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GALLERY: 400 / DATE: 27 Jun, 16 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 3

Butt Slut Training - Swallow Everything For Me!!!

I like three things in a good slut:
- willingness
- enthusiasm &
- versatility!

This piss drinking soldier is ready to give it his all for the cause and he also has a hot body and a big dick... Even better!

Since I find him so attractive, I also use him for my pleasure as well. He worships my breasts and spends an entire day serving me at my friend's secret dungeon hideaway in Portland.

Protective occult tattoos kept this slave safe in the thick of battle, but what will keep him safe from my strap-on assault? His ass is virgin tight but it is obvious that his mouth has some exxxperience already. He is going to be my pegging slut from now on!

"You're so rough mistress!" He protests a little but eventually opens up beneath my thrusts. I ride him hard and enjoy it extra, thanks to the vibrator at the base of my strap-on dildo. I get to have way more orgasms then him in this movie, one of the perks of being a dominant woman!

Eventually, he shoots a load of cum directly into his own mouth while I keep fucking him.

It is official: He is one of my sluts from now on!

Nothing can erase this memory or the proof of how much he truly enjoys being humiliated and debased for my pleasure.


GALLERY: 414 / DATE: 24 Jun, 16 / IMAGES: 10 / VIDEOS: 3

I take care to train my new sissy submissives carefully.

You belong to me, now.

I can't have you half-trained and misbehaving.

Panty training is an integral part of a new sissy's life but pain is also important. They must learn that they are no longer in charge of their own lives or their own sexual fate.

My favorite way to train a brand new submissive is with strap-on play. I love how my cock becomes an extension of my pussy when I get ready for a pegging scene. That way, when a nervous newbie wraps her silky lips around the tip of my dildo, I feel it all the way down to my clit.

There's a great connection between my cock and my pussy... which is why I can't resist playing with my dick whenever I'm wearing it. Now I understand why you poor men can't seem to keep your hands off yourself whenever for any length of time without a chastity device.

Show me how much you enjoy watching me jack off. I love attending mutual masturbation parties, time for a little private "Jack and Jill" action in this bonus video update.

Go ahead and touch your cock too. Let's masturbate together.


GALLERY: 394 / DATE: 20 Jun, 16 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 3

This kitty cosplayer and I have been flirting for a year online! We originally met through Chastity Mansion while I was in search of a slave. Distance made it difficult to establish a full time power exchange relationship so we vowed to meet at the DomCon convention when we would both be converging on the same dungeon in Los Angeles, California.

We were brought together by a love of leopard print duck tape but she also delights me by bringing a set of the famous bio-reactive robotic cat ears! I used to work in a biofeedback clinic, so using these has been a long-time fantasy of mine!

By monitoring her brain waves, these ears give away the emotions behind even the most intense of poker faces. I can't wait to get her into bondage so I can watch the hidden story of her mental state unfold through the dance of the tell-tale cat ears.

From surprise, worry, fear, arousal and curiosity, these ears tell the story of her inner turmoil during this intense first femdom bondage scene and their first video shoot. The ears work like a rudimentary lie detector - telling me how she is feeling even when she tries to "play it cool."

When she gets used to being bound in layers of duck tape, it is time to add my secret weapon, the Venus 2000 fucking machine to drain her balls dry while she is helpless.

This shoot was a major step into kinky initiation for this pet player! Could you have handled this level of bondage at the tender age of 21?


GALLERY: 408 / DATE: 17 Jun, 16 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 3

"This is still the gentle part, just so we're clear."

Lady Evadne whispers menacingly in my slave's ear as she uses her long red fingernails to flick harder and harder against his latex codpiece. Even through industrial rubber, the cbt implications get his attention.

This slave has a love/hate relationship with cock and ball torture... he loves to hate it! Eventually he enjoys this torture and his hardening cock starts testing the limits of the rubber catsuit. I ballbust him with my black stiletto boots to forcefully drive the point home.

Once we have purified him with pain, it is time for him to show obedience to our feet. I want him to serve our feet in every way, to pleasure our feet in as many ways as possible.

I take off my boots to reveal a special pair of fishnet stockings designed with foot fetishists in mind. My new toenail polish is extra fancy today because I brought a sissy with me to the salon for his very first pedicure in public! They lavished us with attention and it left me in quite a fetishizing mood. I wear a sexy size 10. Lady Evadne wears a size 9 and also has a delicious red polish pedicure highlighting her slightly smaller feet.

With two sets of femdom feet all over him, he doesn't know where to turn. We cover him in our feet, sliding our bare toes against the rubber and tickling him while he is locked in chains.

He has to kiss each of our painted toes before we will allow him to experience any pleasure instead of just pain.

This is how you train someone to have a foot fetish!


GALLERY: 406 / DATE: 13 Jun, 16 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 3

"Thank heaven for rubber girls, 'cause rubber girls get shinier every day!" Tortured until he breaks out in show tunes, this is a very special submissive with a uniquely twisted mind.

He works all of us up into a high gloss shine with lube and a polishing cloth. When Mistress Evadne and I start erotically rubbing our latex-covered bodies against each other, he almost gets carried away.

"More bondage please!" He begs, finally admitting that he is getting out of control when confonted with this gummi femdom wonderland. That is always music to my ears!

Have you ever seen someone do DOUBLE Florentine? 4 floggers fly through the air and we demonstrate how devastating two mistresses can be when they work together!

I masturbate inches away from his face while he is chained down in the bondage chair. Lady Evadne relentlessly spanks him while he screams and I torment him with tease and denial while simultaneously enjoying my own orgasm. What a fantastic threesome!

By the time we flip him over, his balls have literally started to turn blue with desire. The locking metal ball stretcher also helps add to the tightness in his aching nuts. We add jingle bells and lead weights to stretch his scrotum even more. How low can he go?


GALLERY: 404 / DATE: 6 Jun, 16 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 3

Leather Butt Slut Training...

It is critical to my arousal that all bondage be truly secure during a bdsm scene. Knowing that you could choose to escape at any time takes away from the impact of being "completely out of control" and subject to my power.

It is important to a bondage submissive's headspace to find that the bondage is truly inescapable if they try to get out while my back is turned. Anything less can ruin an entire scene for someone looking to surrender their body over to a dominant woman.

I love using extreme bondage with layers of immobilization to keep submissives helpless under my femdom bdsm spell.

We start with leather - harness, chaps, motorcycle boots and armbinders, then into the sex sling. I am wearing my new tight leather skirt and a red satin corset for contrast.

Once I add layers of white rope on top of the black leather bondage, he is finally secure enough to start turning into my little fuck slut. I am molding him into a leather creature.

He is no longer human.

He is now my living leather fuckdoll, ready to please his mistress with all of his holes.

When I snap my latex exam gloves, his cock's response makes everything clear. He is hard and ready, begging for anal play. His hungry ass aches to be filled by my hands, my strap-on, anything, or anyone, that I choose. He would never be able to open up this wide without heavy bondage to keep him nice and secure.

How much bondage would it take to make you let go like this?


GALLERY: 379 / DATE: 3 Jun, 16 / IMAGES: 10 / VIDEOS: 3

Zap A Sub -

Time for remote control games!

The submissives kneel in a group and we circle them like femdom sharks. Each one bears an offering of roses, but they are also symbolically giving up something else: the remote control connected to their electric shock collars!

Each of them has a numbered leather collar with matching bondage gear but now it is time to activate the secret functions of the more exotic treats held safe in the True Desires servant kits. Originally designed for pets, these work great for short range cbt in order to get their "attention" on the go in the dungeon.

Which mistress has which remote control? Let's play Zap-a-sub to find out!!!

Can the servants figure it out before their balls go numb?

Observant viewers will spot these remote controls in use throughout True Desires events. Nothing keeps a submissive on their toes quite like the dominants being able to reach out and zap them from anywhere in the dungeon! The device settings include a painful "shock" but also a "warning" mode that vibrates pleasurably instead. That is almost as bad when you are locked in chastity!

How quickly would you rush to a woman's side when she has her finger on your trigger?


GALLERY: 415 / DATE: 30 May, 16 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 3

Maitresse Renee generously allowed me to film the final play party at True Desires 7 in Dallas. This video features all of the women from the retreat and all of the servants in unscripted, real life, heavy bdsm scenes.

This is their graduation ceremony, of sorts. Together, the class of True Desires 7 has weathered the challenges to become an incredible team of fully trained submissive men who will be an asset to any woman who owns them in the future.

Goddess Phoenix canes and whips one of the servants beyond his previous imagined pain thresholds in the opening scene full of equal parts sadism, gentleness, dominance and sensuality. He earns a group hug for aftercare before he is locked back up in his kennel for the night.

Mistress Jean Bardot defies gravity using the Saint Catherine's inversion wheel to dizzying results while Ms Elena De Luca parades our sissy slut around the dungeon for group humiliation. This party had some of everything with this many trained servants and world class dominant women in the same dungeon.

The grande finale features Maitresse Renee spectacularly WHIPPING roses off servants. They jump especially beautifully when she knocks the petals off of blossoms tucked into their chastity devices. Her aim is devastating, the whip cracking with brutal precision! Do not fuck with this woman!!!

Would you trust a beautiful Rodeo Queen aiming a whip at your cock?


GALLERY: 373 / DATE: 23 May, 16 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 3


"It was a dark and stormy night..."

I am stuck overnight in Dallas due to severe weather, there is a huge storm in town with incredible thunder and lightning. I have a redeye flight rescheduled for dawn, so there isn't enough time to go to bed.

The servants from True Desires have already gone home tonight but the mistresses still have energy and we are all itching to play one more time. We all turn on the only submissive left in the dungeon... THE CAMERAMAN.

Goddess Phoenix has always wanted to use a latex vacuum bed and Maitresse Renee has one in her vast collection of bdsm gear. We are all wearing earplugs for most of this scene because the suction of the rubber bondage is created by an industrial air compressor.

Vacbeds are the ultimate in rubber fetish bondage. Not a single bit of our submissive is able to move once we turn on the pump. He is held firm in a latex prison. That elusive feeling of complete immobilization is the holy grail of bondage and his Goddess watches over him along with Maitresse Renee and Ms Elena De Luca.

We don't want to miss our rescheduled flight at dawn...
He has to keep us awake and entertained ALL NIGHT LONG.

How long could you survive as the "entertainment" with four femdoms in a well-stocked dungeon?


GALLERY: 380 / DATE: 20 May, 16 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 2

Maitresse Renee always says that her little bitch is "hung like a hamster" so we take it literally in this animal abuse scene.

Even before we make him run, bitch is already sweating, close to overheating in a full mascot costume. We think he is meant to be a rat but he looks more like a drowned one.

Hampsters are sweet, fuzzy and cute, but rats are a little gross. He looks pregnant with his huge chubby belly. That's why we have a new exercise wheel, time for our special femdom weight loss program!

Forced exercise with a twist! We spank him at first and then escalate to whipping in order to keep him running at full speed in the human-sized hamster wheel. Maitresse Renee, Ms Elena De Luca and Mistress AliceInBondageland all team up for extreme physical training in this humiliation clip!

We aren't without mercy, he gets to drink out of his own special water bottle when we eventually allow him to take a break.


GALLERY: 385 / DATE: 16 May, 16 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 3

If these boys aren't careful, we're going to eat them alive at this human furniture objectification dinner party.

Ms Elena De Luca describes this sensual sushi evening as "the ultimate foreplay" since the bondage and playtime begins when we eat dinner off of the servants themselves. Once we have eaten our fill, it will be time to take the servants back into the dungeon for even more intense bdsm.

Candlelit tables, rubber and latex uniforms, hand wrapped sushi rolls and delicious wine pairings... Maitresse Renee knows how to party!!!

The servants stay on their toes to keep all of our hungers satisfied since we have them all on remote control using painful shock collars. We are joined by Nerys Michelle, Jean Bardot and Goddess Phoenix over the delicious food. The boys get our leftover scraps but if they complain, wasabi cbt can teach them a painful lesson!

True Desires is a unique event created by Maitresse Renee featuring a multi-day immersive, educational femdom environment. This classy dinner features eight trained malesub servants, offering themselves up for the pleasure of six world class dominatrixes.


GALLERY: 383 / DATE: 13 May, 16 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 2

Shawshank Shower

Before our slaves can be processed and put in their uniforms, they must be CLEANED!!!

I consider this a cruel necessity. There are only two showers at the retreat and EIGHT servants.

We force the men to wash each other as a group bonding activity but there's no funny business allowed under the watchful, humiliating eyes of the gathered women. The more efficiently they scrub each other, the sooner this torture will be over. Do NOT forget to scrub each other's asses. We expect a thorough job or everyone will be punished again.

They are trembling and shivering even before we up the ante using ICE water from the cooler. The colder they get, the faster they scrub!

One of the femdoms has a treat - warm warm water from the hot tub! Maitresse Renee, Nerys Michelle, Goddess Phoenix, Ms Elena De Luca and Jean Bardot join me to keep the sadistic shower inspection flowing.

But which Mistress has which?

If they're lucky, someone might show them a brief moment of merciful warmth. If not, then we might give them an enema with the garden hose!

Once you have recovered from the alternating shocks of hot and cold water, what would you do for a TOWEL?


GALLERY: 384 / DATE: 9 May, 16 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 4

Sounding Wars with Ms Elena De Luca & AliceInBondageLand

"Mistress Alice knows my dick better then I do!"

Servant 7 is a big fan of mine every since I was able to wrangle his new chastity device into place with barely any effort. Since I don't have a penis of my own, I get off on owning yours!

Sounding is a polarizing kink. It is terrifying, arousing, painful and pleasurable all at once. The only thing better then one submissive getting sounded is TWO submissives COMPETING to see who can take the biggest metal rod down their dick hole.

"First thing I like to do is strap them down so they can't squirm!" Ms Elena De Luca prides herself on being one of the meanest femdoms in the world. We enjoy a friendly "good cop vs bad cop" collaboration through the course of True Desires. Rather then competing directly against each other, I prefer to compete through our servants! It keeps things friendly and light hearted between the women without letting up on the pressure for the submissives.

Servants 7 & 10 are nervous, but after several days of lockup with a GROUP of femdom keyholders, they are willing to do whatever it takes for a chance to get unlocked from chastity. Whoever wins the sounding contest will get an opportunity for an orgasm! Does a high pressure countdown help or hinder your concentration? Does it count as a ruined orgasm if you're too scared to enjoy it?

We take over the medical room at Maitresse Renee's dungeon while a huge play party rages. The sounds of Jean Bardot's servant blubbering in the background make this scene extra spicy as she teaches someone a painful lesson in how to beg properly. One by one, the other women stop by to check out the score. Everyone loves a good kinky Gladiator match!

Who will win the Sounding Wars? The seasoned veteran or the talented newcomer?

What would YOU be willing to endure for a chance at an orgasm after weeks of chastity?


GALLERY: 388 / DATE: 2 May, 16 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 3

Time For Extreme Birthday Spankings!

It is tiny's birthday!!! Maitresse Renee's loyal slave, he has the smallest dick I've ever seen and struggles to make up for it however he can. I especially appreciate that he remembers my favorite treats whenever I visit her dungeon. There is always something to look forward to when he is around (as long as you're not looking forward to a big cock).

We start the night with a naughty strapon birthday cake because everyone should get laid on their special day. Once we smear, splosh and strip him, it is time for his birthday spankings!

Five world class femdoms focus their fury on the "lucky" birthday boy. The more pain he experiences now, the more lucky he will be in the coming year!

Jean Bardot stylishly shreds tiny's dignity, reducing him to a groveling mess without even getting her hands dirty. She is dripping with jewels and polished to a high gloss shine in her beautiful rubber dress.

Goddess Phoenix contrasts in head-to-toe custom black leather gear, a warrior queen delivering severe punishment. He must atone for being such a naughty boy all year!

Nerys Michelle seems sweet but is capable of extreme sadism. She knows just what a pain and humiliation slut needs. We bring out more and more toys once our naked hands fail to make enough of a dent in this masochist's iron butt.

Ms Elena De Luca shines as a high protocol dominatrix. She teaches this slave a valuable series of lessons throughout the True Desires retreat.

We saved the best for last. Maitresse Renee penetrates him with her strap-on cock and ritually reclaims her slave in front of all of us in a grand gangbang finale.

Ball busting, extreme degradation, strap-on, double penetration, small penis humiliation... this lifestyle slave has almost no limits.

Can you handle this level of onslaught? Are you feeling lucky or terrified?


GALLERY: 377 / DATE: 29 Apr, 16 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 3

Not all of the men in the ball crushing competition had large enough balls to be crushed effectively, so we devised a special "bonus round" using lead ball weights to test their cbt endurance!

We add more and more weights, tugging, teasing and taunting. This gave them an opportunity to get unlocked from chastity, but they need to learn that not all keyholders are gentle and not all scenes are about their pleasure.

One of the goals at True Desires is to push boundaries and this scrotal stretching scene pushes these novice submissive men to their cock and ball torture limits. Another aspect of this femdom wonderland is about helping women to fulfill their dominant fantasies. The right attitude makes these kinky contests fun for everyone.

"Darn, that's heavy!" Nerys Michelle realizes just how much their balls are carrying when she lifts the lead weights to pose for a photo. One by one, these lead fishing weights don't seem like much... but they sure add up all together!!!

Is this extra playtime a punishment or a reward?


GALLERY: 376 / DATE: 25 Apr, 16 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 3

Maitresse Renee has a wide variety of different ball crushing devices in her dungeon arsenal and I want to use all of them at once!

Of the seven servants at the True Desires femdom retreat, only four were brave enough to volunteer for our twisted contest of wills... and balls!

Which of them can handle their balls being squished down the flattest in this kinky cbt competition? Egged on by the stunning Goddess Phoenix and the sadistic Nerys Michelle, these men are about to learn how women feel when they get mammograms!

This is cock and ball TORTURE, not cock and ball tickling!

When they mouth off, we slap them in the face or just squeeze their ball vices even tighter! Last man standing is going to win the "best best balls" award and it is inspiring to see what lengths these servants are willing to go to in order to please the mistresses at this three day male training intensive.

Do you think you would stand a chance in this contest?

How much would YOUR balls take to please a room full of women?


GALLERY: 378 / DATE: 18 Apr, 16 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 3

Chastity Day At True Desires 2016

All of the servants at True Desires wear a chastity device as a part of their uniform. It is an important aspect of their training and helps them keep their mind out of the gutter and on serving the women well. I also find that it keeps them extra respectful since all of us have matching keys to their dicks.

Servant 3 is wearing a Steelworxx Tube secured by a large Prince Albert piercing. This custom design features a band around the base of the chastity device to prevent lose skin from folding over and pinching. The tube fits so tightly that the the corona of his penis will take some of the weight, not just the piercing.

The bars at the front of the chastity device prevent him from pushing out enough to get fully erect. Once he is locked up, this servant's cock springs to life. He gets as hard as possible, turning his Steelworxx chastity tube into a metal corset for his poor cock.

In turn, each of the servants are unlocked from the kennel and brought into the medical room to be locked up!

Servant 4 has a lot of chastity experience in his Mature Metal device but first must detail the erotic dreams he had while locked in a sleepsack beneath our beds in a specialized cage.

"After I was kidnapped in an unmarked van with blacked out windows, I was brought to a specialized bondage compound and locked into chastity..." I guess you could say that this scene is LITERALLY a dream come true for lucky number 4!

Steelwerx, Mature Metal, CB-6000, Birdlocked and more are featured in this kinky glimpse into our chastity and cuckolding lifestyle.

This video also features 6 incredible dominant women, the instructors for the True Desires 2016 femdom retreat... yours truly, Mistress AliceInBondageLand plus our host, Maitresse Renee, Jean Bardot, Nerys Michelle, Ms Elena De Luca and Goddess Phoenix.


GALLERY: 372 / DATE: 15 Apr, 16 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 3


We spent all week looking for a submissive who was the right size for this bondage device, but it turns out he was literally right in front of us the whole time.

OUR CAMERAMAN is the perfect height for this medieval torture device - a bondage inversion wheel, commonly known as a "Saint Catherine's Wheel."

Since it is almost tax time, this scene takes on a playful political plot twist with a President Obama mask and some ball busting! Goddess Phoenix has a lot of frustration to unleash over her yearly taxes and their financial paperwork!

She kicks him again and again, swinging her incredible long legs, showing off her high heels and pantyhose. Goddess is a championship bodybuilder, she could knock this slave's balls into his throat if he fails to please her!

Ms Elena De Luca takes a cane bundle to the President's thighs and torso before it is time to TURN THINGS UPSIDE DOWN!!! Enjoy our special "reverse lap dance" as Goddess Phoenix grinds against her inverted slave. His face is at just the right level for face sitting and smothering! If only he could see...

Our cameraman-turned-submissive is head over heels in love with his Goddess but that won't get him out of this cbt scene! I bet paying all those taxes for her might help, though!


GALLERY: 374 / DATE: 11 Apr, 16 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 3


We have the dungeon all to ourselves before True Desires gets rolling officially and all the servants arrive, so it a chance to fulfill our own fantasies. First up on Goddess Phoenix's wish list is the mysterious device covered in HOOKS in the front room of Maitresse Renee's "Dominion Dallas" dungeon.

Known as "The Gate" by "Sex & Metal," this device looks like it came right out of the Hellraiser horror movies. It uses hooks covered in spikes to restrain a captive in stress positions. I like to think of this as "pain compliance" bondage.

Our submissive is trapped in a web of rope and suffering! No matter which way he moves, the metal digs in from all sides when he struggles. The hooks of different sizes wrap perfectly around his limbs and torso, secured with tension using the tie off points on either side of the bondage frame.

Ms Elena De Luca and Goddess Phoenix get in close for nipple torture and cbt, hoping to force him to wince involuntarily or try to fight against the sadistic bondage. It is hard to tell which mistress is the meanest, but we are all clearly having fun in this foursome. Together, we break down our submissive through most of the dungeon's musical playlist, proof of just how much he endured.

How long can you handle this level of masochistic standing bondage in a room full of femdoms?


GALLERY: 381 / DATE: 8 Apr, 16 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 3

Welcome behind the scenes at the True Desires FemDom Retreat!

- How much bondage gear is inside those HUGE bags?
- What does being a Servant at this event mean?
- Can you handle sleeping in a cage at night?

Every Servant at True Desires is stripped and outfitted with matching, numbered gear including a collar with matching leather cuffs, a prison uniform for public outings, an apron for formal dinner service and more.

Learn all about this unique intensive. Caged evening accommodations, play parties, negotiation, consent, report cards, protocol and more are covered in this candid, unscripted video featuring Maitresse Renee, Ms Elena De Luca and myself, Mistress AliceInBondageLand.

The men of True Desires undergo a unique "finishing school for male submissives" in this intense journey into lifestyle female domination.

You will be assigned a number.
This number is now your name.
You will answer to it.

Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole?

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