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GALLERY: 448 / DATE: 2 Dec, 16 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 3

Steelwerks Female Chastity - The Magic Teddy Bear

On this visit, Steelwerks of Canada brings gear best described as penetration-preventing but pleasure-enhancing female chastity devices.

In our previous Chastity Fashion Show, we talked with Chris about the logistical and physical challenges inherent to female chastity. He is convinced that piercings are necessary for security and has fascinating insight into what is possible with a little technology.

He likes to call this the Magic Teddy Bear but our models consider it the Teddy Bear From Hell! This hot lifestyle exhibitionist couple is excited to demonstrate a temporary but intense style of chastity play. We lose track of how many climaxes our bubbly submissive enjoys while still being denied full penetration.

There are lots of tattoos, lots of orgasms and a HUGE number of excited kinksters packed into this movie, filmed at the Serious Bondage Institute in San Francisco. Mistress Trixie Fou, Elise Graves, Mark, Felix and more are involved with these shenanigans!


GALLERY: 446 / DATE: 28 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 3

The more bondage I add, the more aroused my chastity slave Gumbi becomes... not just because he enjoys bondage, but because he enjoys being bound by ME. I do not use the term "slave" lightly, he lives his life in service of women as literal property.

I start with a thick latex strait jacket and matching black rubber gas mask to restrict both his movement and breathing. Then, I add layers of white rope bondage, using all of the hidden attachment points built into the bondage throne. When I cut off the air to the sealed gas mask, I see the word TRUST in the widening of his eyes and stiffening of his cock.

The most important bondage of all is his CHASTITY! This keeps all of his energy focused on pleasing me instead of on getting his dick stimulated. It is critical to Gumbi's training to displace his sexuality from being penis-centric so that he can someday serve his owner without a pesky hardon getting in the way.

Kali's Teeth Bracelets (KTB) are more punishment devices then normal day-to-day chastity. My slave is wearing it to punish his nasty thoughts as aversion therapy while his new custom Lori's Tube is being made.

He's been locked for 16 weeks and counting!!! It is a mindfuck when I add the vibrator, since it SHOULD feel good. Instead he feels only pain from the tightening ring of spikes around his sensitive shaft.

Being a keyholder is a BIG responsibility. You have such POWER over a man when you hold the keys to his manhood! Since you cannot (legally) geld a man, locking up their erections is the next best thing, making sure you have their undivided attention! This immediately instills a special kind of connection, almost a dependency or Stockholm Syndrome. For all intents and purposes, you literally OWN HIS DICK.

To a modern man raised in patriarchy, this loss of control is both terrifying and relieving on a primal level. He can surrender and submit knowing that there is NOTHING he can do about it. The chastity is deeply personal bondage that travels with you everywhere you go, stimulating you with every step in a way that is impossible to ignore. Constant tease and denial is worse then just vowing to stop touching yourself. The fear and excitement of potential discovery adds a fascinating layer of perversion every time you go to the gym, a swimming pool or the airport.

Bondage, in this context, is both binding and liberating at the same time.


GALLERY: 450 / DATE: 25 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 3

Steelwerks Chastity Fashion Show - The Creature & Female Devices

We are diving deep into the forbidden topic of female chastity! There is still substantial social pressure on women to remain chaste, so physical chastity is especially rare in ladies. It is also much more challenging, in practice, to lock a woman into physical chastity.

While it is relatively simple and straight forward to control male orgasms, by locking up their cock and balls, women don't have an easy attachment point for devices. This is usually solved with piercings or a full belt design. Even with such technology in place, some women are able to achieve orgasms through a vast array of non-genital sensations.

Learn more about the custom Steelwerks chastity designs for locking up women, including styles, piercings, clitoral shields, and more! Everywhere you see an S-screw is another lock!

We also get a closer look at his latest one-of-a-kind "Creature" device. Each is a unique work of art. This Creature is one of his best, an intricate titanium masterpiece. Steelwerks of Canada makes some of the best chastity devices in the world!


GALLERY: 441 / DATE: 21 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 9

This scene has soooooo much chemistry!

He saved my life in the desert and has earned a part-time place at my side through loyal service... but now it is time for me to take out a year's worth of pent up aggression on Zombie's ass! His owner has send him to me for some much needed play time!!!

He talks a mean game, but I am going to get to the bottom of his pain tolerance tonight, or break a few toys trying! Paddling him gets me so wet that I play with myself and force him to lick pussy juices off my fingers. His suffering turns me on so much!

This scene is intense and intimate. It takes time to build this level of trust and connection, but it is worth it. I share this lucky slave with his owner and we enjoy the chance to play on those rare occasions when we are in the same part of the country. Connections don't have to be constant, local, or exclusive, in order to be meaningful.

The flogging is full force, I don't pull any punches. There are no special effects for the camera. His pain and my pleasure are both VERY real. I beat him down before taking advantage of his mouth. Screaming into my pussy feels good for both of us!

"If you can take my whole strap-on in you ass, I might suck your cock as a reward." He wants to please me but his ass is tight even for my smallest cock. It has been a long time since Zombie has been pegged and I push him further with the promise of a treat.

He struggles through FIVE anal orgasms, but afterwards he is going to have to make up for all the pleasure with a significant amount of chastity lockup time. This is all part of his advanced training to be my perfect little party favor at BDSM events. Good slaves get rewarded... but first they must be tested!

When he doesn't cum on command, it is time to turn his dick into my chew toy. I keep my word to give him a blowjob, but I make sure it isn't a pleasant one. How do you feel about cbt? Is it worth enduring my biting to get my mouth on your dick?

Fortunately, even though his ass his worn out, his tongue is still in excellent condition for worshiping my pussy. This way, at least one of us gets to have an orgasm today!


GALLERY: 447 / DATE: 18 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 3

"I felt like I was 18 years old again - horny as a teenager!!!"

I have showcased some great captive ball style chastity devices and even some exotic devices like the notorious Kali's Teeth Bracelet or Lori's Tubes, which require a piercing... but a FULL BELT is very rare and today Felix has TWO of them to show off.

My astute viewers will recognize the Carrera belt from Belgium, but Felix also brought his legendary extra-thick Latowski. This is a unique chastity belt since it is made of thicker metal then usual. The manufacturer no longer offers that option because of the difficulties in working with the enhanced material. This belt is something truly special, even among the devices considered "The Cadillac or Mercedes of Chastity Belts."

We also take an in depth look at the silicone insert, which keeps you firmly and inescapably in place. The nice part about both of these belt designs is that they encase your testicles as well as your penis so NOTHING is accessible except two small openings to facilitate using the bathroom.


GALLERY: 445 / DATE: 14 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 9

Ebony Muscle Man is aptly named, it is easy to objectify his buff muscular arms in this custom sleeveless leather catsuit.

However, since he is so masculine and built like a stud, many women unfortunately assume that he must be sexually dominant. Stuck in an unfortunate typecasting, he longs to submit to a strong woman who refuses to be intimidated by his physical appearance.

Using baby oil, I polish his muscles to a glossy shine. You can think of this as a sort of reverse muscle worship. I want to devour him, one bite at a time. When I'm done gnawing on his rippling biceps, I enjoy some prolonged nipple sucking and nipple torture to help sensitize him more and more. My predator side comes out in this movie. I am ready to devour him raw!

He admits that he secretly enjoys objectification but blushes when he admits that he could probably bench press my body weight. I am attracted to a wide variety of body types, but it is exciting to get to sink my teeth into this much man meat!

I love having such a STRONG man completely at my mercy! His bulging muscles work so hard for my pleasure. Sexy extremes of masculine and feminine in leather, we make quite a pair in this video.

When he can no longer endure the strain of the standing bondage, I lash him to the bondage table using thick white rope. His dick gets harder and harder, bulging against the leather catsuit while I restrain the rest him tighter and tigher. I add a sensory deprivation hood and a powerful vibrator to heighten his helplessness and arousal.

He is sexy and strong with a big black cock but he won't be getting an orgasm today... just lots of edging until he loses his mind!

How long would it take you to use your safeword in this situation?


GALLERY: 442 / DATE: 11 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 3

"Men always love it when an older woman shows a younger lady what to do..." Mistress Jenna Rotten has years of experience and Mistress Camilla is eager to learn her advanced handjob techniques!

"There are more then 100 ways to stroke a cock if you have a good imagination!" Jenna lives up to her reputation as a cock whisperer in this inspiring clip. I love the contrast of the sexy fishnets and tiny panties with the nice sized cock of our crossdressing demo model.

The mistresses demonstrates several different dick stroking techniques. Our sub almost loses control early when Mistress Jenna spits on his cock instead of using more normal lube. All natural!

If our skinny little southern submissive can hold out for the entire lesson, then he might get to have a happy ending.


GALLERY: 443 / DATE: 7 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 3

Strap-On Pegging Foursome New Orleans Style

Many virgins fantasize about it, but how many of them are truly ready to submit to a gangbang?

We knew it was going to be a great day in New Orleans when our submissive brought a full sized King Cake to tribute and wore tight little panties with thigh high fishnets to the grocery store beneath his masculine attire.

This crossdresser is putting his ass on the line during our Mardi Gras vacation. I can't tell if it is courage, trust or lust clouding his mind. Normal folks would be more scared, especially with three famous, experienced femdoms in the French Quarter ganging up on them! He is clearly excited and ready to be initiated.

I use a nice big buttplug to open him up. Mistress Camilla Casanova is wearing her favorite big black cock. For a special twist, Mistress Jenna Rotten sports a double ended dildo called the Feeldoe so she can enjoy her pegging on a whole new level!

Let's see how much this virgin can take when there's nothing they can do about it!!!


GALLERY: 444 / DATE: 4 Nov, 16 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 3

DomConLa Time Lapse Group Photo 2016

Welcome to the biggest femdom event in the world!!! There is no better time to take a glimpse into our world then during the annual group photograph.

Every year, lifestyle and professional mistresses from all over the world gather in Los Angeles for DomCon. It is a special time characterized by powerful women, extreme beauty and even more extreme bdsm play.

Today all of the ladies are wearing their best rubber, leather and furs for the group shot. Think of this as the yearbook photo of our convention. Everyone gets a chance to shine in this time lapse music video. If you look closely, I am sure that you will recognize some VERY famous dominatrixes and also some familiar faces from my films in the crowd.

Enjoy this candid glimpse behind the scenes at the biggest mistress photoshoot in the United States!!! (or maybe biggest in the world?)

DomCon LA takes place every May in Los Angeles.

HOWEVER, Mistress AliceInBondageLand will also be making a special guest appearance THIS MONTH at DomCon NEW ORLEANS November 18-20th 2016.


GALLERY: 272 / DATE: 31 Oct, 16 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 2

Rubber Puppy - Latex Pet Play Bondage

Custom latex, heavy gear, intricate bondage and pet play collide in this fun video full of shiny femdom goodness.

Denali Winter and I lock padded rubber bondage paws onto our puppy, but there is already one set of locks in place... on his chastity device! My favorite way to control pets is through "selective mating" and "temporary neutering" using chastity devices.

We lace him into extreme high heeled boots so he must crawl around on all fours with a special tail attached to a butt plug. The more he wags his tail, the more stimulated his prostate will be!

The part of this scene that I am most excited about is the intricate custom latex puppy mask with a built-in gag. It has locks everywhere! This is the most beautiful bondage dog muzzle that I have ever seen! It even has a matching blindfold for obedience training. Modenarr has great fashion sense when it comes to gummi gear!

Once he is securely transformed into a bondage doggie, Mistress Camilla Casanova arrives. Of course, she wants to add even MORE bondage, bringing heavy metal handcuffs with her.

Our poor little puppy is completely overwhelmed and assumes a submissive posture on his back, begging for mercy. Instead of a chastity belt, now he gets a cock-extender. We assert our dominance by stuffing his ass with a series of increasingly larger metal toys!

If he takes them all, he will get a treat - we will give him a six-handed handjob!

Will our puppy earn a release? I don't think there is any way he could resist all of us.

Good dogs can't help it - they are bred and trained to obey!!!


GALLERY: 262 / DATE: 28 Oct, 16 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's a fun clip from behind the scenes in Bondageland.

Rubber fetishist Modenarr is one of my long term play partners with an exotic collection of gear.

Enjoy this interview featuring Denali Winter and some of the most intense latex bondage toys and costumes that we've ever seen, gathered from all around the world. His entire collection must be cataloged and shipped in cargo containers to his new home, so we enjoy a chance to romp through the possibilities.

You will be seeing more of these toys in action soon...

The word of the day is PUNCHFUCK.


GALLERY: 440 / DATE: 24 Oct, 16 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 7

Clarion Alley in San Francisco is home to a famous public mural project. It is always full of locals and sight-seeing tourists, photographing the famous street art. Some of my favorite modern artists have left their mark here. The best pieces survive, the rest are gradually recycled into something new.

I walk my sissy on a leash through the gentrifying Mission District. At first, people are nervous or shy about what they behold, maybe even a little shocked. My submissive is wearing an unmistakable locking sissy maid dress made out of bright pink pvc. Beneath her satin-lined custom uniform and petticoat, there is a locking pair of diaper panties concealing a chastity device!

It is going to be an interesting day of VERY public humiliation!

"It is good that you walk her!" you can clearly hear an elderly local having a good time at my sissy's expense and breaking the silence with a bold laugh. They can only guess at the HUGE buttplug she is wearing beneath those layers. It is truly enormous, buzzing away by remote control, practically the size of my fist!

Once we get to the "art walk" next to Good Vibrations, we start running into significant crowds who appreciate this kinky bondage "happening" for what it really is.

This film is dedicated to Salvador Dali and Ed Wood. I think they would appreciate our deviant performance.


GALLERY: 288 / DATE: 21 Oct, 16 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1

"How's your face?"

Burning, but not as badly as the crotch...

We are bleaching our sissy's beard and pubic hair to dye them both PINK so that there will be no mistaking their queerness under any circumstances.

The "bleach enforced chastity" situation is not as effective as I thought it would be. Despite the chemicals burning away at her groin, the "trinket" (as we call her genitals) gets harder and wetter.

We have to keep them tied down and distracted until the bleaching is done. Fortunately they are a "hair trigger" submissive. Check out Denali Winter's new kinky project, Salon De Sade for more hairdresser fetish films.


GALLERY: 438 / DATE: 17 Oct, 16 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 3

Please welcome Miss Giada Coney to #TeamAlice - this sexy bunny is mid-transition and eager to be initiated. I like that she has an instant hardon without any fluffing, just add bondage!

She is immediately aroused by the sight and sound of the tape, even before her mummification on the leather sling begins. I can tell this is the beginning of a beautiful bdsm dynamic even though she must serve me at a long distance for most of the year. She is ready and willing to put her booty on the line to become part of our elite team.

I'm wearing my favorite thigh high black leather boots to celebrate the special occasion. I'm also enjoying my favorite shiny red satin wiggle dress. I feel like a pinup fetish queen and I've chosen a new henchwoman for my royal court! I layer duck tape on top of palate wrap, mummifying her tighter and tighter. We giggle together but there's an undercurrent of nervous arousal. The bondage seems to comfort her. Once there is truly no escape, surrender becomes easier, almost inevitable.

Instead of saving herself for me, this sexy transwoman has been PRACTICING for me! How sexy!!! The next step is hormones! Soon she will be ready to start her transition surgeries too! I'm going to enjoy watching her develop into the beautiful woman that she was always meant to be.

I slowly stretch her ass open, but I underestimated how much "practice" she's been doing. I upgrade to my biggest cock, but even that isn't enough to satisfy her hungry hole. Looks like I will need new toys for this super slut in-the-making! I need bigger cocks to do her ass justice! Her dick gets wetter and wetter while I peg her. There's nothing sexier then having my biggest dildo balls deep inside of a helpless submissive!

Giada clearly needs to get FUCKED in this scene. This one is feisty! Since she takes all of my toys in her ass like a champ, I reward her with a vibrator, then tape it into the bondage. She is allowed time to stew in the bondage and have an orgasm, if she can.

If not, then she's in for one hell of a lengthy bondage tease and denial!


GALLERY: 418 / DATE: 14 Oct, 16 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 3

DomCon Pet Show 2015

Have you ever wanted to take your Human Animal out on a leash to an open-minded public event? Mistress Ellen hosts the annual Human Pet Show in California! This is a great opportunity for experienced and new pets alike plus the trainers that enjoy them to show off their tricks in front of an appreciative audience. All are welcome in this supportive environment that celebrates pet play of all kinds.

This year features unicorns, lemurs, teddy bears, kitties, puppies and MORE!!! There is even room for experimental creatures, like Mistress Quinn's schweinehund, a pig-dog hybrid, fresh from the laboratory. Look out! The swinehound's genetics are a bit unstable! She is still cooking up secret formulas to unlock her creature's true potential.

Enjoy this glimpse into the kinky and ultra-cute shenanigans that happen at the world's most unique pet show. We all need a break from the human world from time to time. This is even better then internet cat gifs!

Special thanks to DomCon for hosting the Human Pet Awards! Every May, hundreds of lifestyle femdoms and professional dominas gather in Los Angeles for DomCon LA. It is the biggest mistress convention in the world and one of my all time favorite events!


GALLERY: 423 / DATE: 10 Oct, 16 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 3

Here's a fresh and innovative take on male chastity! After pounding this leather slave's ass with my chest mounted strap-on, it is time to put his stretched penis piercing to the test.

As fun as it is to make him worship my breasts, I use the hanging leather cage to keep him strictly under control through full body bondage. The more he struggles, the tighter the cage becomes, like a Chinese "finger trap" toy. Once he is helpless, it is time to start my invasive tease and denial handjob experiment!

I'm thrilled to discover that his Prince Albert piercing exactly accommodates the shackle of one of my biggest padlocks. The question is, will the hefty weight of the lock prevent him from having orgasms? Or will it just add to the cbt stimulation? I know plenty of people that can have orgasms in spite of urethral sounding, but stretching a piercing in such a sensitive location is a uniquely intense burning sensation.

Most chastity devices operate on the principle of preventing erections and therefore preventing masturbation, but I've had difficulty finding the right fit for this well hung kinkster. I hope my creative answer to this problem makes orgasms impossible, regardless of how hard his cock gets.

The lock tugs at his piercing with every stroke... which will win, the bondage or the desperation? Pleasure or pain? The etched logo on the lock's shackle turns out to be the most painful - any movement caused by jacking off rubs the inside of his dick more and more raw! Unexpectedly effective and intriguing results!

I have the only key to this padlock, so technically I still count as his keyholder. How long will it take before he gets horny enough to ignore the weight tugging on his urethra? Hours? Days? Weeks?

I can add MORE weight if he gets used to it... there are even bigger locks that I can special order if we can stretch his hole too wide. That will give people a whole new reason to stare when we visit nudist resorts!

Is this better or worse then being locked into a traditional chastity device (that doesn't allow you to get hard at all)?


GALLERY: 417 / DATE: 7 Oct, 16 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 3

I love being part of the judging panel of Mistress Ellen's Crossdressing Pageant!

Every year, crossdressers from across the continent look forward this unique opportunity to flaunt their sexiest favorite costumes in front of a panel of supportive femdom judges at the DomCon LA Convention. Unlike other pageants, this convention encourages and celebrates bdsm, focusing on the femdom lifestyle. No vanillas here! It would be tough to be too kinky for US!!!

DomCon is especially welcoming to professional domination so this is also one of the only places where you can meet this many world famous dominatrixes in one place. The most beautiful women in the world are in attendance... and some of the greatest legends of forced feminization too!

Some of the contestants are beginners, others have been crossdressing for their entire lives. Our pageant features a wide range of ages, styles and passability - all are welcome to join in the competition for the tittle of Miss DomCon LA.


GALLERY: 439 / DATE: 2 Oct, 16 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 3

"My ass has been waiting for you, Mistress.
You own my ass.
It is opening up just for you."

Music to my femdom ears!!!

This handsome submissive man seems masculine by the light of day, but he moonlights as a filthy pansexual genderqueer slut behind closed doors. He gets hard as soon as I lock him into bondage, already wearing a heavy ball stretcher and sporting an impressive gauged Price Albert piercing.

My gloved fingers slide easily into his ass and it isn't long before he's struggling to take my whole fist with admirable bravery and enthusiasm. I love finding a flexible, warm and welcoming hole!

This chest harness has me thinking of all kinds of kinky fantasies - especially around the idea of "tit fucking" being transformed by technology into a strictly dominant act. This is one of the only submissives that I know who has enough anal capacity to take my new toy - a rare prototype from Scott Paul Designs! Like the Humiliator Gag, it has a unique attachment point with a variety of versatile accessories. However, they only make one dildo for it so far - Extra Large!!!

He gets very vocal in this scene and I revel in putting him through his paces. Things get so intense that soon he starts howling and screaming for more, begging me to take his ass and make it completely MINE in every way.


GALLERY: 419 / DATE: 30 Sep, 16 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 3

Here's a fun look a the vendor's hall at the world's largest FemDom Convention in the world - DomCon LA. Creative kinksters gather here from all over the world in a vibrant marketplace!

We start with an electrifying interview with the Doctor from www.drclockwork.com - Is "powerful" kink scary or exhilarating? Here's some creative new toys, like electrified ROPE to maximize your charge out of the experience!

I enjoy a chance to follow up with the beautiful Amy Mercury who makes clever feminine charms to "flag" your desires hanky-code style without needing to have pockets! She also hosts some amazing camshows if you find her online...

Industrial DisEase Toys has some excellent toys that I added to my wish list. I am looking forward to seeing more from Incredible Girl in comic book form. The artist behind www.fetish-artist.com rounds out my shopping trip this year. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 410 / DATE: 26 Sep, 16 / IMAGES: 55 / VIDEOS: 3

The artist's area is my favorite secret hotspot at the Folsom Street Fair. So much creative and subversive artistic energy in the air really gets me off! This year, my friends have a vendor booth on "artist's alley" that includes a performance and play space. Time to make some art "happenings" happen!!!

Robert aka "Slim DNA" makes provocative, iconic art paying homage to the great pop artists of the past. He considers himself an underground artist and his controversial imagery includes kinking up corporate icons to highlight humorous and political implications. Look for him locally, since he is involved in erotic art all over the San Francisco bay area.

Mistress Vyra is a talented artist combining multiple mediums and techniques to create a huge range of styles. Her favorite subject matter is kink! However, her most prolific art form is not something she can hang on a gallery wall - she is an incredible tattoo artist!!! If you have ever fantasized about getting a kinky tattoo - GET IN TOUCH WITH HER. Discover more of her art by checking out mistress.vyra on instagram!

Mistress Sofia can't resist getting in on the sissy humiliation action when I tie Bitchboi to the chainlink fence. I've added a very restrictive pig mask because they are such a glutton for bdsm - they're a punishment piggy!

The three of us spank and whip our pig, soon drawing a crowd in front of their art booth. There are lots of oohs and aahs from the audience when I lock Bitchboi into chastity. No more pulling pork for this pig!

Mistress Minax and her slave Ham stop by on their way to buy art for their dungeon. She is dressed intimidatingly in a heavy rubber butcher's apron to contrast Ham's pig hood - is this every piggy's fantasy or nightmare???

We quickly decide to start a captive mutant pig breeding program. There isn't much Bitchboi can do in chastity, so Ham mounts him, squealing, snorting and humping. Ham quickly gets carried away and needs punishment too. Mistress Minax beats their tits black and blue with a paddle but it is clear that she might secret LIKE the pain.

With more forced breeding sissy insemination experiments, we will soon have a whole herd of kinky porkers!!!

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