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GALLERY: 132 / DATE: 10 Jun, 13 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

Double Domme TeaParty - Wicked Grounds CBT

What can make latex-in-public even more exciting? Electricity!

There are hidden electrodes beneath my slave's rubber codpiece and I have a small remote control that can deliver POWERFUL shocks, completely silently, to his cock and balls.

With his unit on this powerful, invisible leash, I can explore new and kinky power exchange dynamics... like, what happens when I hand the remote control to someone else?

Leila Valentina happens to be at Wicked Grounds today having tea with friends, so we invite her in on our public rubber mischief. She enjoys our cbt scenario, especially since it is "hands free."

We can sit and chat, laughing and gossiping, while simultaneously electrically stimulating, or decimating, my poor submissive's genitals.

I love that the shocks happen in silence. My slave is a fetish object without a face, but you can watch how his body language speaks volumes as the coursing electricity hits him in a deeply "personal" place.

Electricity is a labor saving miracle of science.
Now we can have our tea and cbt too.


GALLERY: 109 / DATE: 3 Jun, 13 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 4

TSAmber Seduced by Couple
Pt 2 Slut Training Handjob & Exhibitionist Masturbation

I love the way Amber looks with clamps on her sensitive nipples. I also enjoy the way she reacts to the pain and pleasure.

TSAmber's whole body seems to be one big erogenous zone now that we have her tied up completely. Now is the perfect time to take the sensations to the next level!

While my male submissive plays with her tits, I start stroking her cock in a nice, slow handjob. Her moans get louder and louder as we overwhelm her senses in a delicious bisexual threesome.

I'm already making plans for this slut's gangbang! While I describe how many men and women that I am going to make her pleasure, she almost looses control without permission!

TS Amber continues to get more and more sensitive and aroused the more we play with her. Soon she is going to loose control and gush her sissy juices everywhere!

Both of us have been fondling, pinching, stroking and probing her while she is tied up helplessly in the living room. Her moans have grown louder and louder and her sissy clitty is at maximum hardness. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of her.

I think she would do anything for release... little does she know that we will not untie her simply because she has an orgasm. This is just the beginning of her night with us!


GALLERY: 114 / DATE: 27 May, 13 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

Fun With Freya HUGE Dildoes Part 2 -
Laying it on Thick - Strap-on Threesome

I love fucking a man with a strap-on cock that is bigger then his own penis, for added humiliation and stimulation... but these dildoes are truly enormous.

Even our slave's big dick looks small in comparison to the massive members that Freya and I are ready to stuff into his ass. How much will fit? We add lots of lube and start the stretching.

It is my goal to get this WHOLE THING into his hole... but watching his ass gape and stretch around the intense dildo makes me wonder how it will re-arrange his internal organs to make room.

Freya keeps his mouth busy so there isn't too much complaining as this stoic slave takes all he can handle AND MORE in this huge strap-on threesome onslaught!


GALLERY: 108 / DATE: 20 May, 13 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 3

TSAmber Seduced by Couple
Pt 1 Breast Worship and Bondage Cock Tease

Four hands are better then two!

My real-life sub and I brought home a sexy transgirl from a Vegas club. Is she bi? I sure hope so because we both want to have our way with her!

First, we begin with rope bondage... binding her sexy, sensitive breasts to maximum perkiness. I can tell my switchy partner relishes this part - he loves bondage - while I continue to worship her tender nipples.

I make a great distraction, suckling, nibbling and pinching. This sexy TS is trapped in our rope web before she even realizes what is happening!

Once her breasts are bound tightly, there is a nipple for each of us to tenderize at the same time. Never under estimate the power of a sexy couple in action!

When Amber's sexy breasts are tied tightly in rope, her slutty side comes out. She flirts with both of us and with our camera so much that I can't resist taking erotic photos of her in our clutches.

I think she finds the caress of the camera's flash to be as sexy as our four hands and two mouths all over her... this scene brings her secret exhibitionist side out for all to see, from her heaving breasts and heavy breathing to the hardening bulge in her panties.

Would a sexy situation like this bring out YOUR inner camera slut?

The slightest touch sends her shivering. I love playing with someone so responsive. My slave and I are seducing this bisexual tranny into complete submission.

Once her arms are bound, her clitty cock DOUBLES in size and hardness.

Jackpot! We've found a bisexual bondage slut with a great rack and insatiable kinky desires. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... unless it is on video!


GALLERY: 113 / DATE: 13 May, 13 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

Fun With Freya HUGE Dildoes Part 1 -
Opening Him Up

Meet Freya - vibrant and wholesome... but MUCH kinkier then your usual girl next door.

Once we pin our large, masculine submissive up against the wall, his arousal immediately starts to become evident. We pick on him and examine his body as his growing cock reveals both its size and his secret kinks by hardening in response to our harshness.

Spanking, CBT, physical intimidation, nipple play, cock sucking... it is all on the femdom menu as we take this otherwise masculine man deep into subspace... so that he'll be able to take our enormous strap-on cocks as deeply as possible.

As his prick hardens, his surrender grows.

We open him up using our fingers, lube and lots of patience but soon he will be taking the biggest toys in our collection!


GALLERY: 103 / DATE: 29 Apr, 13 / IMAGES: 10 / VIDEOS: 3

Forced Crossdressing Maid Punishment - Part 3, 4 & 5
Locked into Lingerie, Uniform & Heels + Ruffle Worship

I am re-programming this slave to enjoy the erotic thrill of wearing women's clothing... especially lingerie, panties and sexy, frilly, forbidden fetish fashions!

The curve of his ass looks delicious, framed by the feminine white lace garter belt and slutty white fishnetsT this new sissy recruit could almost pass for a real woman, from behind, especially in that red flowing wig!

His furry chest and bulging panties give him away as being decidedly masculine so I decide to add yet ANOTHER layer of lingerie to this confused and aroused young straight boy. The lace bodysuit will disguise his breast forms and chest hair, making him look seamlessly feminine.

Instead of acting as a gaffe, however, the lingerie just serves to get this first-time crossdresser even more turned on and his cock stays bulging against the bow of his panties!

The real finale of this film is the HIGH HEEL BOOTS. Before my slave is ready for petticoats and the pretty pvc uniform I've picked out, he needs to be put in his first pair of high heels.

I don't want to waste any time with nonsense like flats, so I have selected a pair of tall, sexy, slut boots! My slave gulps with fright when he sees the height of the heels I expect him to wear but soon he starts to enjoy the feeling of firm leather encasing his stocking-clad legs. I enjoy the 6-inch platform heels forcing his toes into delicate, feminine points..

Join me as I implant my personal fetish for crossdressing deep in this young newbie's mind!

I will completely reprogram this straight boy into my perfect prissy sissy princess!

I know that the soft, sensuous clouds of petticoats are irresistible to this self-described "texture fetishist." It feels like sexy cotton candy and his cock bulges through the sheer layers. I am compelled to add layer after layer of petticoats until his hardening cock is lost in the fluffy, feminine, lace swirls.

The lessons continue with twirling, posing and prancing, but the tiny slutty panties my sub is wearing do nothing to conceal his embarrassing erection.

I have to DOUBLE PANTY my slut to keep his cock constrained and under complete control.

These white ruffled rumba panties add another layer of humiliation and arousal, especially while I force him to count, one after another, all of the pieces of women's clothing that he is wearing.


Now, after being tormented for almost a full hour, finally putting on the pvc sissy maid's uniform feels like a relief. He submits to the final pvc crossdressing, broken and humiliated.

To my surprise, the more I force this "average joe" masculine submissive into women's clothing, the more aroused he gets. My newbie sub claims that this is because he gets off on pleasing me and I so obviously enjoy feminizing him. He claims to be "helpless" to prevent himself from getting hard even though the panties frighten and embarrass him.

Now he is ready for more "advanced" training.

I have prepared a pair of ballet boots - the highest of high heels - for his sissy maid graduation! I do so enjoy my fetish heels!

I leave him dangling, thoroughly confused about his gender and sexuality, yet incredibly aroused.


GALLERY: 82 / DATE: 22 Apr, 13 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 3

Hardcore bondage prisoner sex. That is what I crave. Enough of this nonsense of dating!!!
I want a hung stud, tied down and hard for me.

I want my sex slave ready to be used at any moment, breathless with anticipation. Ready to be taken sexual advantage of. I want a slut for my personal use. Cock on tap.

I fuck him senseless while he is hard and helpless. I come over and over again until I soak him with my gushing pussy juices... but stop before his release! This keeps him straining at the leather institutional straps and ready for more. Whenever I want him, he will be ready for more sexual use!

I am sick of the rumors that dominant women don't suck cock. This video is proof that it does it happen and that we are INCREDIBLE cock suckers when we choose to be.

I take all 9 inches of my prisoner's thick, hard cock down my throat without hesitation. After a week of sexual frustration, tease and denial and outright torture, this slave is DESPERATE to come.

My new slave will be permanently devoted to me, now. Locked to my side with padlocks and a very special, twisted breed of sexual denial Stockholm Syndrome...

I like slaves who get turned on by the thought of a sexually voracious female interrogator! Prisoner 7 stands out because he began to get aroused during his initial torture session and I noticed the size of his erection bulging in his prison jumpsuit. Rather then execute this political prisoner, I have instead drawn him infinitely deeper into my web of intrigue and servitude.


GALLERY: 102 / DATE: 15 Apr, 13 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 2

Crossdressing Maid Punishment - Part 1 & 2

Forced into Fishnets and Panties!

My straight male submissive claims to not enjoy crossdressing... but I enjoy seeing my men in panties!

I ordered my slave to wear a sexy, shiny vinyl maid's uniform for me and he DISOBEYED. Since he refused to wear a maid's dress for me at the party, I am punishing my slave in a VERY special, very humiliating way... by dressing him in women's clothes for the first time, on camera.

Before, all I wanted was for him to wear a dress. Now, I'm not going to be satisfied with something that simple. I chain him to the ceiling for THE WORKS! Full forced feminization!!!

Panties, petticoats, high heel fetish boots, fishnet stockings, garters and more!

We raided an entire studio worth of frilly costuming to create this seductive cloud of lace, panties and petticoats. You will also get to enjoy my latex Alice in Wonderland costume as I surround and overwhelm this submissive with more femininity then he has ever seen.

I enjoy his distress and confusion as he starts to get hard, against his will, while I dress him up in sexy white fishnets. The garter belt frames his ass so nicely that I can't resist an old fashioned hairbrush spanking while I style his slutty red wig.

My lust for feminization is enough to turn my slave on... and confuse him a whole lot in the process. He has never crossdressed before, yet he finds it arousing and humiliating at the same time.

Since it turns me on, he cannot help but be turned on. The most humiliating part about this scene is how my slave is unable to control his cock's responses to my sissification torture.

I love embarrassing this slut by pointing out his arousal, constantly taunting and reminding him that he could have avoided this whole mess if he had only worn the one little slutty dress that I picked out for him in the first place. Now there is no escape and I won't rest until he looks like a pretty pretty princess!

Since my slave always claims that "cleavage is his favorite part" of women, I also dress him in a lovely white bra with breast forms to fill out his blossoming girlish figure.

"Forced" crossdressing movies are such a popular genre, but there is almost never any actual FORCE. They are more like "Please, please, please crossdress me" movies. This is a real straight boy being punished, but aroused, by what I subject him to. I enjoy his confusion and distress as he begins to get hard, wearing panties against his will.

I find a way to MAKE him enjoy this pantied punishment.


GALLERY: 81 / DATE: 8 Apr, 13 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 2

I adore a well hung slave. Since this Eastern European infiltrator was caught stealing copies of secret government documents, my black ops team has delivered him to me alive, to confess. But how best to procure his confession?

It is clear this man has a lot of stock in is masculinity, based on the size of his dick. I begin the bondage there, with a metal cock ring. I know that this massive member will soon be this spy's undoing.

I padlock his penis with heavy chains, locking him down to the roof while I tease and torture every inch of his helpless body with my riding crop. Held down by unforgiving metal, he is forced to kneel before me. If Prisoner 7 confesses the name of his employer before the sun sets, he might leave with his life.

I steadily strip him of freedom and turn up the heat.


Part 2

My sexy prisoner is helpless, about to be drugged by powerful new pheremone gas. My gas mask protects me while I interrogate him with alternating pain and pleasure.

Metal stocks bite into his wrists and across his shoulders while I tease his enormous cock, I enjoy gloating over how his cock strains against the unforgiving metal chastity device while I beat him and berate him for stealing our military secrets.

I sometimes feel like it is even more sadistic to give a helpless submissive enough room to wiggle in bondage. They struggle so beautifully if they think there is a chance of escape! Now he is in double jeopardy, chained to the ceiling by his wrist and neck while his feet are securely strapped down to a swiveling base.

One way or another, I will learn all of his secrets, even if I have to SUCK them out! I torture this spy until he agrees to work for me. Then, I reward my new agent with a blow job but I don't permit him to have an orgasm yet.

If this new recruit wants to cum, first he has to prove his loyalty!


GALLERY: 131 / DATE: 4 Apr, 13 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 1

Erotic Heritage Museum Tour Part 3

I love this clip because I get to fuck a giant vagina in it. :-)

Plus the world's first porn movie! The subject matter will surprise you. It is VERY shocking to us now, but it was porn comedy in 1920. You will have to tune in to find out what it is and see our reaction.

We discuss the return of hair in pornography and enjoy the erotic elevator - going down?

This episode wraps up in a great interview with our hostesses, the curators of the museum, about their background, the passion that guides them to work at the largest sex museum in the USA and what they see as part of the future for the Erotic Heritage Museum and its mission to educate, empower and inspire.


GALLERY: 116 / DATE: 1 Apr, 13 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

Brutalized in Ballet Boots - Part 3 Pegging and Pounding

I forced SissyAmy to wear a butt plug in public all day long, yesterday... but even that and all the anal fingering can't really prepare her for what we have in store for her.

My sissy slave moans in her leather bondage as I slowly impale her on my slim teal dildo. My reasonably-sized cock is just the beginning of her strap-on punishment. Madame Suzanne's massive dick is bigger then anything SissyAmy has ever taken before!

All the stretching and lube in the world might not be enough to get her through what Suzanne has in store. Poor SissyAmy! She grunts, groans and even screams as Madam Suzanne inexorably plunges her giant dick, inch by inch, into her tight little ass.

Enjoy this relentless strap-on fucking session! We make this little sissy squeal like a pig!


GALLERY: 130 / DATE: 28 Mar, 13 / IMAGES: 5 / VIDEOS: 1

Erotic Heritage Museum Tour Part 2

The Erotic Heritage Museum has a bdsm style dungeon installation for kinky outreach. They often feature live demonstrations, classes and events!

We enjoy the artistic side of things in addition to the artifacts with some great vintage porn posters from the era of the sexual cinema houses! The Spirit of Seventy-Six is a great example of erotic American folk art.

One of the best parts of the museum is their BATHROOM. Sign it and leave your mark with a dirty limirick, joke or cartoon! I make my slave sign using his mouth, since his hands are still bound in the institutional medical strait jacket... that's better then having to sign with his cock with all these hot women watching... right? The bathroom is an evolving piece of participatory art.

We also get to enjoy an example of the world's first peep show - the ancientness of the tradition will surprise you!

... then on to the movie room featuring clips from ground-breaking pornography, from the first "deep throat" to make it into the public consciousness to infra-red modern porn showing the heat of the moment in a very unique way.


GALLERY: 129 / DATE: 21 Mar, 13 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 1

Erotic Heritage Museum Tour Part 1

Welcome to the Erotic Heritage Museum - the largest museum dedicated to sex in the United States! In this video, we explore the first floor with two sexy curators in a CFNM erotic educational romp. My slave better pay attention, because he's wearing only a white canvas strait jacket and a cock leash. If he falls, the tumble is going to get taken out on his balls!

The first floor has a lot of fun, unique things including giant cocks made out of pennies, hymen breaking tools from ancient times, small penis humiliation (porn star life castings) and the only walt disney porn (ever!). There's also some modern technology in the form of fucking machines and a great display about the medical history of the vibrator. You can also see Larry Flint's golden wheelchair (Larry for President), ancient ritual orgies, high fashion dresses made out of condoms. The tour of the first floor ends with a very snuggly "audience participation" sculpture.


GALLERY: 115 / DATE: 18 Mar, 13 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 2

Brutalized in Ballet Boots - Part 1 Two Cocks, One Mouth

This cocksucking video is really all Madame Suzanne's fault. I invited her over to test out SissyAmy and she just couldn't keep her dick out of my new slut's mouth.

We had so much fun in that initial scene that now she is back for more. This time, I let Suzanne direct the scene, all around her new favorite fetish - seeing how much hard cock she can stuff into SissyAmy's mouth! You get to see this a lot in straight porn, but there's nothing as hot as making a sissy bitch airtight with femdom double penetration.

SissyAmy is blindfolded and must fumble in the dark using only her mouth to pleasure BOTH of our strap-on dildoes or face whatever punishment we devise. Let's see how long her mouth lasts before we wear it out and bend her over!

. . .

Brutalized in Ballet Boots - Part 2 Ass Fingering Bondage

I bind SissyAmy into a tight reverse leather straitjacket to keep her arms out of the way. With her feet in those sky-high ballet boots, I know it is impossible for my sissy captive to escape.

Madam Suzanne is eager to pound our little slut with her huge cock, so I make sure to stretch her sissy pussy out with my fingers. She's about to take the biggest dick of her whole life, and Suzanne doesn't like to be gentle!

We coax, prod and probe our crossdressed prisoner's ass until it opens wide for our strap-on dildos!


GALLERY: 86 / DATE: 4 Mar, 13 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 3

Double Domme Parts 5 - 7

Mistress Valentina's new slave has a virgin asshole that needs lots of stretching before our strap-ons will fit inside of him...

I love watching a hot, straight, slave learn to take a woman's cock in his ass for the first time.

The fear, arousal, pain, pleasure, confusion and excitement play across our young slave's face as we slowly force him to take more and more and more. I find that a handjob makes excellent "encouragement" to take the whole dildo!

I love the dynamic between these two - they are a real-life Mistress/slave couple - and I enjoy the chance to join in with her slave's "advanced" training. Mistress Valentina has a butt plug that gets bigger and bigger and he moans as each ridge penetrates his hole. Soon he will be ready for her big black cock.

We alternate pain and pleasure, spanking, stroking and thrusting. Soon his ass is stuffed wider and deeper then he has ever been filled before!

Our new slave makes a perfect footrest in front of the throne.

I am aching for sex, but this new recruit hasn't passed our tests. Fortunately, I recently invested in a beautiful new toy by njoy. The solid metal sex toy looks and feels more like a door knocker then a dildo... but it is perfectly angled to reach my g-spot!

I tied the rope bondage very TIGHTLY. Our slave is helpless, unable to stop Mistress Valentina's relentless assault on his ass and also unable to watch me masturbating right on top of him. We are using him for our pleasure... but not in the way that he expected!

We force him to listen in as I get myself off to an incredible, juicy orgasm... I love the way he writhes as I squirt my juices all over his back. Yum! If he is very lucky, I will let him lick my pussy next. For now, he gets to lick off my toy.

Tease and denial always makes MY orgasms stronger. :-)

Mistress Leila Valentina straps on her big, black cock and is ready to give it to him all the way. We've been torturing and probing his ass for hours, so he is finally stretched out enough to handle the biggest strap-on fucking of his young life!

We're pleased with the way he has taken his punishments without complaining, even though we had to gag him for talking too much... so we might even let him have an orgasm!

While Mistress Valentina buries her bbc in his virgin hole, I reach down beneath and give him a handjob. Together, we are going to milk every drop of cum out of this hot latex sex slave.

Once we've enjoyed all this he has to offer, we lock up his cock and balls. For the finale, I add a locking butt plug to make sure our slave's chastity is assured in every sense while we are gone. Now, Mistress Valentina and I can enjoy some "girl time" together.


GALLERY: 125 / DATE: 28 Feb, 13 / IMAGES: 4 / VIDEOS: 1

Sexploration With Monika Part 3 Arabelle Raphael AliceInBondageLand

Welcome to a special bonus interview from FCC Free Radio and Sexploration with Monika.

This evening we are joined in the studio by porn star Arabelle Raphael who talks about her experience "hiding" or "passing" for straight/normal in mainstream porn and the relief she feels when she gets to be herself in all her kinky glory while making queer porn.

Enjoy the insightful conversation from a bright and sexy experienced mainstream and fetish porn star, from lesbian bdsm to "occupy my ass."

Tune in every Friday to enjoy more interviews with porn stars, activists and educators on Sexploration with Monika.


GALLERY: 124 / DATE: 21 Feb, 13 / IMAGES: 5 / VIDEOS: 1

Sexploration With MonikaPart 2 Alice Porn Philosophy AliceInBondageLand

This week I am sharing the stage at FCC Free Radio with some incredible activists, porn stars and educators. Its another Friday night at Sexploration With Monika.

I have been discussing my porn philosophy on fetlife and other forums for a long time, but now I would like to address you - my viewers - directly:

I believe there is a problem in porn that women are not enjoying themselves. Even in "femdom" porn, women are hired by men, handed a script written by a man then assigned a partner pretty much arbitrarily. Even if they are skilled and intelligent, usually even their costume and words are dictated by a man.

How is this femdom?

This is where my work stands out. This is my real sex life in all its pervy glory. The people on this website, they are real kinksters... not paid models.

If someone is also a model on the side, I let them pick their partners or bring their own real life submissives. I ask her about her real fantasies and fetishes and we build a scene collaborative from there around the things she ACTUALLY ENJOYS. No faking allowed.

Not only is this a femdom website, it is female owned, operated, edited and cast. It is, in fact, female centric.

I think that difference is important.

Women can always tell when other women are faking it... and that has given femdom a bad name among women who might otherwise discover how arousing, fun and sexy it really is.

This website and all my kinky mischief in public, at clubs and on the internet is my counter-propeganda to this gross, boring and fake epidemic....

I am making femdom porn that is TRULY about dominant women, showing bdsm as something hot, sexy and very very very fun. I want it to look so good that curious women watch it with their sweethearts and want to try for themselves. :-)


GALLERY: 85 / DATE: 18 Feb, 13 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 4

Double Domme Pt 1 - 4 The New Slave Training Threesome

Mistress Leila Valentina brought me a present today - her new slave-in-training.

He seems polite enough, but we want to test him through PAIN!

Ball weights and a latex wrestling suit look very nice on this young, slender, stud slave. I can't resist tormenting his lovely ass through the open-bottomed catsuit. It is just a matter of time before I want to INVADE that perky ass, but first we want to MARK it.

Mistress Leila tenderizes this trainee even more with her wooden paddle while I work him over with a riding crop.

Will he earn the right to have an orgasm or will we break this newbie?

Tune in to find out! :-)

Mistress Valentina and I take our time to work him over and enjoy his latex-clad body, first exploring with our hands, then bringing out our whips and ropes... Mistress Valentina wants to mark her new slave, so she whips him with her favorite vipertail and latex floggers, while I bind him securely to the throne's footrest.

We gag our slave with a black rubber ball gag to emphasize that we have TOTAL control... but he still can't resist mouthing off, earning an extreme punishment!

Can he handle ball busting with our sexy boots? We might pop his cherry... or pop his nuts!

He hasn't earned the right to worship our breasts and pussies, but he can start "moving up the food chain" by worshiping our FEET and BOOTS.

Even through the ball gag, he manages to lick and nuzzle Mistress Leila's pretty pedicured toes in her open-toed high heels. We force him to admit to his filthy foot fetish, then he cleans off my boots to prove how dedicated he is to us.

This is an extra humiliating scene because of how out of control this poor submissive feels. Instead of letting him kneel at our feet and worship us at his leisure, we tie him up and shove our filthy feet and boots right into his FACE!

When his oral attentiveness wanes, we paddle our slave to remind him of his place... now he exists only for OUR PLEASURE!

Mistress Leila sees how erect her slave's cock gets as I tempt him and she can't resist whipping his hard cock and bound balls. He is teased to desperation and will agree to almost anything - even taking it in the ass - for a chance to please us.

Our slave's virgin hole is so tight that we have to stretch him out, fingering him and probing, before our strap-on cocks will fit inside him!


GALLERY: 123 / DATE: 14 Feb, 13 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

Sexploration With Monika Part 1 Ruchamah Van der Horn AliceInBondageLand

Sexploration with Monika is a sex-positive radio show featured on FCC Free Radio here in San Francisco (and podcast) weekly on Friday night.

Monika is an open-minded kinky friend with an emphasis on education and empowerment. She has great taste in guests, which is why I get to join her tonight.

This is the first time she has invited a video camera into the radio studio in addition to her microphones.

Enjoy this interview featuring Dutch researcher and activist Ruchamah Van der Horn - she is traveling the USA learning from sex worker grass roots activism in order to bring back information and techniques to her home country.

Prostitution has been legal and tourist-friendly in Amsterdam for many years, but there is a growing conservative movement that is seeking to undo those freedoms and legal protections.

Since it has been legal and safe for so long, there is very little political activism among their sexworkers... but if they want to keep working, they are going to have to get political!

Enjoy this insightful international conversation with a stunning Netherlands beauty that has brains to match!


GALLERY: 126 / DATE: 11 Feb, 13 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

Tickle Torture in Blacklight Bondage -
Girl Girl Bondage War

Video newbie Scarlet is back for another bout... this time it is a bondage battle as I tie her up but then also get tied up using black-light reactive shibari-style rope bondage to highlight our struggles.

I am gagged because otherwise I would pick the knots with my teeth and escape, but the real trouble is that we aren't just tied up... we are tied TO each other. There is no escape for either of us and what begins as groping gets MUCH more interesting when I discover how terribly ticklish she is!

The path to victory is more bondage! I take control of the ropes and we duke it out by going after each others feet, sides and bellies in this ticklefest. We loose our breath again and again, try to declare peace and then degenerate right back into attacking each other until we are completely exhausted.

I now know Scarlet's secret weakness. This will be fun to exploit in other videos!

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