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GALLERY: 155 / DATE: 30 Dec, 13 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 3

I open this chastity bdsm scene with a striptease and then get right to the t&d, spanking and sph!

Small penis humiliation comes naturally to Rebel Girl - she was born a boy but was just barely. Her little sissy clitty is best kept locked up but once I chain her to the chair I feel safe unlocking her chastity device to investigate if long term chastity really does lead to penis shrinking or not.

She looks adorable in a leather locking muzzle from Mr S.

My sissy's cock is small but extremely hard since she has not been unlocked from chastity in several months! She is eager, erect and ready but I intend to tease and torment her tender pink flesh rather then pleasure her little member.


GALLERY: 175 / DATE: 6 Dec, 13 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

Since you are so new to having your cock locked into that chastity belt, I will only be drawing one card this time... as you learn and grow it could turn into whole poker hands.

One or two days with your cock in chastity wouldn't be too bad... but what if I draw one of the four Queens? 12 more days in chastity for you!

Do you think you can handle more than a week at a time? I guess now is time to find out!
Put your dick on the line and come play a game of cards with me!


GALLERY: 170 / DATE: 28 Nov, 13 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

POV Alice SPH Small Penis Humiliation Dildo

In my previous interview, I showed you some truly HUGE cocks, but since no one really makes tiny dildoes I had to go make my own tiny penis model, using my sissy's clitty to make a mold.

I've seen women with clits this big... but then again, this is San Francisco.

It is a one-handed wonder. A cocklette or a dinky, not a cock or a dick.

Do you measure up?
Compare yourself to this truly tiny penis in this fun and candid sph (small penis humiliation) femdom pov video.


GALLERY: 152 / DATE: 25 Nov, 13 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 2

How far would you go to be let out of chastity? How much pain and humiliation do you think you could take in order to get your first orgasm in months?

Control the cock and you control the slave it is attached to!

The Venus 2000 is a marvel of modern technology. A fucking machine designed to pleasure men, it is very different then anything else on the market.

Think of it as an air-powered blowjob robot. Its ability to stimulate the male member relentlessly, while feeling like a mouth rather then a machine, has made it famous among dominatrixes and enthusiastic male submissives.

It is also the closest that Maitresse Renee's chastity slave is going to get to a real pussy or a real mouth for a LONG time! This device will suck the orgasm right out of him, but he better be ready to "recycle" the results to please his Mistress!

Maitresse Renee intends to torture her submissive into a state of wild desperation using cbt and nipple play before she decides if he has earned an orgasm. In the meanwhile, he has to lick up all the precum his eager dick produces.

No matter how tightly we screw down the nipple clamps, they seem to pop right off his ungrateful nips. We take it out on his balls with a pair of riding crops until he screams for mercy through the tight black ballgag... but his erection never really diminishes in spite of the pain.


GALLERY: 165 / DATE: 18 Nov, 13 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 2

Ride the Lightning FULL MOVIE
Featuring Maitresse Renee's "Sex and Metal" Cage

The lightning strikes are getting closer in the Texas storm and that inspires me to pick up a cattle prod to goad submissive number 9 into flinching and flailing inside the special metal cage full of pointed barbs.

This Sex and Metal cage has captured my imagination because it is powder coated a brilliant "sports car" red but also because it uses locking pins to hold a submissive in place from ALL directions at once, making it a dangerous prospect to struggle for any reason... and making it extra fun to give subs a reason to struggle against the painful points.

Pinned in place from every direction, this poor sub has nowhere to go to except right into more painful points... but he can't help flinching when I go after his balls relentlessly with my cattle prod. I enjoy shocking his sensitive inner thighs because of the way it makes him leap.

We call down the lightning in this fun clip, while everyone else was sleeping off the epic True Desires party.


GALLERY: 151 / DATE: 11 Nov, 13 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 2

Maitresse Reene has a beautiful medical facility and I enjoy showing it off on my last night in Dallas, TX.

Enjoy a brief guided tour before we lay her chastity submissive down on the gyno table and start strapping him down. We have just enough energy for one more scene... and Servant #1 is desperate to earn an orgasm!

If he can survive our cbt treatment then this patient might earn a sexual release! His hard-on doesn't seem to diminish inside of the pink chastity device, even under painful duress.

Maitresse Renee is not going to make it easy for him, using countdowns, word games and other psychological manipulations to keep him nervous, on his toes and eager to please even before the bondage, pain and pleasure begins.

She also shows off her very special key and the high security lock around her slave's bright pink chastity device. The prospect of release arouses him so much that his big cock has swollen into the chastity device and he is now STUCK.

We manage to remove the chastity cage, leaving his penis looking more like a hand grenade then normal genitals because of the stripes left by the bars, but he is so massively erect and desperate that the "pull out ring" has nowhere to go.

Lots of lube and effort gets us nowhere so we use isolation and sensory deprivation to bring down his hard-on enough to remove the last pieces from around his trapped cock and balls.

Maitresse Renee allows her slave to enjoy the pleasure of very intimate gagged kissing before we return to tormenting him with cbt and humiliation.


GALLERY: 161 / DATE: 4 Nov, 13 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 2

Now that our submissive has been softened up by a good beating, it is time to start opening up his ass with our fingers and eventually our strap-on cocks.

Mistress Denali has come to me wanting to learn the "ins and outs" of strap-on play and this slut makes a fantastic crash test dummy... we tie him down on the bondage table with his legs in the air attached to a spreader bar from the ceiling.

He is completely helpless with his ass exposed in the air so that Mistress Denali and I can explore his hole. I teach her about anal anatomy and we stretch him open together... starting with fingers and then progressing to my small dildo before making room for Denali to enjoy her first strap-on experience.

We tag-team him with progressively bigger and bigger cocks until he's stuffed full, groaning, moaning and struggling against the bondage until we're balls deep in his horny hole with our massive dildoes.


GALLERY: 166 / DATE: 28 Oct, 13 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 2

POV True Desires Mistress Masturbation FULL MOVIE

Welcome to the True Desires FemDom fantasy retreat weekend. For 3 days and nights 9 dominant women enslave 10 submissive men for what feels like eternity of full time bdsm service.

The men are being kept naked and in chastity for our pleasure while serving us, but now that it is evening they are all locked into kennels for the night. The Mistresses have gone to bed but I am still wide awake and horny.

Something about the thought of those 9 men in chastity eagerly waiting downstairs in their cages makes me sooo wet... since they cannot masturbate, I decide to give myself one orgasm for each of my weekend servants.

I told them exactly what I was going to do after locking up their cages. I wonder if they can hear my moans echoing through the dungeon.

Maitresse Renee certainly does and CATCHES ME MASTURBATING at the end of this fun, humiliating POV video with a twist.


GALLERY: 160 / DATE: 21 Oct, 13 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 2

This submissive has a special fetish to be "useful" to dominant women and he is the perfect "crash test dummy" to teach a new dominatrix with.
Mistress Denali enjoys bdsm but needs further education when it comes to cock and ball torture and strap-on play.

Mistress Denali is particularly curious about cbt and this sub is a great test subject to use for her education. I teach her about ball busing and safety while I tie up his cock and balls, giving us a perfect target for our femdom aggression.

To further her training, we also add clothespins and a vibrator! I teach her about methods of safely causing genital pain that doesn't leave any marks and we tease my submissive together together, alternating pain and pleasure.

He gets harder and harder under our tender torment also gets noisier as the intensity increases. We pull of the clothes pins like breaking a wishbone and enjoy the screams!


GALLERY: 158 / DATE: 17 Oct, 13 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 2

POV Alice Custom Ball Busting Punishment Threat

Oh sweetheart, you have made a BIG MISTAKE.
I bet you thought you could get away with it... maybe you thought I didn't read your Facebook feed?

You foolish little boy. Women talk to each other and I know exactly why your ex was so pissed off. Did you really think you could get away with posting her photos to the internet?

Your vengeance is backfiring a little now that she has tattled on you to all your female friends... we are PISSED OFF and it is time to take it out on your BALLS.

This dressing down femdom POV clip is full of threats and humiliation, demonstrating with toys exactly how I am going to bust your balls for this latest fuck up!


GALLERY: 154 / DATE: 14 Oct, 13 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 1

Maitresse Renee's slave has screamed his way through cbt and caning enough to earn an orgasm!

However, he still hasn't earned any "normal" sex so it is time to break out the power tools!

It takes some effort to get her slave out of the chastity device because he has swelled up so much inside of the inner anti-pull-out ring. Maitresse Renee loves pointing out how it looks like a hand grenade with harsh marks left by the bars of the humiliatingly bright pink chastity cage.

We like to call this space-age ray-gun style device the FUCKS-ALL,,. and it packs a LOT of power!

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the sex toys! Even the sound of it on a low setting is pretty intimidating to our bound slave... but he is so desperate for release that he is willing to brave even the most alien and exotic toys to gain a coveted orgasm.

The relentless fucking machine is going to pull the orgasm right out... but look out because Maitresse Renee believes in "recycling" all of the semen that comes out of her slaves!


GALLERY: 150 / DATE: 7 Oct, 13 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

Have you fantasized about loosing your anal virginity to a powerful woman that won't take "no" for an answer? What if she is bigger then you? What if she is stronger then you? What if there really is NO ESCAPE?

The first session of the True Desires femdom retreat in Texas also has some interesting "firsts" for the submissives involved. Number 9 was willing to admit to a curiosity about anal play and this scrawny little white boy is about to get a lesson in tough love from the Black Spankstress herself, Mistress Navia.

After watching her throw a grown man over her shoulder like a rag doll, I know this skinny guy doesn't stand a chance. His anal virginity won't last the night because I know how much Mistress Navia LOVES to collect cherries!

He seems to know that he's in for both a treat and a punishment, so tries to be on his very best, most obedient behavior. Poor number 9 tries to take it like a man. In spite of his efforts to be stoic, I enjoy seeing him shaking and straining in the bondage when her strap-on onslaught really begins.

This poor submissive is loosing his virginity in front of an audience of dominant women AND a camera. How will he take it? Will he be able to meekly take her whole dick or will he scream, cry and try to escape? Would you fare any better against Mistress Navia's relentless hands and big black cock?

I fuck his eager mouth while Mistress Navia takes his virginity. What a lucky boy - double penetrated on his first date!


GALLERY: 153 / DATE: 30 Sep, 13 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 2

Maitresse Renee makes her submissive guess at the identity of the "mystery mistress" in the room, but my evil laugh gives away my identity.

We lock her slave to the ceiling using a beautiful purple powder-coated metal spreader bar. I love the sparkly lustur of the special custom "Sex and Metal" gear that Maitresse collects. There is no way for him to chew his way out of that bondage!

We stroke and tease his body with our hands and toys, but it isn't until we use a spiked warrenburg wheel on his sensitive cock (still locked in chastity) that he starts to make some noises of suffering.

We take full advantage of his chastitized state to tease, deny and torment him, alternating cbt with a vibrator that has him bulging through the bars of his pink cage.

If he wants to have an orgasm then he must face the wrath of two mistresses with riding crops and canes!

We tan his hide and admire the "ownership" brand on his backside. This slave has a great ass that bounces when spanked, I can see why Maitresse Renee has marked him permanently as her own.

The cruelest part is when she demands that he ASK for more pain and ASK for more cane strikes. While he is clearly struggling to survive the onslaught with his sanity the temptation of an orgasm goads him on to endure more and more pain to please us and earn a release.

Her goal is to redden his butt until it matches his hot pink chastity device!


GALLERY: 148 / DATE: 23 Sep, 13 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 3

Our patient has been responding positively to his treatment so far... which means he is ready for the "advanced" prostate stimulation exam.

My kinky nurse lifts the hydraulic birthing bed into the proper position with just a touch of her high heeled boot to the lever. The bed rises in smooth silence, disorientating our patient even more. He will agree to ANYTHING now that his cock is pumped up to maximum harness.

His cock has doubled in size inside of the pumping chamber and that gets me VERY excited.

We begin fingering his ass, probing, massaging and delving deeper until we are massaging his prostate directly. At first, one finger is all that will fit. The leather creaks as he struggles and moans, but all the locking medical straps keep him restrained as we stroke, stretch and finally fuck his little slut asshole with our strap-on cocks.

Naughty nurse Leila Valentina is packing a massive big black cock that looks great against her curves. Can our submissive patient take the whole thing in the name of medical science? Or will we have to drug him to stuff the whole cock into his tight hole?

Slowly, inevitably, under pressure from the head of her big cock, his ass starts to open up. A vibrator helps with the process of loosening him, even though this is the furthest he has ever been stretched.

Once her dildo is fucking his ass smoothly, I add a heavy gas mask and rebreather to his bondage to keep our patient properly sedated during ongoing "treatment."

The final test of his enlargement is in the ejaculation... was our kinky surgery a success?

Can he still have orgasms with his new "enhanced" manhood?

We must find out if he can still squirt his seed before adding him to our stables for sexual use... otherwise he is no good for our top secret femdom breeding program.

The massive new girth of his pumped up cock is very promising and we have teased and tormented him for ours. Now let's find out if penis size effects semen volume!


GALLERY: 162 / DATE: 16 Sep, 13 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

They say that whatever happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas... unless it is on video!

Welcome to the AVN Tradeshow, where I have been the center of attention along with my submissive in head-to-toe rubber. It is the biggest mainstream porn convention in the world but my fetish companions and I still stand out as kinky and VERY noticable in full body latex.

Our rubber fetish wear attracts a lot of attention, questions and flirting from fans. At the end of the event, we find a vacant boot shine station to enjoy a little play with a public audience.

We had our own security detail for this one a kinky security guard was in on the whole scene so instead of asking us to leave, he encourages us to keep going and makes sure no one interferes with our playtime.

I want to send a special THANK YOU to my kinky security guard in Vegas. You made a hot scene even hotter by skillfully managing the crowd that gathered to watch our public humiliation, boot worship, scissoring, rubber and pantyhose scene unfold.

A perfect end to a great convention... see you next year!


GALLERY: 147 / DATE: 9 Sep, 13 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 3

Sadistic Doctor and Naughty Nurse double team this disoriented patient as he comes out of the operating room from a VERY controversial procedure... a full penis transplant!

Our patient is extensively bound with locking brown leather medical restraints onto the hydraulic birthing chair. It is fully adjustable and every way and we plan on taking extensive advantage of its adjustability.

Our patient was in a disfiguring accident that threatened to take away use of his cock. In an act of medical desperation, he made the mistake of signing a waiver without reading the fine print...

Now, he is our prisoner-patient in this specialized kinky hospital.
We can be as cruel and controversial as we want since he is legally our property.

The first item to check off on his chart is nerve responsiveness. Nurse Valentina uses a wicked spiked warrenburg wheel to make sure his cock, balls and inner thighs are all responsive and sensitive before we move on to the next phase of his specialized kinky treatments.

I take care to lube up our pumping device to take full advantage of his nipples and "enhance" their size with proper training. We pump them out to 15 PSI while he squirms and whimpers. They become MUCH larger and even more sensitive then usual. A little nipple torture goes a long way!

This specialized pumping apparatus is also especially effective on cocks... and if we want to test this patient's new augmented member, pumping is a great way to stretch it absolute maximum harness and size.

Pumping is a process which takes a lot of patience... fortunately I have my special Naughty Nurse Leila Valentina along with me to speed up the process and distract the patient.

He is fully erect when we finally put him into the penis enlargement device but I am convinced we can get at least another inch or two out of him... and I'm going to get it NO MATTER WHAT!

Since fate didn't bring me a big dicked slave this time, I am going to MAKE ONE.

I use my dildo to demonstrate just how tiny his poor little dickie was before we began these penis augmentation procedures. The difference is startling and dangerous to his ego so I need to remind him that there are still bigger cocks in the world.

When I line up the two different sized dildoes, I find that he's grown to be the perfect middle size between the two sizes. He's almost big enough to be let out of chastity now... but not quite! Enjoy this special medical sph scene from a specialized ward in Strap-On Hospital.


GALLERY: 146 / DATE: 2 Sep, 13 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 2

Maitresse Renee lines up her two chastity slaves on the couch so that we can admire their chastity devices and punish their tender asses with a warm up spanking!

I love spankings but it is going to take more painful treatment to get through to these masochistic submissives. Fortunately Maitresse Renee brough a wonderful selection of toys with her from Dallas on this trip, including a massive single-tail whip!

After properly reddening their asses with a spanking on the couch, Maitresse sends the two chastity boys to go "pick their poison" - to choose their own implement of punishment out of her toy bag.

One of them attempts to flatter her by choosing her favorite paddle, embelished with her name and title, the other chooses a very vicious ratan cane. By the time we are through with their punishment, we'll have investigated much of the rest of the toy bag's content as well...

Maitresse Renee is an incredible woman with a charming combination of sadism and smiles!


GALLERY: 149 / DATE: 26 Aug, 13 / IMAGES: 69 / VIDEOS: 5

Today is a big day for adventure in BondageLand and in San Francisco! We are taking our leather gimp out on a very special field trip!

My gimp is muzzled and in a custom leather strait jacket so there is no mistaking him from someone disabled. It is very clear that there is mischief going on. We are VERY obvious even before we start to strap him down into our very special mobile bondage device.

We start at Sutro Tower, where there are loads of tour buses unloading foreigners who want to take our picture at the senic lookout point!

This is special PUBLIC bondage that can only happen in kinky San Francisco, California... and in Bondageland!

Once we've worked up an appetite on our adventure it is time to visit Wicked Grounds for kinky refreshment... I enjoy my coffee the normal way using my gimp as human furniture, while he drinks coffee through a straw using the tiny hole in his locked bondage muzzle.

I put him right back into a head harness and muzzle after lunch because our adventures aren't over yet! Wicked Grounds is right down the street from my favorite BDSM shop - Mr S!

I take my gimp for a little walk out in public before our shopping trip. I love the wide spectrum of responses we get from the crowd!


GALLERY: 145 / DATE: 19 Aug, 13 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 3

Maitresse Renee is a true Texas beauty queen, but she is visiting me here in California to show off her two chastity sissies and perform some advanced training.

By linking the two boys together via electrodes on thier cock and balls, she is showing them that teamwork is of utmost importance. Also, if she punishes BOTH of them with cbt for every indiscretion, soon they will start looking after each other to avoid pain!

These sissy twins in chastity need to get a little more "intimate" and comfortable with each other... so Maitress Renee brings a double ball gag with her!

What an intense way to get to know someone - Locked into eye-contact gagged bondage!

They are practically kissing each other. Escape is impossible and the constant threat of electric shocks to their genitals keeps them straining for proper position. What a humiliating predicament!

They see the helplessness in one another's eyes while they drool all over their latex fetish wear. They must both submit to our whims and cannot complain, object or negotiate around the massive double purple ball gag.

Once Maitresse Renee removes her alpha sub's sissy maid hood and replaces it with a leather mask with a blindfold, things become a lot more difficult for him. After he makes several mistakes in a row, she punishes him with a humiliating dressing down and then applies ample voltage to his cock and balls. After that, it is corner time to reflect on his mistakes!

It is always best to stay on the GOOD side of this femdom!

After a little while, he is allowed to apologize by kissing our boots and showing us honor.


GALLERY: 159 / DATE: 12 Aug, 13 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 3

Kitty Girl in Trouble!!!

Denali Winter is a fun new fetish model with a personal love of bondage and I put that to the test in our first shoot together by wrapping her in LAYERS of immobilizing mummification bondage.

First, we start with a chest harness. The rope hugs her curves but also adds a layer of safety, since I will be binding her in a standing position. By attaching her harness to the ceiling before wrapping her in cling film, I make sure there will be no disasterous falls and get a fun chance to flirt.

I mummify Denali using an entire roll of neon pink tape and her nervousness begins to give way to arousal. It is obvious that she is getting very turned on by the rigorous bondage. We hit a new record in this shoot - the most bondage this 18 year old has ever experienced at once!

When the roll of duct tape runs out, I add CAUTION tape as an accent, finishing with a tap gag flourish. Taping mouths shut is my favorite part about adhesive bondage. I guess that's why they call it a fetish!

Bound head-to-toe and helpless in the center of the dungeon, Denali still has a little bit of wiggle room. They say that if you give a sub an inch, they will take a mile, so I anchor her securely to the walls to make sure she can no longer wander.

Every wall and even the floor in this wonderful playspace has rings embedded securely into the studs... so I use my entire collection of bondage rope to make sure that she cannot move in ANY direction without being caught in my web.

Since she escaped my tape gag, I replace it with a nice big breatheable ball gag... now she cannot chew her way out of the bondage either!

This kitty girl is now completely my captive prisoner. I leave her to her contemplate her fate and meow for help... then return with a yummy treat since she is being such a good girl.

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