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GALLERY: 274 / DATE: 3 Jun, 19 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 2

One of my greatest fetishes is to take a man and deconstruct him... then rebuild him into a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN instead!

This fun "gender queer pride flag" mummification video began as a fan mail exchange regarding my previous movie featuring a similar scene where I duck taped Denali Winter as a rainbow flag to the Castro Pride Flag in downtown San Francisco. Things quickly escalated from email to real life friendship since this lucky submissive is local.

This is Didi's video debut but I think it won't be her last time in the dungeon. Everyone present before, during and after the scene remarked upon how profound her transformation was when she went from "male" in street clothes, through a chrysalis of duck tape and into makeup while still in bondage.

I redress her in butterfly themed feminine clothing after extracting all of her masculinity through a sissifying handjob. The most efficient way to drain someone of male energy is through their cock so I am going to "milk the man out of her!"

I enjoy some intense female-style orgasm training, then I CUT her out of both the mummification bondage and her old male clothing for a truly freeing experience. We demolish her former gender and she is reborn as a beautiful woman!

The shift in Didi's demeanor, body language, vocal patterns and all around presentation is amazing. True metamorphosis in action!

Come join us on this profound and sexy journey from masculine to feminine!


GALLERY: 562 / DATE: 27 May, 19 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 2

"I bet you thought that the right car, the right job and the right clothes could get you any girl you wanted. Now you're faced with a grown woman who knows exactly what she wants and who refuses to be impressed with your materialism."

"I am going to haunt your sexual fantasies. Sometimes 'almost' is worse than none at all. ALMOST is the ultimate torment for an entitled man who THINKS he is in control, an ongoing humiliation for someone who believed he was destined to rule the world."

My specialized treatments are based on overwhelming you with femdom BDSM until you are driven mad with lust. Once broken, then you can be rebuilt!

This Asylum isn't about becoming normal, it is about deepening your perversion! We specialize in secrets here, especially fetishes because, deep down, we share your deviancy

This case of a privileged but unhappy wealthy submissive will take some effort to crack. When you are used to getting what you want, then you forget how to be humble.


GALLERY: 264 / DATE: 13 May, 19 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 2

Ebony Muscle Man is a pleaser. He has a great body, but also a great attitude and a great smile. This scene is all about escalating his levels of helplessness and arousal.

It begins simple enough, with a bargain: he can TASTE my nipples, but I get to take away his sight.

I zip him into the sleepsack and use bright red rope bondage to keep him right where I want him. I lace Ebony Muscle Man into place with more and more layers of restriction and restraints.

I smother him with my breasts once there is nothing he can do about it. My nipples are responsive and sensitive so it isn't long before his cock starts to respond to my pleasure.

I add some cbt rope bondage to the mix while I enjoy a long, slow, tease and denial handjob.

Once we are both at peak arousal, I put on some gloves and lube up his massive hard cock for more vigorous stroking. I alternate gentle and soft with rough and fast strokes, always keeping him on edge, never letting him fully release his load.

Tease and denial can be so much fun because it keeps the edging and arousal going for hours. Add more bondage and alternate pleasure with cbt (cock and ball torture) like this for a mind-blowing combination that your male submissive will never forget!


GALLERY: 560 / DATE: 6 May, 19 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 2

How do you convince 100+ femdoms to stand still for a photograph? Summer's heat is starting to rise in Los Angeles and it is time for DOMCON again!

DomCon LA is the largest gathering of lifestyle and professional mistresses in the world and the group photoshoot is my favorite part. This is your chance to meet everyone else in all of their finery in a little more depth than on the red carpet.

SO MUCH WORK goes into our annual "yearbook" style photo that I began a tradition of filming the whole thing from start to finish and time lapsing the result into a music video. This lets all the hard work behind the scenes shine through along with some humor, insights and eye candy!

What is the most famous time lapse in cinema? A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. My droogs and I pay homage to this masterpiece (it is a mistresspiece now!) by bringing Milk Plus and a little bit of the ol' ultra violence to share with the rest of the ladies...

See you in LA next week! Come to my Crossdressing Pageant on Sunday afternoon!



GALLERY: 559 / DATE: 30 Apr, 19 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 3

Medical monitoring is an essential component of the clinical research process and this is a day for pushing the boundaries of the Hippocratic Oath!

Sissy Joy has always been intimidated by electrical play so I am eager to introduce her to the settings on my favorite tens unit. This cbt toy doubles as a legitimate medical device so I triple-down with my lab coat as I strap my experimental subject down onto an adjustable colonoscopy bed.

Once the anal thermometer is secured inside of her, Sissy Joy will be probed, prodded and prostate massaged while nice and tight inside the custom sized sleepsack. Using an EKG machine, I can monitor all of her vital statistics including her heart rate but also blood pressure and even oxygen concentration levels, in case I want to control their breathing!

There is no hiding your arousal or fear from my machines, so this is the perfect time to ask Joy some hard-hitting questions about what fetishes really make her tick... but then I can't resist putting her into my favorite humiliation gag, adding insult to injury.

Only when Sissy Joy is completely secured and monitored do I finally remove her chastity device. The readings go wild across my devices! She is desperate and willing to do ANYTHING to earn an orgasm. Under prolonged tease and denial electric torment, Joy foolishly agrees to spend all night locked in the tiny padded cell for just a CHANCE at a sissygasm.

How do you feel about medical play? Does this scene make you squick or squee?


GALLERY: 523 / DATE: 24 Apr, 19 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 3

Because it's the cup...


How much pain can one poor submissive handle in the name of hockey?

I would like to introduce you to my favorite femdom side game down at the Shark Tank during hockey season... SWATS FOR SHOTS!!!

For every shot on goal that the opposing team gets against my home team, I get a swat against you! Most masochists pick their ass to take the spankings but some brave souls choose to put their BALLS on the line too! Since each round of the Stanley Cup playoffs can last up to seven games, there's some great potential for triple digit numbers. You KNOW that you're in for a punishment when they have to get out a calculator to figure out how much trouble you're in!

One of the best aspects of Swats for Shots is how it always grows into an audience participation event. Once they see my special custom MISTRESS jersey and understand the rules, people start volunteering to be the next targets for my special custom paddle. The best moments are when women offer up their date to be my new whipping boy! What a wonderful way to meet fellow femdoms "in the wild."

Another entertaining variant is SHOCKS for Shots, but they don't let me bring a cattle prod into the Arena. Remote control CBT devices can be a great way to keep a televised game exciting at home or in a loud sports bar. No one needs to know the REAL reason you're groaning about the score.

I ritually punish Elvis for the wrongs done by the Knights against the Sharks, on stage at DomCon Los Angeles with special help from my fellow Mistresses of Ceremonies, Mistress Mia Darque and Mistress Sadie Synn along with Lady Kasia Amarande.

Hockey is my favorite sport but it is also the most superstitious.

Thus, it is with special pleasure that I show you all the REAL reason that the Las Vegas team was finally defeated in their playoff run. It seemed impossible, but a few days after performing this special humiliating ritual, their blast to the top was finally interrupted.

Go Sharks!!!


GALLERY: 558 / DATE: 9 Apr, 19 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 3

THE STUDIO!!! This is going to take a while but we have special bondage to keep him in the center of the rubber gallery.

Kino has never been in a vacuum bed before but is excited by the idea. I am throwing him right into the fetish deep end with this vibrant blue latex vacuum TOWER! Studio Gum has spared no expense to make the ultimate in 3D bondage. It features extra thick rubber and uses carefully machined metal pipes, instead of pvc, for the frame. Now a submissive can struggle all they want without accidentally tipping themselves over.

The pull of the vacuum is relentless, squeezing every inch of Kino tighter and tighter. Even with nowhere to expand, his cock keeps trying to get hard against the pressure. The harder his cock gets against the thick walls of the tower, the more flexible and transparent the rubber becomes, warming up to his body temperature. He humps the air whenever I take away the vibrator. He is bulging desperately but still hasn't earned an orgasm yet!

I take time with each gag to test how loud Kino can scream while wearing it. CBT also makes him struggle delightfully! What he doesn't realize is that struggling just makes the bondage get TIGHTER!

. . .

Special thanks to Studio Gum for letting us run amok in their vault. Additional thanks to the Serious Bondage Institute and Bondage Liberation for this collaboration. More from my trip BoundCon coming soon!


GALLERY: 516 / DATE: 1 Apr, 19 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1


When you have a whole convention of femdoms, the tendancy is to take it as far as you can. I only know one person who can handle this monster so it is time to call on my favorite big insertions fetishist!

Cricket Rose is about to get stretched to her maximum in the inaugural voyage of DICKBAT. After years of joking about this insulting phrase, a submissive went and created this incredible sexual weapon. She proved herself in her birthday fisting scene and now it is time for MORE!

This episode took engineering, bravery and more than a little bit of madness at the DomCon Convention in Los Angeles. The Joker cosplaying is going right to my head and I have a room full of henchpeople ready to do my sexual bidding, even Harley Quinn is here! We egg each other on to further and further debauched heights with one lucky submissive in the middle.

By fist or by fuck we all are going to take turns stretching her until her vagina is GAPING WIDE. Sadie Synn, Denali Winter, Bambi Belle and even ZombiePup help me gang up on Cricket in this April Fool's Day episode. Enjoy it while celebrating my favorite San Francisco tradition, Saint Stupid's Day.

This video confirms my theory: If someone calls you a pussy, it shouldn't be an insult - they are TOUGH and can take a POUNDING!

Are there any other submissives that THINK they can take on THE DICKBAT?


GALLERY: 557 / DATE: 25 Mar, 19 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 3

I am going to break Agent Smith before I even ask any questions. The massive gag beneath his hood will prevent screaming but also means he cannot flatter me or attempt to tell me what he thinks I want to hear.

Now that he is mine, it is only a matter of time before this agent starts to reveal his hidden knowledge. Held captive in extreme metal bondage using heavy industrial materials over his sleek catsuit and full face hood, there is no wiggle room in which to seek comfort or escape.

I know that he has been trained to withstand considerable torment but sometimes PLEASURE can drive you mad in a way that pain cannot. If it were just pain, he could try to ignore it or disassociate.

Pleasure cuts through all pretense. Edging for hours leads to greater and greater sensitivity while normal interrogation agony leaves you numb. My vibrator will never get tired but his willpower will eventually give out under this erotic torment.

This diabolical bondage contraption reminds me of my cat's favorite toy so I add catgirl ears to complete my evil ensemble. Enjoy this sexy super villain spy fantasy featuring the mysterious Agent Trapper Smith!


GALLERY: 556 / DATE: 11 Mar, 19 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 2


. . .

Enjoy this celebration of how magical it is to know what you want and take it as FAR AS YOU CAN at my EXTREME SPLOSHING PARTY!

You KNOW a scene is going to get wet and messy when there are tarps with a plastic pool in the middle of the dungeon! Soon our suffering sissy will be rolling around in the mess but first all of these pies are going IN HER FACE. We take it beyond slapstick and into truly gross territory once they are wrapped helplessly in tape bondage.

Sissy's brand new girly party dress is going to be RUINED along with her adorable makeup, curly wig and little mary jane shoes. Do you think we can make her CRY about it? What flavor of NASTY PUNISHMENT PIE will be her breaking point?

Our Pi Day Extravaganza foursome features Cruel Vyra and Denali Winter rolling up their sleeves to help me teach The Pie Sissy how to suck cock using whipped cream for lube. Denali's strap-on is too big for their ass but there is a gross relish pie ready to provide us with a bumpy alternative.

How do you feel about PICKLE PEGGING?

The onslaught of pie humiliations continues to get more and more over the top until we run out of chocolate, custard and jam fillings to go with our whipped cream. Now, we only have DISGUSTING ingredients left... open your mouth wide for dog food, sardines and shaving cream! The SMELL at the end of this scene was INCREDIBLE!

Have you ever been waterboarded WITH PIE???

. . .

π = 3.14159265359 = 3/14 (March 14th)


GALLERY: 199 / DATE: 4 Mar, 19 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

Welcome to a whacky Wonderland adventure!

In this episode, it is the Cheshire Cat's giant saline-inflated balls that get the most whacks!

I enjoy his huge balls and the extra CBT opportunity they offer. His enhanced balls are impossible to resist so I relish in torturing them in this cheeky roleplaying adventure from the darker side of Lewis Carrol.

Using metal bondage, chains, locks and spreader bars I keep him immobilized for an inspection and a surprise visit to the vet to be "fixed." We have too many kittens in town and I love the look in this proud man's eyes when I threaten to castrate him!

I paddle his balls to drive the punishment home!


GALLERY: 553 / DATE: 25 Feb, 19 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 3

MEDICAL MILKING - Naughty Nurse CBT Cum Eating
. . .

Bound, fucked, ball busted and milked at our mercy. Enjoy this naughty nurse threesome... because we sure enjoyed making it!

Cottonmouth is a sexy BBW powerhouse full of giggles and she delights at tormenting her submissive with enough CBT to make him SCREAM into her pussy while she sits on his face and wiggles. The louder his screams, the more intense her pleasure becomes! She bounces and laughs through multiple orgasms while we take turn busting his balls.

I love to showcase this real life couple because they play MUCH HARDER than a pair of performers would. This is the real thing! She knows what he can take and delights in pushing his boundaries, on and off camera. They know each other so well and are so connected that his pain becomes her pleasure.

Devoted lingerie fetishists, take note of how my vintage white slip lets my black garter belt peek through the slightly sheer fabric. It feels so silky that Cottonmouth can't resist touching me while our submissive lies tied to the table, helpless and teased. I let one strap slide off my shoulder alluringly when I lean down to stroke his cock, showing off my curves.

Facesitting and ball busting get Cottonmouth so worked up that she rides his cock while I finger her. Subby gets to enjoy the process but he is forbidden to cum. We want to milk him with estim and ruin his orgasm even as it is happening.

The relentless electricity brings out every drop of cum, emptying his balls into our sample cup. Though some may consider cum eating to be controversial, we believe strongly in the therapeutic potential at our special femdom clinic!


GALLERY: 552 / DATE: 18 Feb, 19 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 3

A dungeon full of hot bisexual bondage boys? SIGN ME UP!

EVERYONE gets to be in bondage today, even our roadie, because there is PLENTY OF GEAR to go around

First up is Jimmy, quite literally. We strap him to a vertical post using locking institutional leather straps. I enjoy how his muscles bulge under the strain. His tattoos distort and become fascinating abstractions under the weight of his own body in the suspension and he begins dripping with sweat almost immediately..

I love the sound of the leather straps creaking - the sound of YOU CAN'T ESCAPE!

Pure helplessness is like catnip to me! I don't want you to be able to protect yourself in any way. With Strap-Wizard secured in the Extreme Bondage Chair in the background, it is time for Kino Payne to take one for the team. He is the right size to fit inside a VERY special cage and still light enough to suspend. Look for the clear bottom of this special cage, my favorite feature voyeuristic feature!

Once I begin to hit his cock, Kino immediately gets hard. Looks like I found the masochist in the room! Am I fluffing you with PAIN?

He has almost no wiggle room, but I use my riding crop on his sensitive inner thighs to locate and eliminate any potential for escaping, flinching or dodging. Throughout this scene, we are constantly adding more straps to the captives. There is more than enough bondage to go around and I've got my eye on our cameraman from Serious Bondage next!

Special thanks to the Edge Jail. This is my new favorite California dungeon because it is also the most inescapable!


GALLERY: 551 / DATE: 11 Feb, 19 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 3

Why am I hurting you today?


Sometimes, that's all the reason I need.

No matter how much he struggles, the bolts are so sunk deep into the concrete that there is no human way to pull them out. The solid metal cuffs yield nothing, not a bit of stretch or relief, no matter how much you struggle.

This scene is all about locking bondage because I am going to UNLEASH THE BEAST on a whole new level with ZombiePup. I wonder what kind of sounds he will make. Is he a screamer? Will he cuss me out? These walls are thick and there is no one for miles to hear him call for help.

I keep pushing his pain tolerance with increasingly cruel toys. You get to watch the marks emerge as the scene progresses, first with a cane and then moving on to weighted leather braids and a quirt style whip in the close confines of the prison shower. He has a long flight tomorrow and I want him to think about me whenever he moves. A few well placed flicks of my wrist can bring an otherwise strong submissive to his knees, but the chains force Zombie to keep standing through the onslaught even as he sags against the cuffs.

COLD WATER at the prison has a 100% safeword record so far and Zombie has been even filthier than usual!

There's something profoundly intimate about reducing someone to tears through intentional pain. I've seen less intense things completely break a submissive and after all this he still GETS THE HOSE!!!


GALLERY: 550 / DATE: 4 Feb, 19 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 2

Welcome to the wild world of human animal fetishists and PET PLAY!

Why is everyone in this video having so much fun? When you are a good submissive pet, your only concern needs to be "is my trainer pleased with me?" and this can be profoundly liberating!

Pets don't worry about the future, they only have to worry about being obedient. When you are in your animal headspace, you become a treasured possession with very little control over your environment so surrender comes naturally. Gags, hoods, mitts, harnesses and more can help emphasize your new status and deepen your totemic journey.

Pet play gives us permission to connect with the primal and passionate side of ourselves. Eating, drinking, playing, fucking and frolicking with no sense of shame or guilt comes naturally to animals. We get to enjoy everything from puppies and kitties to more exotic creatures like foxes, zombies, squirrels and a very cranky weasel on display at this special competition.

Sexy judges from all over the world come together to evaluate both trainers and the pets during the DomCon Los Angeles convention. Our contestants bring their best (and worst) tricks to compete for a host of prizes, including the coveted handmade "Best In Show" ribbon.

Thank you Madam Margherite for continuing this wonderful tradition and to Mistress Ellen for giving us an opportunity to be our furry selves more often. See you on stage again in May!


GALLERY: 549 / DATE: 21 Jan, 19 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 3

There is something special about PVC, my favorite fetish material. Think of it as the "best of both worlds" - all the shine of latex but without the maintenance.

If you have a rubber allergy, but crave shiny bondage, PVC might be the right fetish for you. It doesn't need to be polished. It is thicker than vinyl but has less stretch than rubber and it is VERY effective at bondage! I think we would see a lot more of it in the BDSM world as well as the fashion community if it were easier to work with as a craftsperson.

Discovering PVC bondage gear like this sleepsack feels like finding treasure! At first, we called it the Cinderella Sleepsack because it was so small that no one could fit in it... until we met Kino Payne!

There are a few other people in the dungeon today because three different websites are collaborating on a fun weekend of fetish filming but this scene was so sexy that everyone stopped what they were doing to watch.

Every queen needs a throne and I think I'm going to enjoy riding this submissive to the finish line as my kinky furniture. He doesn't get to cum but I love to! With my powerful vibrator pinned between us, I enjoy my orgasm but leave him wanting more.

We hope Kino Payne enjoyed what sexual stimulation he was able to get because there is no way to know when he might get unlocked from chastity!


GALLERY: 548 / DATE: 15 Jan, 19 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 3

"If you're going to keep running away from me like that, I need to give you something to run FROM!" I lock his metal bondage fiddle to the chain and activate the ceiling hoist until he is unstably struggling on his tiptoes.

The more I menace Kino Payne, the harder his cock gets. This self described "professional sidekick" is great at being kidnapped! Today I'm going to stretch him until he measures up. Though he cries out in suffering, his cock stays relatively hard through all the abuse so it can't be ALL bad.

Does he like pain or does he just enjoy that I like hurting him? That line gets so blurry and he takes so much! First my custom paddle, then a thin cruel cane and finally my favorite whip all come down on his vulnerable naked flesh. With the oil can full of lube, I edge him until he is whimpering with sexual need. He puts on a brave front with a stiff upper lip (among other things) but soon the sobbing becomes uncontrollable beneath the lashes. Whipping on top of these cane marks will really make the bruises set!

Tears are good for the soul but sometimes it is easier to let go when no one is watching. I add a hood so that I don't have to watch him cry.

Good thing his chastity device arrived today, now I can work him up into a frenzy and lock my property away for safekeeping.



GALLERY: 547 / DATE: 7 Jan, 19 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 3

Be careful, he's a biter!

ZombiePup gets feral and nonverbal during heavy BDSM scenes so he brought his sidekick Squirrel as a squeaky safeword. He needs extra containment procedures and ALL THE STRAPS on the newest version of the Bondage Chair.

I share this slut with his owner like a kinky time-share. This accomplished sex slave is trained to provide me with a wide variety of pleasures on demand, to my exact specifications. So far it is a win, win, win situation that gets even BETTER with the benefits of chastity.

From the moment he steps off the airplane, he is locked up. This method of training keeps him horny and eagerly motivated to pleasure me without giving him any opportunity to waste his lust. His only recourse for pleasure is hoping to be rewarded.

Ladies, if you are thinking of having your submissive pierced, I highly recommend it! Piercings enhance nipple play so much, making them quite sensitive and enlarged. I pinch and slap his tender nipples but I think flicking is by far the meanest when you have long fingernails. In his struggles, Zombie also shows me exactly where the bondage needs to be tightened before I add CBT. It is fun to watch him straining to get hard in the confines of his plastic prison.

There are so many mean things I can do without unlocking him but the meanest by far is a chastity blow job! His cock struggles to get hard, inching closer to the tip of the CB6000 until my tongue can barely touch it. Is this better or worse than no blowjob at all? Almost enough room to get hard. Almost enough sensation to get off. Almost.

Just because he is denied is no reason to restrict my own pleasure! I get myself off on top of him using my favorite vibrator while he grinds helplessly against me and whimpers. ZombiePup might be locked for his whole vacation but I won't let that stop me from taking advantage of the rest of his body. His balls are getting bluer all the time!

Does it help you take more pain if you know that hurting you turns me on?


GALLERY: 545 / DATE: 31 Dec, 18 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 3

Kneeling on rice is one of the worst punishments that I know of still being used outside of BDSM in homes and dojos all over the world. It is truly cruel and rarely leaves any lasting marks.

We have fun playing with the WHEEL OF DOOM app on Jennifer's phone but it senses our psychic desire to maximize their suffering and immediately selects rice kneeling. You can populate your own version of the wheel using whatever combination of rewards and punishments that your mistress feels you deserve. It is especially fun for daily tasks and reinforcing ongoing training when you are away from your dominant.

Dahlia Snow is here to show off Jennifer, her well trained submissive, and for some literal hand-holding through this intense masochistic scene. It is important to use UNCOOKED rice and the hardest floor that you can find. Concrete or tile is especially vicious but take care to protect your hardwood floors from the hard grains or you might end up with permanent dents. Today we are in a dungeon with carpet, so we have a rigid piece of plastic to provide our backdrop.

I love techniques like this because in other scenes the dominant often works harder than the submissive. Flipping that script and making sure that the submissive experiences maximum sensation with minimum physical effort for their dominant can help the BDSM lifestyle more accessible to everyone.

With less than a dollar worth of rice, you can make your submissive cry. You don't need to know any special techniques to make this punishment truly effective!


GALLERY: 544 / DATE: 24 Dec, 18 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 3

So many wires... I hope you're not afraid of medical play, naughty little elf!

These hospital monitoring devices can double as lie detectors in the hands of a skilled mistress. They will how me what you really enjoy and what you are truly afraid of. I keep track of Lenore's blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen levels and eventually even her brain waves!

There is no denying all of your secret desires when you are under interrogation. One way or another I am going to GET WHAT I WANT for XXXmas!!!

I have to add plenty of straps so that she doesn't try to wriggle free or accidentally lash out once the voltage comes up. Tonight this naughty elf is going to get an old school lesson in electrical play! My favorite part is when I get to use the taser on her perfect little toes! Pussy zapping isn't much punishment if electrocution makes you cum, so I investigate how to best cause her pain before rewarding her with pleasure. She has to earn every orgasm with PAIN.

Her sensitive jingle bell pierced nipples play a merry tune while I bring out an arcane steampunk-inspired hand crank generator. It takes a little more elbow grease than a battery operated or plugin tens unit but it delivers a truly unique "buzzing" sensation that is similar to old fashioned medical devices. Often claimed to be nothing more than quackery, many of them were designed to treat "hysteria" in the guise of orgasms.

There's nothing old fashioned about our high tech monitoring devices. Thanks to Dart_Tech for his expertise in wrangling these very modern pieces of gear. 18 different wires and sensors is an extra special level of over-the-top bondage with our vintage dental chair covered in leather straps. Special thanks to Edge Dungeon and Project Blackfox too!

They say "the heart never lies" and now I can listen in to the nuances of every beat and see how your brain responds to my questions, my threats and to my electrical torments.

I know what you got me for Christmas without even unwrapping the box, since I've already unwrapped your mind! Your body will reveal everything that you are afraid to admit out loud.

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