more frightened because her giggling gets more and more pronounced. That nervous laughter is contagious but doesn't make the women any more merciful.

We liven up the action with lots of humiliation! Remember this game is about entertaining the women, not just winning at cards!


GALLERY: 421 / DATE: 30 Dec, 20 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 3

Sissy Joy has been locked into chastity long enough that she will submit to almost any humiliation to please us. She has not been unlocked without bondage supervision for months. I promised her an orgasm today... but I didn't promise her that she would ENJOY it.

Welcome to the world of ruined orgasms - many submissives think that they are worse then no orgasms at all.

I combine rhythmic cbt ball spanking with a vibrator until she doesn't know which is pleasure or pain. Engulfed in sensory overload, she struggles but cannot escape. This is true sexual torture!

My poor sissy makes some of the best, most insane, noises I've ever heard as this scene takes her further down the rabbit hole then she thought possible.

She starts to get hysterical when I apply more pain then pleasure at the same time. Laughter is sometimes a natural response to fear and adrenaline. I watch Sissy Joy temporarily lose her mind as the ruined orgasm tears through her body.

Joy literally cries at the end of this scene and calls it "the worst sensation EVER" compared to everything else that she has been through in the dungeon.

Sometimes pleasure can be the cruelest tool in my arsenal!


GALLERY: 544 / DATE: 21 Dec, 20 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 3

So many wires... I hope you're not afraid of medical play, naughty little elf!

These hospital monitoring devices can double as lie detectors in the hands of a skilled mistress. They will how me what you really enjoy and what you are truly afraid of. I keep track of Lenore's blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen levels and eventually even her brain waves!

There is no denying all of your secret desires when you are under interrogation. One way or another I am going to GET WHAT I WANT for XXXmas!!!

I have to add plenty of straps so that she doesn't try to wriggle free or accidentally lash out once the voltage comes up. Tonight this naughty elf is going to get an old school lesson in electrical play! My favorite part is when I get to use the taser on her perfect little toes! Pussy zapping isn't much punishment if electrocution makes you cum, so I investigate how to best cause her pain before rewarding her with pleasure. She has to earn every orgasm with PAIN.

Her sensitive jingle bell pierced nipples play a merry tune while I bring out an arcane steampunk-inspired hand crank generator. It takes a little more elbow grease than a battery operated or plugin tens unit but it delivers a truly unique "buzzing" sensation that is similar to old fashioned medical devices. Often claimed to be nothing more than quackery, many of them were designed to treat "hysteria" in the guise of orgasms.

There's nothing old fashioned about our high tech monitoring devices. Thanks to Dart_Tech for his expertise in wrangling these very modern pieces of gear. 18 different wires and sensors is an extra special level of over-the-top bondage with our vintage dental chair covered in leather straps. Special thanks to Edge Dungeon and Project Blackfox too!

They say "the heart never lies" and now I can listen in to the nuances of every beat and see how your brain responds to my questions, my threats and to my electrical torments.

I know what you got me for Christmas without even unwrapping the box, since I've already unwrapped your mind! Your body will reveal everything that you are afraid to admit out loud.


GALLERY: 202 / DATE: 7 Dec, 20 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 2

Be careful what you say on the internet - a Mistress might be listening!

This whole shoot began as a conversation on the Internet. A fantasy about being bound into a 69 position turned into a discussion about location, logistics and seeking volunteers. Forced bi bondage blowjob? Music to this Mistress' ears! Two sissies stepped bravely forward to make my fantasy a reality.

If you were trapped in bondage and held hostage by a beautiful woman... would you let another man's cock into your mouth? What about a sissy cock? Is it less gay if it is in a threeway? What if everyone is wearing sexy panties? What if you change your mind? Is it already too late?

Open up! ...because you don't have a choice!

I am not going to stop tormenting these bondage crossdressers until they each drink a load of sissy semen!


GALLERY: 331 / DATE: 23 Nov, 20 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 5

I consider this scene to be very advanced couple's therapy with an experienced femdom at the helm.

This submissive has the tendency to giggle when under extreme duress... a trait that some women find troubling or even offensive.

Sometimes where the giggles start and end can tell you a LOT about someone's pain thresholds. I understand the delicate dance of fear, laughter, pain and endorphins. I think less experienced femdoms are often intimidated or insulted by giggles, but I take it in stride and push him beyond his existing pain thresholds.

That is, after all, why this real life couple in a "female led relationship" (FLR) came to me in the first place - to offer them both advanced training in order to help her truly take control of the relationship.

She is ready to take control, in every sense of the word. Chastity has helped bring her husband in line using a custom fitted device but CBT also helps bring out the giggling side of his masochistic nature.

Our goal is to keep him too distracted and overwhelmed to talk. This "smart assed masochist" (SAM) goes out of his way to goad his mistress into anger in the hopes that it will lead to more severe punishments. He must learn that punishments and attention are rewards that are entirely at HER discretion. Like a dog pulling at the leash, he must be reminded who is the dominant in their relationship.

I introduce them to caning when CBT clothespins seem to only make his motor mouth worse. It is time to make it clear to this little submissive that not all punishments are for pleasure, some are designed to be instructive!

After he endures a great deal of pain, we sooth him with vibrating tease and denial pleasure without removing the chastity device, then add painful nipple torture using beautiful metal clover-style clamps.

While asking for what you need is respectable, manipulating a D/s relationship leads to unsatisfying results for everyone... domme and sub alike. Manipulation reduces a dominant's feeling of power AND a submissive's feeling of being under control.

Sometimes even kinky couples need help understanding each other's needs. In this case, he needs to be hurt and she needs to be adored. A happy ending for all. <3


GALLERY: 286 / DATE: 14 Nov, 20 / IMAGES: 63 / VIDEOS: 2

It is Didi's birthday and we've organized a very special party for her. I invite my friend Jenna over for some sensual strap-on fucking in this intimate and intense threesome full of multi orgasmic pegging!

If you like sexy, curvy, punk girls covered in tattoos, you are going to love Domina Jenna Rotten!

We seduce the birthday sissy into submission by brushing her luxurious long hair up into cute, slutty pigtails. Once the "handles" are attached, we entice her to suck our big, hard femdom dicks deeper and deeper for advanced gag-reflex training.

She locks great with a cock in her mouth, especially when it is a sexy woman's cock! She also makes great noises while she has orgasms while stuffed from both ends!

Though she identifies as gender fluid, all the strap-on dicks inspires her feminine side more and more while Domina Jenna and I initiate her into deeper sexual mysteries. While we stimulate her g-spot she is able to have intense female-style orgasms without ejaculation. That means she can keep coming and coming and coming while we take turns playing with her, tagging in and out.

Since there are two of us and two big cocks to satisfy, it is clearly time for her to experience DOUBLE PENETRATION. She better not let Mistress Jenna's cock get dry while I fuck her sissy hole!

Didi is "all about the D" in this pegging movie and Jenna can't resist playfully humiliating her as we work her up to climax after climax in this hot, fun and authentic birthday pegging. Jenna's sexual skills really shine as we work our slave up to losing control again and again.

By the end of this film, our little sissy girl is ready to pull a train! She passed our test will have to fuck every woman in the dungeon at our next party!


GALLERY: 433 / DATE: 9 Nov, 20 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 3

Suffer For My Toes!

I have my chastity rubber slave by the balls!

Once I wire him up, all I have do do is push a button to cause my him truly agonizing pain. Remote controlled shocks are powerful reminders that he is under my power and here to serve me.

There is so much electric cbt in this scene that I take a moment to break it down on camera so that you can understand the depths of his suffering. There are electrodes on his balls that zap him where it counts but that is only the beginning! I also custom ordered a device for the head of his dick! It has special isolated conductive metal nodes all the way around the tip of his cock to send arcing currents of pain across his head, turning the corona of his penis into a crown of agony.

Most genital torture devices just send current up and down someone's cock, a little like a rough, electric handjob. There is no such pleasure involved here. Just pain down the length of his member and deep burning focused in the had of his cock. His rubber catsuit matches our electrical theme nicely. Latex makes a good cbt scene even better!

The cruel Kali's Teeth Bracelet bites down harder and harder with every forced erection jolt from the electric shocks. I don't allow him out of chastity, there is a lot more he must do before he earns that privilege. I'm wearing my favorite low cut dress and my cleavage spills out beautifully. I don't allow him out of chastity, no matter how much he begs. There is a LOT more he must do before he earns that privilege.

It is time for him to serve me in a practical way with a luxurious foot treatment that leaves him wanting more and more.

Every inch of his cock is under my control.

Every inch of his cock is in pain, for me.

"Now, worship, exfoliate, massage and moisturize my beautiful, pedicured feet, little chastity foot slave. Before you can worship my tits, you must start at the very bottom! In time, I will train you to associate my feet with what little pleasure you're permitted.

"This long term conditioning will slowly reprogram you to share my foot fetish."

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