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GALLERY: 128 / DATE: 20 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

Cleaning Latex the FUN Way

Mike is FILTHY after our scene. For some added fun, Mistress Leila Valentina and I decide to wash his latex with him still in it! Now this behind the scenes cleanup has turned into an entired playtime all its own.

He is covered in lube, cum and sweat... time for this filthy little slut to get a deep cleaning! Warm water is a priviledge that must be earned, however.

I bind him with white rope on top of his smokey latex, with a shiny red ball gag to keep him under control as his Mistress rinses, soaps and humiliates him for getting so disgusing. She is even kind enough to wash and condition his hair.

Mistress Valentina lends her special femdom touch to this great candid behind-the-scenes mischief featuring a real life couple. He is still her "special little dirty latex gimp" even after these cameras are gone.

What a special connection these two have... it turns even mundane things into kinky adventures!


GALLERY: 467 / DATE: 17 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 2

Everyone gets to be Irish on Saint Patrick's Day!

There is plenty of kilt lifting in this video, so I can access his family jewels beneath Mike's family tartan!

Enjoy this fun low-res video of our cbt shenanigans at the Friendly Little Dungeon. There is room beneath his authentic kilt for plenty of bright green clamps but the BEST part of this video is the forced intoxication finale.

Poor Mike has to chug beer using an extra long crazy straw because I'm hanging the pints off his balls in a heavy leaded glass pitcher!!!

The faster he drinks, the less his balls will ache. Do NOT let your submissive drive himself home after a scene like this!!!


GALLERY: 466 / DATE: 13 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 3

Saloon Girl Sissy Strap-On Threesome Makeover
Featuring Mistress Alice & Cruel Mistress Vyra

Using layers of makeup, we transform a broad shouldered butch into our submissive sissy strap-on slut.

I love the magic of extreme transformation scenes! This is a great example of the art and skill needed to reshape a masculine alpha-by-day man into a beautiful submissive woman. In a threesome with Mistress Vyra, we have more than enough femdom talent to put him in his proper feminized place.

We tie them to a chair in the dungeon and using cbt as a powerful distraction while we apply cream foundation and contouring, then powder her down. We give her dramatic smokey eyeshadow with enormous lash extensions. Mistress Vyra is an expert when it comes to makeovers using lash glue and liquid eyeliner.

Once her new feminized eyes are perfected, it is time to paint on new eyebrows to give her face more feminine proportions. We set our Saloon Sissy's fancy new makeup with translucent finishing powder, adding lip liner and vibrant red lipstick to complete her look.

I love all the hyper saturated color in this scene. We are the perfect makeover duo! Our sissy appreciates the opportunity to become an art project for the pleasure of two dominant women.

Once our crossdressing submissive is presentable, the real femdom bdsm fun can begin. We get kinky in the sex sling with our butt plugs and strapons, pegging our newly created serving girl. Her ass is almost virgin tight since it has been played with so rarely. I am looking forward to stretching her ass out more and more as we play more and more often.

Would anyone from your favorite honkytonk bar recognize you all dressed up like this?


GALLERY: 101 / DATE: 10 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

Latex Lessons for Leila Valentina
3-some in Metal Bondage

Leila looks so luscious locked into this vertical cage. I can't resist playing with her voluptuous breasts, squeezing them together so that the bars of the cage are a kinky (and cold!) push-up bra.

I locked her into my specialized cage with swinging doors to provide "easy access" to both her pussy and ass. Her wrists are cuffed above her so there is nothing she can do to protect her tits or her sex. Both of her ankles are locked to the sides of the cage so she cannot resist our probing.

My latex gimp is ready with a skilled tongue to orally pleasure our captive. He is locked in chastity and I have promised him an orgasm... but only if he gets HER off first!

Leila likes it kinky, so we spank, torment and tease her to a super sexy squirting orgasm.

Her noises are delightful and her enthusiasm is infectious. Laughing, flirting, squeaking, moaning and finally squirting all over the dungeon floor, Leila Valentina is one of my favorite women to play with!


GALLERY: 465 / DATE: 6 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 3

"Bubble Butt"

"This is exciting! I hope it looks like a bright pink light sabre in her ass!" Denali is thrilled by the spectacle unfolding at our spring celebration.

Mistress Sofia loves creating increasingly humiliating nicknames for Sissy Joy, starting with Sugar Tits, but now "Bubble Butt" is on the menu. She found a phallic container of bright pink bubbles and she wants to shove it up Joy's sissy hole!!!

This is how you earn a "Deed Name" in Bondageland.

We bend her over an upside down wheelbarrow, anchoring her spread legs and arms firmly, so there is no escape. Poor Joy begs for mercy and even cries in this scene. Despite her struggles, we eventually force the improvised toy all the way in. Joy now officially has a Bubble Butt!!!

The real cruelty comes when our sissy can't hold onto her bubbles long enough for us to blow them. Poor sissy's butt rebels against us and she must be cleaned up. I don't want her tracking a mess into the farmhouse, so we use the garden hose to wash her down.

Water at the ranch comes out of a 250" well, so calling it "cold" is an understatement. Think "frigid" - there is no way to brace yourself for the shock, especially when naked and helpless.

Screaming doesn't stop the torture, it just eggs the four femdoms on more and more. Eventually Joy screams enough that she starts to inhale water, turning this into a bonus waterboarding scene. Everyone takes a turn at hosing her down while the neighbors gather to watch and her cries echo throughout the valley.


GALLERY: 24 / DATE: 3 Mar, 17 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 1

Gas Mask Latex Torture - Breath Control Cock Tease

I love taking porno tropes and turning them on their ear. After finding a stack of "blacks on blondes" dvds while bored in Los Angeles, I was ready to take out some aggression on a hung black stud. Time for a little role reversal!

I turn the tables on this gorgeous man and tease him mercilessly, working his uncut cock into a raging, enormous hard on.

His muscular physique and bulging latex shorts promise to deliver the pleasures I am looking for, but first I want to put this submissive to the test! It takes more then brawn to please a devious and complicated woman like me.

I am especially curious about the rumors circulating about his size and sexual abilities.

Then, I strap him into my favorite gas mask. I know this submissive already has a lot of experience so instead of giving him pain to prove my power over him... I take his breath away. It is amazing how much we take breathing for granted!

There is no stretch or give in the hard, cold, metal bondage. The more aroused he gets, the more he fights against the unforgiving steel. It takes a gym-crafted work of male art to fit in that solid, hinged waist belt and I intend to enjoy every inch of him!


GALLERY: 464 / DATE: 27 Feb, 17 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 3

"SING FOR THE TREES!" Mistress Sofia commands as Joy's cries of pain echo through the valley...

My fruit trees are struggling to bloom in the spring frosts and frequent storms. They need a big jolt of magical sissy energy!

I use mitts to keep Joy's prying fingers away from the bondage ropes and tie her spread between two blooming trees. Normally the nectarine blossoms are neon pink but this year they are pale and need our encouragement.

The trees are buzzing with bees, which terrifies Joy even before we start torturing her. Do NOT attempt a scene like this if anyone involved is allergic to bee stings!!! Once our sissy starts to struggle, it shakes the pollinators out of the flowers and makes them interested in what we are doing.

Does precum attract bees?

My friends are here for this special femdom ceremony including Denali Winter, Mistress Sofia, and cruel Mistress Vyra, with a few curious neighbors off camera too. Our goal is to enhance this year's stonefruit harvest by ritually blessing the blossoms with a sacred offering of pain. This is my version of naughty wassailing, the ancient pagan custom of "cheering for the orchard" to increase crop yields.

We give Sissy Joy plenty of reasons to "sing" and struggle - thick thuddy canes, small sadistic plastic rods, wooden and metal paddles, finger nails and plenty of branches. These trees could use a little extra pruning and I love how the flowers explode into a flurry of cascading pink petals with every well-aimed strike. This is the most beautiful CBT I've ever seen!

We festoon Sissy Joy with flowers like a bright pink fairy princess - fit to be sacrificed!!!

The bouquet of blossoms tucked into her chastity device is perfect target practice for Mistress Vyra's whip until she's standing on a carpet of petals. Knowing that our sissy is terrified of single tails adds to the sadism but Joy was willing to do almost anything to get unlocked for the first time since November.

How many months of chastity would it take before this looked like a good idea to you?


GALLERY: 75 / DATE: 24 Feb, 17 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

Evil Boss Alice -
Fuck Me Or You're Fired... Red Leather Sleepsack

This slave to the wage will do ANYTHING to keep his job

I caught him jerking off to kinky internet porn while he was supposed to be working. Instead of turning him in to HR, I have decided to take advantage of his predicament. I have been exploiting his huge cock as well as his skillful accountancy tricks to cook the books at work and keep myself satisfied after hours.

A strange breed of Stockholm syndrome is forged in the throws of kinky passion and heavy Dominance/submission head games. My sexy, hung, office slut had no idea what he was getting into when he was jerking off in the men's room... but my secret cameras provide damning (and arousing) evidence. He cannot afford to let that footage reach the Vice President, so now he must do exactly as I say... no matter how depraved the sexual acts may be!

This beautiful red leather sleep sack really drives home his feeling of his utter helplessness and dependency. I enjoy roughing him up, dragging him across the floor and subjecting him to a fierce punishment with my riding crop before rolling him over for the real reason I called this particular employee into my office...

He gets to earn his paycheck in a very special way this month... and how much money he makes is going to depend on how many orgasms he gives me!


GALLERY: 463 / DATE: 20 Feb, 17 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 3

Kink or quack?

This mysterious "home medical apparatus" from the turn of the century sounds like a hive of angry bees when activated!

Long before homes were wired for that newfangled invention, electricity, it was a popular home remedy for a wide variety of both real and imagined ailments. Using salt water and various conductive attachments along with beautiful vintage cloth-covered wire, I create different patterns of electrical current in my patient's cock and balls.

I am convinced that there is a sexual aspect to most of these devices but it comes from an era of euphemisms like "hysterical paroxysms" instead of "orgasms." In my hands, it becomes a device of both erotic pleasure and cbt pain. Keep in mind, vibrators were once "prescription medical devices" also!

Sooner or later, this Steampunk machine is going to milk all of the cum out of you... it has already lasted more than one hundred years and it is going to outlast YOU too!!!

I can't resist masturbating over him struggling. I get to have all the orgasms that I want, but he has to earn his rewards through electrical cock and ball torture!


GALLERY: 133 / DATE: 17 Feb, 17 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

Master Cottonmouth's Footboy FULL MOVIE

Master Cottonmouth is proud of her latest boy-toy conquest. I had to double check this baby-faced acquisition's ID twice to make sure he was really over 18. Yes, he's legal... but only barely. She likes them young and full of cum!

This particular young man has a special feature - he shares her intense foot fetish and his cock is big enough to nicely fill up her high heels during a footjob.

Fetishes? Check!
Huge cock? Check!
Eager? Fun? Cute? Young? Check! Check, check and check!

I can see why Cottonmouth reeled this one in from collarme to serve her in real life and on camera. He is delicious from the tip of his massive obedient cock to his Buster Keaton tattoos. He provides big dick and cumshots on command!

She exemplifies a cougar. A sexually voracious dominant, experienced women who sexually consumes younger, eager men...

She makes this cuckold slave lap up the extra creampies from her pussy and he loves it. Today we're focusing on the fetish we all have in common - FEET and BOOTS!

We double up on him for a hot fetish threesome and lock him up tightly and spread eagle to the St Andrew's Cross. I love the way his lithe skinny young man's body arches under the locking leather restraints. Even before we start to torment him, he is straining in the bondage as if being stretched on a rack.

We ruthelessly bust his balls. First with my massive black boots and then her in sexy, strappy high heeled sandals. I can see just how special, and useful, this slave can be as he gets harder and harder for us.

I love the flush in his face, lust in his eyes and pulsing in his cock as he orally worships our feet. When he desperately shoves his femdom Master's whole foot into his mouth he delivers a delicious cum shot all over our feet and fetish boots.

Should we make him clean that up with his tongue too?


GALLERY: 460 / DATE: 13 Feb, 17 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 3

I find that a sufficiently humiliating inspection helps put the right amount of fear and obedience into my new recruits.

It is important to note any injuries on a submissive before you play but I also take note of his nipple sensitivity, presence or lack of body hair, the curve of his ass and if it is clean! Even his posture can reveal a lot about a submissive.

I warm him up with an over the knee spanking and he marks up well with just my hand. I love how fresh handprints look on a well spanked ass. OTK spankings are good for the soul!

I give him an extra severe spanking, not just for the naughty things that he has confessed to, but for all his secret dirty thoughts and for all the things he gotten away with. Being punished in a ritual manner can be the first step in letting go of the guilty feelings dragging you down. Well deserved punishments can clear the air between a submissive and their dominant.

He has yeeeeeeears of naughtiness to make up for and I only have two hands. Once I've given him a good bare handed spanking, it is time to add toys to increase the intensity of his atonement.

The more of my strap-on cock he sucks, the harder his cock gets. Soon, he will be willing to do almost anything to earn an orgasm, including taking my dick up his ass. Pegging can be a generous reward or a humiliating punishment, depending on how your mistress chooses to fuck you.

Willpower can help you get through this anal violation, but only perversion can help you ENJOY it.

Doesn't it feel good to be punished so that you can be forgiven?


GALLERY: 50 / DATE: 10 Feb, 17 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 1

Bondage for Mistress Alice's Party

I'm a sexually liberated woman. Many of my friends have similar "tastes" to my own and I enjoy entertaining at home on a regular basis (when I'm not out at my local dungeon playing to the crowd). My parties are decadent and delicious; some degenerate into outright kinky orgies.

Which is where this beautiful (and oh-so-eager) submissive comes into play. However, I didn't warn him that it would not be HIS cock that the beautiful women were using to pleasure themselves with!

I lace him into a total leather encasement fantasty-come-true in this Mister-S leg binder, straitjacket and hood. This combination of gear is an incredible experience for a bondage enthusiast. He enjoys this complete leather encapsulation, erotic and sensual cocooning, extreme helplessness and bliss...

I can't resist manhandling a man in such sexy leather bondage.

The look in his eyes is priceless when I show him the big black dildo that will be strapped onto him as part of his bondage for the evening. His puny cock might only be able to please one or two women in an evening... and I had 15 RSVPs from notoriously sexual divas!

By replacing his dick with a strap-on, I made my slave much more useful and efficient! He was able to give SIX different women orgasms that night! However, for 3 out of 6 of those women, he used his tongue... so you be the judge of whether or not he should get "points" for those.


GALLERY: 462 / DATE: 6 Feb, 17 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 3

We've had a whirlwind week with all my femdom friends!

I'm amazed that the house submissive's balls are still attached after the pounding they've been taking! There is a whole convention worth of mistresses in town and he has been the lucky boy in the middle. Somehow, his super powers have prevailed and he still has feeling in his groin... so we can still enjoy more cbt!

I think it is extra sexy that this otherwise very masculine submissive also gets regular pedicures. Since I have a shiny new PVC open bottomed girdle, I can't resist indulging in new fence-post fishnets. Wearing sexy gartered stockings immediately starts to bring out my foot fetish.

Normally, I like to use slippery nylons to tease and torment men with my feet but this boy needs extra texture to keep it a painful as possible.

I use leather and chains to keep him right where I want him. They say that feet have all of the same nerve endings, bones and capabilities of hands. I wonder if my feet can torture his cock as well as my hands do. Let's find out!

Footjob torture is the perfect way to spend a rainy day!


GALLERY: 39 / DATE: 3 Feb, 17 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 1

Institutional Bondage Testing

As I investigate the Carrara custom chastity belt a little farther; you can almost see his skin through the metal slots. Thankfully, my hapless bondage subject has already (foolishly) shipped the key home. Now, I own his cock and he exists to entertain me with his bondage antics!

Those arm corsets might not look like much, but they are metal-reinforced and completely rigid. The strain on your elbow to be COMPLETELY straight makes it surprisingly intense bondage and adds a deeper layer to my metal and leather, heavy gear theme.

The "icing on the cake" is the chastity hand job in this video. Even though he is completely encased in his custom chastity belt, my slave's lock-on strap-on cock is ready for action. I lube him up and shine that erect toy beautifully... musing on what I plan to do with that cock (if he properly pleases me, that is).

I grind against his replacement cock and get myself off through my favorite red satin panties.

Too bad he can't enjoy this exquisite hand job and pussy polish from inside his lock down! Do locked up cocks get "sympathy pleasure"?

This is another great tease and denial scene with a lot of chemistry as we explore heavy bondage and intense gear together.

My favorite part of this shoot is the ultra-tall Engineering Boots that he is wearing... not only are they some of the tallest male boots I have ever seen, but that is the only thing standing between his tender skin and the intense bite of the RigidCuff solid metal spreader bar (it matches the metal bed nicely). I have a HUGE boot fetish!

MedicalToys created these incredible leather arm corsets and Mister-S made the high quality double-lined helpless mitts, blindfold and muzzle that you see me enjoying (as well as that fantastic leather harness). What an incredible collection of gear to enjoy with my helpless slave!


GALLERY: 49 / DATE: 27 Jan, 17 / IMAGES: 81 / VIDEOS: 1

Latex Encasement Enslavement

Now that my helpless bondage slave has been initiated through the steps of intuitional bondage, heavy leather bondage and leather encasement... it is time to take him to the "next level."


In this video, I lock my captive down in a heavy rubber encasement suit and secure him with incredible HUGE solid metal cuffs to a custom (and inescapable) metal bondage bed.

I'm such a cock tease! I can't help it, though. I dance above him in my favorite boots, short velvet skirt and no panties...he gets an incredible and "inspiring" view of my pussy before I take the bondage up yet another notch.

Gas mask play can be intimate and intense because you're playing with the most base survival instincts whenever breath is involved. Choking and other forms of strangulation breath play can be very dangerous (even for people who do it often or "practice" it). This sexy gear gives me a safer way to play with that edge. Would you be able to surrender your breath to me???


GALLERY: 403 / DATE: 23 Jan, 17 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 5

How far down his throat will Trixie's size 9 feet fit? She can feel his back teeth tickle her arches. If his ass can open up like his throat, then it is going to be a fun day for femdoms in San Francisco!

His foot fetish is completely obvious, one kiss, one lick, one touch of her feet and he is painfully erect and completely helpless beneath her. This video is PROOF that you can have a foot fetish even if you have a HUGE cock.

For true super slut status, this flexible slave is also SELF SUCKING! Does this count as forced bi? Is there such a thing as soloerotic instead of homoerotic?

Don't lie to your mistresses, most of you watching at home would do this if you could!

"You're a man of capacity!"

His hunger to be filled with fingers, cocks and feet is made clear once Trixie has her foot down his throat while I'm filling up his ass from the other side. All this before we even put him in the sling!

Once he's locked into leather bondage, it is time to bring out the speculum for even further anal stretching!

Using bigger and bigger toys, we slowly work him up to our fists in his ass. It is a tight fit, but we distract him using a cock pump. We're going to pump his cock up to epic proportions while we pump his ass full as possible!

Eventually, the fisting gets rolling and I get in so deep that I almost lose my gloves. This one is making a good case for elbow length veterinarian exam gloves! I like it when a slave gives me a reason to double down on my toys.

I insist on fucking men with dicks at least as big as their own, but this is one of the rare cases where a well hung man has hungers even deeper and bigger then his own size. Over time, he will gain at least another inch from prolonged pumping. More for him to suck on later, since he's flexible enough to give himself head!

Extreme cock pumping for maximum size... plus exxxtreme anal - this scene is so much fun!


GALLERY: 4 / DATE: 20 Jan, 17 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 1

Off-camera during the filming of the first clip, my submissive "discovered" that he could grab my ass with a combination of perfect timing and putting the institutional straps to the maximum stress test when he lunged!

This game of grab-ass results in swift severe punishment before I put him into MUCH more restrictive bondage!

Since he is still locked tightly into his custom metal chastity belt, we are at no risk of him touching himself... but touching me without permission is completely unacceptable. In keeping with the institutional theme, I lace him into a tight, white straightjacket so that he can have some time to "think about" his behavior and reflect on the fact that he cannot escape (even if he wanted to).

My favorite bondage teacher once remarked, "It isn't bondage until you want to get out." Let's see how long it takes this submissive to stew in his own remorseful juices before he cracks.

I give him a delicious tease and denial peepshow up my skirt before I take away his sight with a brown leather blindfold - the perfect match to my favorite muzzle!

"Enjoy it while you can," I remind him, giving him a perfect view of my pussy as I arch over him "because that's all you're gonna get!"

I then leave him in strict straight jacket and leather straps bondage for the whole night - with just that beautiful memory to keep him company.

... and a baby monitor to make sure he made it through the night, punished but alive.

The ankle bed restraint strap and the tan leather straps are from Humane Restraint, the canvas straitjacket is from Maxcita, the chastity belt is from Carrara, the tan muzzle and blindfold are from Medical Toys, and the giant steel bed frame is from RigidCuff. Yikes!

- Alice


GALLERY: 451 / DATE: 16 Jan, 17 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 7

Anal Virgin Deflowered FemDom Threesome


It isn't every day that you get to be someone's first. Virginity is both a prize and a responsibility, it can set the tone for the rest of their sex life.

This submissive has been practicing, stretching his ass for this moment of truth, but he has been locked into chastity the whole time. I've found that the sexual desperation of long term chastity can help push you further down the kinky rabbit hole then you ever thought possible.

Today he graduates to the next level, bravely starting with a fantasy fulfilling threesome. He might be in over his head because cruel Mistress Vyra is here to help me take his strapon cherry. Someday we will get to spend all of the purity points that we take from those we initiate into the femdom lifestyle.

We widen his virgin hole with an inflatable rubber butt plug. It goes in small but grows insidiously large with just a few pumps. Mistress Vyra enjoys toying with him, inflating, deflating, tormenting and teasing his hole before we finally penetrate him with our dicks.

If he can take our cocks completely then we will let him out of chastity. I like being someone's keyholder because I enjoy coercing them into kinkier and kinkier acts of depravity. By the end of this scene, he will be willing to take almost anything up his ass if it means he might get unlocked from the CB6000 chastity device for even a little while. The more we play, the tighter, juicier and more painful his chastity device becomes.

In the end, he can't take our biggest cocks but does manage to get our starter dildo balls deep, so a RUINED orgasm with post-orgasm torture is the perfect compromise. We wouldn't want to be TOO easy on this newbie.

Either way, he goes right back into chastity at the end of this film!


GALLERY: 3 / DATE: 13 Jan, 17 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 1

Institutional Bondage, Chastity Belts and Fem Dom action, oh my!

Our hapless bondage subject must endure lock and key chastity in a custom metal chastity belt by Carrara. This device of tease and denial has become one of my favorite toys! Our scene is made even more intense by the fact that my hapless subject has already SHIPPED THE KEY HOME to the East Coast!

That means he is completely at my mercy. I now own his cock and he is helpless to reclaim it.

He is locked down tightly and securely to a completely METAL custom steel bondage bed by RigidCuff... before being mercilessly teased, tormented and tortured. I laugh at his predicament, make fun of his inability to satisfy himself and enjoy giving his custom metal chastity belt a perfect pussy polish... while he is helpless to do anything but watch!

The institutional restraint style bed straps are as real as they get - and completely immobilizing - made by Humane Restraint. The institutional leather muzzle is from Medical Toys. I love hearing the creak and straining of the leather straps as he struggles against the unforgiving (and unbreakable) metal bed.

Has a Mistress ever locked up your cock? What would you do to get it back???


GALLERY: 457 / DATE: 6 Jan, 17 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 3

Which will give out first? His cock or his willpower?

Words fail him as I cause more and more ball busting pain. I tie him up on the floor so there is nowhere he can fall when his knees buckle beneath the agony.

I love getting to kick balls in my chunky glitter platform high heels. This is the best possible combination of my fetishes for feet, nylons, shoes and my fetish for cock and ball torture (aka CBT).

It is a treat to get to do testicular damage to a submissive who says "Thank you!" for the privilege, so we go an extra round before Mistress Minax returns home to her dungeon.


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