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GALLERY: 278 / DATE: 9 Jan, 15 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

Mistress Evadne Toki discusses the origins of her rubber fetish in this behind the scenes interview. It is a rare treat to get to have unedited, candid conversations with lifestyle bdsm enthusiasts about the origins of their kinks.

Enjoy this rare fully nude clip of a sexy, uninhibited femdom mistress as she gets lubed up and dressed up in latex before a shoot.

I love getting to know my collaborators. Learning about how these unique and powerful women develop their interested in the world of kink feeds my lifelong curiosity about fetishism.

We all have our origin stories. What's yours?


GALLERY: 258 / DATE: 29 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 2

THE WALK OF SHAME - In a Slave's Own Words

This slave was required to walk to the Folsom Street Fair with its anus deeply stuffed with a large black buttplug. Once there, it was required to strip and remain naked at all times, except for sandals to protect its feet and a hood to conceal its identity. For decoration, it was made to wear a collar and a ball parachute. Bright red tiny lacy thong panties and a matching lacy bra were added for additional humiliation at the pleasure of Mistress Alice.

Mistress and her three domme friends took turns leading it back and forth by a chain leash attached to its ball parachute. There it was frequently displayed, humiliated, and punished for the entertainment and amusement of the huge crowds. For two hours, it was exposed to videotaping and photography by Mistress' cameraman and by countless spectators.

Soon after its arrival, it was well-spanked on its buttocks and kicked in its balls by Mistress, her friends and passing female volunteers. They also subjected its buttocks and thighs to frequent shocks with a cattle prod.

It quickly obeyed all commands from its Mistress and her friends, including the command "Worship," which required it to orally worship female shoes and boots, "Display," which required it to bend over, stick out its buttocks, spread its cheeks with its hands and fully display its plugged anus and the command "Present", which required it to present its cock and balls for torment, not attempting to protect them in any way.

As often as possible, flyers with these words were handed out and read loudly to passing women:

"This slave is here to suffer for your amusement and entertainment. It has repeatedly masturbated while watching porn in which pain and humiliation is inflicted upon women. As its punishment, it is to endure hours of naked public pain, humiliation, and degradation here today. These hours are being videoed for display and sale online, so that the public can purchase, download, watch, review, rate, comment on, and masturbate over its torment."

All women are urged to add to its humiliation by surrounding it, photographing it, posing for photographs with it, commenting about it, examining it, pinching it, slapping it, or taping written comments to it."


GALLERY: 280 / DATE: 26 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

Today Fancy the Kitty Girl learns what bondage feels like in a safe and supportive environment. We spend the day playing bondage games!

First, I gag her with a piece of white rope and then tie all of her limbs out spread-eagle style so that she can experience the pleasure of helplessness in bondage.

It is fun to finally get a chance to use all of the o-rings built into the dungeon floor but even MORE fun watch her sexy struggles in the rope ties. You can tell from her heavy breathing that she is nervous about being restrained but also very aroused!


GALLERY: 246 / DATE: 19 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 10 / VIDEOS: 1

My goal is to create an immersive femdom environment that is an escape from the rigors of daily life. Within this safe space, we can create TRULY female-centric bdsm movies featuring real female pleasure.

Here is a fun behind the scenes clip shot at Mistress Minax's top secret dungeon in San Francisco where I break the 4th Wall and show you the details of my kinky camera guy behind the scenes as we shoot a scene-within-a-scene.

My goal is to showcase real people doing things that they really enjoy... including bringing the cameraperson in as submissive with ball weights and bondage to keep him properly attentive. Mistress Minax enjoys the deepening levels of our shoot's complexity and offers some insight about artistic styles.

There is no male director behind the scenes telling us what to do. This website is female centered, it is all about giving the women free reign to enjoy themselves and documenting the results.

Enjoy this fun "meta" exploration of movie-making at its femdom best!


GALLERY: 245 / DATE: 15 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 2

Playtime with Minax is always exciting! Her intensity goes up to 11!

Mistress Minax is training slave Benzo with heavy leather bondage and regular femdom sessions. Today she has some edgy things on the menu including humiliation, anal probing, sounding and chastity!

Benzo is so named because Minax finds torturing him to be incredibly pleasurable, relaxing and medicinal. They have a wonderful "throw me in the briar patch" lifestyle bdsm dynamic. Her playful and vicious side is very genuine and sexy.

Mistress Eve Minax is smart, refreshing and fun whenever we play together. Even the cameraman isn't safe around her! She dominates on both sides of the lens in this fun movie featuring two latex-clad femdoms teaming up in a "fourth wall" breaking foursome to fill every orifice of poor slave Benzo starting with his ass, then mouth and then even his poor little piss hole.

To better facilitate cbt, Mistress Minax shows off her bondage massage table, complete with metal rings and a leather cover! It is fun to watch her slave struggle in bondage mits, chastity and a butt plug to unfold the bondage table for her. Minax is also a trained Bondassage practitioner but this intense scene goes above and beyond!

Not even a metal chastity device can protect Benzo's urethra from the metal sounding dialator. I think that is the ultimate humiliating "adding insult to injury" aspect of this movie: we didn't even unlock him from chastity to plunge metal dildoes into his urethra.

Start with severe bondage, add a vibrator and soon we have a very teased and very denied sub about to lose his mind with lust in this hot, rubbery, femdom mindfuck.


GALLERY: 232 / DATE: 12 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

Welcome to the sexiest pageant of DomCon LA - The Annual Crossdresser Awards!

I am honored to be one of the three judges of the pageant this year. With Princess Kali and Mistress Natalya Sadici by my side, this event is hosted by Maitresse Renee. Together, we presented an intimidating front.

My favorite part of this event is the sense of JOY that each of the ladies give off as they walk the runway. Each of them has given careful thought and effort into crafting their look, perfecting their makeup and learning how to walk in stunning high heels. I appreciate their enthusiasm and their bravery as they put themselves on display before the femdom community.

Some of these contestants go out often dressed passably as women, others consider it an act of gender transgression as well as transformation and enjoy the contrast of masculine and feminine when it comes to keeping their beard or body hair. At least one of them was "out" for the very first time in female clothing!

As gender roles and expectations become more fluid, the focus on "passing" has shifted to a focus on being FABULOUS where everyone is accepted as a part of spectrum.

I've included after-interviews with the lovely winners because they all have inspiring, insightful words for closeted crossdressers, sissies and pantyboys at home watching and living through them vicariously.

It is exciting to be living in a world where events like this can take place in the open and be celebrated by everyone!

I had a great time helping to host this year's crossdresser pageant and I hope to see you all next May in Los Angeles, California at DomCon.


GALLERY: 249 / DATE: 8 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 2

My long distance chastity submissive hit a very important milestone of ONE HUNDRED DAYS... and flew into town to celebrate!

I want to extend a personal thanks to the submissives and dominants that came to our hotel room "after party" following the Chastity Social.

It was a delight to have extra witnesses, hecklers and tormentrixes to pick on Rebel Girl as she struggled to get off while fucking the fake pussy on the floor... especially once we put her into bondage and started using the hog tie to interrupt her thrusting patterns.

I was really hoping that she would fail to have an orgasm within 3 minutues so that we would have an excuse for a little forced bi cocksucking. However, the only other cock in the room besides my strap-on belonged to Bobbie and she is in punishment chastity with LOCTITE on the lock for a while... so even forced cocksucking would have only been able to go so far.

I want to salute Rebel Girl for having the drive to hump that sex toy like mad even with a room full of women mocking, distracting, humiliating and interrupting her. After 123 days in chastity, she finally got to cum in a (rubber) pussy in front of us all. Daisy Ducati was especially fond of interrupting her timing but the inevitable took hold within the time limit.

Like any good super hero, she came just in the nick of time, right under the 3 minute mark. She avoided punishment, but not humiliation!

This is the first "pussy" that Rebel Girl has enjoyed in OVER a year and the first orgasm of ANY kind in 123 days.

Thanks again everyone!


GALLERY: 271 / DATE: 5 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 22

I had a great time joining forces with Nixie Broadway, Domina Jenna Rotten, Miss Velvet and Mistress Denali Winter to turn the "sushi served on a woman" trope on its ear. We enjoy an amazing lunch eating sushi off a sissy that lovingly prepared it for us live in a sissy maid uniform at our femdom party.

So many women wanted to participate that we are going to have a sequel "gourmet bondage" event soon to raise money for local charities!

Enjoy these fun photos. :-)


GALLERY: 174 / DATE: 2 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 2

I start out the gang bang with a friendly-sized dildo because the big guns are yet to come!

We stretch, lube and tease Master Cottonmouth's slave, taking turns using CBT, anal fucking, handjobs and blowjobs with plenty of TEETH.

With his balls tied to the ceiling and his arms and legs bound spread eagle on the sling, there is no way to escape from our sadistic pleasures.

He sucks two cocks at once while I fuck him open. Freya tags in when the show gets too hot to resist. Her cock is MUCH bigger then mine.

Then it is his Master's turn, with the biggest cock of all. She is not gentle with the strokes, as I smother her slave with my rubber-clad pussy to muffle his screams.

Which will win? Pleasure or Pain?

Given Master Cottonmouth's cum fetish, I think she will ride this scene right to the edge of her slave's limits but still somehow manage to extract a "creamy treat" as her reward.


GALLERY: 255 / DATE: 28 Nov, 14 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

Steffy the Rubber Doll - Interview Part 4

We saved the best for last!

At the bottom of Steffy's bag of rubber delights are several bags of sissy maid clothing. I am in crossdresser & latex dolly heaven!

Steffy the Rubber Doll walks us through the iconic sissy maid look that she created based on a famous bondage painting. Her maid uniform has been revised, improved and accessoriezed many times for different events all over the world. She shares plenty information about the makers, designers and techniques that make her stand out even at the highest fashion fetish events.

I find her frank sharing of information and empowerment truly sexy. She reminds us all to try this at home with a sense of fun!


GALLERY: 233 / DATE: 21 Nov, 14 / IMAGES: 88 / VIDEOS: 1

Welcome to the liveliest pageant of DomCon LA - the annual Pet Awards!

This year the room is filled with a sexy menagerie of kitties, puppies, zebras, foxes and femdoms!

After a brief introduction, each of the pet/trainer couples have an opportunity to run the obstacle course, flirt with the judges and perform any special "tricks" that they know. Some are silly, some are sexy and some are a special combination of both!

This is my favorite pet show in the world. There are plenty of fun costumes, enthusiastic roleplaying and genuine lifestyle couples having a GREAT time.

If you are a human pet or trainer, please come and join us next year for DomCon LA! Special thanks to Mistress Ellen and all of the lucky pets in this movie for allowing us to film this event for the very first time.

I hope you enjoy this special glimpse into the world of pet play.


GALLERY: 223 / DATE: 17 Nov, 14 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 2

In the freestyle competition, submissives are given an opportunity to impress judges with any special skills and talents.

One chooses ball slapping as their challenge and the judges push him right to his safeword with a relentless onslaughte. CBT can be a challenging form of pain and it is inspiring to watch this slave rise to the ocassion in order to avoid being locked back into chastity.

Contestant Number 4 steals the show with a stunning displace of heavy trampling that so excites the femdom judges that we all drop everything we're doing to watch and participate with the spectacle. This is some of the most extreme full-body-weight cock and ball trampling I've ever seen, with some real treats for pantyhose and heel fans.

It was stunning to behold in person and I hope you enjoy this movie. The women and submissives in these movies have a LOT of practice and experience. Please remember that CBT, especially trampling, is dangerous. Start slow and practice. If standing on top of someone, always have a way to steady yourself (overhead or next to you) as the majority of trampling injuries happen when a top accidentally FALLS onto their play partner.

Then, of course...

BALL BUSTING - the most anticipated competition of the day.

There is a reason we hold this event last... this is the most likely form of cbt to cause a submissive to use his safeword!

Since ball busting is both intense and dangerous, only two of our contestants are brave enough to put their balls on the line for glory in our grand finale. These two matched sissies must face off against each other until one of them cries out for mercy and gives up.

Until then, the femdom judges continue to kick, slap, punch, crush and bust their balls!

There can be only one and the competition becomes fiercer and fiercer between the contestants while each of the women try to out do each other in savagery, each hoping to be the one that breaks the tie by forcing a sub to use their safeword!


GALLERY: 254 / DATE: 14 Nov, 14 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

Steffy the Rubber Doll - Interview Part 3

I expose the reality of the rubber lifestyle in this cheeky, flirty interview with fetish icon Steffy the Rubber Doll.

Have you ever used gloves to put on your latex clothing? Steffy shares some tricks and dressing aids that will help you preserve your rubber's life for as long as possible.

Learn some of the "tricks" behind her manipulation of ratios and use of distraction to create seamless crossdressing illusions.

Steffy also shares her inspired method of creating responsive, pinchable, realistic nipples on rubber catsuits with inflatable torpedo tits. Her simple trick is brilliant!


GALLERY: 226 / DATE: 7 Nov, 14 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 1

FemDom Train Trip Part 6 - Wrap Up

Bobbie and I review our trip, the lessons learned and the highlights of our 3,000 miles in bondage, together in a small room on a cross country train. He is still pouting from the ruined orgasm in Episode 5, but has learned a lot in a short time during our intensive bondage adventure.

Some of the non-kink highlights of this video is an incredible RAINBOW we saw outside of Iowa and the incredible Chicago time lapse as we embark on the final leg of our journey to Washington DC.

Then we get down to some serious tease, denial, strait jacket, sleepsack bondage and cbt play to enjoy our final days and nights together on the train.


GALLERY: 222 / DATE: 3 Nov, 14 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 2

The obstacle course might seems straight forward, until you add a cbt humbler device. For added challenge, many of our competitors are also sissies wearing sexy high heels!

Mistress Nightlace hand made our special bright red humbler devices. We all agree that the rule with cars is always "red ones go faster." I am excited to see if that holds true for submissives also.

All of the femdom judges and women in the audience are eager to see which of our competitors has what it takes to make it through the ups, downs, ins, outs and STAIRS (the hardest part) of this humiliating cbt race the fastest!

After a brief break to recover from the races, we move on to the next event... CLOTHESPIN CHAOS!

This category has a robust history of mischief at the Burning Man festival. The idea is simple, couples face off to see who can put the most clothes pins on each other before one or both of them use their safeword.

This time we are adding a twist - only clothespins on their cock and balls count towards their score! Who can take the most? Hopefully they all got a good stretch in the weightlifting competition and now have a little more scrotal real estate to work with!

Our femdom judges can't resist putting a few extra clamps on the rest of them for good measure. The cbt clamping results are impressive and artistic. Their bits look more like porcupines then genitals when the ladies get finished!


GALLERY: 221 / DATE: 27 Oct, 14 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 2

First up in the CBT Olympics is the annual INSPECTION of the athletes.

They are exposed, examined, numbered and rated by our panel of international FemDom judges.

Only one contestant is brave enough to compete in the nude, that bought him some points with our notoriously hard-to-please panel of Mistresses. However, shaved atheleites did show a significant points advantage over their unshaved counterparts. Number 4 is the only participant with an intact foreskin. That might help him in the coming clothespin chaos competition too!

Women judge the competitors based on look, feel, responsiveness, cleanliness and other personal criteria and then score the submissives on a 1 to 10 via secret ballots before the weight lifting contest begins.

Be VERY CAREFUL when lifting any amount of weight with your balls, especially swinging, twisting or jerking motions. Go progressively, slowly and back off when your body tells you to! This is safest to attempt with a "ball parachute" because it will distribute weight the most evenly across your vulnerable genitals.

All that being said, welcome to one of the most impressive competitions in the CBT Olympics...

Some of these men have been training all year for this particular category!

Just how much can our trained testicle atheleties handle?


GALLERY: 217 / DATE: 20 Oct, 14 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 1

PART 5 - Any attention is good attention!

In this episode, Bobbie learns that getting let out of chastity isn't always a good thing and that there are even worse fates then CBT.

We pass through beautiful desert landscapes with hawks soaring majestically and a beautiful winding river before the view flattens out into wasteland. I lock Bobbie back up into the straitjacket and we enjoy passing the time with some conversation before getting into more serious and intense playtime.

In spite of the rest of him being locked down tightly, his cock and balls are hanging loose and free... for me to pick on!

This portion of our journey netted some of my favorite images, including Bobbie showing off the matching hood before I start teasing, denying and stimulating his cock and balls. I add clothespins and then a vibrator to ruin his good time.

Special thanks to Reddit and other snarky internet forums for encouraging this terrible plot twist ending for Bobbie's cross country adventure!


GALLERY: 253 / DATE: 17 Oct, 14 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 1

Steffy the Rubber Doll - Interview Part 2

"You work to feed your fetish."

Steffy the Rubber Doll is a dedicated rubberist who is excited to show off her collection of homemade rubber fetish gear. She encourages us all to save spare change for latex clothing but also urges us to go with "made to measure" clothing that fits your unique body shape.

We also discuss the care and feeding of latex clothing, how to keep it intact and enjoyable for many years.

From within her purple custom catsuit, Steffy also encourages us all to try our hand at making our own custom rubber garments! Using careful methods, trial-and-erorr and an eye for detail we can all make our fetish dreams come true in a working area the size of a dinner table.


GALLERY: 252 / DATE: 10 Oct, 14 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

Steffy the Rubber Doll - Interview Part 1

Come behind the scenes with Steffy the Rubber Doll. She is a fetish icon in the latex community.

Join me in a fascinating interview with this sexy latex maker and crafter of feminine illusions.

Did you really see what you thought you saw?

Is she a woman or a man?

What is it like to be a Playboy Bunny?

In Part 1 of this interview, we discuss her fetish motivations, her homemade rubber clothing and the thrills of "passing" as female in public.


GALLERY: 225 / DATE: 6 Oct, 14 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 4 - America, the Beautiful... in bondage!

We are having a great time on our cross-country trip across all of the continental United States of America and Bobbie has finally memorized the poem "America the Beautiful."

The lyrics have formed a wonderful "Bingo Card" of sights to look for as we pass from sea to shining sea by private railway compartment.

Unfortunately, the CBT, chastity and constant bondage has him a little distracted from the beautiful scenery. He has to keep himself sane for the next 3,000 miles trapped in layers of bondage!

I give him a bit of a break out of chastity and outside of the straitjacket to check in physically and mentally, then slowly back into bondage he goes. Once we stop to refuel at a station somewhere in the midwest, it is time to gag him and blindfold him so he cannot see the cbt coming and cannot scream loud enough to alert our neighbors.

In the evening, we also take some time to detail my EXTREME overnight bondage precautions including a Texas catheter and ultra-tight neoprene sleepsack!

This movie also features some of my favorite time-lapse scenery montages. They were a delight to create along the way. Experience America the Beautiful... in bondage... along with us!

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