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GALLERY: 84 / DATE: 2 Jul, 12 / IMAGES: 5 / VIDEOS: 3

I still can't believe that Mistress Minax intends to use her huge "shlong" on our new sex slave's ass...

Deep throating that huge cock is one thing, but she insists that he should be able to handle getting fucked with it... especially after the way she pounded his ass with the solid steel dildo.

She's right! As the head of her massive cock pops inside our slave's tightest hole, she also ties his nipple rings into an elaborate and painful web of rope bondage. Now we have a handle to grab onto while we stretch this slut for all he is worth!

"Here's a little something for your mouth..." Minax is the queen of understatement as she unleashes her beautiful breasts to smother our sex slave in training.

Once Mistress Minax has enjoyed our slave's reverent breast worship, she crushes his face between her tits and plugs his nose... all while I stretch him with our biggest metal dildo!

. . .

We want to hear a little song from our birdy. Our first clue that something unusual was about to happen was his quiet, worried warning, "Mistress... I only know serious songs!"

We insist... and what comes out of this bard is incredible.

What "song" did he choose? God is Alive and Magic is Afoot.

We fist him to the elbow trying to get him to falter in his beautiful, haunting song but the pain and pleasure only goad him to new heights. This scene is sexy and profound.

It will make your cock and your hair stand on end. I watched this scene over and over again and still get goosebumps every time. This is why I keep coming back to the dungeon time and again. I'm honored to be a part of this scene and I will remember it forever.


GALLERY: 76 / DATE: 25 Jun, 12 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

Heavy Rubber Hot Tub Part 1 -
Red Rubber Inflatable Hood

This is my slave's graduation ceremony. Or his rebirth, depending on how you look at things.

For 14 days, he has served me 24/7 in full time slave immersion. He has cooked and cleaned for me, driven me all over Northern California and submitted to every pain and pleasure I could devise.

This is a very special scene, since it also represents the crossroads of a big set of choices for my slave. He is moving away and before he leaves, I want to permanently leave my mark in his mind. Only something this intense can prepare him for the reality of full time chastity when your keyholder is another state away!

My BDSM has a flair for the dramatic, but also for the spiritual and shamanic. This is my slave's rite of passage into a new phase of his life.

Behold, my slave's rebirth into rubber.

The heat of the water is echoed in the heat of his body in the second skin of translucent pink latex and soon my submissive will be floating in ecstasy... but like all babies about to be born, first his world must narrow and tighten!

This is one of my favorite hoods because the inflation ratchets up the intensity almost as much as the waves of steam from this sexy indoor hot tub! Welcome to my Rubber Eden.

The only thing more sensual then full body latex is to combine your rubber fetish with hot, frothy water. Where does your skin end and the embryonic embrace of the abyss begin? Let my voice be your guide down into this siren's rabbit hole.

I especially appreciate this hood tonight because it keeps my submissive's head properly above water. It also emphasizes his helplessness by making it impossible to see beyond a narrow amber window. Now my slave must trust even his very breath to me as I continue to test every inch of his body, preparing him for his new life as my RUBBER SLAVE.

You can't go this deep without real connection and a passion for heavy rubber!

This unscripted scene felt like a gift for this slave who serves me so well, so often and in so many ways. A special acknowledgement and deepening of our connection, including induction, foot worship, foot jobs and intense breath control training!


GALLERY: 71 / DATE: 18 Jun, 12 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 1

Straitjacket & Padded Cell - Solitary Confinement

With the experimental truth serum coursing through his system, this prisoner's sanity is on borrowed time.

He begins pacing back and forth in his cell to the limits of the heavy chains, a classic sign that the chemicals are beginning to take effect, causing disorientation and overall loss of focus. Our secret organization has continued the controversial drug research that questionable Pentagon officials black-listed years ago for being "inhumane."

We have little qualms about squashing this pathetic man like a bug in our pursuit of the secrets he contains. Special Agent Liliane and I believe that he is the double agent we have been hunting but our captive has maintained his innocence even under extreme torture.

Is our prisoner a highly trained counter-operative out to sell us out to a foreign power... or did we kidnap the wrong man?

Soon we will know for sure, one way or another. The truth serum is inside of his body, worming its poisons into his brain. Soon we will know every dirty thought this kinky creature has ever conceived of. It will destroy his mind in the process but to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.

Even if he were innocent... Now that he has been incarcerated in our secret prison, he can never be allowed to go free.

As the chemicals take over, he will become super strong, driven mad with lust. To protect us until he is ready to confess, I confine him to an isolation chamber that is scarcely bigger then a coffin, full of 4-inch thick foam padding. His own private padded cell!

The straitjacket is cinched tight around our mystery man. There are no bars, not even an observation window to let in light through the padded walls. The remote cameras allow Mistress Liliane and I to watch the "progress" as he descends into madness. Now he cannot even kill himself somehow to escape our relentless questioning.

The only way out of BondageLand is our way... The hard way.


GALLERY: 83 / DATE: 11 Jun, 12 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 2

We are training our new sex slave to experience sex the way a woman would - taking the big cocks instead of dishing them out!

We are going to stretch his throat until he is a cocksucking champion! I have a great sparkle strap-on but Minax is hiding a huge schlong under her leather jodhoppers. Before he can tackle her huge cock, we have to loosen him up a bit.

He passes the first test, putting a condom on using only his mouth, but can he get my dildo all the way past his gag reflex? Will he succeed in deepthroating my biggest dick?

Mistress Minax whips him while he struggles to take my whole cock. I love looking down at the tears streaming down his face while she gives him bright red welts across his soon-to-be-fucked ass.

Once our slave's ass is covered in welts, it is time to open it up for our strap-on cocks...

We make this slave air tight, fucking his mouth and his ass at the same time. He's such a good boy, sucking my cock so well while Mistress Minax pounds his ass with a steel dildo. When he chokes on my dick, Minax can feel his ass clenching down around her's too!

Minax tells him all about how turned on she is, and why, as she whips out the biggest strap-on cock that I've ever seen. I love how sexy she sounds when she talks dirty! She proudly shows off her "schlong" and then drives the whole cock down his throat, making sure he sword-swallows its length before she fucks him with it.

Being our sex slave is hard work!


GALLERY: 70 / DATE: 28 May, 12 / IMAGES: 109 / VIDEOS: 1

Kidnapped by Government Agents Part 2-
Advanced Interrogation with Liliane Hunt

Spy vs. Spy knows no morals in the secret black ops war of the sexes.

Our kidnapped suspect has been strapped to the cold bars of his jail cell upright overnight in heavy institutional leather restraints. His body is aching from the constant strain of rigid bondage. I'm sure that is against the Geneva Conventions, but we are intent on BREAKING him at all costs. One way or another, we are going to get the information he is carrying!

His rude awakening from a night in bondage begins when Special Agent Liliane Hunt arrives on the scene. This world-class British queen of domination is a special guest in my intense interrogation fantasy video. I have learned a great deal from training (and breaking) men alongside her. She has earned my respect and admiration on our mutual journey of subjugation and torment.

The bondage is very real and our prisoner has struggled for hours without mercy, respite... or enough chain to reach the bathroom!

We menace, intimidate, threaten, insult and humiliate him. Will he outlast our dual domme interrogation or is he outclassed by our erotic sadism?


GALLERY: 59 / DATE: 21 May, 12 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

Pete the Pantyboy Part 2

Sissy masturbation humiliation!

Poor Pete didn't know what he was getting into when he agreed to come play dress up with me! He looks so cute in pink chiffon and satin, with layer after layer of ruffled petticoats and frilly panties underneath.

All of these pretty feminine clothes just turn on my naughty little panty wanker more and more and more... his cock bulges so much through the panties that I can't resist revealing it and stroking him off with YET ANOTHER pair of panties!

Now he is wearing three pairs of panties for me. I masturbate in my white satin panties and then force him to wear them on his face. Now he is wearing FOUR PAIRS OF PANTIES. This is more then poor Pete can handle, so I make him gush his sissy juices for me.

I like what a little slut he is for my panties. The world would be a MUCH better place if everyone was as honest with their fetishes as Pete the Panty Boy!


GALLERY: 69 / DATE: 14 May, 12 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 1

Kidnapped by Government Agents -
Bondage Interrogation - Top Secret Jail Cell Part 1

My black bag can change your whole world in an instant when I pull it over your head.

This unfortunate subject has been caught up in a complicated web of international politics and terrorism. This intense fantasy role-play scene played out in real time but the results are much more like a "mini movie" then some of my other offerings.

This secret jail cell is built for long term isolation and imprisonment. If I wanted to leave my captive to rot in isolation, I could even use the electronic "time release" lock build into the heavy doors. But that would spoil the fun of taunting my helpless prisoner!

Take a look at the heavy, un-forge-able key as I lock and unlock the cold iron, prison cell doors - there is nothing like the real thing!

These came from a REAL prison being renovated. We have "re-purposed" them for this top-secret facility and I relish the thought of the many hours of nonconsensual bondage they have already enforced. How many men have stared at these bars and despaired?.

The chain shackles that I bind him with require a special key that screws in the locking mechanism. We give the prisoner exactly enough room to almost reach toilet. Did I mention that I am a sadist?
This is my fantasy of secret government black ops run awry. The sexy and depraved, power-mad, femdom government operatives have all the power. We answer to no one... and here in our private prison hell, even the innocent are presumed guilty until tortured.

Welcome to a darker side of BondageLand...


GALLERY: 58 / DATE: 7 May, 12 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 1

Pete the Pantyboy Part 1
Dressing Up Together in Panties and Vintage Lingerie

I think that Pete's slutty little skirt is just a little too short. His cock is dangling just beneath the layer of pretty lace frills. We can't have that! Panties are just the thing to protect my new sissy's modesty. We can't have that cock dangling down with his garters!

Pete is has secretly been a panties masturbator for years and I love this journey of exploration because you can see his excitement, embarassment and eagerness as I make him prance for me and show off his new frilly panties.

We dress in vintage lingerie together, including full coverage satin panties, garters, fully fashioned stockings and even a sexy nylon slip so that we can slide silkily against each other, together in our panties.

Poor Pete gets so turned on that he starts to make a puddle in his panties - time to double panty him!


GALLERY: 68 / DATE: 30 Apr, 12 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 5

Leila's nipples are very tender and sensitive so she struggles beautifully when stimulated. Time for more bondage!

Enjoy her mischevious smile. It is obvious that we will have to completely immobilize her for REAL if we want to truly earn her submission. Give her an inch and she will take all 100 feet of rope!

So that's just what Leila Valentina is going to get - ALL of the green rope in the dungeon, wrapping tightly around every limb until she is docile.

Properly applied rope bondage will leave Leila Valentina helplessly exposed for our relentless sexual tormenting.

The groin is a very intimate and invasive place to put rope bondage... and the more rope we add to this intricate suspension, the tighter and more restrictive it all will get around her supple body.

... including and especially her luscious booty!

My slave probes her with his tongue and she makes delightful noises as he licks her pussy. There is nowhere for her to go, suspended in mid-air.

I love the way she begs and pleads for release as we finger her closer and closer to an explosive climax!

Once Leila is aroused and begging for release, we unleash the hitatchi magic wand!

She struggles valiently in her green rope bondage suspension... but dangling in mid-air, there is nothing she can do to stop us from having our way with her until she gushes all over the floor.


GALLERY: 55 / DATE: 23 Apr, 12 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

I will BALL BUST the Cheshire Cat for each cup of tea that he spilled. Since he toppled the whole pot of tea, his balls are in for a pounding!

I attached a pretty little kitty bell to his balls and they make such a lovely jingle sound that the Mad Hatter and I can't resist a few extra thwacks while we are back there.

While the Mad Hatter kicks him with her stunning black boots covered in buckles, the Cheshire Cat is forced to lick up all of the spilled tea and sugar from my beautiful white leather fetish boots. I wouldn't want anything to stain these 8 inch heels. These boots are works of art, fit to be worshipped, even without a delicious candy coating.

With the Mad Hatter on hand for vicious "enforcement" we rub his face in the mess and humiliate him.


GALLERY: 56 / DATE: 16 Apr, 12 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 6

This bondage scene has chemistry, intimacy and urgency. I love it!

My sassy friend Leila Valentina is in for a lot of bondage today, since she can't quit wiggling and squeaking to even the smallest amount of sexy stimulation. She's sensitive and responsive and I think you will enjoy watching this scene just as much as I enjoyed filming it.

Ninja-gimp follows my orders beautifully and applies delicious rope bondage on squirming and nervous Leila... before it is time for a sound spanking!

She makes it through the spanking, but it is hard to tell which makes her moan louder - the punishment or her reward!

Leila's panties look so much better wrinkled up on the floor!

She gets wetter and wetter as we expose her to the camera. This sexy beauty is a lifestyle switch and her rebelliousness shows until she starts to cum.

Once the pleasure gets rolling, Leila becomes dripping wet and speechless... but she still has to ask permission before she is allowed to have a juicy orgasm!


GALLERY: 54 / DATE: 9 Apr, 12 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

Mad Tea Party - Part 2 Boot Licking Human Table Humiliation

The guests have all arrived for my mad tea party, and I expect the Cheshire cat to be the TABLE! The Mad Hatter has brewed a batch of her special tea in an elaborate silver tea service.

Let's see how long our tomcat can last balancing the tea party on his back... especially once the Mad Hatter and I start to "distract" him in our sexy latex and sky-high fetish boots.

He kisses and licks our boots reverently until disaster strikes! Then he is severely PUNISHED with boot licking, spanking, crops, verbal humiliation and the scalding remains of our beautiful tea... his balls seem especially sensitive and they have a delightful kitty bell attached.

Now we can tell if we are hitting him hard enough by weather or not we can hear the little bells jingle on his balls!


GALLERY: 66 / DATE: 2 Apr, 12 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

Leila POV Breast Bouncing Boobies FULL MOVIE

You will be hypnotised by Leila Valentina's bouncing breasts in this solo POV video.

"Lucsious" is my favorite word to describe this curvy ebony beauty... and when she is dressed in skin-tight and cleavage-enhancing latex, that effect is magnified! I can't take my eyes away from her extraordinary large breasts.

Her incredible boobs compell me to film them. She laughs, makes fun of me and then teases me behind the camera with an incredible show... recorded her to share with you.

Sometimes being a camerawoman is fun! I feel really lucky to be there in person for this, but now you can join in on the fun.

What a great tease, flashing and large breast play clip!


GALLERY: 67 / DATE: 26 Mar, 12 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 1

Mad Tea Party - Part 1 Cheshire Cat in Metal Bondage

Welcome to a demented wonderland adventure! I have bound the Cheshire Cat with a special collar that makes him unable to pull his usual "disappearing act."

The Mad Hatter and I are about to throw the maddest tea party that you have ever seen. It will take a LONG time for you to forget this one!

Behind my magic mushroom, I have prepared plenty of heavy metal bondage gear and sexy locking leather for my special little kitty... I expect the Cheshire cat to be the TABLE for our party, so he must be securely bound.

I want him to stay right where I put him... the perfect table and the perfect target for our twisted tea and tease!


GALLERY: 48 / DATE: 19 Mar, 12 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 1

I don't even bother to remove his under hood - which still has an inflatable gag and blindfold in place. Now the layers are getting tighter and tighter. Do the walls feel like they are closing in, yet?

Before our play began, I made sure to add spikes to the chastity device hidden under his sleek and sexy black rubber catsuit!

I particularly enjoy his helpless, blind, deaf and dumb state in this video. I love caressing him through the layers of rubber, especially how our lubed-up latex encased bodies slide erotically against one another. I also enjoy emphasizing his helplessness as he dangles weightlessly. However, the fun really begins when I tear off his latex codpiece to reveal his hardening cock in its spiked sheath!

"Look at how fucking turned on you are!" I exclaim, revealing his substantial member. He moans helplessly as I examine my growing target, squeezing it, testing it against the chastity device (in this case a "gates of hell" with added spiked rings). The more aroused he gets, the more he suffers for me. The harder his cock gets, the more he suffers for his lust!

... and then I start to add the weighted clamps to his cock and balls!

... and then a vibrator to make him even more turned on and sensitive beneath those spikes!

This gives me a great idea, so I add yet another layer of cbt bondage and lace his whole cock (still in the gates of hell) into another layer of spiked agony. Now his whole cock belongs to me - in layers of painful bondage.

I love the close-ups of his cock stretched tightly against the laces... and I especially enjoy the way I can swing him back and forth using the weights attached to his balls as a very intense, intimate leash.


GALLERY: 52 / DATE: 12 Mar, 12 / IMAGES: 5 / VIDEOS: 2

My slave's cock leapt to attention when I threatened it with my whips, so now it is time for some cbt. That's "cock and ball torture" for the uninitiated.

My slave is bound securely in metal-reinforced straight arm binders but I add chains, locks and institutional brown leather straps to make sure nothing can bring him down from the cold steel cross... except for me.

As I bind my slave facing outwards on the Saint Andrew's cross, I enjoy his helplessness and his growing hard-on. I can't resist torturing his poor cock and balls, first with my hands and then with my vicious riding crop.

This BDSM novice has been fantasizing about genital torture for a very long time and I enjoy the range of his reactions to these new intense sensations... from fear to arousal, pain, pleasure, anticipation and everything in between!

These boots were made for crushing balls... and that's just what they'll do!

I am all dolled up in my sexiest rubber catsuit and newest, tallest stiletto heel ball busting boots. My new slave is shaking with fear, anticipation and arousal as I threaten and humiliate him, showing off in my new sexy boots.

The more that I hurt my slave's cock and balls, the more aroused this slut becomes.

The bondage is very real and very rigid.
There is nowhere this slave can go.
There is nothing he can do but surrender to me, to my will and to my devastating high heeled boots.

I start by crushing him under my pointy toe and sharp heels, but then the real fun begins and I unleash the fury my powerful thighs.

This catsuit shows off my sexy legs to perfection as I inflict full-extension, full-power KICKS to his vulnerable groin!


GALLERY: 47 / DATE: 5 Mar, 12 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

"Gumbi hanging around in ballet boots..."

Gumbi is a very special slave, with an insatiable love for latex and heavy rubber bondage... as well as for severe cock and ball torture (cbt for those of you who are acronym fetishists).

Before our play even begins, I make sure to add spikes to the chastity device hidden under his sleek and sexy black rubber catsuit. The codpiece built into this suit allows me to torture his cock and testicles as much as I want to without having to undress him from his latex encasement.

The spikes that line his cock ring mean that ever touch, every bit of arousal, ever ounce of lust is immediately and painfully PUNISHED. Gumbi is extraordinarily sensitive and responsive and I LOVE tormenting him; torturing him until he whimpers, begs and even screams for me. Those of you who enjoy gag-talk will love our special language of grunts and growls because he isn't getting out of his inflated rubber gag any time soon!

I force him to wear sky-high sexy high heel BALLET BOOTS for me, rendering him helpless to even stand up straight without assistance. There are so many layers of bondage in this scene! These shoes are so severe that they alone could assure inescapability if you locked them on with a matching pair of mitts... but these incredibly shoes are only the beginning of what I have in store for my lucky slave.

When I see how much he is turned on by being forced to wear sexy shoes for me, I decide to tease him with my own sexy black high heeled pumps. These classic patent leather beauties are my favorite shoes both in and out of the dungeon. I crush his puny cock with the stiletto heel while he moans through the gag and then smother his face with my sexy latex covered ass. I finger my pussy and wipe my juices all over his face... knowing, the whole time, that every piece of pleasure that I give him is also increasing his pain against the spiked cock ring!

Once he is blindfolded, mittened and dangling from the ceiling, I use his helpless body to pleasure myself and then force him into even more layers of bondage.


GALLERY: 51 / DATE: 27 Feb, 12 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 3

My new slave requires frequent whippings to keep him in line and I have brought him to a secret medical facility where I will give him the highly specialized "treatments" he deserves.

Welcome to my favorite dungeon - the walls here are made of solid redwood, 12 inches thick. No one can hear you scream once you are in this private, industrial sanctum.

First, I put my slave into incredibly restrictive customized institutional bondage gear. These rigid arm binders belong in hell's asylum and render a submissive quite unable to protect himself from whatever torture I inflict.

The leather muzzle and weight belt accentuate his helplessness as I lock him into a metal spreader bar and then chain him to the metal Saint Andrew's cross. Now he is in a perfect position for punishment!




GALLERY: 31 / DATE: 13 Feb, 12 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

Heavy Rubber Encasement Pt 2 - Breathing Tube Tease
Alice vs. Hoodman

I like that my new slave can barely talk, or breathe, through the heavy rubber hood. There are no nose holes on this custom model - only a single, delicate breathing tube.

He struggles to breathe when I cut off his air - pulling the latex in against his face. I can tell he is trying hard not to panic in front of the cameras. Scenes like this take a lot of trust!

... but somehow that claustrophobia only seems to increase his erection!

I have taken away his normal world and replaced it with a heavy sauna-like, moist universe, where everything is seen through the sheen of amber latex. He has no choice but to struggle to breath when, and if, I let him... so I enjoy the opportunity to breathe FOR him and INTO him.

As he takes in my essence, he surrenders more and more me.
I force him to breathe in my breath again and again, bringing him more and more under my power and control

His cock is leaking precum, just begging to be milked but there is nothing he can do about it but surrender in solid metal bondage on top of heavy rubber encasement.


GALLERY: 30 / DATE: 9 Feb, 12 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 1

Heavy Rubber Encasement Pt 1 - Spanking & CBT
Alice vs. Hoodman

Total latex encasement is sexy, especially with thick, heavy rubber. I have wrapped my new slave up completely, from his bulging codpiece, to the tips of his fingers and nose.

The amber translucent latex encases his whole torso but the sexiest part of this scene is the custom latex hood and only a tiny, delicate straw connects him with the outside world.

This hood transforms him into an alien, dependent creature. He is so vulnerable.
Unable to see. Unable to speak. He is completely under my control.

Good thing I have solid metal shackles! These steel stocks should keep him in place for my thorough examination and intense torture. Not only is he hung for my pleasure, but he has an ass that was MADE for spanking!

Hoodman and his incredible body are back in my clutches for another round of torment. Those gym-toned abs and broad shoulders are just a small part of what this hot, young submissive has to offer. His tightening black latex shorts hint at his best feature as I tease him to full erection.

At first I am gentle and sensual but I quickly discover that when I hurt his cock, he gets even harder! Time for some cbt!

How does he have enough blood to stay conscious when that monster cock is fully erect???

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