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GALLERY: 360 / DATE: 4 Dec, 15 / IMAGES: 5 / VIDEOS: 2

True Desires 6 Latex Hot Tub Relaxation

I like to consider this clip to be my "victory lap" for the True Desires FemDom Retreat.

The servants have all gone home and it is just the women left. I take this opportunity to relax in my rubber in the beautiful new hot tub in the back yard.

If you have been my fan for while, then you already know about how much I LOVE wearing latex in water, especially in hot tubs. It is an incredible sensory overload sensual experience!

If you have a gummi kink, try it out at home in your bath tub! Hot water makes for an incredible fetish experience because the rubber changes flexibility when it is warm or cold.

I take off my corset and relax with an imported cigarette for you smoking fetishists out there. I like to indulge in a few extra sins when I am out of town!


GALLERY: 309 / DATE: 30 Nov, 15 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

We don't need to join a gym, we just need to practice with very heavy bondage gear like this more often!

Join Mistress Camilla Casanova and I in this homage to extreme feminizing bondage using a spherical metal bondage hood that has only a tiny breathing hole.

The hood is far too heavy to rest it on my sissy's delicate collarbones, so we suspend it above her and lock her into it. Now, she must stay standing while we dress her up in an ultra-restrictive leather hobble dress.

To add another level of helplessness, we add matching spherical bondage mittens to the mix. Now, our sissy will not be able to pick any of the locks... even if she could do so by feel from within her dark, solitary prison.

We strip our crossdresser out of all of her masculine clothing and dress her up while she is powerless to stop us. The leather hobble dress emphasizes her femininity as we lace the built-in-corsets tighter and tighter!

How long can a sissy stay standing in heels and a hobble skirt?

This is the kind of bondage that gets more and more intense over time... especially when I start playing with her cock using my vibrator!


GALLERY: 355 / DATE: 27 Nov, 15 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 2

True Desires 6 Class: Foot Massage Basics by Mistress Michelle Lacey

Many mistresses love extravagant high heeled shoes and enjoy wearing fetish boots to accentuate their dominance. Other women wear sexy shoes to please the fetishists in their life. Either way, this leads to very sore feet in both the vanilla and kink worlds!

As a result of our fetish for footwear, almost all women LOVE foot rubs!!!

Learn the basics of this useful and pleasurable way to serve a femdom's feet in a lifestyle or professional relationship from Mistress Michelle Lacey.

Even if you are not yet a foot fetishist, this comforting act of service submission is a great way to deepen your sense of connection with kinky partners. It can be a wonderful form of aftercare for everyone involved.

Enjoy this behind the scenes clip from the True Desires FemDom Retreat in Dallas, Texas.


GALLERY: 357 / DATE: 20 Nov, 15 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 2

True Desires 6: Slave Positions by Mistress Michelle Lacey

Mistress Michelle Lacey trains her personal slaves to follow elaborate protocols and to assume different slave positions on command, by number. This level of conditioning and obedience training can have a profound mental effect during long-term servitude!

We begin with the four basic positions in this educational video. Learn along with the servants at the True Desires retreat in Dallas, Texas.

Everyone is wearing matching uniforms for a great lineup as she drills us on her slave positions and some of their possible uses.

Position 1: Standing, facing your mistress. Head down, eyes lowered. Arms behind your back.

Position 2: Down on all fours, head and eyes lowered.

Position 3: On your knees, head and eyes lowered towards the floor. Presenting your hands, palms up, in the air at chest level.

Position 4: Laying flat on your back, palms up, diverting your eyes upwards.

By practicing these basic slave positions, you and the dominant women in your life can develop a more graceful high protocol d/s relationship.


GALLERY: 361 / DATE: 16 Nov, 15 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 2

True Desires Servant 5 Ass Fucking Gangbang

Servant 5 is truly Maitresse Renee's BITCH and he has an ass tattoo to prove it.

He has served her faithfully and devotedly but now it is time to spice up their relationship by sharing him with some of her friends. She is being very generous so he is struggling to live up to her expectations. No slave wants to disappoint their mistress during a strap-on gangbang.

We stretch him wider and deeper under his owner's supervision. Maitresse Renee is recovering from a broken leg so we act as her assistants in this scene, vigorously pegging her slave while she whispers lewdly in his ear.

Eventually Mistress Michelle Lacy discovers that his chastity belt makes a great "oh shit!" handle to grab onto while we take turns fucking his ass with bigger and bigger dildoes.

This submissive is surprisingly tight for an experienced slut, so we break him in even further. When she offers to let him worship her pussy if he can take a larger cock, he goes wild on our biggest dick.

What an enthusiastic slave!


GALLERY: 353 / DATE: 13 Nov, 15 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 2

Chastity Fashion Show DreamLover2000 & Mature Metal

Maitresse Renee and her Bitch are back for a VERY SPECIAL Chastity Fashion Show to show off the DreamLover2000 Male Control System and their custom Mature Metal chastity device.

Chastity has been her long time love, so Maitresse Renee was excited to purchase a device that makes long distance chastity even BETTER and more interactive. She also shows off the bio-metric locks that keep her extra chastity keys safe inside of "Pandora's Box."

Originally the DreamLover2000 seemed "too good to be true" when it debuted online. With a huge price tag and extravagant claims, it remains very rare, even among chastity lifestyle enthusiasts.

It is my sexy privilege to present this in-depth review of what it is, what it does, how your owner can use it in "mobile" mode and how to put it on with a custom chastity device.

Maitresse Renee's Bitch walks us through the entire process of installing the device while he plugs in all of the electrodes and activates the various functions for "mobile" mode using an app on his telephone. His first hand knowledge gets beyond the online hype. He also shares plenty of insights and practical details about his 24/7 chastity lifestyle with his long distance keyholder.

Originally created for a plastic device, like the CB6000, the DreamLover2000 can be adapted to fit other types of chastity belts. Mature Metal was especially gracious about developing a compatible custom sized metal chastity device to maximize long term security while still enjoying this novel new control mechanism.

We've put it to the test. Highly recommended!


GALLERY: 363 / DATE: 9 Nov, 15 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 5

Enjoy this rubbery romp through a stunning mask and hood collection featuring Studio Gum, Demask and some one of a kind custom creations that integrate gasmasks and hazmat gear. Immobilizing a submissive's head is sometimes seen as the "holy grail" of bondage.

I enjoy showing off a cupping set on Modenarr's nipples before moving on to the truly HEAVY rubber gear. We take note of the size of his nipples before "enhancing" them with suction.

Bigger usually means BETTER, right? Let's make those little male nips as perky as possible! Let's see just how BIG we can make them by the end of this scene.

However, the real star of this shoot isn't the cupping set or even the latex hood collection... my favorite piece of gear in the room is an integrated gas mask paired with an industrial rubber catsuit.

This suit is the ultimate in fetish hazmat gear! He looks like he is either ready for Halloween or Nuclear Winter... maybe both! There is something solid and a little scary about heavy industrial bondage gear.

This is one of the most intense layered rubber fetish shoots that I have ever put together. The latex layers go on and on and on.

There is not a single piece of slave Modenarr's human skin visible, not even around his mouth or eyes. The layers of hoods, gasmasks and gear have made him into a completely anonymous, helpless, nonhuman creature to be toyed with at my whim.

The only way that I can tell that he is still alive is the sound of his breathing. To amplify this lonely "proof of life," I attach a long hose from the gasmask to a bubbler chamber. Now I can tune in to where he is at mentally and physically by listening to his breathing. Now there is no reason to undo ANY of the bondage!

For the finale, we lock him into a metal cage built into the deck of the Serious Bondage institute to stew in his own juices beneath layers of restriction.


GALLERY: 354 / DATE: 6 Nov, 15 / IMAGES: 4 / VIDEOS: 2

True Desires 6 Class : How To Be A Good Slave by Michelle Lacey

You are not alone in desiring a Mistress/slave lifestyle.

You want to be the one that enriches your Mistress's life and makes it easier, better, sexier and happier. You want to be the submissive that fulfills her need for dominance in a way that sustainably works for everyone, long term.

For some of you, meaningful submission to female authority is something that is really missing from your life and something that you want more then just once in a while or for a few hours at a time. Servitude can be a deep need that demands an outlet in everyday life.

This introductory class features Mistress Michelle Lacey giving an overview of slavery and its place in our lives. Mistress Sheri Darling and Maitresse Renee also offer a panel of experienced advice. I am operating the camera but chime in from off screen as part of a guided discussion that many of you will find informative and also reassuring.

Here is a realistic overview and guide to seeking male enslavement in a femdom lifestyle relationship, filmed at the True Desires femdom retreat in Dallas, Texas.

The next True Desires is happening this November, come be a part of it!


GALLERY: 276 / DATE: 2 Nov, 15 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

Airtight Sissy Maid Threesome

Our sissy maid finished her chores for the day, but she did spend an awful lot of time cleaning the floors. I think she secretly likes being on her hands and knees. It gives her a moment of relief from the ultra tall thigh high boots with huge high heels that we locked onto her at the start of chore time.

I have a HUGE fetish for petticoats so this scene was especially hot for me because our sissy maid has the puffiest, softest, pinkest and BIGGEST petticoat that I have ever seen!

Enjoy this celebration of all things PVC, shiny and sissy maid. I wear my black and white french maid uniform while Mistress Evadne enjoys a governess-length Victorian inspired pink dress to match our sissy's shorter ruffled uniform.

"I think a good servant should know how to pleasure everyone in the household..." Mistress Evadne has a strap-on that is hard and ready beneath her skirt and we have some surprise plans for our pink little fuckdoll.

I pull down her ruffled bloomers and lift up her lacey petticoat to access her sissy hole. MistressE Evadne has a smaller dildo in her mouth but I've got a nice big dick to stretch this sissy's anal limits.

We peg her from both sides until we're almost meeting in the middle. Double penetration can be an overwhelming sensory overload extreme sexual experience!

Once we are done with her, we lock her in a cage for the night.

Would you be able to handle this level of servitude and harsh treatment?

Would it feel like a punishment or a reward?


GALLERY: 356 / DATE: 30 Oct, 15 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 2

True Desires 6 Class : The Art of Negotiation, Subspace & Staying Safe

Taught by Maitresse Renee and Mistress Michelle Lacey with yours truly, Mistress AliceInBondageLand, commenting from behind the camera.

What are the things that you need to tell a mistress before your scene or play time begins?

What is the difference between a "soft limit" and a "hard limit"?
Some things seem like common-sense to inform your partner about. For example, you should always tell her about any medical problems, medications or hard limits you might have.

What is subspace?
Subspace does not have to come from pain. Sometimes a single look from the right femdom can drop you instantly into that vulnerable, sexy, submissive headspace.

Some bdsm bottoms play for many years without reaching that level, others find themselves dropping into a deeply submissive mindset at a moment's notice with a glance or gesture from a woman or even while logining onto a website.

"Dropping into subspace" requires great trust, respect and intimacy.

We talk about our most intense real life "worst case scenario" dungeon accidents to teach these new subs what to look for in a balanced search for safe, sane and consensual bdsm.

Enjoy these insights from experienced mistresses and learn how to communicate BEFORE you are tied up!

The next True Desires retreat is THIS MONTH in Dallas, Texas. Come join us!


GALLERY: 351 / DATE: 26 Oct, 15 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 2

Fisherman's Wharf is one of the most iconic destinations in all of San Francisco.

It is practically mandatory to go enjoy a special San Francisco sourdough bread bowl of clam chowder when you are a tourist in my foggy home town... so that is exactly where we are going for more public pants wetting humiliation play!

Adding to the embarrassment, I feed him like a little baby while he is still locked in bondage. That gets as many strange looks as his wet pants. Eventually, most of the tourists interpreted it as a "romantic" gesture without realizing his hands are cuffed beneath his jacket. Feeding people while they are bound is extra fun because it emphasizes your helplessness.

There are a HUGE amount of people enjoying the relatively sunny weather today, so there is no telling how many hundreds or even thousands of people will witness his wetting. You can tell when someone on the street notices as they walk by, just look for the cartoon-like double-takes!

Did I just really see that? Did that man really wet his pants in public?

I love listening to people laugh behind his back!

Is this public wetting your bondage fantasy or a sadistic nightmare?

We finish up our tour of Fisherman's Wharf with a visit to the classic Musée Mécanique where we enjoy a good long laugh at our potty pants slave with the original Laffing Sal from Playland by the Sea!


GALLERY: 358 / DATE: 23 Oct, 15 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 2

True Desires Luau

After days of classes, it is time to blow off some steam in the sweltering summer heat.

The weather is so warm that we decide to hose down the slaves like dogs instead of allowing them to use the showers. We march them into an inflatable swimming pool in the back yard for a cold assault on their senses.

Chastity devices need frequent maintenance in order to remain hygienic so we focus our chilly garden hose onslaught on their groins for some much-needed cleaning, enjoying the incidental cbt. Ever notice how women always seem to find cbt hilarious? We are having a GREAT time in this clip.

Miss Sheri Darling makes sure our subs have nice sore bottoms to remember us by using a variety of toys. Meanwhile, Mistress Michelle Lacy looks great in her bikini as she invokes the spirit of fire.

Have you ever tried fire play? What about FIREWORKS play? Maitresse Renee introduces us to something new and exciting using sparklers.

Only in Texas!
Enjoy this behind-the-scenes video from the True Desires FemDom Retreat in Dallas.

The next True Desires is happening this November in Dallas, come be a part of it!


GALLERY: 359 / DATE: 19 Oct, 15 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 6

The True Desires Whipping Boy Beatdown

"You have been my slut for three years, practicing your blowjob skills on my strap-on and even being passed around to my friends at femdom parties. It is time for you to finally reach the next level of sluttiness and suck your first REAL cock."

Maitresse Renee's slave puts up a hell of a fuss at the idea of sucking a real dick and so they make a diabolical bargain, "If you can't handle this whipping, you're going to have to take your first cock."

Then, she invites us over for a foursome to see if we can beat a safeword out of him, alternating with my heavy-handed paddle and Mistress Sheri Darling's devastating single-tail cracks. She knows her way around a single-tail even doubling up for some Florentine double-whipping sadism!

"If you can't get them off with your mouth, they are going to take your anal virginity also."

No part of his body is safe from us. He has signed a contract to become Maitresse Renee's legal property. She literally OWNS him. He is a slave. She can use his body in any way she sees fit, regardless of how he feels about it.

The most well behaved slave at the femdom retreat might get lucky and get unlocked from chastity for a blowjob reward! Being locked up for weeks will make it easier for this oral sex virgin to milk every drop of cum out of that first dick, even if he hesitates.

At least there will be one "real" cock in the room. "Tiny" here barely has enough to count as a clitoris. Enjoy some genuine small penis humiliation (SPH) along the way!

Tiny is afraid of giving this blowjob, even compared to tattoos or piercings but he is trapped in bondage while three women circle him like predators in rubber and pvc fetishwear... it is too late now.

"You can't unsuck a cock."


GALLERY: 322 / DATE: 16 Oct, 15 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 3

Thierielle Candle Self-Piercing Birthday Party

Thierielle knows EXACTLY what she wants for her birthday this year!!!

One by one, Thierielle pierces herself with special candles, turning herself into a human birthday cake with lines of needles running up her left leg and arm (one of the most sensitive places). When she finally has enough piercings and is running high on the rushing endorphins, it is time to light them on FIRE.

This scene combines piercing, wax play, fire, music and light in a unique celebration that fulfills this lifestyle submissive's kinky birthday fantasies. Domina Jenna Rotten is also here for the festivities and helps blow the candles out to make her wishes come true!

Enjoy this self-piercing art project featuring music by Aural Incarnation, using flaming birthday candles mounted on thick piercing needles.

Hope you get exactly what you wished for this year too!


GALLERY: 352 / DATE: 9 Oct, 15 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 2

The Amoeba Of Trust:

Or, as Mistress Michelle Lacey puts it, "Don't be freaked out by your fellow bro!"

Part of the joy of the True Desires FemDom Retreat is the fellowship of women that it creates. Equally wonderful, but under-rated is the brotherhood of men in service that is forged through the crucible of female domination during the event.

Bisexuality is a fantasy AND a fear for some men so they are all locked into chastity to protect each other from unintentionally sexual contact while they are in "Amoeba mode." Each man's hands are cuffed to himself and to each other through short lengths of chains.

We jokingly call this "the Amoeba of Trust" since it puts half naked men into direct physical contact and collaboration with each other. This is a rare opportunity to explore the fear and the thrill of being side by side with your fellow men while still in service of a woman's pleasure.

We begin with some simple tasks like pouring Maitresse Renee a drink and carrying it as a group across the main room of Dominion Dallas to her. Even simple every day tasks are difficult when you have to do them as together in close proximity. Every motion effects the whole. This is a whole new level of "teamwork" at True Desires!

The next True Desires is happening this November in Dallas, come be a part of it!


GALLERY: 291 / DATE: 5 Oct, 15 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 1

OVER Inflation with Steffy the Rubberdoll

Steffy the Rubberdoll found a treasure on Ebay and couldn't resist buying a vintage rubber inflatable hood.

Even with just one pump of air, we get a lot of movement and tightening in the thick rubber. This is WAY more fun then an air mattress!

Steffy's head is looking more and more melon-like as I start to over inflate the latex contraption. It gets tighter and tighter, making Steffy's world get smaller and smaller. Just a tiny breathing hole keeps her alive under all the pressure and layers.

Once my crossdressing gummi slave is unable to talk or put up any resistance, I show off her rare rubber chastity shorts. They are ALSO inflatable with an air bladder that makes it impossible to stimulate yourself to orgasm but impossible to stop the sensation of being squeezed tightly from all directions.

Her inflatable panties are starting to get crowded! Soon both her head and her crotch will be inflated to maximum sissy capacity!


GALLERY: 348 / DATE: 2 Oct, 15 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 3

Victorian Sissy Shopping Trip

Come learn all about corsets and how to shop for them in this wonderful behind-the-scenes sissy video.

A fetish-friendly steampunk store in the famous Haight Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco offered to stay open late for a private shopping experience catering to transwomen and crossdressers who might not feel comfortable trying on women's clothing during normal business hours. Sometimes taking women's clothing into the dressing room is an act of bravery that takes years to muster.

The "Sissy Night" Crossdressing Club meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Wicked Grounds Cafe in San Francisco, but we also get together frequently for sissy themed "field trips," including shopping trips like this one, flashmobs and play parties.

We cover the basics of measuring yourself for a corset and what to look for to make sure we get the best "off the rack" fit, especially if not female-bodied but trying to pass as female or using a corset to accomplish lasting body modification.

Our teacher has displaced four ribs because of extreme corsetry and she is excited about guiding would-be waist reducers through the trials and tribulations of "tightlacing," a controversial topic in the corseting community. Her wisdom comes from real, direct experience!

Miss Paula buys a whole new Victorian-inspired wardrobe in a big splurge and has some great advice for all of the closeted crossdressers, transvestites and sissies out there who might be looking to come out to a close friend or loved one.

We also make sure that Sissy Bobbie is locked back into chastity before we go! I love the atmosphere of group fun that Denali Winter and I create together when we go out on the town!

THANK YOU to everyone that participated in this special edition Sissy Night, you helped make so many fantasies come true tonight!


GALLERY: 335 / DATE: 25 Sep, 15 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 1

"Would you like to smell and kiss my stinky dirty feet?

Different kinds of shoes create different smells and there is nothing stinkier then these flats that I wear every day without socks.

Now, worship the smell of my filthy feet... just like you worship the ground I walk on with these shoes.

In the same way that my pussy gets wet when I am turned on, my feet start to sweat and smell more when I become sexually aroused. I believe that a true foot aficionado would consider the smell to be incredibly sexy.

I love that you little perverts out there are willing to smell my shoes. The STINK is SO INTENSE!

I bet you want to lick in between each of my toes. I bet you want to suck each of them individually before seeing how much of my foot you can put in your mouth at once.

I can't have a bad day if I've got a foot sniffer on hand. You foot fetishists are the best!!!"

- Domina Jenna Rotten, POV DomCon LA 2015


GALLERY: 349 / DATE: 21 Sep, 15 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 4

Cameramen are the ultimate voyeurs.

AlwaysThere is usually behind the camera but I like to throw him into the action once in a while.

He makes a great scratching post, especially when I have beautiful long, red fingernails! That will tenderize his skin nicely beneath the firm grip of the canvas straitjacket.

We have a collection of genuine institutional restraints that came up at public auction because they had been declared "inhumane." The hospital's loss is our gain, just ignore those strange stains.

He enjoys regular monthly kink "therapy" in the straitjacket because it is very secure and restrictive with lots of compression, yet it is still easy for his wife to use without needing to attend any bondage classes. I think of medical restraints as being deliberately "user friendly" compared to more arcane forms of bondage.

Today, he joins me for an intense layered industrial bondage treatment featuring rope, chains, an eyeless hood, palate wrap, tape and even a ballgag in addition to his old friend, the straitjacket. My cameraguy claims to find the inescapability of the redundant bondage to be deeply comforting. I like his attitude.

His smile gets bigger and bigger the tighter the bondage gets, the mark of a true bondage fetish aficionado!

Have you ever been orgasmed so hard that it made you cry?

What if she KEPT GOING while you were helpless and still sensitive after your orgasm???

At what point does tease, denial and post orgasm play all become cbt?


GALLERY: 326 / DATE: 18 Sep, 15 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

My goal is to shoot a video with every commercially available chastity device. When I began this quest a few years ago, that task was much easier.

Since then, more and more chastity devices have arrived on the market. Chastity has appeared in mainstream media and devices have been showing up in movies, television and even the news.

All this attention means more chastity belts and captive ball-ring style devices are being produced in greater and greater numbers!

Today, we are investigating the Birdlocked Neo, version 2.

I'm very pleased with the ergonomic shape of the captive ball ring. Compared to a "firm" device made of metal or rigid plastic, I think the Birdlocked Neo would be a GREAT choice for a slave that is physically active at work or who enjoys playing sports.

Extreme physical exertion and the possibility of taking shots to the groin can make traditional metal or hard plastic devices dangerous. Most chastity-related injuries happen when squishy male anatomy is trapped against a rigid device.

The shape and the flexibility of the ring allows for easy application of the device and increases comfort during wearing, but some subs take advantage of the flexible material to "cheat" with a powerful vibrator.

However, the new "shield" is a great redesign to prevent escape artists from pulling out of the device by backing their cock out while soft. I also love the internal structure with a smaller internal ring that traps the corona of their penis to further prevent pulling out!

We go through all of the features of the upgraded device as well as how to apply it using my rubber sissy slut Modenarr as a test model. Enjoy her inflatable latex torpedo tits and rubber catsuit in this educational femdom fetish film.

The Birdlocked Neo sacrifices some security for comfort but it is a great device for subs with an active physical lifestyle!

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