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GALLERY: 224 / DATE: 4 Jul, 17 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

Our scene unfolds in Golden Gate Park, the birds are tweeting as we open on a helpless sissy trapped in the clutches of a wicked schoolyard bully!

Behold! Our most daring public outdoor shoot yet!

Monika is a naughty schoolgirl but I am even naughtier in my authentic Japanese sailor suit school uniform.

I tie her down on a park bench at the overlook with two look-outs to make sure no one stumbles upon our scene in progress. When she is secure, I relish in humiliating her, taunting, teasing and tickling until I discover her hard cock beneath the many layers of petticoats and panties.

She has a surprisingly big dick for a sissy so there is NO way it will fit into a chastity device while still engorged. I know a "cure" for erections so I make her cum for me and then STUFF her softening cock into the CB6000 before she can change her mind!

This is your last orgasm, from now on you have to cum like a girl!!!


GALLERY: 220 / DATE: 30 Jun, 17 / IMAGES: 61 / VIDEOS: 1

Where else can you see public bondage like this in real life except San Francisos' Folsom Street Fair???

His balls retreat in fear as we TEAR OFF his polo shirt and brown shorts. He stuck out like a sore thumb among all the fetish wear! Nude and in bondage, now he is ready to properly participate in the festivities.

Mistress LittleStar and I chain him against a chainlink fence, making sure he is completely spread eagle so that he cannot move or fight back but especially could not close his legs!

My fantasy included ball busting, cbt and harsh metal bondage... but the crux of my desires was INCDLUING AS MANY OTHER WOMEN AS POSSIBLE.

For the next 2 hours, I invite dozens of women up to kick him in the balls. Some were nervous, so we offered them a riding crop instead. I lost count of the numner of women that stepped up to take out their aggression on our helpless target. Boots of all kinds, high heels and even some barefoot busting took its toll on his sore balls all afternoon.

Countless women tortured his genitals, on and off camera. We had unknowingly set up right next to the women's area of the fair and there were lots of ladies with scores to settle against mankind for the wrongs they have done to our gender. We stayed nearby to make sure no one castrated him!

In the end, we unlocked him and sent him home naked and scurrying with his balls tucked between his legs. I'm sure after what we put him through, he will never dress like a tourist at Folsom Street Fair again!


GALLERY: 481 / DATE: 26 Jun, 17 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 3

TV Tammy is our special whore in training and it is going to take a lot of practice to get her slutted up properly!

With a fresh makeover, black stiletto high heels and a skin tight faux leather dress, she is ready to bend over for an intensely humiliating femdom strapon threesome. Denali Winter is here to help make sure that we stretch and stuff this crossdressing submissive slut's ass as far as she can go!

What a little show-off! Tammy loves being the center of attention, especially when there is a camera involved! She especially likes to expose her little clitty to a room full of dominant women. Even when she is completely hard, her little dick is tinier than my smallest boot heels! Some submissives might be embarrassed by such short comings, but TV Tammy flaunts it, taking it as a sign that she is meant to be our SPH (small penis humiliation) sissy forever!

Speaking of shoes... I've been saving up all my smelliest boots to torture this special slut! Breathe deep, my kinky little shoe sniffer!

Good thing she bribed everyone with new makeup before the shoot, now we have at least ONE reason to be nice to her. Using the inflatable butt plug we "make room" for our cocks inside her, pumping it up until we can see her stomach bulging.

I am impressed by her dildo capacity in this shoot - she has clearly been practicing anally since last time. Every thrust gets her closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. I have to back off from playing with her clitty to prevent her from blowing her load too early. I want to get my BIG dick into her before we allow our subbie to have an orgasm.

When she is finally allowed a release, I'm shocked by Tammy's output. Sooooo much cum spurting from such a tiny little cock - it gets everywhere in a big messy finale!!!

Do you envy Tammy or fear her fate?


GALLERY: 205 / DATE: 21 Jun, 17 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 2

Sissy Felicity is all dressed up and it is time for a deeper probing of her slutty ass. Mistress J enjoys inflating the butt plug to maximum before adding a vibrator to help her "open up."

She lays on more spanking, then advances this sissy to a bigger, bright pink buttplug with more vigorous pegging. We take turns on her, and Felicity's ass gradually opens beneath our insistent pounding but still won't hold the biggest butt plug all the way inside.

Mistress J is intent on getting the biggest blackest dick in Sissy Felicity's collection all the way into her ass next, so she better "think loose thoughts!" This massive double-ended dong is an intimidating challenge.

With her heels in the air and her ass exposed, we prod, torment and penetrate Felicity as deeply as possible in this femdom humiliation threesome with plenty of SPH, tease and denial.

Further ass-stretching is certainly going to be a part of this sexy crossdresser's homework!


GALLERY: 204 / DATE: 19 Jun, 17 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 4

Introducing Mistress J! She shines as a sissy-loving femdom as we undress and redress our special slut from drab to drag. She is one of the most talented femdom photographers and sissy makeup artists I have ever encountered.

Today we are picking on lucky Sissy Felicity! After a very long time talking about maid uniforms, stockings, garters, breast forms and more, she is ready for her first makeover.

Felicity wants to be the BEST SISSY POSSIBLE. She came prepared with bags full of panties, garters, stockings, multiple dresses, wigs, shoes and enough dildoes to start a sex toy shop!

She is so pale that we use the lightest foundation in our arsenal to lay the foundations for a beautiful transformation. Eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick go on next with LOTS of blush for our shy virgin. Once she looks properly feminine and fetching, we crown her with a long blonde wig.

She also gets DOUBLE PANTIED to cover that naughty wet spot!

We teach her how to walk in extraordinarly tall pink sparkle high heels, pad her bra and put her into the pinkest sissy maid uniform ever! She could easily pass cosplaying Princess Toadstool from Super Mario Brothers!

The fluttering false eyelashes add a whole new dimension for Mistress J as Felicity gets into sucking her first strap-on. The camera brings out Felicity's inner slut and she confesses how many men's cocks she has sucked. Mistress J uses her mouth and I probe her ass until she is air tight.

Enjoy this full transformation as we take a boy from bike-riding Sillicon valley techie to cock-sucking sissy slut!



GALLERY: 480 / DATE: 17 Jun, 17 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 3

Ladies, always keep them guessing!

Experienced chastity submissives and keyholders alike know that it is not as much fun if you know when you're going to get unlocked! It is also good to remind them that just because mistress unlocks them, that doesn't mean that they get to have an orgasm.

We are in New Orleans for DomCon when I lose a bet against Zombie. I promised him a blowjob as his prize, but I didn't agree that I would unlock him from chastity! How much can he enjoy oral sex while still trapped? Let's find out!

Time to see if I can reach his hardening cock through the grooves in this cock cage. I stretch as far as I can and just barely manage to lick the tip of his dick, only succeeding in getting him harder and more excited. It is a good thing that I have such a long tongue!

I eventually even add a vibrator for maximum tease and denial in this special femdom scene... but nothing I do manages to defeat the device. I guess he is stuck for now!


GALLERY: 134 / DATE: 12 Jun, 17 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1

Small Penis SPH Show and Tell
POV with Mistress Alice in Bondageland

I have noticed MAJOR discrepancies between how big a man CLAIMS to be online and how big his dick really is once you meet in person!

This video illustrates the difference between a tiny cock that is fit for chastity, cbt and t&D... compared to a nice big studly penis, plus some suggestions for how to extend your assets if fate has been less then kind. Cock extenders are available for you babydicks out there but it will be hard to get off under that thick layer of rubber!

I also detail the punishments for lying about your penis size in your online profiles... you don't want to get fucked with the punishment dildo! It will put your teeny weenie to shame!


GALLERY: 479 / DATE: 5 Jun, 17 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 3

What happens when you lock a chastised sissy in a dungeon with THREE femdoms, a vibrating butt plug, a full enclosure latex mask and a latex sleepsack? Tune in to find out!

When Sissy Stephanie shows up with a bulging suitcase, it raises a lot of eyebrows. Look out, all that rubber bondage gear is heavy! She manages to get her luggage up the steep dungeon steps, already passable en femme complete with high heels! I enjoy how Stephanie travels comfortably in public as a woman to our kinky humiliation porn shoots. She passes so well that no one has figured out her bulging chastity secret yet!

We don't know exactly how old she is, so I've teamed up with the cruel Mistress Vyra and Maniacal Mistress Sofia for some special occasion punishment and a sadistic femdom foursome. Our plan is to "spank her until WE are satisfied" since age is just a number.

During the spanking, we "massage" our sissy on the inside with the remote-control vibrating butt plug, while she drools around the ball gag keeping her from mouthing off. This is the most drool I've seen in a long time! Her cheeks "pink up" quite nicely but she is an inexperienced submissive with an especially sensitive ass. Even though her pain tolerance is tiny, her balls are huge! Maybe extended chastity will incentivize masochism for her in a new motivating way.

Once the plug is firmly in place, it is time for MORE Bondage!!! Before she can resist, we put her into a multi-layered hood and even thicker, more restrictive, latex sleepsack. It is so tight that you can see her nipples straining and stretching against the rubber! The more helpless she becomes, the more I want to grope her.

While she struggles, the vibrator buzzes and hammers away at her prostate, I enjoy adding another layer of bondage using my special pink rope. Mistress Vyra plays butt plug DJ with bass vibrations strong enough to rattle the entire bondage table.

With the plug constantly changing vibration patterns and a Hitatchi Magic Wand on her caged clitty, this sissy doesn't stand a chance against us! What will happen next? Stay tuned to the ongoing saga of Sissy Stephanie!


GALLERY: 227 / DATE: 2 Jun, 17 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 1

Mistress Gwen Freestorm brings her slave Onyx over to the Serious Bondage Institute to show off her slaves ultra-custom full body metal cage. We also enjoy an opportunity to collaborate with international bondage expert John Green from JG Leathers (creator of the Creature and other famous fucking machines and bondage devices).

Slave Onyx first needs to be dressed in latex from head to toe latex to protect him from the cold, inescapable metal. We zip him inside an industrial heavy rubber prison suit by Studio Gum that covers EVERY inch of him with built in gloves, all custom made with a built-in gas mask. He'll be totally immobilized once the cage is screwed down. There is absolutely no extra wiggle room for our helpless Onyx.

We share fun stories about chastity adventures along the way, since she and her slave are beta-testers of the Dream Lover 2000 long distance "male management system."

Once the cage is suspended from chains on an industrial swivel mount, we have him at our dizzying mercy.

Mistress Gwen and I use a wide range of "stimuli" to "provoke some responses" from our captive experimental test subject. I wonder how he will respond when we add breath control, pussy sniffing and special gas "treatments" to the mix...


GALLERY: 478 / DATE: 29 May, 17 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 3

This iconic shoot has a wild backstory!

It is rare to see femdoms in civilian clothes, but this is a hot after hours pegging gangbang during DomCon Los Angeles. We're celebrating the birthday of a loyal service submissive at the largest gathering of femdoms in the world!

We brought Zombie to the opening mixer at the hotel bar with plans to meet some lifestyle friends and it turned into a six woman gangbang back at our hotel room!!! In less then an hour, we came back upstairs with five women. So far, this is the single greatest "pick up" scene I've ever been blessed with! Join us behind the scenes in this authentic and fun group scene.

You can tell a lot about these women by what implement they choose to ring in Zombie Pub's birthday. I wield a hand-made cane by one of my favorite toy inventors. Sadie Synn uses a thin paddle of her own creation to be especially sadistic. Other ladies spank bare handed and Miss Freudian Slit uses her childhood Bible!

Eventually Zombie forgets how to count under the onslaught and we know it is time to step up the anal play! I break him in with a butt plug and small dildo, then he struggles to make room for Cricket and Mistress Mia Darque.

"I'm so glad, I was hoping for tears" He makes it all the way to Miss Freudian Slit's cock before the crying finally begins. Our filthy little slut is breaking down and there are still more unsatisfied dicks in the room! He's going to have to push through the pain and degradation to please us all. No strap-on hard-on left behind!!!

There is no shame in submissive tears, it can be a tremendous release! This real life scene doesn't pull any punches. What it lacks in fancy costumes it makes up with in genuine passion.


GALLERY: 203 / DATE: 15 May, 17 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 3

Today is all about winning my footjob bet!

Another Mistress claimed that footjobs were a myth and were not actually possible in real life. Today we prove her wrong, with the help of one of my good friends from Niteflirt.

To make sure we get the firework cumshot that I am looking for, I keep him locked in chastity for weeks, getting more and more horny. Now he is ready to explode all over my feet, even if it means having to lick up the results! Mmmmm cum-sumption!

I dress him in a full rubber sissy maid uniform with latex seamed stockings, high heels, crotchless panties and gloves. We take turns polishing each other sensuously to tighten his chastity belt. Then, I lock him up with huge metal handcuffs, he is helpless before my feet!


GALLERY: 477 / DATE: 12 May, 17 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 3

Cage Test 3 - Vertical Cage

Sometimes seeing a piece of equipment in a dungeon is like running into an old friend or lover. I've met this cage in several other locations and I savor any opportunity to play with it again.

In the complicated and changing real estate market of the San Francisco bay area and Silicon Valley, many dungeons both public and private have come and gone over the years. One of my goals in making these films is to document the real life sexual underground and the unique people who make their erotic dreams a reality.

Edges was a wonderful dungeon and community space but this cage did not begin its kinky journey there. My astute fans might also recognize this special four-door cage from The Scenery, The South Bay Spot and now at its new home with the Serious Bondage Institute in San Francisco. Like a lost puppy, it took a while for this inescapable beauty to find a "forever home."

I'm looking forward to visiting it there next! I especially enjoy all of the OPTIONS this cage offers for anal and cbt bondage using my heaviest metal gear. One of my favorite cages of all time!


GALLERY: 476 / DATE: 8 May, 17 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 3

"It is dangerous, as a sub, to talk to your Mistress. Dangerous in that anything you say can and will be used against you for their pleasure... Just like what happened to me today."

"Be careful subs, your Mistress has a mind like a steel trap. Once they discover your weaknesses, you better believe they will be used against you! Earlier in the week, I agreed to let the mistresses choose everything for our next shoot. Mistress Alice, Mistress Sofia, and Mistress Vyra seemed excited to surprise me. Little did I know what I was getting into!"

"Once I assumed the position for an over the knee spanking across Mistress Sofia's lap, the punishment began. She laid into me with what was easily the hardest spanking I have ever endured. Adding to my suffering, she used a painful spiked vampire pad with plenty of tiny sharp teeth to quickly sensitize my ass."

"Mistress Vyra further added to my sensitivity by running her sharp nails across my skin, prodding, poking and pinching me while I struggled. I foolishly asked for more sensation play during my True Desires exit interview. Now tenderized, they tied me in place and pegged my ass. Be careful what you ask for!"

"I felt my chastity cage removed. At first I thought "great," then after a few thumps on my balls, I was in agony."

Once our foursome penetrates Sissy Joy, it is time to flip her over for some cbt, smothering and maybe a ruined orgasm... if she is very lucky! Whenever Mistress Sofia smothers my sissy with her breasts, I will stroke her sissy clit. She must choose between pleasure or breathing to earn an orgasm after weeks of being locked in custom Mature Metal chastity.

Chastity or breath control, which scares you more?

Which do you think will give out first - Joy's air or her cock?


GALLERY: 475 / DATE: 5 May, 17 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 3

Cage Test 2 - Hanging Chains Cage

This cage is a wild ride. With just a small wooden floor that allows the chains to slide freely, the base is naturally unstable, swinging around with even the slightest movement. Sounds like a good reason to give my submissive something to struggle about.

Since today's shoot is brought to you by chains, I am delighted to use a unique chainmaille whip to make him jump and writhe. This impact toy is so heavy that it barely takes any effort at all to crack it against his tender ass.

My love affair with the collection of exotic cages at Edges continues in this episode, using the treacherous hanging chains cage.


GALLERY: 474 / DATE: 2 May, 17 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 3

I've had a life long love affair with cages and this top-secret dungeon in San Jose has a whole collection of them. I have special permission to film inside of Edges before they close permanently.

Let's start with the most distinctive of their cage collection, affectionately known as the cabinet-maker's cage. This is the only effective wooden cage I've ever seen. It is one of a kind, the product of a woodworking master with a submissive side.

Once my subby is locked inside, I taunt him with my bodysuit's thong and extra zippers, exposing my perfect perky breasts just out of reach. Tease and denial coupled with a crude chastity device plus my flawless tits... he is in for a lot of CBT before we move on to the next cage!


GALLERY: 243 / DATE: 28 Apr, 17 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

I enjoy some strap-on sling pounding in a well equipped dungeon in San Francisco.

One of the delights of presenting my kinky life to the world is how it gives me an opportunity to showcase the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of top-secret dungeons all over the world.

Some are small, some are huge and they range from hardcore industrial to incredibly elaborate, intricate fantasy playgrounds. I love showcasing all of them and the unique people behind them whenever possible.

In the same way that you can tell a lot about someone from their toybag, even more comes into play in their dungeon space. More intimate then a bedroom, what can you discern from the worn out toys compared to the ones never even removed from their plastic packaging?

We enjoy the ass-fucking sling in the center of the room at this downtown San Francisco bachelor pad full of stark colors with white and metal accents.

While my slave is in chastity, my camera man has earned a treat! It is his job to be my cum-fountain to remind my chaste submissive what orgasms are like without breaking the denial of his lockup.

I relish giving my cameraguy a strap-on pegging while my chastity sub watches from behind the lens in a twisted reversal of their usual roles.


GALLERY: 473 / DATE: 24 Apr, 17 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 3

DomCon LA Human Pet Show 2016

I'm pretty sure that this pageant full of plot twists, surprises and impressive tricks will go down in history as the most fun Pet Show in DomCon history!!!

I look forward to Mistress Ellen's Human Pet Show every year. This part of the convention is especially delightful to film since the pets are all so happy to be openly celebrating their unique fetishes. Pet play brings out the best in everyone.

The Human Pets are enthusiastic and so different from each other! Some are gearheads with intricate hand made equipment, others need only a collar and a loving owner to bring out their animal side. They've been practicing and nervously looking forward to this moment, when they finally get to shine, on and off leash, in all their kinky glory.

Loyal fans will recognize Mistress Quinn, SubMissAnn, Denali Winter, Bambi, Zombie and more in the crowd of trainers with their exotic pets. Puppies, kittens, wild animals, experimental test subjects and more are here to strut their stuff, perform their favorite tricks and compete for "Best In Show!"

Come visit us in Los Angeles this May for more femdom shenanigans at this year's competition!


GALLERY: 472 / DATE: 21 Apr, 17 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 3

"She locked my cock into the chastity device and took the keys. It felt electric as they left my control... Plugged, gagged, gloved and chastised, I was ready to be taken deeper into Bondageland."

"She unfurled my sleepsack and guided my mittened hands safely into the internal sleeves. Thus began my time within my complete rubbery cocoon. I laid down gingerly as the butt plug was still settling into place inside my ass. In our conversations, Alice remarked at the need for layers of control and bondage. I expected this but it was still thrilling to feel the additional layers of straps tightening down onto me. I knew I was stuck there, gagged heavily, inside the thick latex sleepsack."

"I felt her hands run over the rubber and my body inside the bondage. She tugged and teased the cage on my cock, even using a vibrator. Her actions teased and tormented me. I was bound, encased, gagged and controlled by Mistress Alice... hearing her soothing words and lovely giggles. I thought watching her on the web was a lot of fun, but being there in person was a whole new level. I can't even fathom how long I was like that."

Here is a fun video featuring ShinyPet, a long time fan who is finally submitting to me in person!

"The closure of the hood encased me completely and helped her take complete control over me. As Alice inflated the gag in my mouth, I squirmed and struggled against the bondage. The fresh air holes in the hoses and bags were closed and I was at her mercy completely, recirculating all of my air through the small rebreather bags. In the middle of this overwhelming experience, she reached for the lock on my chastity cage to gain full access to my cock. Fighting for breath and feeling her touch, she drove me further and further to the edge. I thought an orgasm was inevitable. Instead, I felt something I had never felt before: I had a ruined orgasm."

"She added insult to injury with cbt and post orgasm torture before relocking me right back into chastity. Mistress Alice slowly brought me back to the normal world but the trip down the rabbit hole into Bondageland was amazing!"

The more freedom I allow his dick to enjoy, the more of his breath I control instead.

Want to be unlocked from chastity? Time to put on this gas mask!

Want any stimulation? Time to add rebreather bags!

Desperate for an orgasm? Guess you have to give up fresh air completely!


GALLERY: 248 / DATE: 17 Apr, 17 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 3

Butt Plug Humiliation CBT & Bondage Bacon Handjob

Get the backstory of Bacon Day (it involves a topless woman, Burning Man and chocolate covered bacon) as we humiliate our hog in this fun femdom threesome.

We have a hyper-realistic (slightly creepy) humiliation piggy mask for our sub, plus a curly pink butt plug tail and a GENUINE hog swatter! This farm tool is guaranteed not to bruise your pigs and therefore not ruin their meat when you swat their backsides to herd them along to their delicious doom! There is a fine line between "bruising" and "tenderizing" and this is the perfect professional tool for the job!

Mistress Nightlace and her lifestyle slave have a lifetime of bondage knowledge to share with us, including a unique perspective on incapability. The magic of the scene goes away for this impish bondage slut with any possibility of "escape" .

With a self-identified escape artist on our hands, the bondage takes on new levels of complexity and tighter layers of restriction including ankle and wrist cuffs beneath a complete wrapping of cling film. When our long pig is completely secure in saran wrap, we package him for shipping in layer after layer of bacon themed duck tape!

It might help to think of this as a fancy spa treatment as we wrap our slave's erection with bacon for a humiliating handjob. He looks good enough to eat! Here in San Francisco a bacon-wrapped sausage is called a "Mission Street Special" and usually comes with roasted onions. Yum! He is ready for the grill!

Our tease and denial handjob brings him right to the edge of orgasm over and over again, alternating with humiliating cbt. Mistress Nightlace is clearly having a lot of fun putting piggy in his place with extreme attention to bondage details. He literally cannot move an inch in the thick, layered bondage, though he struggles mightily.

From now on, I plan on measuring cock sizes by how many strips of bacon I can wrap around them. I will never look at a "fleshlight" the same way now that we have made a sex sleeve out of REAL FLESH.

The best part is that greasy bacon provides its own lube! Piggy's skin will be silky smooth when we're done but the dogs will be sniffing his crotch a lot more often. You shouldn't have asked where "pulled pork" came from!


GALLERY: 8 / DATE: 10 Apr, 17 / IMAGES: 122 / VIDEOS: 1

One of my favorite videos of all time!!!

Poor slave! This hapless victim was remiss in providing me with his medical history when we began negotiating our scenes, so I decided to punish him with an exam of my own!

For those of you who are afraid of the dentist, this is your ultimate nightmare!

First, I bind my slave in a very special inflatable latex catsuit and I lock his cock into a CB2000 to make sure I have his FULL attention. Once his penis becomes my property, you can see how servile and eager he becomes to please me. This slave begs, squeals, screams and flatters. However, I show him NO MERCY!

With this horny (and terrified) slave at my mercy, I can change out of my drab uniform into something more sexy. I love the transparent latex's ability to at once clothe me yet expose me. There are spikes on the edges of my slave's chastity device and you can tell my strip-tease causes him both arousal and extreme agony.

The tongue stretching in this video is intense, but I insist on only the best from my oral sex slaves. If he wants to get to lick my pussy, he has to EARN it through PAIN. So, I torture his mouth and his tongue, with spikes, clamps, and even a tongue caning!

I laugh at his helpless pleas for mercy and force the NOSE HOOK into place to keep his head immobile, lashing it to the back of the dental headrest. Dentist chairs were made for bondage!

"When you said every hole was available for me to use," I cackle, "I bet you didn't think I would pick THIS one!"

All this mouth torture... and then I inflate the suit to take the bondage and immobilization to the next level!

Since he is bound in a seated position, I rub the latex to spread the air beneath the tightening strap. His legs are unable to straighten to accommodate the filling bladders that are designed to pin you like a human gingerbread man!

This is bondage-under-pressure at its finest.

- Mistress Alice

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