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GALLERY: 475 / DATE: 5 May, 17 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 3

Cage Test 2 - Hanging Chains Cage

This cage is a wild ride. With just a small wooden floor that allows the chains to slide freely, the base is naturally unstable, swinging around with even the slightest movement. Sounds like a good reason to give my submissive something to struggle about.

Since today's shoot is brought to you by chains, I am delighted to use a unique chainmaille whip to make him jump and writhe. This impact toy is so heavy that it barely takes any effort at all to crack it against his tender ass.

My love affair with the collection of exotic cages at Edges continues in this episode, using the treacherous hanging chains cage.


GALLERY: 474 / DATE: 2 May, 17 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 3

I've had a life long love affair with cages and this top-secret dungeon in San Jose has a whole collection of them. I have special permission to film inside of Edges before they close permanently.

Let's start with the most distinctive of their cage collection, affectionately known as the cabinet-maker's cage. This is the only effective wooden cage I've ever seen. It is one of a kind, the product of a woodworking master with a submissive side.

Once my subby is locked inside, I taunt him with my bodysuit's thong and extra zippers, exposing my perfect perky breasts just out of reach. Tease and denial coupled with a crude chastity device plus my flawless tits... he is in for a lot of CBT before we move on to the next cage!


GALLERY: 243 / DATE: 28 Apr, 17 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

I enjoy some strap-on sling pounding in a well equipped dungeon in San Francisco.

One of the delights of presenting my kinky life to the world is how it gives me an opportunity to showcase the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of top-secret dungeons all over the world.

Some are small, some are huge and they range from hardcore industrial to incredibly elaborate, intricate fantasy playgrounds. I love showcasing all of them and the unique people behind them whenever possible.

In the same way that you can tell a lot about someone from their toybag, even more comes into play in their dungeon space. More intimate then a bedroom, what can you discern from the worn out toys compared to the ones never even removed from their plastic packaging?

We enjoy the ass-fucking sling in the center of the room at this downtown San Francisco bachelor pad full of stark colors with white and metal accents.

While my slave is in chastity, my camera man has earned a treat! It is his job to be my cum-fountain to remind my chaste submissive what orgasms are like without breaking the denial of his lockup.

I relish giving my cameraguy a strap-on pegging while my chastity sub watches from behind the lens in a twisted reversal of their usual roles.


GALLERY: 473 / DATE: 24 Apr, 17 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 3

DomCon LA Human Pet Show 2016

I'm pretty sure that this pageant full of plot twists, surprises and impressive tricks will go down in history as the most fun Pet Show in DomCon history!!!

I look forward to Mistress Ellen's Human Pet Show every year. This part of the convention is especially delightful to film since the pets are all so happy to be openly celebrating their unique fetishes. Pet play brings out the best in everyone.

The Human Pets are enthusiastic and so different from each other! Some are gearheads with intricate hand made equipment, others need only a collar and a loving owner to bring out their animal side. They've been practicing and nervously looking forward to this moment, when they finally get to shine, on and off leash, in all their kinky glory.

Loyal fans will recognize Mistress Quinn, SubMissAnn, Denali Winter, Bambi, Zombie and more in the crowd of trainers with their exotic pets. Puppies, kittens, wild animals, experimental test subjects and more are here to strut their stuff, perform their favorite tricks and compete for "Best In Show!"

Come visit us in Los Angeles this May for more femdom shenanigans at this year's competition!


GALLERY: 472 / DATE: 21 Apr, 17 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 3

"She locked my cock into the chastity device and took the keys. It felt electric as they left my control... Plugged, gagged, gloved and chastised, I was ready to be taken deeper into Bondageland."

"She unfurled my sleepsack and guided my mittened hands safely into the internal sleeves. Thus began my time within my complete rubbery cocoon. I laid down gingerly as the butt plug was still settling into place inside my ass. In our conversations, Alice remarked at the need for layers of control and bondage. I expected this but it was still thrilling to feel the additional layers of straps tightening down onto me. I knew I was stuck there, gagged heavily, inside the thick latex sleepsack."

"I felt her hands run over the rubber and my body inside the bondage. She tugged and teased the cage on my cock, even using a vibrator. Her actions teased and tormented me. I was bound, encased, gagged and controlled by Mistress Alice... hearing her soothing words and lovely giggles. I thought watching her on the web was a lot of fun, but being there in person was a whole new level. I can't even fathom how long I was like that."

Here is a fun video featuring ShinyPet, a long time fan who is finally submitting to me in person!

"The closure of the hood encased me completely and helped her take complete control over me. As Alice inflated the gag in my mouth, I squirmed and struggled against the bondage. The fresh air holes in the hoses and bags were closed and I was at her mercy completely, recirculating all of my air through the small rebreather bags. In the middle of this overwhelming experience, she reached for the lock on my chastity cage to gain full access to my cock. Fighting for breath and feeling her touch, she drove me further and further to the edge. I thought an orgasm was inevitable. Instead, I felt something I had never felt before: I had a ruined orgasm."

"She added insult to injury with cbt and post orgasm torture before relocking me right back into chastity. Mistress Alice slowly brought me back to the normal world but the trip down the rabbit hole into Bondageland was amazing!"

The more freedom I allow his dick to enjoy, the more of his breath I control instead.

Want to be unlocked from chastity? Time to put on this gas mask!

Want any stimulation? Time to add rebreather bags!

Desperate for an orgasm? Guess you have to give up fresh air completely!


GALLERY: 248 / DATE: 17 Apr, 17 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 3

Butt Plug Humiliation CBT & Bondage Bacon Handjob

Get the backstory of Bacon Day (it involves a topless woman, Burning Man and chocolate covered bacon) as we humiliate our hog in this fun femdom threesome.

We have a hyper-realistic (slightly creepy) humiliation piggy mask for our sub, plus a curly pink butt plug tail and a GENUINE hog swatter! This farm tool is guaranteed not to bruise your pigs and therefore not ruin their meat when you swat their backsides to herd them along to their delicious doom! There is a fine line between "bruising" and "tenderizing" and this is the perfect professional tool for the job!

Mistress Nightlace and her lifestyle slave have a lifetime of bondage knowledge to share with us, including a unique perspective on incapability. The magic of the scene goes away for this impish bondage slut with any possibility of "escape" .

With a self-identified escape artist on our hands, the bondage takes on new levels of complexity and tighter layers of restriction including ankle and wrist cuffs beneath a complete wrapping of cling film. When our long pig is completely secure in saran wrap, we package him for shipping in layer after layer of bacon themed duck tape!

It might help to think of this as a fancy spa treatment as we wrap our slave's erection with bacon for a humiliating handjob. He looks good enough to eat! Here in San Francisco a bacon-wrapped sausage is called a "Mission Street Special" and usually comes with roasted onions. Yum! He is ready for the grill!

Our tease and denial handjob brings him right to the edge of orgasm over and over again, alternating with humiliating cbt. Mistress Nightlace is clearly having a lot of fun putting piggy in his place with extreme attention to bondage details. He literally cannot move an inch in the thick, layered bondage, though he struggles mightily.

From now on, I plan on measuring cock sizes by how many strips of bacon I can wrap around them. I will never look at a "fleshlight" the same way now that we have made a sex sleeve out of REAL FLESH.

The best part is that greasy bacon provides its own lube! Piggy's skin will be silky smooth when we're done but the dogs will be sniffing his crotch a lot more often. You shouldn't have asked where "pulled pork" came from!


GALLERY: 8 / DATE: 10 Apr, 17 / IMAGES: 122 / VIDEOS: 1

One of my favorite videos of all time!!!

Poor slave! This hapless victim was remiss in providing me with his medical history when we began negotiating our scenes, so I decided to punish him with an exam of my own!

For those of you who are afraid of the dentist, this is your ultimate nightmare!

First, I bind my slave in a very special inflatable latex catsuit and I lock his cock into a CB2000 to make sure I have his FULL attention. Once his penis becomes my property, you can see how servile and eager he becomes to please me. This slave begs, squeals, screams and flatters. However, I show him NO MERCY!

With this horny (and terrified) slave at my mercy, I can change out of my drab uniform into something more sexy. I love the transparent latex's ability to at once clothe me yet expose me. There are spikes on the edges of my slave's chastity device and you can tell my strip-tease causes him both arousal and extreme agony.

The tongue stretching in this video is intense, but I insist on only the best from my oral sex slaves. If he wants to get to lick my pussy, he has to EARN it through PAIN. So, I torture his mouth and his tongue, with spikes, clamps, and even a tongue caning!

I laugh at his helpless pleas for mercy and force the NOSE HOOK into place to keep his head immobile, lashing it to the back of the dental headrest. Dentist chairs were made for bondage!

"When you said every hole was available for me to use," I cackle, "I bet you didn't think I would pick THIS one!"

All this mouth torture... and then I inflate the suit to take the bondage and immobilization to the next level!

Since he is bound in a seated position, I rub the latex to spread the air beneath the tightening strap. His legs are unable to straighten to accommodate the filling bladders that are designed to pin you like a human gingerbread man!

This is bondage-under-pressure at its finest.

- Mistress Alice


GALLERY: 470 / DATE: 7 Apr, 17 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 3

Homemade toys are sometimes the best toys and these are the cruelest cbt devices I've seen in a long time!

Master Cottonmouth and her inventive partner are lifestyle bdsm enthusiasts with a beautiful "Friendly Little Dungeon" hiding in their basement. I am charmed by their lack of pretentiousness and their extreme level of play.

These painful spiked cock rings are made out of simple ingredients - old fashioned curlers, hair brushes and hair ties. The rubber hair ties keep the curlers tight against his balls with every spike digging into his sensitive skin.

Though the spikes are severe, we are unlikely to permanently damage him this way, so Master Cottonmouth enjoys sitting on his face to silence his screams of pain and protest. His cock is getting harder and harder, even as he cries out loudly. I think he likes this after all!

When she adds a blowjob into the mix, he gets excited, but soon his hope turns to terror as her teeth begin to dig in. Is oral sex worth it when there is biting involved?

Using layers of spiked cock rings, we coax him to orgasm using more and more pain, suffering and smothering until he cums all over my boots. Then, we force him to lick it all off!!!


GALLERY: 176 / DATE: 3 Apr, 17 / IMAGES: 58 / VIDEOS: 2

In loving memory of Gilbert Baker.

I have been fantasizing about the Castro and Market pride flag pole since I was in highschool... in those days, gay kids were taped to the flagpole naked and mocked. I have something different in mind. We are here to reclaim our queer pride!

Hundreds of people photograph Denali Winter in her Pride Flag mummification bondage throughout the day of our "bondage art installation." She is encased in shoulder-to-foot duct tape and cling film. I feed her a cookie to help keep her blood sugar up and then I gag her with duct tape over her mouth.

This is a ginormous rainbow flag at the busiest intersection of San Francisco. The sounds of the city and of local construction fill this video so you know it was the real thing in public!

Our scene quickly draws a crowd and I interview Denali for local news cameras. We get a blessing from "The Gay Betsy Ross" when he hears my story about high school gay bashing and how we are reclaiming it through perverted pride art.

It is a great excuse for an incredible bondage scene that is INCREDIBLY public! Only in Bondagelandand... and San Francisco!


GALLERY: 469 / DATE: 31 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 3

There's a special place in my sadistic heart for these shenanigans. Some men can laugh off pain, but I think there's something especially cruel and offensive about painfully slapping an inflamed sunburn.

Mistress Vyra's rainbow fingernails are sharpened to intimidating points - all the better to pinch your nipples with, my dear! Scratching the sunburn provides interesting results but the surprise hit is tickle torture. We're going to make this submissive lose his mind today!

Severe wedgies and spankings feature his sexy Wicked Grounds panties and prepare him for our new toys. Mistress Sadie Synn handcrafted these wooden works of sadistic art. They are the finest paddles in the world!

Once his ass is sunburn-red, I tie him up with neon paracord so that we can pound his tender hole in the sling. I lasso his dick and add more bondage to his balls to separate and elevate them for more torture. Soon, he is helpless with his ass and genitals on display, trapped in my bondage web.

There is nothing he can do to stop our ball slapping, cock crushing cruelty. It is a relief and reward when we turn our attentions to his holes instead, gagging him and pegging him with increasingly bigger strap-on dildos.

We tease and edge him to the edge of madness. How long would it take to break you this way?


GALLERY: 122 / DATE: 27 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 1

Suspension Bondage CBT FemDom Threesome

Once her slave is suspended from the ceiling, Master Cottonmouth and I have him right where we want him... spread wide to expose his massive balls.

Like his balls, this submissive is dangling helplessly in space. Nowhere to go. No ability to dodge out of the way, even if we use riding crops, canes, paddles and more to torment him!

I particularly love the high-kicking ball busting. What an incredible visual!
Her well-hung slave gets harder and harder as we bust his balls.

Spanking, squeezing, kicking, crushing, scratching, sucking and biting... His cock gets bigger and bigger but I think his testicles are getting bigger and bigger too. They are turning a series of fascinating different colors as we tease and torment him. The purple is a nice shade. Maybe that means they are ripe to be harvested?

The most painful part of this whole escapade isn't the ball kicking, however, it is the home made cbt toys using curlers and rubber bands to crush his nuts in a spiked nightmare. He claims that toys like this were his first creations as a teenager... so I am sure it is a familiar pain and put a few EXTRA ones on for good measure.

We have him by the balls, literally, and the locked spreader bar combined with leather suspension harness means he isn't getting down until we break them or he delivers a creamy fireworks show even under "extreme duress!"

Sometimes the only way out is through.


GALLERY: 468 / DATE: 24 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 3

Public Bathroom Humiliation - Toilet Paper Sissy Training

"You're going to come in here to watch?" Monika looks up at me nervously as I follow her into the bathroom stall.

"Of course, I have to make sure you're not in here being naughty! Remember, now that you're locked into chastity, you have to sit own to pee! From now on, your penis is going to be more like a decoration than a functioning piece of your anatomy."

Monika is already bulging as she takes her panties down. With all of the controversy about bathroom rights, it is time to humiliate her in a daring public bathroom shoot in downtown San Francisco.

Her hormone treatments are taking effect and every day she is becoming more and more feminine. Most people would never guess that beneath her ruffles and EGL clothing lurks a nice sissy cock locked securely in chastity! Not to be outdone by a submissive, I enjoy my special sailor suit, a genuine Japanese schoolgirl uniform! With pigtails and petticoats, we are quite a team.

I wonder if swirlies can be sexy with enough harsh femdom potty training?

With Monika Hottie as my personal toilet attendant, I can explore my filthy bathroom fantasies. I've always dreamed of having human toilet paper!

"I've been holding it since this morning and now I've GOT TO GO!!! Get your little sissy mouth ready, you have to clean me up!"


GALLERY: 128 / DATE: 20 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

Cleaning Latex the FUN Way

Mike is FILTHY after our scene. For some added fun, Mistress Leila Valentina and I decide to wash his latex with him still in it! Now this behind the scenes cleanup has turned into an entired playtime all its own.

He is covered in lube, cum and sweat... time for this filthy little slut to get a deep cleaning! Warm water is a priviledge that must be earned, however.

I bind him with white rope on top of his smokey latex, with a shiny red ball gag to keep him under control as his Mistress rinses, soaps and humiliates him for getting so disgusing. She is even kind enough to wash and condition his hair.

Mistress Valentina lends her special femdom touch to this great candid behind-the-scenes mischief featuring a real life couple. He is still her "special little dirty latex gimp" even after these cameras are gone.

What a special connection these two have... it turns even mundane things into kinky adventures!


GALLERY: 467 / DATE: 17 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 2

Everyone gets to be Irish on Saint Patrick's Day!

There is plenty of kilt lifting in this video, so I can access his family jewels beneath Mike's family tartan!

Enjoy this fun low-res video of our cbt shenanigans at the Friendly Little Dungeon. There is room beneath his authentic kilt for plenty of bright green clamps but the BEST part of this video is the forced intoxication finale.

Poor Mike has to chug beer using an extra long crazy straw because I'm hanging the pints off his balls in a heavy leaded glass pitcher!!!

The faster he drinks, the less his balls will ache. Do NOT let your submissive drive himself home after a scene like this!!!


GALLERY: 466 / DATE: 13 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 3

Saloon Girl Sissy Strap-On Threesome Makeover
Featuring Mistress Alice & Cruel Mistress Vyra

Using layers of makeup, we transform a broad shouldered butch into our submissive sissy strap-on slut.

I love the magic of extreme transformation scenes! This is a great example of the art and skill needed to reshape a masculine alpha-by-day man into a beautiful submissive woman. In a threesome with Mistress Vyra, we have more than enough femdom talent to put him in his proper feminized place.

We tie them to a chair in the dungeon and using cbt as a powerful distraction while we apply cream foundation and contouring, then powder her down. We give her dramatic smokey eyeshadow with enormous lash extensions. Mistress Vyra is an expert when it comes to makeovers using lash glue and liquid eyeliner.

Once her new feminized eyes are perfected, it is time to paint on new eyebrows to give her face more feminine proportions. We set our Saloon Sissy's fancy new makeup with translucent finishing powder, adding lip liner and vibrant red lipstick to complete her look.

I love all the hyper saturated color in this scene. We are the perfect makeover duo! Our sissy appreciates the opportunity to become an art project for the pleasure of two dominant women.

Once our crossdressing submissive is presentable, the real femdom bdsm fun can begin. We get kinky in the sex sling with our butt plugs and strapons, pegging our newly created serving girl. Her ass is almost virgin tight since it has been played with so rarely. I am looking forward to stretching her ass out more and more as we play more and more often.

Would anyone from your favorite honkytonk bar recognize you all dressed up like this?


GALLERY: 101 / DATE: 10 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

Latex Lessons for Leila Valentina
3-some in Metal Bondage

Leila looks so luscious locked into this vertical cage. I can't resist playing with her voluptuous breasts, squeezing them together so that the bars of the cage are a kinky (and cold!) push-up bra.

I locked her into my specialized cage with swinging doors to provide "easy access" to both her pussy and ass. Her wrists are cuffed above her so there is nothing she can do to protect her tits or her sex. Both of her ankles are locked to the sides of the cage so she cannot resist our probing.

My latex gimp is ready with a skilled tongue to orally pleasure our captive. He is locked in chastity and I have promised him an orgasm... but only if he gets HER off first!

Leila likes it kinky, so we spank, torment and tease her to a super sexy squirting orgasm.

Her noises are delightful and her enthusiasm is infectious. Laughing, flirting, squeaking, moaning and finally squirting all over the dungeon floor, Leila Valentina is one of my favorite women to play with!


GALLERY: 465 / DATE: 6 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 3

"Bubble Butt"

"This is exciting! I hope it looks like a bright pink light sabre in her ass!" Denali is thrilled by the spectacle unfolding at our spring celebration.

Mistress Sofia loves creating increasingly humiliating nicknames for Sissy Joy, starting with Sugar Tits, but now "Bubble Butt" is on the menu. She found a phallic container of bright pink bubbles and she wants to shove it up Joy's sissy hole!!!

This is how you earn a "Deed Name" in Bondageland.

We bend her over an upside down wheelbarrow, anchoring her spread legs and arms firmly, so there is no escape. Poor Joy begs for mercy and even cries in this scene. Despite her struggles, we eventually force the improvised toy all the way in. Joy now officially has a Bubble Butt!!!

The real cruelty comes when our sissy can't hold onto her bubbles long enough for us to blow them. Poor sissy's butt rebels against us and she must be cleaned up. I don't want her tracking a mess into the farmhouse, so we use the garden hose to wash her down.

Water at the ranch comes out of a 250" well, so calling it "cold" is an understatement. Think "frigid" - there is no way to brace yourself for the shock, especially when naked and helpless.

Screaming doesn't stop the torture, it just eggs the four femdoms on more and more. Eventually Joy screams enough that she starts to inhale water, turning this into a bonus waterboarding scene. Everyone takes a turn at hosing her down while the neighbors gather to watch and her cries echo throughout the valley.


GALLERY: 24 / DATE: 3 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 1

Gas Mask Latex Torture - Breath Control Cock Tease

I love taking porno tropes and turning them on their ear. After finding a stack of "blacks on blondes" dvds while bored in Los Angeles, I was ready to take out some aggression on a hung black stud. Time for a little role reversal!

I turn the tables on this gorgeous man and tease him mercilessly, working his uncut cock into a raging, enormous hard on.

His muscular physique and bulging latex shorts promise to deliver the pleasures I am looking for, but first I want to put this submissive to the test! It takes more then brawn to please a devious and complicated woman like me.

I am especially curious about the rumors circulating about his size and sexual abilities.

Then, I strap him into my favorite gas mask. I know this submissive already has a lot of experience so instead of giving him pain to prove my power over him... I take his breath away. It is amazing how much we take breathing for granted!

There is no stretch or give in the hard, cold, metal bondage. The more aroused he gets, the more he fights against the unforgiving steel. It takes a gym-crafted work of male art to fit in that solid, hinged waist belt and I intend to enjoy every inch of him!


GALLERY: 464 / DATE: 27 Feb, 17 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 3

"SING FOR THE TREES!" Mistress Sofia commands as Joy's cries of pain echo through the valley...

My fruit trees are struggling to bloom in the spring frosts and frequent storms. They need a big jolt of magical sissy energy!

I use mitts to keep Joy's prying fingers away from the bondage ropes and tie her spread between two blooming trees. Normally the nectarine blossoms are neon pink but this year they are pale and need our encouragement.

The trees are buzzing with bees, which terrifies Joy even before we start torturing her. Do NOT attempt a scene like this if anyone involved is allergic to bee stings!!! Once our sissy starts to struggle, it shakes the pollinators out of the flowers and makes them interested in what we are doing.

Does precum attract bees?

My friends are here for this special femdom ceremony including Denali Winter, Mistress Sofia, and cruel Mistress Vyra, with a few curious neighbors off camera too. Our goal is to enhance this year's stonefruit harvest by ritually blessing the blossoms with a sacred offering of pain. This is my version of naughty wassailing, the ancient pagan custom of "cheering for the orchard" to increase crop yields.

We give Sissy Joy plenty of reasons to "sing" and struggle - thick thuddy canes, small sadistic plastic rods, wooden and metal paddles, finger nails and plenty of branches. These trees could use a little extra pruning and I love how the flowers explode into a flurry of cascading pink petals with every well-aimed strike. This is the most beautiful CBT I've ever seen!

We festoon Sissy Joy with flowers like a bright pink fairy princess - fit to be sacrificed!!!

The bouquet of blossoms tucked into her chastity device is perfect target practice for Mistress Vyra's whip until she's standing on a carpet of petals. Knowing that our sissy is terrified of single tails adds to the sadism but Joy was willing to do almost anything to get unlocked for the first time since November.

How many months of chastity would it take before this looked like a good idea to you?


GALLERY: 75 / DATE: 24 Feb, 17 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

Evil Boss Alice -
Fuck Me Or You're Fired... Red Leather Sleepsack

This slave to the wage will do ANYTHING to keep his job

I caught him jerking off to kinky internet porn while he was supposed to be working. Instead of turning him in to HR, I have decided to take advantage of his predicament. I have been exploiting his huge cock as well as his skillful accountancy tricks to cook the books at work and keep myself satisfied after hours.

A strange breed of Stockholm syndrome is forged in the throws of kinky passion and heavy Dominance/submission head games. My sexy, hung, office slut had no idea what he was getting into when he was jerking off in the men's room... but my secret cameras provide damning (and arousing) evidence. He cannot afford to let that footage reach the Vice President, so now he must do exactly as I say... no matter how depraved the sexual acts may be!

This beautiful red leather sleep sack really drives home his feeling of his utter helplessness and dependency. I enjoy roughing him up, dragging him across the floor and subjecting him to a fierce punishment with my riding crop before rolling him over for the real reason I called this particular employee into my office...

He gets to earn his paycheck in a very special way this month... and how much money he makes is going to depend on how many orgasms he gives me!

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