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GALLERY: 307 / DATE: 23 Mar, 15 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 3

How do you truly punish a submissive who enjoys kinky, painful and humiliating female domination?

Make him drink an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WHISKEY, in a single sitting, while being humiliated and tortured. Keep the bucket handy in case there is a sudden and unfortunate eruption!

I have a hilariously good time in this forced intoxication scene as I literally reduce my slave to tears as I get him progressively more and more shitfaced on camera.

This is one of the cruelest things I've ever done to a submissive. We had some great plans to go out on the town during our Las Vegas vacation but he showed up late and already tipsy for our date. I have a zero tolerance policy for drunk driving so I am not willing to go ANYWHERE with him while he has a buzz on. Buzzed driving is drunk driving and he needs to be punished!

While he left me waiting, I set up my cameras and concocted a sadistic plan to have our own bottle party.

I help get him started by matching him shot for shot before I start making him do double drinking duty. The more intoxicated he gets, the more his mouth and his dick start to get him into more trouble!

He hasn't earned any body shots this time, but there is a beautiful and well stocked bar that I can climb on top of to make him drink booze off my beautiful high heeled fetish boots!

Enjoy this old fashioned tough love punishment. If the forced intoxication ordeal doesn't teach him a lesson, maybe the hangover will!

Finally! A punishment that this slave doesn't completely enjoy!


GALLERY: 304 / DATE: 16 Mar, 15 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 2

How to Scruff Your Human Puppy

Puppies need to be put in their place within the pack structure or they will misbehave and this particular human puppy is EXTRA troublesome. Humans don't have a "scruff of the neck" that we can grab them by to show our dominance... but we can get him by his BALLS instead!

Giggly blonde Mistress Evadne seems gentle at first but she builds him up with painful rhythmic spanking. We increase the punishment pace with double flogging to redden his back and help him sink into subspace, where he will be more susceptible to our feminine wiles. Once in that vulnerable headspace, he is more willing to submit to his animalistic urges.

By the time we bring out our whips, our pet is soaring on wings of endorphins and can endure a sadistic onslaught with stoic masochistic bravery as long as he remembers to keep breathing long, slow breaths.

Once our puppy is warmed up, Evadne begins dishing out the cock and ball torture. She begins with slaps but soon is relentlessly punishing him with intense ball-busting punches. She shows her true femdom colors while smiling, laughing and beating his balls.

The gag renders him almost soundless except for the slapping of her hands against his balls. She deals out more and more genital agony but the overhead bondage prevents him from buckling under the abuse while a spreader bar prevents him from kicking back.

He cannot scream.
He cannot escape.
He now accepts us as the Alphas of his pack.
This dog is now ready for training.

With our puppy safely confined between us, I set to work with his anal "de-worming" treatment while Evadne finds out if is already neutered or if he needs to be "fixed." Only the best human puppies deserve to remain intact to breed.

Is this pet meant for stud service or just a live of servitude? We set out to see how many tricks this doggie knows and if we can teach him any new ones.


GALLERY: 241 / DATE: 13 Mar, 15 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 1

Enjoy this behind the scenes headshaving video with our resident professional hairdresser, Denali Winter!

Servant 7 has no idea what to expect while in service to his mistress at the DomCon LA femdom convention, but being stylish is always important to him. Also, it is easier to wear a sexy wig on top of a smooth head!

Headshaving is especially sensual - we under estimate how many nerve endings there are in our scalp until it is stripped bare. Denali begins shaving his head with clippers as they discuss hair, the eroticism of haircuts and their hopes for the weekend of debauchery!

. . .

We will be back in Los Angeles, California this May for DomCon LA 2015. Say hello if you see our crew there & send me a letter asap if you would like to be one of our models!


GALLERY: 287 / DATE: 3 Mar, 15 / IMAGES: 77 / VIDEOS: 3

Today Denali and I are fulfilling our long-time fantasy - DYING someone's BEARD BRIGHT PINK. I love hardcore sissy humiliation this is feminization that you can't just wash off!

First, the painful bleaching process. We decide her carpet should match the drapes and bleach her pubic hair. Denali is a trained hair professional - be very careful attempting this unique form of cbt at home!

Dove Inanna has a deviant take on life, liberty and the pursuit of gender freedom. There are a lot of buzzwords we could use: fey, fairy, radical faery, genderqueer, genderfuck, gender warrior, etc but ultimately she is just too slutty for one gender, or even two.

She is deeply submissive and we have been friends for many years. We both stand out at events and have flocked together as freaks many times over the years.

We enjoy some good-natured humiliation around her whore-in-training status, the size of her trinket (our playful name for her genitals) and the slowly building sense of burning as the bleach does its work. In spite of the intense circumstances, her sissy bits get nice and juicy.

Then, we take her out in the back yard for the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE to wash off the hair products. It turns into more of a water-boarding scene then we anticipated and is also a lot more fun then washing off in a normal shower.

We joke that her safeword is YES. Innana subverts traditional gender in every way. As the blonde and pink chemistry takes effect, she embraces her taboo bimbo side.

Once we are done, there is no hiding the PINK SISSY SLUT side to her personality, it is PERMANENT!!!


GALLERY: 282 / DATE: 27 Feb, 15 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

I love turning the camera around and filming behind the scenes with my crew.

This sub is a good friend and part time videographer who has recently learned to enjoy pain, delving into kinky exploration with his wife.

Both of them are switches so they enjoy a very special mutual keyholding method of chastity play. Since it is just a month before a big annual bdsm event in their home town, they are both waiting 25 days until their next orgasm!

He predicts that it will be more difficult for her then for him, given her extreme response to tease-and-denial. Only time will tell.

Enjoy this interview and bondage playtime clip featuring a Bon4 Exobelt and CB6000 as part of my Chastity Fashion Show series.

We saw a striking image of double-handcuff CBT and set out to duplicate the image AliceInBondageLand style.


GALLERY: 283 / DATE: 24 Feb, 15 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

How much chastity would it take before your boundaries around bisexuality start to shift?

Would you drink your own semen?

Would you swallow another man's cum in order to earn an orgasm of your own?

Would a a set of authentic institutional restraints and my favorite strait jacket help?

This set of straps came up at a public auction cheaply because they had been declared inhumane by the medical board of Oregon and could no longer be used at the local state-funded asylum.

I restrain my submissive using the entire box of straps on top of the white strait jacket, then tie him down even more securely using layers of rope to eliminate all struggling.

Adding the funnel gag at the end is like putting the cherry on top of a sundae. A few phonecalls and men start arriving to fill up my little cum dumpster's mouth.

If he swallows enough loads he will get to have an orgasm of his own!


GALLERY: 268 / DATE: 9 Feb, 15 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 2

Sometimes a virgin ass is a hot commodity and other times it is more like a liability.

Bitchboi has the perfect nickname for someone about to be bent over for the first time. Will this bitch be able to TAKE IT?

He is so nervous! He sent me lots of revealing photos via fetlife while we flirted but reality is a little scarier. I bet I can help him open up with plenty of bondage and prolonged teasing. Gradually, his ass starts to open up for my hands and toys and he gives up that booty cherry to me.

If I collect enough virginity points, I get to redeem them for prizes!

Bitchboi eventually earns a special treat by being a sweet, submissive little sissy bitch and following all of my orders to the letter. He even went out in public to buy multiple pairs of pretty pink panties for his close up. Those panties are getting tighter and tighter the more we play.

Since I like the way the panties look on his bulging sissy cock, I leave them on for a forced bondage orgasm using my powerful hitatchi magic wand vibrator. Cum looks SO COOL squishing out through multiple pairs of panties!

Even all the layers of tight silky fabric couldn't prevent this sissy slave from blowing a huge load for me.


GALLERY: 284 / DATE: 2 Feb, 15 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

Fancy the Cat Girl is adorable playing with all of my floggers in the dungeon but she soon learns that some are fun and some are MEAN.

It is PUNISHMENT time since she "forgot" to wear panties today. This sends a clear message and I can tell she wants to push things a little naughtier compared to our other lesbian bondage movies together.

Enjoy a delightful view of her pierced clit hood and sexy ass as I spank her for being so slutty, going without panties and trying to seduce groundskeeper while her owner's back was turned. Underneath her innocent kitty girl exterior, there is a NAUGHTY KITTY waiting to come out. She makes the most adorable squeeky noises when I spank her perky, round ass.

Once she is warmed up, I introduce her to my three favorite floggers. One is made with gentle bunny fur and one has a painful leathery bite. The final one is intense but beautiful, a flowered themed cat-o-nine-tails. Now she will have a bright red stinging reminder to be a good kitty every time she sits down.

When we had first met, we focused purely on bondage and the experience of being helplessly restrained. Now that she is beginning to trust me as a pet owner, is the time to train my kitty slave more intensely

We get sexier and begin her oral slavegirl training with licking and worshipping my favorite pair of thigh high fetish boots!

Soon she will be my perfect pet.


GALLERY: 292 / DATE: 30 Jan, 15 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 2

Introducing Domina Jenna Rotten - Smoke Dreams

Sometimes I meet a woman and I know she is destined for greatness. Mistress Jenna arrived at my Burning Man dungeon smiling with auburn red hair, covered in tattoos and ready to ROCK.

Join my favorite bad girl in the back yard as she takes a smoke break with her handrolled cigarette. She lets you watch he enjoy this usually private moment, enjoying her exhibitionist streak and making knowing eye contact while she smokes.

Enjoy this candid vintage lingerie cleavage peepshow. She doesn't even need to talk in order to completely captivate you. Mistress Jenna shows off her tattooed arms and gets undressed down to her vintage girdle and lace front bra. Her voluptous breasts bounce sensually when she coughs.

She even lets us glimpse her sexy feet during some shoe dangling and dropping.


GALLERY: 259 / DATE: 26 Jan, 15 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 2

This clip is about an exquisite and unique Bondage Journey.

I find that bondage is something that some people just rush through in bdsm. To some people, bondage is only a means to an end. Many kinky porn movies begin with the equivalent of "we cut to this bondage already in process..." making it obvious that the woman doing the gloating over the capitve sub is NOT the one that did the rigging.

In my world, sometimes bondage IS the main course.

Though Monika and I enjoy some taboo age play and abdl sissification along the way, this scene is really about a love of bondage and being forced to enjoy it. I baby her, tie her up in a pretty little latex dress with layers of petticoats and also eventually add a vibrator but not until AFTER bondage story time.

What is bondage story time? Remember how great it was when someone read out loud to you as a child? How magical it seemed that they could decode letters into sounds and words to tell amazing stories? Remember how your imagination flowed while you listened to the tale unfold? Now add some sensory deprivation!

Join us as I read "Chapter 2: A Pool of Tears" out loud from my magical vintage copy of Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll while we enjoy lots of rubber sissy age play. I add some hitatchi magic wand tease and denial for good measure, then tuck my little sissy into bed for the night.


GALLERY: 279 / DATE: 16 Jan, 15 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

Enjoy this behind the scenes wrap-up with Tindala the Pony Girl after our VERY public bdsm adventure.

We discuss the different tourists that we encountered and their various reactions to the kinky spectacle of our fetish pony cart at Alamo Square in front of the famous Painted Ladies "Full House" houses, the different languages that we heard and congratulate each other for mischief well managed.


GALLERY: 275 / DATE: 12 Jan, 15 / IMAGES: 51 / VIDEOS: 3

Join us for some funny looks, lots of photos and some scandalized tourists in this public pony play scene!

If you watched the 1980's sitcom "Full House" then you will recognize the famous view of the iconic "Painted Ladies" Victorian houses overlooking the park in this exclusive San Francisco neighborhood. We are out for a ride in the unseasonably beautiful weather at one of the biggest, famous and most picturesque public parks in the city, Alamo Square.

Tindala is such a brave exhibitionist pony to go outside in full fetish gear! I think of this as a kind of "positive publicity" or kinky outreach. San Francisco natives and tourists alike take it all in stride as we put this pony through her paces literally and figuratively.

Broad daylight femdom pony play bondage - maybe we should offer rides on the Embarcadero next?

It is hard to keep a human pony in a tiny apartment, they need regular exercising and physical challenges!


GALLERY: 278 / DATE: 9 Jan, 15 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

Mistress Evadne Toki discusses the origins of her rubber fetish in this behind the scenes interview. It is a rare treat to get to have unedited, candid conversations with lifestyle bdsm enthusiasts about the origins of their kinks.

Enjoy this rare fully nude clip of a sexy, uninhibited femdom mistress as she gets lubed up and dressed up in latex before a shoot.

I love getting to know my collaborators. Learning about how these unique and powerful women develop their interested in the world of kink feeds my lifelong curiosity about fetishism.

We all have our origin stories. What's yours?


GALLERY: 274 / DATE: 5 Jan, 15 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 2

One of my greatest fetishes is to take a man and deconstruct him... then rebuild him into a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN instead!

This fun "gender queer pride flag" mummification video began as a fan mail exchange regarding my previous movie featuring a similar scene where I duck taped Denali Winter as a rainbow flag to the Castro Pride Flag in downtown San Francisco. Things quickly escalated from email to real life friendship since this lucky submissive is local.

This is Didi's video debut but I think it won't be her last time in the dungeon. Everyone present before, during and after the scene remarked upon how profound her transformation was when she went from "male" in street clothes, through a chrysalis of duck tape and into makeup while still in bondage.

I redress her in butterfly themed feminine clothing after extracting all of her masculinity through a sissifying handjob. The most efficient way to drain someone of male energy is through their cock so I am going to "milk the man out of her!"

I enjoy some intense female-style orgasm training, then I CUT her out of both the mummification bondage and her old male clothing for a truly freeing experience. We demolish her former gender and she is reborn as a beautiful woman!

The shift in Didi's demeanor, body language, vocal patterns and all around presentation is amazing. True metamorphosis in action!

Come join us on this profound and sexy journey from masculine to feminine!


GALLERY: 258 / DATE: 29 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 2

THE WALK OF SHAME - In a Slave's Own Words

This slave was required to walk to the Folsom Street Fair with its anus deeply stuffed with a large black buttplug. Once there, it was required to strip and remain naked at all times, except for sandals to protect its feet and a hood to conceal its identity. For decoration, it was made to wear a collar and a ball parachute. Bright red tiny lacy thong panties and a matching lacy bra were added for additional humiliation at the pleasure of Mistress Alice.

Mistress and her three domme friends took turns leading it back and forth by a chain leash attached to its ball parachute. There it was frequently displayed, humiliated, and punished for the entertainment and amusement of the huge crowds. For two hours, it was exposed to videotaping and photography by Mistress' cameraman and by countless spectators.

Soon after its arrival, it was well-spanked on its buttocks and kicked in its balls by Mistress, her friends and passing female volunteers. They also subjected its buttocks and thighs to frequent shocks with a cattle prod.

It quickly obeyed all commands from its Mistress and her friends, including the command "Worship," which required it to orally worship female shoes and boots, "Display," which required it to bend over, stick out its buttocks, spread its cheeks with its hands and fully display its plugged anus and the command "Present", which required it to present its cock and balls for torment, not attempting to protect them in any way.

As often as possible, flyers with these words were handed out and read loudly to passing women:

"This slave is here to suffer for your amusement and entertainment. It has repeatedly masturbated while watching porn in which pain and humiliation is inflicted upon women. As its punishment, it is to endure hours of naked public pain, humiliation, and degradation here today. These hours are being videoed for display and sale online, so that the public can purchase, download, watch, review, rate, comment on, and masturbate over its torment."

All women are urged to add to its humiliation by surrounding it, photographing it, posing for photographs with it, commenting about it, examining it, pinching it, slapping it, or taping written comments to it."


GALLERY: 280 / DATE: 26 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

Today Fancy the Kitty Girl learns what bondage feels like in a safe and supportive environment. We spend the day playing bondage games!

First, I gag her with a piece of white rope and then tie all of her limbs out spread-eagle style so that she can experience the pleasure of helplessness in bondage.

It is fun to finally get a chance to use all of the o-rings built into the dungeon floor but even MORE fun watch her sexy struggles in the rope ties. You can tell from her heavy breathing that she is nervous about being restrained but also very aroused!


GALLERY: 246 / DATE: 19 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 10 / VIDEOS: 1

My goal is to create an immersive femdom environment that is an escape from the rigors of daily life. Within this safe space, we can create TRULY female-centric bdsm movies featuring real female pleasure.

Here is a fun behind the scenes clip shot at Mistress Minax's top secret dungeon in San Francisco where I break the 4th Wall and show you the details of my kinky camera guy behind the scenes as we shoot a scene-within-a-scene.

My goal is to showcase real people doing things that they really enjoy... including bringing the cameraperson in as submissive with ball weights and bondage to keep him properly attentive. Mistress Minax enjoys the deepening levels of our shoot's complexity and offers some insight about artistic styles.

There is no male director behind the scenes telling us what to do. This website is female centered, it is all about giving the women free reign to enjoy themselves and documenting the results.

Enjoy this fun "meta" exploration of movie-making at its femdom best!


GALLERY: 245 / DATE: 15 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 2

Playtime with Minax is always exciting! Her intensity goes up to 11!

Mistress Minax is training slave Benzo with heavy leather bondage and regular femdom sessions. Today she has some edgy things on the menu including humiliation, anal probing, sounding and chastity!

Benzo is so named because Minax finds torturing him to be incredibly pleasurable, relaxing and medicinal. They have a wonderful "throw me in the briar patch" lifestyle bdsm dynamic. Her playful and vicious side is very genuine and sexy.

Mistress Eve Minax is smart, refreshing and fun whenever we play together. Even the cameraman isn't safe around her! She dominates on both sides of the lens in this fun movie featuring two latex-clad femdoms teaming up in a "fourth wall" breaking foursome to fill every orifice of poor slave Benzo starting with his ass, then mouth and then even his poor little piss hole.

To better facilitate cbt, Mistress Minax shows off her bondage massage table, complete with metal rings and a leather cover! It is fun to watch her slave struggle in bondage mits, chastity and a butt plug to unfold the bondage table for her. Minax is also a trained Bondassage practitioner but this intense scene goes above and beyond!

Not even a metal chastity device can protect Benzo's urethra from the metal sounding dialator. I think that is the ultimate humiliating "adding insult to injury" aspect of this movie: we didn't even unlock him from chastity to plunge metal dildoes into his urethra.

Start with severe bondage, add a vibrator and soon we have a very teased and very denied sub about to lose his mind with lust in this hot, rubbery, femdom mindfuck.


GALLERY: 232 / DATE: 12 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

Welcome to the sexiest pageant of DomCon LA - The Annual Crossdresser Awards!

I am honored to be one of the three judges of the pageant this year. With Princess Kali and Mistress Natalya Sadici by my side, this event is hosted by Maitresse Renee. Together, we presented an intimidating front.

My favorite part of this event is the sense of JOY that each of the ladies give off as they walk the runway. Each of them has given careful thought and effort into crafting their look, perfecting their makeup and learning how to walk in stunning high heels. I appreciate their enthusiasm and their bravery as they put themselves on display before the femdom community.

Some of these contestants go out often dressed passably as women, others consider it an act of gender transgression as well as transformation and enjoy the contrast of masculine and feminine when it comes to keeping their beard or body hair. At least one of them was "out" for the very first time in female clothing!

As gender roles and expectations become more fluid, the focus on "passing" has shifted to a focus on being FABULOUS where everyone is accepted as a part of spectrum.

I've included after-interviews with the lovely winners because they all have inspiring, insightful words for closeted crossdressers, sissies and pantyboys at home watching and living through them vicariously.

It is exciting to be living in a world where events like this can take place in the open and be celebrated by everyone!

I had a great time helping to host this year's crossdresser pageant and I hope to see you all next May in Los Angeles, California at DomCon.


GALLERY: 249 / DATE: 8 Dec, 14 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 2

My long distance chastity submissive hit a very important milestone of ONE HUNDRED DAYS... and flew into town to celebrate!

I want to extend a personal thanks to the submissives and dominants that came to our hotel room "after party" following the Chastity Social.

It was a delight to have extra witnesses, hecklers and tormentrixes to pick on Rebel Girl as she struggled to get off while fucking the fake pussy on the floor... especially once we put her into bondage and started using the hog tie to interrupt her thrusting patterns.

I was really hoping that she would fail to have an orgasm within 3 minutues so that we would have an excuse for a little forced bi cocksucking. However, the only other cock in the room besides my strap-on belonged to Bobbie and she is in punishment chastity with LOCTITE on the lock for a while... so even forced cocksucking would have only been able to go so far.

I want to salute Rebel Girl for having the drive to hump that sex toy like mad even with a room full of women mocking, distracting, humiliating and interrupting her. After 123 days in chastity, she finally got to cum in a (rubber) pussy in front of us all. Daisy Ducati was especially fond of interrupting her timing but the inevitable took hold within the time limit.

Like any good super hero, she came just in the nick of time, right under the 3 minute mark. She avoided punishment, but not humiliation!

This is the first "pussy" that Rebel Girl has enjoyed in OVER a year and the first orgasm of ANY kind in 123 days.

Thanks again everyone!

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