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GALLERY: 365 / DATE: 22 Feb, 16 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 1

Have you ever had to drink fresh pee-ne-colada from a mistress?

Pinky is a special sissy with an extreme appetite for humiliation... bondage and femdom cruelty is also a strong motivator!

Lady Evadne and I have kept our little slut Pinky locked up as a reminder that her place is in subservience to us. We enjoy keeping her eager by keeping her teased and denied.

Some alone time in the cage has made our sissy desperate to please with an edge of manic energy... the perfect time to dress her as a hula girl for an impromptu "island vacation" in the middle of winter. Enjoy this refreshingly fun little scene involving a grass skirt, flowered leis and a humiliating hula dance from our crossdressing slave.

So many crossdressers fantasize about being a professional dancer or stripper. This sissy might eventually have what it takes, judging from her hip gyrations and enthusiasm for exhibitionism.

She rises to the occasion to deliver an extremely cute, embarrassing performance in this fun clip, complete with a musical number that works up quite a thirst!

Will our sissy get less drunk or MORE drunk because of the "recycled" alcohol?


GALLERY: 308 / DATE: 19 Feb, 16 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

Enjoy this special behind the scenes video with my favorite kinky hairdresser!

Denali Winter knows my head better then anyone else on Earth. They have spent hours brushing, bleaching, conditioning and coloring my thick, luxurious hair.

Together, we have gone through the entire Roy G. Biv spectrum as a long-term art project. Through Denali's efforts, I have spent time in every shade of the rainbow and enjoyed many marvelously styled wigs. Enjoy this purple haired video as I get ready for summer time and burgundy tresses next!

Since the summer heat is building, we decide to shave the underside of my head for natural "air conditioning" and fantasize about the potential for headshaving fetish videos in the future. I have such a kink for hair!

This is a very candid video revealing a lot about my real life hair fetish. The clippers sound just like a vibrator but LOOK OUT because they are sharp!

We wrap up the video with some nice close up shots of my bangs being trimmed, a special moment for those of you who love the SNIP of the scissors as they cut my fringe.

... any fans out there ready to go "all the way" and get their head shaved completely on camera? Come fulfill our fuzzy fantasy in San Francisco!


GALLERY: 329 / DATE: 15 Feb, 16 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 4

Gangbangs are always festive occasions and today we're unleashing a room of female fury on a lucky fan with a penchant for humiliating puppy play.

Once Dante is in puppy mode on all fours, his kilt looks more like a short schoolgirl skirt, barely covering his ass. It is obvious that our puppy boy is "unfixed" so we take advantage of his intact testicles and add a cbt device. Once he is struggling to move in the wooden humbler, it is time to take our captive puppy for a walk on a leash and teach him to heel.

The three of us take turns beating his balls and ass until he begs for mercy, barking like the little bitch that he is. It takes a team to break a dogboy, could you handle EIGHT hands dishing out punishment at once?

We didn't have to put peanut butter on her dildo to get our puppy to suck cock for Mistress Sofia. Her cock is INFLATABLE so ranges from easy to challenging with a few pumps... just like a real dick! That will help when it is time open him up for anal play.

Sometimes bad attention is better then no attention at all, but is that still true when the women are cruel as well as sexy?

The more we punish him, the more his frisky side is revealed. Both holes of this naughty puppy need to be filled if we want to stop his wimpering while we fill him up.

How many cocks could you take in a row?

This pet play humiliation gangbang features Dante, Camilla Casanova, Mistress Vyra and Mistress Sofia, hosted by AliceInBondageLand in San Francisco.


GALLERY: 362 / DATE: 12 Feb, 16 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

Chastity Fashion Show - Steelwerks of Canada Interview Part 2

Time to bring out a stunt cock!

With some help from their inventor, we show you how to apply the beautiful Steelwerks chastity devices to a male submissive. It is also time to teach my viewers at home how to measure yourself for a custom chastity cage!

Steelwerks of Canada does not make "starter" chastity cages, these are advanced investments in your fetish. Some research into the lifestyle and experimentation with off-the-rack devices like the CB6000 will help you figure out if this level of chastity belt is right for you.

We discuss the pros and cons of giving someone "room to grow" and get partially erect compared to making cock cages that are snug when a slave is completely soft.

Do not be tempted to lie about your cock length, getting a lot of pressure behind a half-hard cock is even worse then not being able to get erect at all! Sometimes a slave and a keyholder will have different opinions on which is best (hint: women like the painful version!).

An inexpensive pair of measuring calipers can help make sure the WIDTH of your cage is the right size. They are cheap and effective, available at any hardware store and drastically easier then trying to measure around your cock with a tape measure or estimate the girth from a flat ruler.

The name of the game with Steelwerks Extreme is precision - for long term comfort and safety.

Chastity is the only form of bondage that you can carry with you 24/7/365... as long as you have the right device!


GALLERY: 369 / DATE: 8 Feb, 16 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 3

This shoot has it all - extreme leather bondage, maniacal mad scientist femdom laughter and an INDUSTRIAL milking machine to drain all the fluid from my male livestock.

My slave is completely dehumanized and feminized beneath layers of leather and bondage. There is no escape.

I love fucking machines and the Serious Kit attached to a genuine dairy milking machine is my favorite one so far. It is so effective! All the suction of a Venus2000 plus industrial strength & more then one attachment. With the relentless clicking noise of the timer in the background, the air compressor, tubes, wires and attachments all come together perfectly.

Once you have seen this milker in action, you will never think of a dairy farm in the same way ever again. My dream is to have multiple units connected to a group of submissives on a sperm farm production line.

Time to make a bargain! I love making deals with submissives when they are helpless. They get to pick their punishment in a twisted catch 22 or "damned if you do, damned if you don't" game.

This submissive has to choose... pleasure, or air? Not both!

The valve on the re-breather bag lets me enjoy complete dominance over my submissive's airflow. Being short of breath can be terrifying or arousing but with the breathing bag you're still desperately gulping lungfuls of air, they are just doing less and less good as the stale air recirculates. By keeping the valve's gap slightly open (and not telling my submissive), I can keep him dangling on the edge of orgasm and breath play mindfuck in a safe, controlled manner.

This relentless fucking machine won't quit, no matter what you do. There is no escape! The machine isn't tired... the machine wants MORE CUM! welcome to the life of a hucow, a human cow on my twisted fantasy farm.

Only I can make this machine stop... and I don't want to!

Sometimes forced pleasure is even more frightening then pain. How many hours do you think you could endure of this erotic torment? How many orgasms would it take before it became worse then torture?


GALLERY: 328 / DATE: 5 Feb, 16 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 3

Chastity Fashion Show - Steelwerks of Canada Interview Part 1

Today is a special day because we have the designer behind Steelwerks Extreme in the studio for an extended interview about his kinky inventions. He also shares many insights gained while producing some of the finest hand-crafted chastity devices in the world.

We discuss the gender disparity in chastity (why it is primarily men desiring to be made chaste) and how it relates to the stories we tell about gendered sexuality as well as the logistics of locking up genitals.

Men have more attachment points to secure a chastity device and are taught that their sexuality is dangerous or out of control. Women tend to be in default chastity already in a society that frowns on female sexual pleasure. Compounding the difficulty for women who are into chastity is the reality of female anatomy. Most women need either piercings or a full belt design to be kept truly chaste.

We have a female chastity interview coming soon, don't despair!

We have years of chastity experience gathered in the same room so we also discuss exotic forms of chastity like style urethral rerouting rings and other ancient practices.

The highlight of this discussion is an in-depth explanation of how to best fit a custom chastity device to be escape-proof. Some of the answers might surprise you. The "scrotal gap" between the cage and the cock ring, for instance, is of critical fitting importance. It is not just about the size of the cage or the size of the cock ring, but the distance and relationship between the two.

Steelwerks Extreme of Canada makes some of the best chastity devices in the world and I am excited to get in-depth in this interview.


GALLERY: 391 / DATE: 1 Feb, 16 / IMAGES: 49 / VIDEOS: 3

Time for cupcake birthday mayhem with my friends Lady Evadne Toki and Mistress Leila Valentina ganging up on Mike the cameraguy.

Sploshing with a side of body worship!

For my birthday earlier this year, I celebrated with a "breast cake" party in which I invited my friends to eat birthday cake off of me. It was a huge success but Mike arrived LATE to the party. By the time he got there, no more cake was left.

"THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!" He was heartbroken to miss out on birthday body worship, so he gets to enjoy a special reenactment of the notorious "boob cake incident". Fortunately for you viewers at home, this time I brought my cameras to this party.

First, he has to lick frosting and chocolate off of my breasts while he is locked in head bondage. Don't choke on the crumbs!

Then it is time for BUTT CAKE eaten off Lady Evadne's pink latex booty. She smears chocolate all her curvy ass cheeks, so he must work extra hard with his tongue to properly clean her. Is this humiliating, erotic or both?

We embrace our love of sploshing, food play and forced eating in this scene with gourmet cupcakes from Wicked Grounds, featuring a gang of local lifestyle femdom friends.

Afterwards, it will be easy to hose each other off in a sexy group shower to clean up the mess because we're all wearing our favorite rubber fetish gear.

... and quite a mess it is!!!

In slinky gummi style, we slither around in the shower, taking turns being washed by the special birthday boy. The only thing better then rubber gear is rubber enjoyed with hot soapy water.

How many people can we fit inside this shower?


GALLERY: 334 / DATE: 29 Jan, 16 / IMAGES: 10 / VIDEOS: 1

Mistress Jenna Rotten's Poker Challenge

"I'm going to shuffle these cards in front of you because I want you to know that you are always getting a fair deal when you are playing with me."

Mistress Jenna doesn't have to cheat because she ALWAYS WINS. Even an extra shuffle cannot save you from your tragic chaste fate. You might be in chastity for a long time if you don't win this bonus poker gambling challenge.

"Better not complain about your fate, little slave, or I will add your discarded cards to the total too!!!" Femdoms play for keeps!


GALLERY: 392 / DATE: 25 Jan, 16 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 3

"Is that all you've got for me slave?"
Domina Jenna Rotten delivers blistering small penis humiliation in this scene.

"... you know, I only fuck REAL men.

"Can't you even get it up? Is that as hard and as big as it gets?"

"I'm not even going to touch it if it is limp. Pathetic."

"If I laid back, wet and ready in bed, would you even be able to stick it in me? You would have no clue what to do, would you?" the more humiliating she is, the more aroused he gets.

"No ma'am." Her slave hangs his head in shame, knowing that she is right.

Jenna Rotten's smack talk keeps her bitch distracted while he struggles to jerk off for her. Would humiliation like this make it impossible for you to masturbate?

"Even little cocks are not completely useless... they're good for other things, like ball busting and cbt! Now the whole world knows how small your dick is!" Jenna slaps his cock and balls around until he cries, struggling to stay hard like a good cuckold. Then, her eyes light up with mischief...

"Remember when you said you would do ANYTHING in order to earn an orgasm? Remember all those times you said you would suck dick for me, but then chickened out???" She grabs her slave by the balls so he can't escape but finds that, instead of shriveling, the idea has turned him on even more. Finally, something has managed to make her slave's little dick get fully hard!

"I've brought my little sissy slut over today and she is going to suck all the cum out of your dick. If she can't make you have an orgasm, I am going to bust your balls and make you wish you were never born!"

"Just close your eyes and pretend it is me..."
How much chastity would it take for you to suspend your disbelief?

Who will win the special humiliating cock-challenge? The sissy or the slave?


GALLERY: 296 / DATE: 22 Jan, 16 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

There are a wide variety of chastity devices out on the market but almost all of my favorite ones are made out of metal.

This unique metal and leather belt is made by Mr S and includes a set of integrated cock rings that you thread your cock and balls through in order to keep it secure beneath the large cage.

Though it is not concealable under clothing (unless you wear clown pants), part of the fun of this playtime chastity device is that it allows you to get completely ERECT within the labyrinth of cock rings... but the tightly-spaced bars of the cage mean you cannot masturbate even though you are hard!

My favorite use for this device is for public humiliation at bdsm events!

His dick stays just out of reach... Perfect for tease and denial!


GALLERY: 297 / DATE: 15 Jan, 16 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 1

Everyone must start somewhere on their chastity journey and the CB series is often their first stop. The CB was traditionally made of clear plastic but now there are many colorful options (which I detail in future episodes).

Though the company has since moved on to the CB6000, I am also taking the time to show you the previous models. This is the CB3000 - midway model between the CB2000 (with bars) and the CB6000 (similar but solid ring) which is currently widely available.

This older model has a hinged ring which some users report pinches against their balls. If you have a pinching problem with this device, a small piece of clear tubing slid over the hinge can help. I find aquarium tubes work especially well for that task. The updated CB6000 model has a solid ring instead to solve this problem, but is slightly more prone to breaking along its seam for a painful surprise.

Like all of the CB devices, it comes with multiple spacers, locking pins and base ring sizes to fit a variety of men within the "average" range. If you are very thick or especially short, have small balls or only one ball, then this probably isn't going to be the device for you.

I do not consider this device appropriate for long-term wear since it is difficult to clean. The cock is almost completely enclosed so it can turn into a greenhouse for "chastity funk."

If you are roughly "average" in penis and testicle size, this is a great inexpensive starter device to play with for a few days at a time.


GALLERY: 298 / DATE: 8 Jan, 16 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 1

This classic "cheap chrome chastity device" seems to be everywhere on the internet under many different names.

Though it looks intimidating, this chastity piece is "one size fits few" and not adjustable. In spite of those limitations it is often a submissive's first foray into metal chastity because it is so inexpensive.

This device leaves a noticeable BULGE in the front of your trousers so I would not consider this to be a subtle or easily concealed device. It is heavy for its size and tends to pull on your balls when worn. However, some men find the heaviness to be a pleasurable side effect and others use a jock strap to take some of the weight.

If you are within a narrow size range and want something ready-made for very little money, you could give this one a try.

BEWARE - I am allergic to nickle and therefore not willing to play with submissive men wearing this device. If you have any metal sensitivities, this is not the device for you. The chrome finish is prone to chipping and peeling.


GALLERY: 368 / DATE: 4 Jan, 16 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 2

"Hi guys, I'm here today to show off my feet!

I put on some really nice pantyhose because I know how much you fetishists out there like that. You enjoy worshiping my pantyhose almost as much as I enjoy wearing them!

"One thing I love about pantyhose is how they stretch over your legs smoothly, completely encasing them. I love how silky they feel when I touch them.

I also love how they collect the sweet smell of each foot in their Cuban heels.

I love having my toes kissed and feeling the caress of your warm breath through the slippery fabric.

Nylons against soft, shaved skin just feels SO GOOD. I can understand why so many men enjoy wearing them, even if they don't do any other crossdressing.

The higher the denier count, the more restrictive stockings can become!"
- Domina Jenna Rotten

Aidan the Houseboy gets weak and purrs like a kitten when offered the opportunity to sniff and worship Mistress Jenna's feet in her fully fashioned pantyhose. He can't help himself and oversteps his bounds, so Mistress punishes him with ASS SNIFFING too. How humiliating!

"I get liberties with you and you only get privileges with me. That's how serving a femdom works! Looks like this one doesn't even need to be put into bondage in order to worship feet... but maybe he needs to be put into bondage to prevent him from worshiping TOO MUCH???"

Our houseboy's foot fetish shows through. Sometimes, even good boys need bondage!


GALLERY: 299 / DATE: 1 Jan, 16 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 1

The Kali's Teeth Bracelet is said to have been worn by devotees of ancient Goddess-centered religions so I like the idea of it also being involved in modern femdom relationships.

There are companies that make plastic versions of this device, but I appreciate the careful attention to detail in this dulled metal version that makes actually drawing blood more difficult. Sizing really matters on this one, millimeters mater!

Most people consider this to be a "punishment" device because it does not allow for ANY erections without painful consequences. Kali's Teeth lock around the shaft of your flaccid penis behind the head at a tightness that will not allow it to slip past the coronal ridge and therefore be removed. It has inward facing spikes that are very persistent when poking at tender genital flesh.

These devices are also GREAT for tease and denial scenes because it leaves the head of his cock available for stimulation. The moment that a man begins to get hard, the device gives him an immediate, painful reminder to remain chaste. Instant CBT, just add arousal!

The point is not to damage his dick, but to cause erections to be painful and render orgasm impossible. Some men consider that a challenge!

I kept this slave in one of these bracelets for one full year and found that, over time, the skin beneath it thickened into a rougher, less sensitive ring around his penile shaft. He has learned a permanent lesson that resulted in mild body modification. I think that is very sexy, but also a point to consider when using this device for more then a day or two at a time.


GALLERY: 270 / DATE: 28 Dec, 15 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 1

Time for a unique femdom take on the "ball drop" of New Year's Eve. I have a submissive tied up in the basement and a bottle of champagne. We are celebrating in style!!!

This masochist has a unique craving for cock and ball torture. He is one of the only men I know who will say YES PLEASE to this level of cbt.

His version of "fluffing" is slapping and punching his balls! I crush and smack his testicles until they squeeze through the solid metal cock ring. Then, I add electrodes, a tens unit and a unique ball weight... a HUGE mirrored disco ball!

I picked out the size of this disco ball based on how far he could spread his legs. Think of it as a "spreader ball" instead of a "spreader bar."

I relish this opportunity to extract a load of his cum without jerking off his cock, using the electricity to milk his dick in the most painful way possible.

He screams like a banshee when I yank the orgasm out of him using cruel electricity. We made so much noise that the rest of the bdsm sex party upstairs stopped what they were doing and came down to the basement to watch our scene.

There is something so satisfying about making him cry out in true, deep, screams of real pain. Nothing faked in this film. We believe that the more he hurts on New Year's Eve, the less painful the new year will be in other ways. Think of it as an agonizing good luck charm.

This semen-covered disco ball has become a beloved "modern art" piece hanging in his living room. May your new year be a creative one!



GALLERY: 300 / DATE: 24 Dec, 15 / IMAGES: 10 / VIDEOS: 1

This poor slave is "four weeks past the point of wanting to get out" of our long term chastity arrangement. His lockup time has stretched to six weeks in punishment.

Now is the perfect time for a series of chastity fashion shows, modeling the various devices he has purchased over the years (some more successful then others).

Chastity does not make your desire go away but it does mean that the games get to go on and on and on.

This vintage leather chastity belt comes from Mr S and locks on in multiple places using locking pins, straps and heavy duty leather hardware. I give you a guided tour on how to get your slave into the device and walk you through its various features, including the "athletic cup" style interior and optional spike panel.

This chastity device is not suitable for long-term wear since it is impossible to shower or clean yourself once you are locked. There are no provisions made for using the bathroom but there is a place to lock a buttplug into your slave's ass for safe keeping. However, it is one of the only comfortable and adjustable chastity belts available on the market without being custom made to measure.

An excellent "play time" chastity belt that lets your slave have room to get erect but prevents most penile stimulation.


GALLERY: 367 / DATE: 21 Dec, 15 / IMAGES: 57 / VIDEOS: 4

Joy is complicit in her own subjugation. She is a beautiful sissy virgin dressed all in white because I am intent on giving away her strap-on virginity. Consider it a very special Christmas gift between friends!

Some virgins are difficult find it difficult to get their cherry popped, but there was a line forming when the other femdoms found out that their favorite sissy sushi chef had never had a proper anal fucking.

Domina Jenna Rotten is going to stuff her sissy stocking full of strap-on!!!

I wrap Sissy Joy up like a present inside of a cage using a HUGE roll of wrapping paper before Mistress Jenna arrives for our kinky gift exchange. She tears at the wrapping paper savagely and shoves her hand inside to see if she can guess the contents (and the identity) of her gift.

"Once I reached my hand in through the packaging and felt the warm flesh underneath, I knew it would be a good day! I've got to tell you, this is the best Christmas present I've ever had. If every Christmas was like this, I would be naughty all year!" Mistress Jenna finally penetrates poor little Sissy Joy for the first time, once she is helplessly tied up.

Sharing is caring so Mistress Jenna decides to share her special Christmas toy with me. Real friendship in action!

We laugh over how Jenna emphasizes the sweet, erotic, sensual side of taking Joy's virginity with a wedding dress like a pretty sissy wife, but I am talking dirty about sacrificing her. Clearly, I represent the Dark Side in this scene.

Both of us take turns violating Sissy Joy's virgin ass but we also enjoy teasing her in chastity and taunting her to make sure she can keep taking it. Does a ruined orgasm with lots of humiliation make it easier or harder to lose your anal virginity?

Is this threesome more then a sissy's virgin hole can handle?

You can't be first... but you can be next!



GALLERY: 333 / DATE: 18 Dec, 15 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 1

How a Mistress Wins At Blackjack

"I love betting when a slave's cock is on the line. This way, it is up to fate! Is the idea of being out of control frightening or arousing to you?

Let's see what the Goddess of Chance and Chastity has in store for you by dealing out a hand of Blackjack.

Step right up and test your luck.

I know so many ways to gamble when your little dick is on the line!

Can you add all these big numbers up, or do I have to do the math for you?"

- Mistress Jenna Rotten, DomCon LA 2015


GALLERY: 321 / DATE: 11 Dec, 15 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 2

Do you have a fetish for curvy girls covered in tattoos?

Domina Jenna Rotten likes to call herself a "well decorated woman" and she gives you an erotic tour of her permanent, body art in this POV tattoo peepshow.

Her custom ink ranges from the traditional to the extreme but all of them are unique. Enjoy this fun music video, featuring a femdom exhibitionist in sexy vintage lingerie for maximum retro pinup power!

Special thanks to Aural Incarnation at Recoil Studio for the custom soundtrack www.recoilstudio.com


GALLERY: 310 / DATE: 7 Dec, 15 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 1

I have a theory - sometimes distraction is key to helping a submissive take MORE sensation. Adding anal stimulation sometimes helps you take more on your nipples and vice versa.

Mistress Casanova and I don't want to ruin this beautiful leather dress by getting sissy juices all over it, so it is time to change our crossdressing bondage doll's costume to a sexy rubber dress! The red vampy latex gown even has special zippers to give us access to her nipples.

We use an anal pear to open our sissy up WIDE and we also add extremely powerful suction clamps to her sensitive nipples. At first it is difficult to fit even a single finger inside of her ass. Gradually, with time and lube, we are able to open up the device fully and lock it into place, making it impossible to remove.

Our agreement is, she can have an orgasm but only if:
- her ass is filled with the anal pear on its widest, locked setting
- she is in full body bondage during her orgasm
- she ejaculates into a cup and EATS the results
- I get to lock her into chastity IMMEDIATELY following her orgasm
(for whatever length of time that I choose)

She thinks that sounds worth it... do you?

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